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Carson Miller

Carson Miller

Seattle, WA
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Chasin' the Bike Racin' Dream! I'm a Pro cyclist who also has a pro cooking/eating problem. Eat to Live; Live to Ride: Ride to Eat.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 630
  • 1260
  • 1890
  • 2520
  • 3150
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 76.0km
  • 3h 47m
  • 900m



Distance 22,572.5km
Time 724h 54m
Elevation Gain 263,590m
Rides 264


Total Distance 63,797.2km
Total Time 2068h 14m
Total Elev Gain 711,838m
Total Rides 840

Recent Photos

  • Final day before the big race! The whole team is riding strong together, and we've made a lot of progress in our pre-worlds training camp. ---
Looking forward to my first ever Professional World Championships. It's still a little surreal and hard to believe it's here, but I'm also excited to seize the moment. Live in the moment. And hope to fully enjoy the experience.
  • Ice cream and waffles getting me through #NJGranFondo. #HappinessWatts
  • Stage 6 @usaprochallenge had some amazing views, which I enjoyed from the grouppetto in the final 15km. ---
I suffered tremendously to get through the first hour, at 48kph average. Then in the final 60 kilometers of the stage, I used every ounce of my dwindling energy to help my teammate Sebastian for the sprint. I finished in the grouppetto, and Seba was 2nd in the field sprint. ---
It's true, I had the energy and strength to finish with the peloton. But for what? Pack fill? Those outside cycling don't always see or understand how this sport is a "team sport." For me, I knew I couldn't beat the sprinters who were in the race, but Seba could. ---
When I came to the team bus, Seba told me how the final 3km played out, with him second in the field sprint; but not before he thanked me for my efforts. For @teamjamishb, it was our first Top-10 this week. I didn't have the legs or power to get that result, but being a part of that success is what drives me to train better and harder every day. ---
And one of these days, it'll be me getting results, thanking my teammates for all their efforts and sacrifice. I know what it takes, and I won't take it for granted.
  • Team Jamis has a new barista in training this morning. Seba Haedo making the morning coffee on our drive to Golden. Stage 7 @usaprochallenge coming up!
  • Stage 3 @usaprochallenge was another big day in the break. ---
First time I've ever been off the front for more than 160km!
Looking forward to giving it another good shot today on the roads to Aspen!
  • "I'm not going to win in a sprint. So I had to try and go from a long way out." - My Stage 1 tactic. Full report is available @cyclingnews_feed ---
Stage 1 @usaprochallenge was a terrific experience. From the moment I made the break, the crowds were incredible, all the way around the circuit. Add to that the incredible messages of support I received after the race, and I'm so grateful to have such awesome sponsors, fans, and support. ---
I finished the stage 3rd Overall in the KOM competition, and 2nd in Most Aggressive competition. Of course the only thing missing now is a "1st place." Fortunately, this race has only just begun, and there are still six more stages to try again. I can't wait to get back in be action today on Stage 2. See you all on the roads between Steamboat Springs and Arapahoe Basin.
  • Stage 1 @usaprochallenge coming up. Kit, numbers, and gear laid out and ready to get the big show underway. ---
Made possible by: @powertappix @ogioint @motofishcoffee @hincapiesports @jamisbicycles @maviccycling @rudyprojectna @ritcheylogic @rideshimano @vittoriatires @sutterhomewines
  • Stage 6 @thetourofutah brought mixed fortunes for @teamjamishb. Gregory suffered some lingering effects of an earlier crash; and for the first time ever, I passed Guardsman Pass and started the final 10km climb with the GC Contenders. Today is the final stage, and gives us one final chance to give our all, leaving every ounce of energy on the roads around Park City.
  • Stage 5 saw me realize one of my big goals @thetourofutah as I powered into the early break. @teamjamishb continues to ride strong, with everyone healthy, strong, and prepared to attack the final two stages, which are set to decide the Overall standings.
  • Stage 4 @thetourofutah started and finished in Soldier Hollow. For a bike race to share the same venue as the Winter Olympics is a pretty amazing experience. The team rode incredibly strong, with everyone staying safe and near the front of the race.
  • Yesterday, Stage 3 @thetourofutah tackled four climbs, including Trappers Pass. We had some bad luck, missing the break, and then Gregory took a hard fall on the descent from this KOM on Trappers Pass. @TeamJamisHB rallied to keep Gregory rolling, and he battled it out in the front group all the way to the finish. For me, I also reached the finish in the front group, and being able to follow some late race attacks was a huge boost to the confidence. --- Today we tackle another 200+km stage with 3,000M climbing on three KOM's. Looking forward to another big stage.
  • Stage 3 @thetourofutah starting from Antelope Island. Stunning scenery here. Last time I was on the island, I was racing my first ever #USAC Jr Men's National Championship ITT. Crazy to reflect back on the journey, and seeing how far I've come since then.
  • During Stage 1 @thetourofutah I had my seat slip on the descent to Bear Lake. Thanks to the amazing staff of @teamjamishb, we were able to make the adjustments on the fly, and I was right back into the race. #ProCycling #DontTryThisAtHome. ????: Jesse
  • New pre-race tradition this summer! Thanks @coppangel and Jeremy.
  • Eastern Oregon agriculture. Nothing but country. #RoadTrip
  • Finishing up my mid-season break with a mini-vacation #InBend. It's been four awesome days showing @aliciarayeking all the places that made me fall in love with the bike in the first place. Our mountain bikes are covered in dust, and I'm feeling refreshed and recharged for the final half of the 2015 Road season.
  • Good morning #InBend.
  • Hard day in the hills. #FromWhereIRide #MeMyBikeAndJamis #ProCycling
  • Sitting on a curb while I look for energy in the bottom of a Coke bottle. #HowManyMore intervals did you say?!?!
  • #FromWhereIRide #ProCycling
  • Training in Seattle isn't all cars and busy roads! #FromWhereIRide
  • #FromWhereIRide
  • Some roads.
  • Gratuitous white fence photo from North Carolina. #IHeartWhiteFences #FromWhereIRide #MeMyBikeAndJamis
  • Final moments before the big race. Ready to lay it all on the line! There is a door, and you can only see what's on the other side by opening it! #TakeChances #HoldNothingBack #Danger #USPro
  • The last time I climbed Mt. Baldy, I was all smiles! Today, a grimace might replace that smile. Excited to give everything in support of @TeamJamisHB and @manelo1991 on the way to the top.
  • We'll park the bike in the shade when things get hot. #FromWhereIRide #TodaysTurn #AmgenTOC10th
  • Pre-race selfie on the ride to the start of @JoeMartinStage. #DefendTheThrone #FromWhereIRide #ProCycling #TeamJamisHB
  • Going up! #FromWhereIRide #ProCycling
  • Endless views along the top of one of my favorite climbs in Seattle.
  • Beginning of good times. #FromWhereIRide #ProCycling
  • Glendora Mountain Road. #GMR Up, Down, and Around. #FromWhereIRide #AToC
  • Pushing towards the summit of Mt. Baldy. 3600 meters climbing with my @TeamJamisHB teammates today while recognizing the #AToC Queen Stage. #FromWhereIRide
  • Things are looking up. #AToC
  • Slaying openers. Slaying worms. Slaying pre-race jitters. #WhenToShift #FromWhereIRide
  • Dawn patrol with @alicia_adventures. #MyGirlFriendDidMoreIntervalsThanMe #FromWhereIRide
  • @alicia_adventures eats hills for breakfast!
  • I guess I'll turn around now. #FromWhereIRide #HappinessWatts
  • Looks like I'm a sprinter now...
  • This sign has been hanging over my bed all week. Thanks to the Wren family for being great hosts and making life away from home that little bit more enjoyable.
  • Ran out of gas today. Frustrating as hell, but no time to dwell. Moving on, and looking forwards.
  • Getting home over 2 hours late sucks! On the brighter side, I did get to watch the sun set over the Great Lakes. #ProCycling #LifeOnTheRoad
  • Work hard, recover harder. After 5h00 riding, time for some stretching. Have a good night, and we see you on the road tomorrow.
  • TT day in Oregon! @alicia_adventures warms up the engine for 11 miles of speed! Go #HBSC!
  • Elite ladies staging for the downtown criterium at the Baker City Cycling Classic. Go chicas!
  • Alicia going strong in the Elite Women's field.
  • Cold laser treatment less than 5h00 after race finish, and less than 10 hours after I crashed. Big thanks to Alan and @HBCycling for the inside track.
  • Kayak lake. As seen from my bike.
  • Back roads cruising in the back woods.
  • It's nap time according to Lola. Sounds good to me.
  • Last morning at home for a while. Instead of riding in the rain, enjoying a coffee date with @alicia_adventures. .
  • Kuma beans and local sweets. Now I've got energy for a long day of travel.
  • Into the mountains, and into the intervals. #LongRoadToTheTop
  • I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky!
It took a while, but getting up on top of the Flat Irons offered some amazing panoramic views. #MyRide #ProCycling
  • We ride together; we die together. #BadBoysForLife @TeamJamisHB
  • ????????????
  • F' Yeah!
  • Force tables!
  • Things are #LookingUp. It's Friday! 
  • I finally got to the bottom of this round of antibiotics.
  • Look at what the UPS man brought! Not sure if I should go to class, or go for a ride. #MaybeBoth Looking forward to a big 2015 season with @TeamJamisHB! #Vamos #NewBikeDay
  • Shit is about to get real!
  • Lunch break. #FromWhereIRide #MeMyBikeAndJamis
  • Morning ride with @TeamJamisHB before the afternoon #TimeTrial @TourSanLuis.
  • Beautiful riding in Argentina. #FromWhereIRide #MeMyBikeAndJamis #ProCycling
  • Sunshine in Seattle. #FromWhereIRide  #MeMyBikeAndJamis
  • Feeling on top of the world in a magical place. #FromWhereIRide  #MeMyBikeAndJamis
  • Snowy mountains. #FromWhereIRide #ProCycling #Nature
  • Gray scale dating the valley. #FromWhereIRide #MeMyBikeAndJamis
  • I like white fences. #FromWhereIRide
  • Sunset over the Olympic mountains. Awesome views in the final hour of the shortest day of the year. #FromWhereIRide
  • It's a long way to the top. 
And the journey is amazing
  • The road to success is not always easy.
  • Bayou Nikon'
  • Lights!
  • One of my favorite views on one of my favorite roads.  #Fall #ProCycling
  • It's cold & wet outside. So I'm indoors today with @HerbaLife24 to address power imbalances.
  • Fall is one of my favorite seasons to ride: Changing colors, changing seasons, and changing hopes, dreams, and expectations for the year ahead.
  • 10 minutes from home and I'm totally cracked. #Bonk #Bonkers #Cracked
  • Final finish line crossed and time for some libations. This one is for you @alicia_adventures, @kristenkwalker, and @laurakillermiller.
  • Checking out the @USAProChallenge Vail TT course. This is the view with 10km to go.
  • Easy ride. Easy views.
  • Mountains! Rivers! Views!
  • Hello Flat Irons.
  • #MyRide #NiceDayInTheOffice
  • Not a lot of cars out here. Just me, my @jamisbicycles Xenith SL, and a big interval set.
  • Dawn patrol in effect this morning. 2h deep and rolling through the valley.
  • Sunset cruise with my lovely lady. ????????
  • Today's race report. ????
  • The big circus in the big city.
  • Post race #sundayselfie of a tired man. Time for #pizza and #wine.
  • Cuddle fest.
  • Seattle is starting to feel a lot like San Francisco.  So much fog, I can't see across the lake.
  • Anger management. #Part1
  • Putting money in the bank with @jamisbicycles.
  • Probably should have brought my SuperNova out today. #RidingDirty
  • Stopped off at my favorite spot for a mid-ride snack.
  • #ThrowbackThursday Had the chance to meet former #CycloCross World Champ Erwin Vervecken before we raced in Belgium.
  • #ThrowBackThursday Training in Belgium is almost as cold as training in Seattle.
  • A little cold, but otherwise a nice day for a lap of the lake.
  • #YeahBikes They take you cool places!
  • More awesome December training happened today.
  • New year; new gear. Making some @praxisworks upgrades to my @jamisbicycles
  • Beautiful sunset from the top of our hotel in Mexico City.
  • Relaxed with @B1Grego and @Danielmanelo before St. 2 @VueltaMexico
  • Fully loaded and ready for a weekend of racing. ????
  • Today's stage is done and dusted. I'm back on my bed with everything I need for the night. #BarFlyJoule #PowerTapJoule #ProBar #Toblerone #Banana #GreenJuice #Fage
  • 1hr left in the ride today. Gonna be full gas pain in the gamba.
  • Slamming climbs and intervals with @jamisbicycles and @PowerTap.
  • Tour of Walla Walla TT Course recon with @ianmcrane @jamisbicycles and @TeamJamisHB.
  • Pre-Race chillin' on the bed.
  • Having a big coffee this morning and talking tactics with @ianmcrane.
  • Cloth numbers at Joe Martin. Keepin' it classy in the heartland.
  • Stage 3 Pre-Race jams. "Keep a look out" is what I'll be doing in the race today. Looking out for breaks, and looking out for my teammates. #Vamos
  • Welcome to the "Land of Enchantment."
  • Listo para entrenar hoy! Poco fresco aquí en Gila.
  • Early morning starts need good coffee in bed.
  • The menu for today. #GilaMonster
  • When I lived in Belgium, I went for recovery rides along the canal. In Seattle, the Sammamish River is just the same.
  • Recovery Ride Part 2: Motorpacing behind the ice cream truck. ???? High speed, but not much effort and a nice reward at the end.
  • Back in action! Thanks @steven_wilssens. I owe you a coffee. But first, let me go steal some KOM's. ????
  • Best way to start my travel day: coffee date and a ride with this beautiful lady along the lake!
  • Crossing state lines atop the Lookout Mountain Parkway. Beautiful views of Georgia and Tennessee today.
  • Our Team @jamisbicycles staff debut a new look for the #USPro Championships. #SkinsNation
  • Recovery time. Carlito's favorite way.
  • One of the most famous stretches of road in American racing.
  • Twilight recovery ride.
  • #TBT to the last time I was racing @GPSaguenay with @USACyclingU23. The race was a little shorter then, but every day was a hard stage. I made the break in every stage, and was Top-10 on GC.  Hopefully we can do the same again with Team Jamis - Hagens Berman.
  • Just another day in Canada banging our heads against the wall. Good thing I've got some extra "security" to keep from losing my own head. ????
  • Hay, ho! Welcome to Beauce! #Hay #JohnDeere #ImACountryBoy #ProCycling
  • Post race chillin. 200km and 2700M climbing in today's St. 1 @TourDeBeauce. #NapTime #ProCycling