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Kalvin Bartlett

Kalvin Bartlett

Brisbane, QLD, Australia
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Kalvin Bartlett is a cyclist from Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 360
  • 720
  • 1080
  • 1440
  • 1800
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 178.8km
  • 7h 23m
  • 2,136m

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Hawthorne Climb - Lindsay St to Peak
  • PR on Ham Road climb
  • 2nd fastest time on Hawthorne Hill - Virginia to Peak
  • 2nd fastest time on @TLR Lytton Rd from Paringa Rd to Creek Rd


Distance 11,699.1km
Time 414h 0m
Elevation Gain 120,356m
Rides 267


Total Distance 60,710.0km
Total Time 2055h 39m
Total Elev Gain 616,048m
Total Rides 1377

Recent Photos

  • Picked up this cute little bird on our ride.
  • Peek-a-boo.
  • Found it!
  • I'll give it a shot. In fact make it a double.
  • Must be okay. River loop group?
  • Well I suppose I did ask....
  • Nice day for it....
  • This could take a while. How many bloody welcome signs do they have here?
  • Look @emma_jane_bartlett the sun is rising over a motorcycle shop. It's a sign....
  • Let the day begin....
  • What a pane.
  • Praying to the bicycle ovrrlord
  • Umm I think I have your 4xxxx shot kal. Swapsies me thinks.
  • 'tanks' for turning up on time
  • Necessity....
  • ....mother of all
  • Pretty sure that blue thing should be attached.....
  • New air-conditioning installed #o-natural
  • One of the best things about returning home....the other is currently curled up on our bed.
  • #wymtm
  • For those who like to get some leverage on the loo. #gladi'mnotlonglegged.
  • Found it @emma_jane_bartlett
  • Back to the future? #wymtm
  • A brisk, brief #wymtm
  • Good morning Melbourne
  • #2 brew.
  • Black is the new white
  • Wasn't sure what nationality our house was. I was stumped.....then it came to me, Pollish!
  • 'I orchestrate my mornings to the tune of coffee'.
  • #wymtm
  • #wymtm puppy power walk
  • #almostprohours
  • Secret training. I can't tell you where we are....
  • One for the road
  • 'i can read your mind! You're about to take a photo of me.' Umm, what made you think that?
  • Shiek Bonnie
  • 'BUGGER'! #getabetterjobbuyanew1
  • Finding Nebo
  • If u cannot beat them.....
  • Stopping to help a fellow cyclist who is not having a good day.
  • I see you
  • Let me at em, let me at em. I got this
  • #wymte
  • Bliss
  • Double trouble #wymtm
  • QRTS rd2. All prepped for racing. Annnd GO! Suspense is palpable.
  • They missed 'day'
  • The not so sneaky, sneaky pic. Great finish to a morning loop. Brekky time.
  • Umm Houston.....
  • Very impressive set up @scottie_dubya. Coffee good today too.
  • Too good not to stop
  • Smug much. Top marks from the vet. Happy, healthy dog
  • Snap. Brekky with this lovely lady
  • Coot-tha sunrise surprise on the rise. Mind your eyes, p's and queues. Taking in all the views
  • Words fail me.
  • Yup
  • One...ah ah ah
  • Two....ah ah ah ah
  • Three...wonderful three...ah ah ah ah ah ah!
  • Anything you can do.....
  • Back on the good stuff. Taking a photo of @emma_jane_bartlett taking a photo of me taking a photo of @emma_jane_bartlett taking a photo of.....snap
  • Panting, puffing puppy pooped
  • Beautiful bounding Bonnie's birthday bash
  • Plenty pooped, panting peacefully post playtime
  • Where the bloodyhell are we?
  • W2W day. Now sleep for Bonnie.
  • And to think people travel all the way to Paris to see a tower like this!
  • Why not...
  • Thoughtful....
  • Wow. #what'sonyourdoorstep. Pegg's lookput
  • Pretty sure we're lost
  • Nearly there....
  • A short walk from home. #simplethings
  • It's been done b4. Following in the footsteps of greats @emma_jane_bartlett & @staceylhassall
  • Wholly crap. Glad I walked
  • Worth the climb
  • Peek a boo!
  • Pretty sure it normally sits further back
  • These cookies are delicious @cammesser. You must try one!
  • 2hrs of power ranges....but NO Max efforts
  • Look to the horizon, don't dwell on the past. Always new adventures when we stray from the path. Leave no stone unturned. No words unsaid. There's always positive signs, in the road ahead
  • Mummy's girl. Every breath you take....
  • I wonder what this thing does?
  • 'i'm a shoe-in I tells ya'
  • What a difference a week makes. Brekky with de crew.
  • ......'yes Damien?'
  • Training starts.....tomorrow
  • Well it's not quite a tuckerbox....but we're nearly there!
  • Handed this brilliant photo yesterday by Niels of veloshotz taken at last year's tour de pines when I had a barry crocker with a dodgy front wheel dragging like a boat anchor. Thank you niels for the photo. Love it
  • Peek-a-boo-boo
  • Mirror mirror on the water.....
  • Spotted this young lady down by the riverside.....:-)
  • Unit for sale....right on the river.....plenty of potential....might make some enquiries!!!!!!!!
  • Noice. Onwards we go from where we once began
  • A bridge afar. Gateway to....?
  • Dew on the grass and Onwards we pass
  • Just gary, john and tom
  • Spinning twins
  • Serious pick me up. 4 shots of go-go juice
  • #veryproseqldstyle
  • Acting the goat
  • Ye old stomping ground. Pub lane Bakery feast
  • Still hanging around @ muzz.
  • Got any more?
  • guess who? brekky with these 2 lovely ladies
  • Nice day for it
  • I wonder if Em knows I took that photo of her?
  • Who was that lone young lady mixed with C grade men at muzza today?
  • Top of the morning to ya!
  • Coffee time after a cruisy spin.
  • OMG Just for you @staceylhassall. New Rapha range maybe? I'll get @emma_jane_bartlett to put fwd the suggestion
  • Secret training camp
  • Eh, close enough paul.
  • Yup. Too good not to stop.
  • #sneaky picy
  • Overtime? Warwick bound. 170 sumpin to go #cunninhamclassic
  • Cup #2. Let's get this day under way.
  • Sweet nothings in her ear
  • 'For I am THOR', although it could just be my saddle height!
  • The early bird catches the 'apple and cinnamon loaf'
  • Bridge over the river....why? 21 again, 21 again....doh!
  • 'not another bridge'!
  • TDK: doing amazing things for my system.
  • Em did her best to lead us in the opposite direction but we still managed to find our way here. Defrosting time and coffee hurrah!
  • You little prick
  • Bay bliss
  • Fuel to end a recovery spin. Don't mind if we do. His and her cups.
  • Reccy b4 brekky. Stray dogs, kangaroos and alpacas but noooo magpies.
  • Warm the hands, kick over the heart.  At the table we stand. Of this day to start. Our feet so numb, hands so raw. First rule of thumb. Coffee hot enough to thaw.
  • Out with my lady. Bliss
  • Those damn sneaky photos
  • New bike, new bling, more spike does it bring. New wheels, deeper dish, more carbon than I could wish. Same rider, same deal. Back to normal, keeping it real.
  • Looks harmless enough. Pity it didn't feel that way afterwards......ffs!
  • Well are you gunna open it or what?
  • 'down, down.....power is down.....'
  • Nom nom nom. Strawberry and choc....Umm I mean 'a fruit muffin'
  • This photo makes it look like there are 2 of them. Hey wait a minute...
  • Straight past me with not so much as a glance. I wonder who the favourite is in this house?
  • Nuf said. Does it get any better than this? Celebrate what we have. Never lose site of where we are going and why we have this gift that is life.
  • Yummo caramel slice. Mmm Em.
  • I would you know
  • Hullo!
  • Yay for new levers that work. At least now I can aim to do sessions at full tilt and get my hand off it.
  • The paper and pen are at the ready. The 'list' has begun. Are you preparing your list yet @staceylhassall or is this something only Em does? Jump in any time there @cammesser !
  • Esher Street for brekky and coffee. Our feet seem to be permanently parked here. Guess who??
  • 'i can't hear you.....nope, still can't......nope nothing......still nothing'....'WALK', HELL YES I'd hear you if u said that. Oh, you didn't! Nothing, nope can't hear a thing. You'll have to speak into my good ear.
  • Warming up slowly on an early spin
  • Em taking pics
  • Views from up top
  • Here comes the sun
  • Em being used in the foreground to demonstrate how big this thing is! Well ok, maybe it wasn't the best representative example of scale but at least you get my point.
  • Here it comes
  • Reading a book about general Monash at present. Gives you a perspective on what those words truly mean. Such a sad loss of life. Men and women who left this area never to see their home or family again. Very humbling.
  • She's at it again. Go go muffin girl
  • Bone'apetite'
  • A frightening sight Bon Bon
  • I'm sayin muffin....I mean nuthin!
  • Soggy doggy. Guess whose been in the shower today?
  • Say what you will about advertising but since switching to Em's shampoo and conditioner I have no more split ends, my hair has more body and bounce. It feels so light now, I barely know it is there!
  • Dang right
  • A blue blur.....with a splash of pink
  • 'NONE' shall pass! Waiting for someone are we Bon Bon?
  • Jewish street perhaps?
  • A 1hr walk later and we have 1 very content puppy
  • Em have you seen the postman today?
  • A Patio heater. Now that gunna be handy with summer just around the corner.....ffs!
  • What are you up t......oh, yes smile.
  • Back seat drivers
  • Gotcha
  • Finance officer, umm I mean fiance
  • What's yours is mine and what's mine is mine......
  • Hey that's my pole!
  • The gravatty of the situation
  • Order up!
  • Doo doo da doo doo banana bread doo doo da doo banana bread!
  • The face says it all.
  • So dang cute
  • Sparkly new joggers. Let the fun begin. #yay_proper_running_shoes#
  • Playin with the pig
  • River rolling with Ems. What a day for it.
  • So rude  @emmahassall !
  • Wynnum wanderings of wonder
  • Life's a beach. #wynnumcyclingselfie#
  • I-nose Bon.....I knows
  • Putting all my faith in cheeses.
  • Line em up and watch them disappear
  • Gone in 60 seconds
  • Mummy-doggy time
  • 'possession' is merely 9/10 of the law. Now give me that damn rice cake!
  • Pretty sure she has moved
  • Ichabod Bartlett
  • Being escorted along the corso by these fine Young ladies
  • Chelmer chicks
  • Graceville glamour
  • St Lucia spinners
  • Toowong twins
  • Asleep? Nope, just resting my eyes