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Tom Edwards

Tom Edwards

Sebastopol, CA
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The Dude

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 180
  • 360
  • 540
  • 720
  • 900
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 44.4mi
  • 2h 56m
  • 3,035ft

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Distance 5,375.1mi
Time 308h 56m
Elevation Gain 513,986ft
Rides 183


Total Distance 23,015.5mi
Total Time 1341h 3m
Total Elev Gain 2,011,617ft
Total Rides 745

Recent Photos

  • Jan Ullrich joined Levi for the pre-fondo address!
  • Good afternoon, Walmart shoppers.
  • Geiger!
  • Made a little stencil of my late sister. My family is going to put it up at the BMan temple, granted you can post things there (let's hope so)
  • I enjoy drinking good beer, and that's why session beers are kickass. They allow you to do the aforementioned without committing to any real intoxication. The more I work in the brewing industry, the more I appreciate that. #greenflash #craftbeer #beer #brewing
  • How awesome are these pop tops!? Touché cans, touché. #craftbeer #beer #brewing #homebrewing
  • Sunset ride.
  • I can't do this paradise justice. The web of gorgeous roads cocooned amongst the trees is a Jurassic scene that soothes me to the core. NEVER fails. #westcounty, best county.
  • The awesome grain bed filtration system. I love this view. #homebrewing #brewing #craftbeer #beer
  • The Ridge!
  • My brother's killing it! Give him a follow and check out some really kickass work! @ledwardstattoo
  • Baby lane.
  • Damn! Exact same break as last time. Ridiculous.
  • Sweetwater.
  • Show me something more West County...
  • Obligatory ride up Kingsbury Grade.
  • Just in case the movie Deep Impact becomes a reality...
  • COWSCHWITZ: Few recall the Third Reich's Sonoma County cattle execution fields, many of which are still around today.
  • South on 1 to Point Reyes and Mt Vision
  • I was worthless today. Body is tired, chamois hates me.
  • The west county cycling struggle. #cycling #strava
  • Killer day!
  • Happy when I'm here. Part of me wishes there was a second line that said MOTHA FUCKA.
  • Finished the Sugarland and discovered my frame is cracked. As my only bike, this rig has taken me over the Sierras, Rockies, and countless commutes and races. I have put this thing through absolute hell and it never failed me. You will be missed, Malcolm. What a champion
  • I've been wanting to install this whirlpool arm for so damn long, I'm so stoked on it. #homebrew #homebrewing
  • I despise my 50 mile commute to Cloverdale, but the fact this is a 45 minute bike ride from my bed is incredible to me.
  • Cleaned both rigs after being too lazy last night following the brew. Throw my girlfriend in and you may just have my three favorite things in one shot. #homebrew #homebrewing #cycling #strava
  • Nothing like a tasty #homebrew after riding out to the coast. Boho pilsner #homebrewing
  • This is the most wine country road sign ever
  • It doesn't get more hip than this Big Ben capper. #homebrew #homebrewing
  • The Sisters...many a heart rate they elevated. #levisgf #grasshopperadventureseries #bikemonkey
  • The best part of November weather is busting out my US Postal long sleeve. #definesyringe #definebloodbag
  • Thundercats, HOOO
  • Lawwwwd
  • Riding in the rain is shitty except for the short instances where it feels so damn epic, for lack of a better word
  • Hammers were epically dropped today.
  • Coast porn chronicles.
  • Ariel spun up Hawk Hill like a champ. The awesome factor between 2 and 3 day weekends is shocking
  • Demoing some super exclusive aero handlebars. Not even available in the US yet.
  • Old Monte Rio Road - really beautiful and closed to cars
  • New kettle from the infamous Kevin. Getting the homebrew setup kicking again
  • Wu Tang again? Ah yeah, again and again!
  • So much awesome road porn on today's ride
  • Crazy fun and beautiful at the coast today. Love this damn county
  • Was doing push ups on the side of the road, damn that was gnarly
  • My favorite part of the week, 2-wheeled exploration!
  • The random objects at my house
  • Successfully put on my new left shifter...key word 'left' bikes name should've been Frankenstein long ago
  • Gettin Jurassic out on Skaggs
  • Oh no he didn't
  • Hungover ride.
  • Solo swan up Pine Mtn
  • What your spin instructor isn't showing you...
  • Around
  • This is my heaven in a nutshell
  • I love West county
  • Burnside
  • New saddle yeeeeees
  • Oceans and shit
  • Windy As Fuh
  • Post Work 'Treat'
  • Sonoma Mountain - way too hungover for that raping
  • Weak
  • Cavedale
  • Before the rain
  • Shibby braa
  • Another day in paradise
  • COCOONED up above bodega
  • Lost my giro gloves but scored these vintage hipster/dumb n dumber aspen pearl izumis for the time being
  • West county all day every day
  • For Austin - Hozone Arts & Crafts Inc.
  • Hippy commune
  • Today sucked except for this.