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Alfred Aldaco

Alfred Aldaco

Oxnard, CA
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 120
  • 240
  • 360
  • 480
  • 600
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 113.1mi
  • 4h 49m
  • 2,935ft


Distance 1,762.8mi
Time 97h 20m
Elevation Gain 98,914ft
Rides 52


Total Distance 36,413.0mi
Total Time 2126h 40m
Total Elev Gain 1,726,952ft
Total Rides 897

Recent Photos

  • #metalmtn #camarillocrit
  • Suffering #camarillocrit
  • #salinas #descents
  • #surfdog
  • #metalmtn #semprepro
  • #metalmtn #vascular
  • Snack pit stop
  • #simiride
  • #deercreek
  • Mid ride snack
  • #selfie
  • #Sunset
  • #rockstore #metalmtn #selfie
  • Nice out hear today #metalmtn #santamonicamountains
  • New cleats from @metalmtn #speedplay #zeros
  • While descending really, really fast  and cars behind me, this happened
  • Back at it
  • Crashed around 40 mph while leading polo fields sprint today
  • Look at the pretty design my crash did
  • My nipple is hard
  • #waterfountain
  • #descending gone wrong #metalmtn
  • Fuck this sand #crashing
  • #whereispapaluna #freeicecream
  • @anthony_smithhh at #islandviewcrit #startline #metalmtn
  • #rule39 #velominati
  • Break #sanpellegrino #productofitaly
  • #personaneapolitanpizza #buffalochicken
  • #fuckme
  • #cows
  • #buyit
  • First Tuesday ride of the year. Flat feast
  • Testing out #garmin #edge510
  • I do cross repeats just to be able to eat cheesecake afterwards, guiltlessly
  • New #metalmtn #primokit
  • I'd rather be alone in the middle of nowhere on a Sunday afternoon than inside of a jam packed shopping mall full of consumerism #laguna
  • My life this year #sober
  • #cocacola
  • Water refill #metalmtn
  • #Co2 #30pack
  • #pch
  • #PCH
  • New frames #lazer #ss1 from @metalmtn
  • #grantpark
  • #nofilter
  • Getting ready for my ride, as pro team #cannondale rolls in to #encinal
  • It was a blowout. Enjoying a #mexicanpepsi while I wait for my ride
  • Flat fixing
  • Around the lake loop
  • This is why Pablo drops me up the climbs
  • Cheeseburger break with vegan @pablofrompuebla
  • #usbikeco
  • #kanan #descent #mycaliforniaview
  • #needledrop
  • #selfie #cycling
  • #sky #littlesycamore
  • #encinal
  • #metalmtn group ride up #deercreek
  • #mulholland
  • #santamonicamountains
  • You can't get this at a gym #cycling
  • Patches of new pavement in #yerbabuena
  • Climbing Friday
  • Chocolate honey almond tart
  • Black hoods and tape
  • Best bottle refill ever. Purified water, lemon and a bowl of ice
  • #kanan
  • At #camarillocrit waiting for the real laps to start
  • #cat1 #climb
  • LSD with my cousin. Eating The Phatty
  • Cyclist made sign on the 101
  • Oxnard to Santa Monica to Newbury Park back to Oxnard. Over a pound burned
  • Jersey pockets are meant to store 6 packs
  • Me and @pablofrompuebla doing a century. Break time in Carp
  • Had to pee. Finally found bushes. Pressed on the rear break so hard that I burned rubber, blowout.
  • Post Tuesday night ride treats.
  • Flatted on a big o piece of glass. At least it happened by a rail that I used as a stand.
  • Not bad for being on a beginners bike. #trek1.5 #triplecrankset #beatnate
  • Another bee sting
  • Oxnard's roads appear as though they have already been bombed by N. Korea
  • So mandatory during recovery ride. #doubleipa
  • Strawberry cobblebar after Cross repeats
  • Non Stop Ciclismo restroom. First time doing their shop night group ride.
  • Cross repeats on a super hot day
  • I can drive with cleats
  • #KMC #pinklady installed by @harold_weathervein at #cycled
  • 10th St. Wall in SP is a bitch
  • PR on my favorite climb. It's my favorite because it always kills me.
  • Towards end of ride.
  • My Playground
  • Because I've wanted golden glasses for a while
  • Burn patty burn. Nothing like night grilling.
  • Easter 2012 Pt.2
  • Old cleat/ New cleat
  • The rear label of my Old Spice deodorant makes me laugh.
  • Fat Sandwich
  • Happiness inside a fridge. Joey's B Day.
  • Shrimp
  • My bike is worth more than my car.
  • Today's ride made my lungs hurt.
  • 4th Place on the climb up to The Cross.
  • Going up The Cross 6 times in a little more than one hour isn't too shabby.
  • 4,500 feet of climbing. 28.6  miles. Less than 2 hours.
  • Long, steady ride today. Santa Monica and back. The miles are short because I stopped my computer  after a Highway patrol pulled me over on the 1. I tried dodging him 2 times so he was pissed as he told me it was a freeway and I had to get off. He made me put my bike on his trunk and then dropped me off on Hueneme Rd. Didn't get a ticket at least.
  • Having fun during a race. Liam is a good photographer.
  • Camarillo Crit is shorter now but it still kicks your ass.
  • Best album of the 90's.
  • Nice, long, flat new route. Dear Sun, I miss you. Greatly.
  • Ontario Crit Race
  • Ride was brutal, I deserve tacos.
  • Moms making me home made jelly.
  • Hadn't done a century in a while, don't have to worry about calories today.
  • Fuck turkey, ribs.
  • Enchiladas.
  • To those so called riders who only ride in pleasant weather: you're not worthy. Fixing flats mid ride, cold, dirty and hungry is a hobby.
  • My new bright yellow socks after today's ride in the rain.
  • Me ride long miles today.
  • Completed it today.
  • Past Rose Valley with Cat 1 racer Mark Shimahara.
  • Palermo's break. @papaluna777 petting the biggest poodle ever.
  • Category 1 climb.
  • Bonked so hard.
  • Brandon is hilarious.
  • The only bike path I dig.
  • Gonna feel like Superman riding from Summerland to my house, tailwind.
  • There is no better training tire.
  • Retarded amount of climbing Friday.
  • Birria.
  • Have passed this place an absurd amount of times, first time going in. Snickers ice cream bar, so good with this heat.
  • Got stung while riding, I look like an old man.
  • Walking in the rain, umbrella accompanied.
  • Number pinning, Poor College Kids Road Race.
  • Portapotty bigger than my house's restroom.