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Cody Martin

Cody Martin

Tucson, AZ
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Cody Martin is a cyclist from Tucson, AZ. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 80
  • 160
  • 240
  • 320
  • 400
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 3.2mi
  • 1h 37m
  • 1,017ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on McDonald's Hill
  • PR on st marys to speedway: east bank
  • 2nd fastest time on speedway to st marys
  • 2nd fastest time on speedway to grant: east bank


Distance 2,367.2mi
Time 176h 9m
Elevation Gain 110,466ft
Rides 125


Total Distance 14,444.1mi
Total Time 1051h 56m
Total Elev Gain 701,332ft
Total Rides 714

Recent Photos

  • A tale of two skylines. #Monsoon season in the Catalinas. #MtLemmon #AZ #TucsonByBike
  • Well, that's not gonna hold air...
  • Family breakfast date! Lauren is back there somewhere, too. #FrenchieFitz #TucsonByBike
  • Happy birthday, @leblackley! #BikeSwap #Bianchi #SoFresh
  • What year is it?
  • We have fall in AZ, too. You just have to work a little harder to find it. #TucsonByBike
  • Welp. 10 speed becomes 1 speed. #SSAZ
  • Baby trad rack. Super stoked for this weekend: get to scuff these up a bit. #tieinandgetafterit
  • Chasing shadows on the way home. #SunsetCruise #TucsonByBike
  • #TBT to when I could still hang with the Otters. First skills session out on McRib. #OVMTB
  • Otters take flight. #OVMTB
  • Sun hits the road - early morning Charloux with Tom.
  • Un cafe e una grappa. Three passes down and one to go. #SellaRonda
  • Sometimes there is a #haboob on the ride home. Sometimes that haboob comes with a massive tail wind. #DesertLiving #TucsonByBike
  • #SummitSelfie #RubiconPeak #BachelorSteve
  • Squeezing the Lemmon. #TucsonByBike #OVB
  • With this path, there's no reason not to commute by bike. #TucsonByBike
  • Otters playing in the rock gardens. #OVMTB #Honeybee #NICA #AZHSCL
  • My date and I sharing a post ride smoothie. #Shootout #TucsonByBike
  • DB with LB. #Downtown #Tucson
  • Solo Blanco date
  • Messin' around after the ride. #shreddy #OVMTB
  • Let's try this without a derailleur... #RaceFace
  • New kicks
  • Drag racing 18 wheelers on the Southside. #ThrowdownThursday
  • So much more scenic than the Yetman wash. Proud of the volunteer trail crew!
  • If we build it, they will come. #SDMB #SAMBA #YetmanWash
  • River path goodness. #TheLoop
  • Merry Christmas to me! Thank you, @hymanjd
  • Bradley representing the #OVMTB #Otters in the final race of the season.
  • #WestSide #RattlesnakePass
  • #JustKeepGoing
  • Take the road less traveled and occasionally you find something worth stopping for. #Longhorn #TucsonByBike
  • Coming back from the morning Lemmon
  • Dinner ride #burritosofinstagram #wholefoods #tucsonbybike
  • Damn. Guess I'm not running errands by bike today...
  • When in Phoenix, do as the Phoenicians do. #SouthMountain #HillClimb
  • Payment for some awful climbs inn the AZ trail by Kentucky Camp. @stravacycling #StravaSilverRush #StravaTahoeTrail
  • New big boy crank. Thanks, OVB.
  • Post ride recharge.
  • Cut that corner a little too tight. #ouch
  • Sunset ride. #nofilter
  • Oh hi, Mt Lemmon. Mile 84. Follow the river path home.
  • More calories please
  • Julian Wash with Tucson Mountains in the distance. 40 miles in.
  • 14 miles in and a long way to go.
  • Entering La Milagrosa. @hymanjd
  • The road ahead.