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Alex Mather

Alex Mather

San Francisco, California
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Mediocre runner & cyclist who is in it for the food.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 50
  • 100
  • 150
  • 200
  • 250
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 14.0mi
  • 2h 0m
  • 1,081ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Stinger
  • PR on Long Ave Climb
  • PR on Presidio Up 'n Up
  • PR on Lake Street Sprint

All-Time PRs

  • 4:36
    1500 METERS
  • 9:21
    3000 METERS
  • 16:42


Distance 882.9mi
Time 124h 40m
Elevation Gain 67,293ft
Runs 135


Total Distance 2,172.0mi
Total Time 316h 6m
Total Elev Gain 136,890ft
Total Runs 349

Recent Photos

  • Come at me headlands. You're messing with the wrong guy, I fight for a living.
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  • $20 crab sandwich at bodega bay. worth it. barely.
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  • Sizemore being fucking epic
  • sometimes the seven sisters go easy on you
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  • riding this before work feels like cheating.
  • pre-paradise coffee
  • on the right side of the bridge.
  • post col du pantoll ride
  • oh, that's where the sunset and richmond are.
  • this sign accurately reflects my perception of Nevada. faded, dated, filthy, and fucking purple for no reason whatsoever.
  • @leoromanovsky flexing.
  • I could get used to this.
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  • my specialty
  • for gold. first time cx.
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  • one more time.
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  • in The Rock, they flew under the bridge. more proof that anything with nick cage is cooler.
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  • good morning sf
  • my first cx race.
  • Jenner beach crab sandwich mission accomplished.
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  • a German in the mist.
  • Alexes suffer on Hawk Hill.
  • the rock. (doing some secret Strava-Instagram integration testing.)
  • bro to my right. for @leoromanovsky #circlegram
  • bridge to...
  • g'mornin. brrrr.
  • perfect day for fun in the dirt.
  • with @leoromanovsky and @chhh
  • burfday love.
  • some road bike dirt.
  • @joss_sf doing the #stravasuffer thing.
  • #stravasuffer
  • @loopyzort showing us his new island.
  • this photo cost me a di2 derailleur.
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  • just another hawk hill morning.
  • I do not think it means what you think it means.
  • a band of horses planning their day. #makawao
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  • epic Nike track.
  • @loopyzort and @killur motivating me to win the marathon.
  • the other bridge.
  • from my morning run commute.
  • dirty headlands with @loopyzort
  • @loopyzort being sexy
  • a nice day to play hooky.
  • it's been awhile sunrise.
  • sunsets are the worst.
  • missing @joss_sf on a perfect run.
  • moon over marina #nofilter
  • more moon
  • this city sucks.
  • fire in the sky
  • living up to its name.
  • happy to be home after an incredible holiday weekend in Philly.
  • finally caught the sunset
  • @aaybes checking his time on Hawk Hill ascent number 100.
  • 65 and sunny. #suffering #proveit
  • pre-game headlands quickie
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  • tidepool break on our yog.
  • perfect day out there. @chhh
  • my view all day.
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  • @micahlerner sunset flyby #stravaflyby
  • it's been awhile.
  • the other bridge.
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  • #runswithjoss goes off the beaten trail.
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  • "I regret skipping work to fondo." -no one
  • now I don't smell like the tenderloin! #leilapup
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  • part puppy, part teddy bear. her first road trip. #leilapup #goldenretrieverpuppy
  • my long run is better than your long run.
  • Not all big dogs like happy, hyper puppies. She's a tough girl, though. #leilapup
  • What time of year is it?
  • 1/4 of the way to 140.
  • Spontaneous first ride of 15.
  • my girls cheesin it.
  • ggb hyperlapse
  • the rock. #instavid