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Michael Wara

Michael Wara

Mill Valley, California
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Michael Wara is a cyclist from Mill Valley, California. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 70
  • 140
  • 210
  • 280
  • 350
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 58.6mi
  • 7h 10m
  • 3,632ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Reed Plunge
  • 2nd fastest time on Diaz Ridge Trail (from Miwok to Hwy 1)
  • 2nd fastest time on Mt Home Inn Flat + Sprint
  • 3rd fastest time on Dias Spur Trail (no road times)


Distance 1,617.1mi
Time 22h 37m
Elevation Gain 168,609ft
Rides 114


Total Distance 8,735.2mi
Total Time 583h 46m
Total Elev Gain 1,021,690ft
Total Rides 488

Recent Photos

  • Coastal fall morning.
  • Fog coming in on Coastview.
  • Smoke from the #Rockyfire at 100 miles distance. Hope everyone working the fire had a safe day today.
  • Mauna Kea and lava on the way to Mauna Loa
  • High point on Mauna Loa - 8500 ft. Sad to miss Keeling's CO2 instrument but happy to have had a day out in the Hawaii high country.
  • North Pacific High Pressure Ridge. Good for my "winter" riding. Very bad for the #megadrought
  • Favorite spots. Where are you old man winter?
  • Road to the sea. Good to be out.
  • The wonder of trains. Carson's first street car.
  • Riding streetcars. Best seat is in the back.
  • Down below. Fall NorCal afternoon ride.
  • Breaking through.
  • And above.
  • Father's Day ride food. #parkside #donuts
  • Familiar places; older guy. But feeling just as lucky. #westpeak #thankyourebecca #thankyouboys
  • Always things to discover on a rest day ride around town.
  • Near Rock Springs. 730am. 70 deg F.
  • An unusual morning.
  • Ride food at the Parkside. Yum.
  • Anybody know where this is?
  • After nap reading
  • Mt Tam Jam setup. Yeah!
  • First ride. Thanks Rebecca!
  • Bolinas Ridge
  • Sine and cosine. Bolinas Ridge
  • The peloton rides by our house! #atoc
  • 8am. Old Mine Trail.
  • Diaz Ridge, 730PM. Mrs Coyote's leftovers?
  • The return of normal headlands summer
  • Fog coming in
  • Tam from Air Traffic Control
  • Coast run
  • Tenderfoot afternoon #strava
  • On the way to Pirates Cove... The North Pacific
  • Old growth stump in Wunderlich
  • SCC trail.
  • Dipsea flowers
  • Redwood creek
  • Birthday run. Bridge is out. Go steelhead!!!
  • Flower. Mushrooms. Can you spot the orchid?
  • Old Mill Park
  • Birch tree vinyls are finally up in Carson's room. Now for the crows.
  • Boy meets melon
  • Riding into the city this am. A glorious fall day.
  • Top of fox trail this am. First run of the season. San Joaquin Valley style AQ.
  • Fog clearing in the headlands
  • Salamander xing
  • North Pacific cloud shadows
  • The old ranch fence
  • The business on fox trail. Steeper than it looks.
  • Cliche but still.
  • Quiet fall day at the summer swimming hole.
  • North Pacific during today's weather window
  • Gulf of the Farallones. #fetch
  • Christmas Eve nap run
  • Coral in the forest
  • On Bootjack above Van Wyck Meadow
  • Frozen ground
  • Hard frost in Redwood Creek
  • It's about time.
  • He says "Papa I am more flexible than you are." I say "feet off the table please!"
  • My boy and I doing a breakfast time dance to Ray Charles. He had kind of a Latin ballroom dance flair to him I think.
  • Tree along Redwood Creek