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Jered Gruber

Jered Gruber

Oudenaarde, Flanders, Belgium
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Jered Gruber is a cyclist from Oudenaarde, Flanders, Belgium. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 590
  • 1180
  • 1770
  • 2360
  • 2950
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 2,704.0km
  • 125h 45m
  • 67,186m

Recent Achievements

  • KOM on Madariaga Auzoa Climb
  • KOM on Ugarte Berri-Otarre Jatetxea
  • 3rd overall on Arbiskoa Auzoa Climb
  • 8th overall on S. Bartolomé - Cruce de Tribis


Distance 14,278.4km
Time 580h 41m
Elevation Gain 258,310m
Rides 173


Total Distance 79,213.1km
Total Time 3073h 45m
Total Elev Gain 1,186,657m
Total Rides 1168

Recent Photos

  • I saw the wide eyes from the recognition of a broken bone - over and over - the acknowledgement of lost opportunities and time, and maybe, by way of this impact, a lifetime’s dream deferred. I saw fear, I saw anger, I saw panic, I saw desperation, I saw resignation in the eyes and bodies of the dozen crashes that left the newly injured -  moments before so focused on their survival and possible success - without an answer. They stood there - just a crudely cradled arm, a grimace...and we were gone. Their misfortune was somewhere behind us. In front of us - riders dangling unceremoniously in ones and twos at the end of a race that devoured all but the strongest - and luckiest.
  • The Col du Sanetsch is a spectacular climb in Switzerland. We are going to write about it for the next issue of @pelotonmagazine, but it won't be much of a travel piece. There's more to this ride and Switzerland in general for Ashley. We are going to look back at a time that shaped her life, and in turn, set the sequence of events in motion that have put us where we are today. I'm excited to see Ashley's story in print.
  • Seriously steep. #iceland
  • And on the fourth day, we found heaven.
  • The 21 lancets of Alpe d'Huez form one of cycling's greatest race tracks - but the best riding is everywhere else.
  • The star of tomorrow's show: Alpe d'Huez! #tdf
  • It's about time for Arenberg! #roubaix
  • Waiting for the race at the end of Sector 7 - Moulin de Vertain. #roubaix
  • @VeloVeneto and I had planned to do a three climb monster ride out of @CastelliCycling's base in Fonzaso today. That plan was scrapped about twenty seconds into the ride when we looked up the valley and saw complete darkness and felt the rumble of thunder in the ground. We turned around. Next best choice? The 30k ascent of Monte Grappa from Caupo. Why not go for the wide open mountain with the storm from hell snapping at our shoes? Like most bad ideas, it sounded like a bad idea at the time, but still, we pressed on. Unbelievably, our idiot decision making process was rewarded with generally good weather most of the way - right up until the top, when the clouds drifted in, and we rolled on to the Rifugio in the eerie white. It was a great ride.
  • Sunrise. Mont Ventoux.
  • Happy for a day off from taking pictures of people riding bikes, so I could ride my own.
  • John Degenkolb: on the ground, destroyed, amazing. #giro
  • Today's #giro TTT on Ischia was always going to be challenging, but I didn't know it would be this tough. 35%?!?
  • The gathering storm.
  • Each spring, the Koppenberg becomes a talking point, a symbol of cobbled perfection; then it returns to quiet obscurity.
  • Forget the cobbles for a moment. We have dirt here too.
  • I know I've said it before, but - I love being a part of a friend's first ride in Flanders.
  • Now THAT is a view - a hard-earned one after 15k of fantastic climbing from Varenna.
  • Land's end. Bellagio. Windy. Cold. But sunny!!
  • Riding through Asso, I looked right...
  • After climbing through the rain and mist, then the clouds - there was this.
  • Keep repeating: rain won't kill me, I won't melt...but I will get cold.
  • Double victory for @CannondalePro from above in Siena at yesterday's @StradeBianche.
  • Normally, we would wait until mid or post-ride for junk food - not in New Orleans!
  • I miss the Muur.
  • This is how we roll on a Sunday - 60 miles from home.
  • It's amazing how far you can go in seven hours - we rode into the mountains today! Too much fun.
  • Sense of adventure is required.
  • We were feeling playful during this morning's bike walk, so we played hide & seek. I won.
  • Halfway through, getting an exclusive, behind the scenes look in on the glamorous life of a pro, Mr. @tominimo.
  • Heading south to Madison with @tominimo today - lots to look at.
  • Switchbacks!
  • The view from the Passo Rolle after 4000+ meters of climbing. I'm tired.
  • The day's highlight was definitely my first ever ascent of the gigantic Passo Manghen.
  • Hey Pat - what's this?
  • Out exploring this evening, I found a new road high above Feltre. 1.9k - 13.9%
  • This morning's ride had some of the best views I've ever seen from a bike.
  • That's funny, I was just thinking about you on my ride today, @adammyerson.
  • Only in Louisiana.
  • One of the reasons I love late day rides...
  • Do you get cell reception in WV, @jacobfetty?
  • I can't wait to ride my bike today: listening to This American Life and eating junk food each hour.
  • We just had an army of kids come to the door. They're coming in towed trailers!
  • One thing Europe is totally missing out on: church signs.
  • The dirt roads are perfect right now.
  • @theb_hill and @cleveblackwell looking for a lost SRM, while @ghincapie takes pics. Haha.
  • Georgia cotton field.
  • Bostwick, Georgia.
  • Already missing this.
  • Post-ride stretching aka hanging ornaments high on the tree.
  • I had no idea Monroe, Louisiana was hiding anything like this. Beautiful.
  • Bayou view from today's ride.
  • It's raining, we are halfway into our 110mi ride, and @tominimo is going with hot chocolate.
  • 6.5 hours, 205k, a lot of rain, a lot of fun, and a beautiful sunset in the final minutes.
  • Finishing a ride late in the day has its perks.
  • Old gas pump. #bikeridesights
  • Dinner. Thanks for the suggestion Loehr!! :)
  • My bike!
  • Bet you never thought of this combo. #bikeridesights
  • The late afternoon light makes me look skinny. Eureka!
  • If this can't get me home, nothing can.
  • We are sightseeing on the bike today.
  • @philgaimon went with a barbecue sandwich as well as mac and cheese for Sunday brunch.
  • If you've ridden in Athens, GA, you've seen these a few times.
  • @a_gruber enjoying her first ride on her @iamspecialized Amira.
  • Still can't believe it's mine. Yay!! -Ashley
  • Lunch!
  • Now THAT is a big rattlesnake.
  • Thinking about trying a new energy drink this weekend.
  • Yep, I will add this one to the awesome store list.
  • Creek crossing!
  • Ryan and Jonathan enjoying some of Georgia's finest unpaved goodness.
  • @a_gruber says this house has a blue ceiling. I like that.
  • Back to Bowman, back for more mid-ride barbecue. Woke up looking forward to this.
  • Leaving the dirt behind.
  • Wildcat Bridge. I wonder when they last pumped gas here.
  • Lunch break in la la la la Lula with @ddhmoney, @tominimo, @clarkoscar, and @benjaminjbryant.
  • One more from the dirt.
  • Winter afternoon long shadows.
  • You don't run into something like this everyday. (retry).
  • Be proud of your reflection in the pavement.
  • Koppenberg? No problem for @a_gruber...after a few tries.
  • A brilliant @a_gruber locked us out of the house, but she made up for it ten fold by breaking in barefoot, in her kit, on the roof.
  • So @thechainstay rightly told me only dumb juniors ride the Koppenberg their first day here. I think I will always be a dumb junior.
  • There's a bike race coming! The Belgian Opener, Omloop Het Nieuwsblad is tomorrow.
  • They're waiting on the Haaghoek.
  • The cobbles of the Molenberg are nasty things.
  • I feel like I did before my first race. Excited, scared, etc.
  • Sign in was in the velodrome.
  • This way to the Koppenberg.
  • Ran into Le Samyn during today's ride.
  • Holly knocking out another project at @thechainstay.
  • A house that loves cycling.
  • The Koppenberg.
  • The quiet, narrow, hilly roads of the Pays des Collines with @a_gruber and @thechainstay.
  • The Strade Bianche was great, but let's not get distracted from what's important.
  • Mailbox ecosystem.
  • Ventured over to the Muur today.
  • The cross atop the Muur.
  • @a_gruber crests the Koppenberg. Ouch.
  • Blue sky in Flanders. Rejoice!
  • Happy birthday to @a_gruber from @thechainstay!
  • Our friend, Mile, did his first ever ride in Flanders today.
  • @thechainstay enjoying the cobbles of the Boonenberg, I mean, Taaienberg.
  • Today's ride friends atop the Kanarieberg: @bdnys, @a_gruber, and @margriethk
  • Bosrede.
  • The Haaghoek - with @MackieEmma and @a_gruber.
  • Home improvement morning at @thechainstay with @a_gruber lending a hand.
  • Waiting on the Holleweg. #ddv
  • Eikenberg.
  • The Paterberg awaits.
  • Nico Eeckhout watches the race go by after calling it a day. #ddv
  • We saw the North Sea today while chasing Gent-Wevelgem.
  • The Fortuinberg on a perfect spring day with @a_gruber and @veerlepieters/@vpieters.
  • Enjoying a tour @Ridley_Bikes! Thanks guys!
  • Ran into the first stage of Le Triptyche des Monts et Chateaux on the Trieu during today's ride.
  • Tom Boonen's spot of triumph.
  • Striped trees in the Ardennes.
  • La Redoute.
  • The scene before me while walking my flat tire up the Cote de Wanne.
  • Tunnel!
  • Crazy weather is usually good for a rainbow. Today was no exception.
  • We had a bit of everything today: sun, rain, hail, wind.
  • Lecchi in Chianti. We are staying here with @InGambaTours!
  • Riding into Siena with @InGambaTours. Wow.
  • I have a new favorite pasta - it's called picci. Yes! #ingamba
  • We did a tour of the Tuscan hill towns today with @InGambaTours, including San Gimignano. Yes!
  • This looks like a road worth riding, doesn't it? #ingamba
  • Another intriguing road that needs a visit from my tires. #ingamba
  • I found my favorite road. #ingamba
  • Found some peace and beautiful roads this morning above the Adriatic with @a_gruber.
  • The views on Lago di Garda are ok. #giro
  • Passo Valparola. #giro
  • Last light of day on the Stelvio. #giro
  • Stelvio! #giro
  • Beautiful ride on Monte Grappa today.
  • I love being a part of @castellicycling.
  • Primolano.
  • I will take the Colli Asolani and Monte Grappa on a gloomy day, any day.
  • Hands full and enjoying the ride at the @CastelliCycling 24 Hour Race.
  • Evening ride, after the rain.
  • Snuck out for a nice ride with @a_gruber this evening.
  • Super happy to be back in Innsbruck. It will always feel like home.
  • Heading into the storm.
  • I had the feeling that we were doing the right thing with our life tonight.
  • Arten - the home stretch back to Fonzaso and @CastelliCycling.
  • Rest day = dirt road adventure time.
  • I spy @a_gruber in the @giroditalia issue of @Tour_Magazin! (top left)
  • Val Belluna. #bikeride
  • Best recovery ride ever.
  • Special, amazing pizza for this time of year: prosciutto crudo and cantaloupe!
  • Morning descent of Croce d'Aune.
  • From the mountains of Switzerland to the Koppenberg in less than 24hrs. Yes!
  • First day of shoot recon with @jonkameen was a blast. We even rode our bikes every once in awhile.
  • Rest days are the perfect time to take the road bike for an adventure.
  • Sunrise clouds this morning in Rocky Mountain National Park.
  • @a_gruber got in a fight with a tree on her bike - she won.
  • A quick break from driving to Eurobike for a ride up one of my favorite climbs: the Königstuhl in Heidelberg. #happy
  • Germany was fun. I am always amazed at how beautiful the riding is there.
  • I like it that Tullio Campagnolo is always at the top of Croce d'Aune, waiting for our return.
  • It won't be long before I'm dreaming of late summer corn fields.
  •'s just a race, right?
  • Primolano: You don't get to ride through and around too many fortresses on a bike.
  • Like most bike riders, we see road closed signs as invitations for fun. Sometimes though, closed really means non-existent.
  • View from a dirt road.
  • What good bike ride doesn't start with jumping over a fence?
  • Istria's old, decaying, beautiful buildings are some of my favorites.
  • I am trading in my bike for this bad boy.
  • Staging for the next trip - cameras, computers, clothes, and enough great bike kit from @CastelliCycling to outfit a team of 2!
  • It's a shame rain doesn't show up well in pics. Lombardia offered quite a deluge today.
  • I like how @stefandenifl rolls.
  • All kitted up and ready to go, but we are oddly not excited about replicating Hampsten's feat on the Gavia.
  • They weren't lying that the Gavia is closed. This could get interesting.
  • Hazy Karnemelkbeek.
  • Evening in Oudenaarde.
  • You can't see me!
  • I love a little orange this time of year.
  • Getting super excited about our upcoming shoots for @CastelliCycling with @Ride_Argyle.
  • Breakers of tires, wheels, bikes, and men.
  • A cold, wet, windy, sun poking through at the end of the day, #solo_tree kind of ride.
  • Want a bite?
  • Cross bikes? We don't need no stinking cross bikes.
  • Post-ride portrait of @a_gruber's white shoe covers.
  • Exmoor is amazing!
  • Proud to be on the same page with @TrueBS for the first time in @BicyclingMag.
  • A perfect road to ride.
  • Road frosting. Delicious.
  • Basking.
  • I think @a_gruber would have made a great figure skater.
  • I wasn't feeling so good on my bike after three hours, so I stopped for some provisions.
  • Benefits of a drought - you can ride/hike the lake when the road dead ends prematurely. Score!
  • I love you California.
  • I love my week-old phone. Sigh.
  • Descending on dirt - in the dark - through the redwoods. Yes!
  • I guess this could work as a shoot location in a pinch.
  • This is a real place. Yes!
  • Work, work, work, then an afternoon bike walk along the Pacific. Perfect.
  • Finishing up a great ride with the last rays of winter sun by the Santa Monica Pier.
  • Bikes, friends, dirt, sun. Perfect.