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Jenny Maier

Jenny Maier

Berkeley, CA
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"There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream"

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 50
  • 100
  • 150
  • 200
  • 250
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 38.1mi
  • 8h 44m
  • 3,955ft

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd best estimated 1 mile effort
  • 2nd best estimated 1/2 mile effort
  • 3rd best estimated 1k effort
  • 8th overall on Fox Trail descent


Distance 1,197.4mi
Time 209h 59m
Elevation Gain 143,215ft
Runs 205


Total Distance 2,837.4mi
Total Time 517h 19m
Total Elev Gain 385,328ft
Total Runs 513

Recent Photos

  • Never gets old.
  • We had to bring the sunshine since there wasn't any at Cardiac this morning. ☀️
  • Find the bunny!
  • Oakland sucks, right? #TTRC
  • Contemplating XC as part of my marathon training plan.  How can you argue with shoes that look this fast?!
  • Even the speedy guys sometimes  need a hug in the middle of a race. @mhbreadbutter @fastfoodie #sfrcracing #headlands50k
  • Obligatory shout out to my one and only on #nationaldogday. I never thought I could love something so stinky and slobbery so much, but it turns out, Henry and I are perfect for each other. ❤️
  • Day 3: Aloha to Tallac to Ralston to Berkeley. Fun weekend of adventuring around the California mountains with @thedenuch. #backtoreality #desolationwilderness #yosemite #tahoe #dirtyhungryhappy
  • Redwood -> Huckleberry -> Sibley #tourdeoakland with @elsiesamson
  • Dinnertime for the Redwood Regional Park goats.
  • Back to reality and the land of easy evening runs around the lake
  • If only my bike was a fixie, this hipster happy hour with @ganahle would be complete.
  • Summertime at the beach?
  • #trailwolf sighting in the east bay. #cinderella50k
  • Biggest f-ing props to this lady who hustled her way through her first 100K. The front-runners didn't get the awesome sunset views we had on coastal. #miwok100k
  • No turkeys on Marincello today, just a few #BayBirds.
  • Serpentine Prairie
  • Detour to Redwood Peak. Really just a bunch of rocks.
  • Slow and steady and back on track. First workout since coming back from injury.
  • Whatever it is you want to accomplish tomorrow. Begin now. #OlgasBigNine
  • Lighten up. #OlgasBigNine
  • The Easter bunny brought me some new kicks, just as I am in the middle of donating all my old ones to a good cause. #OlgasBigNine #mensch #niketrail #climbagainsttheodds #bcf
  • Be opportunistic. #OlgasBigNine #startemyoung #niketrail
  • Create routines (but sometimes break them). #OlgasBigNine
  • Keep moving. #OlgasBigNine
  • Found a swing on my run. #dontgrowupitsatrap
  • Guess who got their #goldenticket?! Second place at #Gorge100k! #seeyouinsquaw
  • Checking out a few miles of the #Gorge100k course with @thedenuch @tamalrunner and @immortalsrun today. This course...she's a stunner.
  • #tbt pics are only as good as the memories that come along with them. PC: @thedenuch
  • Practice patience.
  • "Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience" #ralphwaldoemerson #recovery
  • Remind me to do these track workouts in the mornings instead. #runnerpeopleproblems
  • Hill drills with a view.
  • If you're lucky enough to be out on the trails, you're lucky enough.
  • Ribbons of dirt
  • Every time you think you aren't going to get through a tough situation in one piece, remind yourself to be thankful for the times you do.
  • Might have been a little icy out today. Oh California winter, how you toy with my emotions. #winter #runnerpeopleproblems
  • And on the 100th summit, let there be The Stoke.
  • Dog v. Roomba #latergram #dogsofinstagram
  • Looks like I'm getting myself a new chain for Christmas.
  • Very rare occurrence, half an oatmeal cookie and a cup of coffee was all #walter wanted before his run. #raceweight
  • #tracktuesday #BayBirds #coachkrissysays
  • I thought the Whole Foods on Telegraph and I had an understanding since I'm literally there every day. No more running/grocery shopping outings I guess. #runnerpeopleproblems
  • Green means go. Second run of the day. #runcation #tumalofalls
  • No picture is going to do this justice. #runcation #smithrock
  • Back on (the) track. #BayBirds
  • In the ever-present battle between spending laundry day doing laundry and spending laundry day going for a run, my clothes never stood a chance. #runnerpeopleproblems #laundryvolcano
  • "I've always liked the time before dawn because there's no one there to remind me who I'm supposed to be, so it's easier to remember who I am. " #storypeople #roadtobryce
  • Runner people perks. #nofilter
  • Looking forward to good things to come. Dawn patrol recovery run with @loverunpink.
  • 6pm and still scorching hot.
  • Same view, different outlook.
  • Overcast but clear views = perfect running weather.
  • Back at the track. #BayBirds #tracktuesdays
  • #Baybirds first group track workout!
  • SCA love.
  • Me and my monster enjoying a walk in the woods.
  • Henry was such a good boy these past two days of non-stop grooming and vet appointments. I'm one proud puppy mama.
  • I don't know where I'm going from here but I promise it won't be boring.
  • Starting my week off right with another Tamventure. #earnyourviews
  • Tam morning social hour #earnyourviews
  • Not runnable but very rewarding. Top of Mt Ralston with Erica.
  • Sunday Runday with Erica. #earnyourviews
  • #BayBirds of a feather run together.
  • A little bit of dirt to start the day.
  • Scouting out my volunteer duties on Cinderella with @ganahle
  • I wore my new shirt for my hot and sweaty date with Matt Davis. #mountainrunning
  • This is what "hiking" with @kylerobertpeter looks like. 30 miles in the Santa Cruz mountains on Sunday Funday.
  • Cool club #WTC
  • Mud was insane today. I was carrying an extra two pounds on each foot. How do I enter that into #strava?!
  • #tbt to a great Yosemite conference 2009 and to my rom-com parter in crime @ganahle.
  • View from the ridge.
  • SF beer week tasting at Cal Academy of Sciences Nightlife. 25 tastings between 2 people? No biggie.
  • Ran too long and had to hitch a ride with armed bridge patrol. Pretty much on par with my usual Saturday nights out. @kylerobertpeter
  • Solar vortex Saturday. #tam
  • #nofilter on Tam 2
  • "Utah, get me two". #tam #pointbreak
  • Run cut a little short. Some might call it falling. I call it testing Strava auto-pause to give the ground a hug. Potato potato. Time for bed. #runnerpeopleproblems
  • My version of going out on a Saturday night is taking a beer on a night hike. #runnerpeopleproblems
  • Happy Hanksgiving everyone.
  • Thanksgiving family hike in Claremont Canyon. Me, Hank, and the Hokas.
  • My date with Matt Davis
  • A well-deserved Claremont canyon bench and back recovery.
  • I arrived at the trailhead just a little early.
  • What a beautiful way to start the day. East peak with the ladies. @jamie_fitapproach @crohdster #sweatpossible
  • @tsopxela #nofilter
  • Pacer practice run was way too much fun. #nofilter
  • Pre-work slog up the hill.
  • Camera fast shutter burst testing with @maukarunner
  • So many people.
  • Lake repeats + midday heat = not a happy runner. But at least the view was nice.
  • And after our hike, this detour happened. @photos4elle
  • Tam @photos4elle
  • Mount Tam with @photos4elle
  • Tam Summit #6
  • Daisy cares about our watersheds.
  • Tilden hike with @ganahle
  • Tam Summit #4
  • Gettin' my last hill workout in before TRT. #thedirtsearch
  • The view from the top. @elisetorres08 @dogtownbrewer
  • Tam is always better with friends. Thanks @elisetorres08
  • Tam Summit Saturday with @jamie_fitapproach
  • Tam Summit #2
  • The view from the top of the world. #nofilter
  • Mt Tam selfie. #mtsp
  • Foggy but beautiful day on Tam #mtsp
  • Tam Summit. Climbing to the top of East Peak on a very cold, wet and blustery day. #mtsp
  • A little foggy today on Tam #mtsp
  • Tam Summit 1! #mtsp
  • Tam Summit crew on our first ascent. #mtsp
  • En route to Tam Summit 1 #mtsp
  • Twilight 10K in Cool. Love NorCal Ultra events! @tcurtis00
  • This is the before picture. #reasonswhyimsingle
  • Laps around the lake.
  • The Lake is my running buddy.
  • Thanksgiving laps around the lake.
  • Someone painted over the hearts. Where is the love?
  • Icing my knee with my beer, watching football. Squash is in the oven, dog is curled up next to me on the couch. Happy Thanksgiving from the Elmwood Estate.
  • The orange situation in Sacramento has gotten out of control
  • Redrum
  • #mizunorunning love. Thank you @fleetfeetsf
  • Fat Tuesday fun @foxxylaw
  • Trying out the new lacing technique
  • Happy Valentines Day to single runners everywhere.
  • Still injured, still smiling. #werundc
  • Getting ready for Mumford at the Greek. #latergram
  • Time to fly! Jog to BART to the office, hoping for a longer one after, and then again tomorrow. #reasonswhyimsingle