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James Slauson

James Slauson

San Antonio, Texas
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James Slauson is a cyclist from San Antonio, Texas. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 210
  • 420
  • 630
  • 840
  • 1050
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 69.2mi
  • 4h 49m
  • 1,936ft

Recent Achievements

  • 10th overall on Concho Bike 9 Mile Challenge
  • PR on Red Bluff Water Tower Climb
  • PR on S. Jameson Road
  • PR on Armadillo ridge


Distance 6,908.1mi
Time 424h 13m
Elevation Gain 209,685ft
Rides 230


Total Distance 69,272.6mi
Total Time 4099h 22m
Total Elev Gain 2,838,189ft
Total Rides 2127

Recent Photos

  • pm ride West TX #fromwhereiride
  • pm ride West TX #fromwhereiride
  • Shanon Pick Ribbon family run #slausonadventures
  • Turk heading home!
  • Ready for MTB TT
  • Writing to a bike race #SlausonAdventures
  • Final foray onto the cobbles #slausonadventures #richmond2015
  • The early morning break crests Libby Hill on the first lap. With Richmond, VA Garmin Cannondale rider, Ben King representing!! #richmond2015 #slausonadventures
  • Peloton crests Libby Hill first lap. 5 min leash to break. #slausonadventures #richmond2015
  • Small teams (Columbia) have plenty of space on roof. Big teams (Spain) are capped out. #richmond2015
  • Ben King Crests Libby Hill solo at front of break. 4:30 on the peloton.
  • Shimano neutral support bikes with a variety of pedals ready at top of Libby Hill. #richmond2015
  • Well, yeah. #richmond2015
  • Nathan Frazier representing Texas #slausonadventures #richmond2015
  • USA Taylor Phinney in the late break! #richmond2015
  • With the peloton on it chasing. #richmond2015
  • Le broom wagon. I often see this while racing.... #richmond2015
  • 30 countries,200 riders, 7 hrs racing and in the end Sagan wins. The Fraziers and the Slausons. #slausonadventures #richmond2015
  • Turk and Tilford #slausonadventures #richmond2015
  • Turk can't get enough of the cobbles!  #slausonadventures #richmond2015
  • USA team going after my Road Race/Libby Hill Strava KoMs. Good luck boys!
  • Breakfast of Champions. Turk Conquered the Cobbles. Kevin Ledanois won men's U23! #slausonadventures #richmond2015
  • Libby Hill Rocking today #richmond2015
  • Ladies hit the cobbles for first time. #richmond2015
  • Women's Final Selection crests Libby Hill on last lap. 4k to medals! #richmond2015
  • Back to hotel on the bike path. #slausonadventures #richmond2015
  • Home again #slausonadventures
  • Staging for Ride the Cobbles aka Fred Worlds
  • Gonna be an interesting race on Wet Cobbles! #richmond2015 #slausonadventures
  • Turk is ready to Gobble some Cobbles! #slausonadventures #richmond2015
  • George H in the house
  • Yeah. I medalled. #slausonadventures #richmond2015
  • Bicycle church.  #slausonadventures #Richmond2015
  • Monument Avenue. #SlausonAdentures #Richmond2015
  • Cobbled Interloper. #slausonadventures #Richmond2015
  • French U23 team vehicle
  • U23 Road Race atop Libby Hill
  • Richmond, VA. Well, yeah. #Richmond2015
  • Libby Hill
  • Libby Hill Cobbles. Gonna be fun in the rain  tonight
  • VA is for Lovers. Of cheap gas. $197/gal! #slausonadventures #Richmond2015
  • Well, yeah @kimsnags
  • Libby Hill U23 peloton #richmond2015
  • Hi vis. #besafety
  • U23 break heading into Libby Hill
  • U23 Peloton heading into Libby Hill
  • U23 peloton tops Libby Hill
  • UCI Worlds Security
  • The am ride. #slausonadventures #Richmond2015
  • Rte 1 Bike Route #slausonadventures #Richmond2015
  • "Architecture" #slausonadventures
  • James (My?) River #fromwhereiride #slausonadventures #Richmond2015
  • Richmond,Ba. #slausonadventures #Richmond2015
  • Two of the greatest cyclists of all time! #slausonadventures  #Richmond2015
  • Worlds Men's ITT Selfie #slausonadventures #Richmond2015
  • The other Vasil Kiryienka #Richmond2015
  • Hillary - The Civil War Society running tour. Holly Cemetery. #slausonadventures #richmond2015
  • Holly Wood Memorial pyramid. 26k to build in 1869 #slausonadventures #richmond2015
  • Hollywood Cemetery overlooking the James River. #slausonadventures #richmond2015
  • 3rd National Confederate Flag. No comments, please. #slausonadventures #richmond2015
  • Jefferson Davis. #slausonadventures #richmond2015
  • Oregon Hill neighborhood. Yeah, Richmond is Hilly! #slausonadventures #richmond2015
  • Oregon Hill Bike Shop. #slausonadventures #richmond2015
  • Hilly Richmond. #slausonadventures
  • Canal run.  #slausonadventures #richmond2015
  • #slausonadventures #richmond2015
  • #slausonadventures #richmond2015
  • Ped Bridge to Belle Isle. Under Robeet E. Lee. Bridge - used in Worlds TT's past couple days. #slausonadventures #richmond2015
  • To quote Van Halen. Fair Warning! #slausonadventures #richmond2015
  • Belle Isle BMX TRAXK #richmond2015
  • am OK City run  #slausonadventures #richmond2015
  • AZ yard art
  • A couple o birds
  • Route 66. Nod to Lon and Susan. #pactour #slausonadventures
  • La Familia Bicicleta Montaña
  • My training partner JW
  • First ride in State Park for JW and Carrie
  • Carrie working JW over on San Ang State Park Cyclocross Course
  • Sunday Ride
  • New ride
  • Most redic race nos. Evar. #HHH
  • WEE-CHI-TAH  MTB race. New adventures!
  • Hot between race Mask of Pain.
  • Sexy Dvwy Tifosi
  • Ahab the Arab?
  • Water in O.C, Fisher?? Build the ark Noah!
  • #fromwhereiride
  • Irrigation ditch ride
  • Sage advice
  • Shoutout to @NicholaiBrochner
  • Beer Balance
  • Art Lover
  • Boat Passage Delay
  • Milwaukee Art Museum. Wings open, so, Museum is open!
  • Andy Warhol
  • Pollock
  • "Boy in Art Museum "
  • #fromwhereirun
  • Weird Al Ticket project
  • Turk wo helmet?? Don't see that every day. Or ever.... #Slausonadventures #summerfest #fromwhereiride
  • When a bands been rocking for 45yrs, it's audience is going to need sign language, obviously #blowneardrums #Foghat
  • The only way around the NSA. #tinfoilhat
  • Weird Al. 30 years of brilliant parody and going strong
  • Summerfest. Milwaukee, WI
  • Getting ready for ladies World Cup
  • Milwaukee Riverwalk Art
  • Milwaukee Riverwalk
  • Milwaukee Riverwalk
  • Third Ward
  • Summerfest!
  • Bublers
  • Milwaukee Art Museum
  • Lake Michigan
  • Paddle boating
  • Running Trail Art
  • Wisconsin has more bars pee capita than any other state. Drink Wisconsinably!!
  • Final Destination.
  • Now that's running partner brightness
  • Concho River Trail
  • Evening on the Concho River
  • Turn around!! Don't drown!
  • Hot Lady
  • Hot Ride
  • Goats #fromwhereiride
  • Cactus #fromwhereiride
  • Beautiful desert plant. #fromwhereiride
  • Pretty crops. #fromwhereiride
  • Dogs.  #fromwhereiride
  • Cows. #fromwhereiride
  • Calf Condos. #fromwhereiride
  • Riding partner. #withwhomirede
  • Family run
  • James Madison U
  • Tunneling
  • #fromwhereirun
  • Rolling out on the boardwalk
  • Saving money - on the bike
  • Cape May lighthouse
  • Nice New Jersey bike riding roads
  • Boat Train bridge
  • Turtle Xing
  • am at the Atlantic Ocean  #Slausonadventures
  • Undertow!! Watch out!! #Slausonadventures #fromwhereirun
  • Boardwalk #Slausonadventures #fromwhereirun
  • A frog finds a friend.
  • Hopeless Romantics
  • Cape May Lighthouse
  • Opa and Peg
  • 2 white swans. 1 black swan.
  • Cape May Bird Sanctuary
  • Momma duck and her babies
  • Naked Nazi Mermaid.  #onlyinjersey
  • #fromwhereiride
  • #fromwhereiride #Slausonadventures
  • The early am break. #withwhomiride
  • I appreciate the attempt, not sure how clear it is?
  • Familia Bicicleta #withwhomiride
  • Afternoon Peloton #withwhomiride
  • 1/2 mast. Recognizing JW and Will decision to ride 100k with me
  • Beach Creature
  • Beakfast on the Surf for these guys
  • Supertuck. Invented by Dad Slauson, scientifically confirmed by JW Slauson
  • New Hampshire road stoppage
  • NH lake selfie
  • Happy place
  • #fromwhereiride #withwhomiride #Slausonadventures
  • NH Cycling rest stop. McDonalds Lobster Roll
  • Opa wishes us well. Off on another adventure!
  • A rare and coveted Blue Lobster
  • Rusty. "It's a short cut the locals told me about, Debbie"
  • #Slausonadventures #withwhomiride #fromwhereiride
  • Slauson Springs!! (You will have watch the new Vacation movie for this reference. #Slausonadventures
  • Fore!!
  • aka husband!?
  • Everyday be gravelin. #slausonvacation #kanzatraining
  • Will and Opa. The pickup party!
  • Familia run
  • Track workout
  • Fast
  • Bleacher workout
  • Really
  • Workout complete
  • Father / son. Yeah. Got my ass kicked
  • Terri Try Anything shortcut
  • Running partner #withwhomirun
  • Yeah,Turk. He does that to me too.
  • 103 at race time. Yay!
  • Downtown San Antonio Bash Criterium
  • Sunday's SA Bash Crit
  • Ah, yes. The payoff for racing and riding. Lunch!
  • Faster
  • Foghat. Slow ride!
  • Yoda
  • Brothers
  • Mr. Anakin Guy
  • The ladies helping Weird Al out.