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Joe Kennedy

Joe Kennedy

Honolulu, Hawaii
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University of Hawaii geology grad student and riding my bike to stay sane. IG: @_josephjk

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 150
  • 300
  • 450
  • 600
  • 750
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 103.9mi
  • 8h 32m
  • 11,775ft

Recent Achievements

  • 9th overall on Dole St. (Frank St to UH Dorms)
  • 2nd fastest time on 1/2 mile on Date
  • 2nd fastest time on Kapiolani Park Crit - Clockwise
  • 2nd fastest time on Backside Punchbowl


Distance 3,897.9mi
Time 260h 39m
Elevation Gain 333,248ft
Rides 167


Total Distance 17,434.3mi
Total Time 1130h 22m
Total Elev Gain 1,412,904ft
Total Rides 655

Recent Photos

  • Road, grass, sky, and water... The progression of thought on today's super short ride.
  • Because it was raining... #baaw
  • I was off my bike for 18 days while on Maui and ended up cultivating a more unusual type of tan line. #SlippahsForWorkShoes
  • When you don't know where to ride at first, coffee at @thecurb!
  • Thank you coffee for helping me end here!!!
  • Today seemed like a good day to spam everyone's IG feed with #coffee, views, and #RoadBikesOffRoad.
  • Wednesday afternoon @itbhawaii shop ride. View was alright...
  • Water bottles only mean one thing... #GoRideYourBike
  • #TantalusTuesday...
  • IT&B Burrito ride on #FatBikes...
  • Thank you @j.velocipede for sharing the Makakilo Brown at the #SundayMorningCoffeeJam. #Jarining #newsockday #hbstachecrew
  • Last minute decision before bed lead to this happening today. #LaChasseSansFin #MtEvans #BucketList
  • Another awesome day of riding in Boulder. Thank you @hbstache for showing me around!
  • I could get used to this... #LaChasseGravelJam
  • I'l can safely say that I have flatted more in the last week than I have in the previous 3 years, so I finally got some proper tires for the job at hand. Conti 4-seasons in their natural environment.
  • I really wish we had stuff like this in Hawaii...
  • Did some climbing today. #MyBikeInFrontOfThings
  • I've been dreaming riding gravel for way to long... I'm not dreaming anymore!!! #LaChasseSansFin #ILoveBoulder
  • Adventures with @cjcovy, day 2!
  • So good to be back in SoCal sharing some miles and a beer with this guy!
  • It was an odd day out on the bike. Rain storms, getting run off the road by a huge truck and Greg got bit by a dog at our usual coffee spot in Kailua. Pretty sure my next bike ride will take place in San Diego.
  • Happy Birthday #Murica!!! Bike ride and then #TheCurb. #CoffeeDoping
  • Beautiful morning for Tantalus Tuesday. #LaChasseSansFin
  • My view for most of the morning looked something like this...
  • Photo shoot location #1 for today...
  • Little adventure on the NorthShore this morning. #RoadsLikeThese #PeacockFlats #LaChasseSansFin
  • That one time I went and rode my bike up Tantalus because I got tired of sitting in my office staring at a computer... Wait, this just happened.
  • Saturday riding...
  • Nothing new to see here...
  • Gravel road adventure on the eastside in between @nakajayama  first flat and before his second.
  • The spectacle that is #ChinaWalls when there's a decent south swell. #fromwhereiride
  • These guys and there matching socks... #SomeoneGotTheMemo
  • Never thought I would see the day that this #FizzyLiftingDrink would exist in Hawaii!!! #CaneSugar
  • It's kind of wet out today...
  • @nakajayama hooked up the goods at mile 49. Only about 90 miles to go... #WestsideBestside
  • 138 miles in some really windy conditions with 5 miles of dirt/rock/sand roads. #LaChasseSansFin
  • Now back to my regularly scheduled content... #RidePactimo
  • And now for something a little different. These things were just cruising in someone's yard at the top of one of many climbs today.
  • #SundayFunday with the team. #makethemhurt
  • The inevitable Instagramming of #coffee after a ride. #TheCurb
  • Despite being one minute and 20 seconds slower than last year... #Masters4/5
  • It was a solid Easter morning ride today with @outtaboundshawaii, @bt774 and @tama07. Carl multitasking up Old Pali.
  • Thought for today: I see the issue of sustainability as one of values and not a scientific technical fix. With that said how do you change the values where the culture of today only knows comfort, convenience and instant gratification?
  • And the gravel monster strikes once again at the very end of the road. #FriendsWithFlats
  • The theme of the latter half of today's #OuttaBoundsHawaii ride was to simply #MakeThemHurt. Carl (@outtaboundshawaii) doing just that on the gravel. #WheresEveryoneElse? #ShootingFromTheHipOnGravelAt20mph
  • Urban riding through #Honoruru out to Kapolei and back in the rain. #LaChasseSansFin #NewKitDay
  • Pretty much... #PearlCity
  • @even_and_even made it up to the top is Sierra on his new #fixed gear bike. I rode in the same gear ratio... It sucked.
  • @youandyomomma paying the price for running extremely low tire pressure. #FriendsWithFlats #ItsAOneManJob
  • Sunny day Sunday #Tantaloops
  • I've been sick for way too long with a nagging cough... Racing last weekend didn't help any either so it was nice just to get out for a solo #Tantalus loop before commuting home. #LaChasseSansFin
  • Somehow I managed to not get dropped by the lead pack and hang on for 2nd place in the 35+ division. Always a great time riding with these guys! Photo: @wellnesspt
  • It was a hard 20 miles at the #SundayMorningCoffeeJam... #lightbro
  • Ended up here somehow... #LaChasseSansFin
  • Climbing in the clouds... #LaChasseSansFin
  • Little adventure on the bike today. #LaChasseCoffeeJam #LaChasseSansFin
  • Carl's best side. #ButtPhotosForever #wymtm #LaChasseSansFin
  • Couldn't get out of bed early enough this morning to make to @lezzerbeam #Hillclimbing time trial, so a noon rollout time was in order. Old Pali Hwy... #LaChasseSansFin
  • Today is going to be the longest bike ride I've done in a while. #makapuu #outsideischee
  • Checking out the pier at #GiligandsIsland. #baap
  • It was all fun and games until the sky opened up our way back from Kualoa. #cloudporn #outsideiswet
  • The view from the trail behind my house. #outforawalk
  • I love this little opening in the #Waimanalo back roads. It's like a window into what I imagine Hawaii used to be like 50 years ago. #RideData
  • The obligatory Christmas morning bike ride view from #Makapuu lookout. #MerryChristmas everyone!
  • Rolling deep down the #AlaWai to go check the #christmas lights downtown.
  • I had plans for a long epic ride today, for the start of the #Festive500, but after struggling up #Tantalus I gave up those ideas and settled for some coffee at #thecurb.
  • Sunday late morning Pali ride.
  • Escaping the chaos that is UH graduation... Congrats to all those walking!
  • Taking the scenic route with a little #RoadBikesOffRoad action at this morning's #sundaymorningcoffeejam.
  • Not really sure what the draw is, but I love photos of #espresso. #ridebikes
  • It's off season, therefore #roadbikesoffroad is a must. #nofilter #noedit #noworries
  • I had a #BnW photo ready to post this morning from some film I shot years ago, but then I spent some time with my roommates dog... #BlackAndWhiteChallenge day 3.
  • Inspiration... #LaChasseSansFin
  • Riding in the clouds... #LaChasseSansFin
  • Class was canceled!
  • Stopped for coffee on my ride today and happened to see this... #centerfold
  • My neighborhood...
  • Late afternoon #Tantalus
  • Chasing the rain... #LaChasseSansFin
  • Tuesday morning #Tantalus...
  • Monday morning bike riding with @outtaboundshawaii @youandyomomma and @ericlaulau. Views not to bad either.
  • This guy... Flatted on his tubeless setup last time I rode with him and then this is flat #2 of the day.
  • Late afternoon #Tantalus in the rain to help keep the brain sane with @even_and_even.
  • So this didn't happen today... #TBT photo: @yftoad
  • After my first day of classes and  staring at a computer for longer than I should, I came home to some new @velohangar tight stretchy outfit goodness!
  • 2 seconds after getting off the 7th floor elevator the power goes out and the fire alarm goes off... Happened last Tuesday as well. Starting to think someone doesn't like their class.
  • So close to jumping in the water today... #FromWhereIRide
  • Time to go ride... #ThisViewNeverGetsOld
  • #FromWhereICommute...
  • Finally managed to find some motivation to get on the bike and do some intervals... At least the descent is enjoyable.
  • About to get wet... #CommuterProblems
  • Post Iselle pre Julio bike riding.
  • Our plans for a 110 mile ride turned into this... #coffee!
  • Met this awesome guy on today's ride!
  • Bike riding...
  • View from the first climb of the day and I never even knew it existed. #RaphaRising
  • Rode my bike up some hills today,  it was cool. #RaphaRising
  • The adventure started early this morning.
  • Early morning riding...
  • Late afternoon bike riding...
  • Spinning the legs out after yesterday's race. #Honomanu
  • Started my morning ride with this...
  • Rode some hills today in the lesser known realms of Oahu with these guys. #RealFood!
  • Spending some quality time on #Tantalus this morning.
  • Late afternoon ride...
  • Went riding today...
  • ...and then I decided to just sit here in the cool breeze and not do anything.
  • #Upness...
  • Didn't expect to find this nice stretch of sand out in the middle of some ridiculously jagged lava flows.
  • It was slightly windy today.
  • Ended up going for another ride today. 60 miles this morning and 40 this evening. Not totally sure why I did this cause I'm hurting... In a good way.
  • Slow, mellow scenic ride this morning.
  • According to various internet sources, it's sibling day or something like that not to mention #throwbackthursday. So here's my brother and I entertaining ourselves the best way we knew how cause we weren't allowed to watch TV very often! Oh, my mom took the photo. #treeclimbing.
  • Got inspired by @lezzerw to go climb some ridges today. Cycle to the Sun prep is under way I suppose. #upness
  • It's been over 2.5 years since I've ridden Halekoa Dr despite that it's one ridge away from where I live and it's funny how time can make you forget how steep a road really is. The sustained pitches of 16-18% gradient are doable, but throw in 25-30 mph head winds and side winds and things get interesting rather quickly. #Halekoa
  • Taking the scenic route on my commute home today...
  • Not exactly sure what happened to all the forecasted rain...
  • Proper start to what is possibly going to be my second longest ride ever! #espresso and #sockdoping
  • Happening right now with @zeberoni @lezzerw @century_rider
  • This place! #RoadPorn
  • My view from Tantalus after 146 miles on my bike. Felt pretty good!
  • After tweaking my back bodysurfing on Friday, I finally was able to get on my bike and go climb some ridges! #Upness.
  • Took first place overall at the first ever Pineapple Hill sprint! #upness
  • Solid late afternoon tantalus excursion with some of the @uhcycling crew!
  • Sitting in a workshop about fellowship and grant writing... So glad I went riding earlier!
  • Early morning bike ride to keep me sane before another long day of science talks.
  • One of the better parts of being here... The views. #OSM2014
  • It's going to be a long week... Ocean Sciences Meeting 2014, over 5,000 scientists all in one place... Should be interesting.
  • Getting ready for the race of truth... #MakahaTT
  • Bicycle riding...
  • Evening bike riding...
  • Early morning hill repeats with these guys! #upness
  • Some proper Belgian tan lines from this mornings spin courtesy of my @theathletic socks!
  • Thought I'd climb some ridges on my way home and the rain caught up to me and so did the clouds. #Upness
  • Started off riding in the rain, but surprisingly it kind of cleared up... For now at least.
  • It's not easy getting up this early to ride, but it sure is worth it! #Upness
  • Finally had some winter temperatures this morning, even broke out the arm warmers for this mornings hill repeats up #Tantalus.
  • Today's #sockdoping and #cycling kit combo proved highly effective at the Cambio Tuesday Ride. #VeloHangar
  • Happening right now... ?
  • Got out early for some easy miles. #ridedata
  • Afternoon #ridedata
  • A brief moment of solitude before the roller coaster down to the North Shore Ensues!
  • Early morning #upness fun #onmybike!
  • I love being able to get out of the craziness of Honolulu first thing in the morning for a little #upness before the day starts!
  • Started off the first day of 2014 by watching the sunrise while doing hill repeats on the bicycle! #Upness
  • The view of my neighborhood and the ridge I get to climb almost everyday #onmybike. Tomorrow I move to an apartment, though it's looking like it'll only be for a couple months and then I'll be back!
  • I was pretty amped to see this box on my steps after my commute home today since I ran out of @skratchlabs a couple days ago. First time I've ordered the stuff from them direct and it seems as though somebody has been visiting the dispensary a little to frequently. ???? #NotWhatIOrdered #LayOffThePakalolo @allenskratch
  • Climbing out of the dark and into the light... On this switchback anyways. #Festive500 #upness
  • A quick glimpse into the way Hawaii should be!
  • View from today's ride... Sure doesn't seem like Christmas.
  • So glad to have my Focus bike back in action with a brand new frame! A big thanks to @focusbikes for the quick turn around!
  • Day 19 | Words... I've heard it said that a picture is worth a thousands #words. Some late afternoon bicycle riding up #Tantalus for my second ride of the day.
  • It was a good 4 mile commute home today... Managed to break  400,000' of climbing for the year. Not to mention seeing the elusive green flash seconds after taking this photo.
  • Saturday miles with Vince...
  • This view never gets old after staring at a computer screen for most of the day! Day 13 | #WhatMakesMeHappy
  • Morning intervals up #tantalus
  • Early morning birthday miles up Tantalus.... #upness
  • This view happened on my commute home! #upness
  • It might only be a 4 mile commute, but I've been waiting to sample my new stretchy cycling getup for quite a while now from the rad people over @upnessdotorg. #GetOutGoUp!!!
  • Last Saturday ride... #epic with @bikecrave @instupituous @greenlaker @lorenschaeffer
  • Not quite what I was hoping it would be, but it was still a nice little stretch of dirt road that lead me to a private paved road with a 21% gradient pitch. #getoutgoup
  • Another glorious but chilly #DoublePeak morning ride. Happy Halloween and watch out for those #shadows! ????????????
  • You know it's an epic ride when you seriously start to wonder if you can make it home. 98 miles in and about 50 left to go!
  • Sometimes an afternoon roll out time is necessary.
  • Amazing weather today for riding the coast! Looking south from #MtSoledad
  • After two weeks of no riding, it sure was nice to get some miles in before work! Thanks for making this happen @greenlaker
  • Early morning #upness!
  • Always nice when roads are closed to cars... #onmybike
  • Doing a little coastal exploration ride today... #dirtpathsrequired
  • Had to stop at #VeloHangar at mile 70 for some refreshments on this scorching day.  #CaptainSkratch
  • Definitely needed this... #happeningrightnow #onmybike
  • It started out nice and then the temperature just sky rocketed! Somewhere out east in the Cleveland National Forest.
  • Finally had a chance to get on the bike got the first time since the race this weekend. It's been nothing but long mentally draining days at work as I learn to operate the new CNC surfboard cutting machine, but I'm stoked I get to do it!
  • Took this at the beginning of the race from the bottom of the cat 3 climb that we had to do twice as a warm-up for the main course. It was hilarious watching everyone take off like it was a flat course. It was maybe 5 minutes later that @cjcovy and I came cruising by at least half of the pack already cracking.
  • So this guy passed me at the start of my ride today heading south along the coast and right before the windiest stretch on my way home he comes zipping by. I quickly picked up the pace and got to draft him at 24 mph into a headwind, pretty nice way to end the ride.
  • Nothing new or unusual here, just another evening ride to Double Peak. Though I did manage to squeeze in a fun little surf session beforehand.
  • Just riding my bike...
  • Escaping the marine layer... #DoublePeak
  • Double Peak repeat #5... And there's still some light out. #RaphaRising
  • The view from Double Peak on repeat number six. Legs are toast...
  • Got my #beaming on and now it's time to go do some repeats of Double Peak... ????????
  • Back on #Palomar for round 2 with @bikecrave.
  • Evening ride to Double Peak Park. #upness
  • Not much to really say about this one. ????#onmybike
  • @cjcovy climbing the last gravel section up to the top of Santa Ynez Peak. #upness
  • The beginning of the real fun on Refugio Rd... #upness
  • #nomnomnom...
  • Exploring some of the poorer areas of Santa Barbara in today's mellow ride.
  • Today's "mellow ride still involved 4000' of climbing... Legs are toast.
  • Starting today's ride off right! #espresso
  • Straight #upness today...
  • Saw this fancy looking motorcycle on my ride this afternoon. It had one hell of a sound system. #SeenOnMyRide
  • Woke up early to squeeze in a quick ride to clear out the cobwebs before GRE test time. #MarineLayer
  • Getting my weekly dose of #upness with @bikecrave, @gman92069, and @jefffrowe way out east.
  • Spent 45 min driving in gloomy grayness and then next thing I know I emerged out of the clouds into the sunshine of Alpine, CA! Time to go ride.
  • Recovery ride didn't quite go as planned...
  • Long tough day of suffering on the bike, but with roads like this and no cars around it was definitely enjoyable... Until mile 80 when we got to Cole Grade with temps close to 100*
  • Happening right now! #MesaGrand
  • Evening ride...
  • Mid-ride refueling with a raw açai bowl.