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Derrick Lewis

Derrick Lewis

New York, NY
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Derrick Lewis is a cyclist from New York, NY. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 200
  • 400
  • 600
  • 800
  • 1000
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 93.4mi
  • 7h 25m
  • 4,130ft

Recent Achievements

  • 3rd best estimated 2 mile effort
  • 3rd best estimated 1 mile effort
  • 3rd best estimated 1k effort
  • 3rd best estimated 1/2 mile effort


Distance 5,760.3mi
Time 329h 5m
Elevation Gain 237,352ft
Rides 214


Total Distance 22,547.9mi
Total Time 1302h 14m
Total Elev Gain 1,162,408ft
Total Rides 702

Recent Photos

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  • Bear by nine.
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  • #stammtischride !!!!!
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  • @seatonmatt givin 'em hell.
  • Happy to break my rule about riding in the rain for a special birthday ride for @jamesnord ????????????
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  • Rain starts at noon. Here's to working late.
  • @rapha_rcc
  • @rapha_rcc
  • Incredibly cold morning, #tothesun
  • New paths.
  • #festive500 day 8 and final spin. Congrats all.
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  • First day of #festive500 and now with a custom fender from @levineben
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  • Had to.
  • Too true. @foundrycycles #raceinny
  • Water
  • Dual champions #c6ww
  • . @cyclecause landed at strictly. ready to roll the final 10 miles of a 4200 mile trip across the country @raphacycleclub
  • Huge congrats to @cyclecause. Landed in NYC.
  • @kate_elle is all matchy matchy with her @theathletic socks
  • Riding for UK in the Category 6 Weekly Worlds is special guest Sir Richard Branson. #c6ww
  • I'm now glad I didn't win tonight. #c6ww
  • Cleanest cassette award in the bag @passistaphoto #c6ww
  • #c6ww
  • Connect to cut.
  • For Cat 6 Weekly Worlds, the right gear is crucial. #c6ww
  • @jimmyphillips7 's reign comes to an end. #c6ww
  • Welcome @abmcgee to the Leader-hosen #c6ww
  • Elastic stretching... #c6ww
  • Elastic snapped. #c6ww
  • #raceinny
  • Category 6 weekly World will be on wet roads. Therefore race will be neutral until the last hundred meters of the course. #c6ww
  • What the F is wrong with this kid. Cat 6 Weekly World Champion. #c6ww
  • #c6ww
  • @jimmyphillips7 v @dylannord Take a guess who won. #c6ww
  • I can tell who didn't win. #c6ww
  • Style foul for @jimmyphillips7. 10 second penalty. It's a tie, @dylannord #c6ww
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  • Look who's riding the #womens100 today.
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  • New bike day for @jeffsyo @bmcracing
  • #c6ww glasses competition for tonight is already locked up.
  • Your Cat 6 Weekly Worlds Champion @jimmyphillips7 can't read the signs. #c6ww
  • #c6ww
  • Cheerios? Is that what you say?
  • Circles.
  • #c6ww @dylannord matching @rollingmike for number of victories.
  • Full hustle #c6ww @njgnyc @dylannord
  • Commute
  • After 14 months @ziggyspop On the road again.
  • Iron Maiden Voyage. @ziggyspop
  • Winner of nothing and everything. #c6ww @dylannord
  • Commonwealth in The Commonwealth. #pioneersride
  • Mass Dirt. #pioneersride
  • Keyk time! #pioneersride
  • Basically 70 miles of this. Good on you Massachusetts. #pioneersride @ridestudiocafe @seven_cycles
  • Not a bad Saturday.
  • @koko_ehn
  • Seven Lakes Drive.
  • 2 for 2 @rollingmike #c6ww #raceinny
  • @etsu_taniguchi wins the first ChickenSprint. Bold. #c6ww #raceinny
  • Norf side. #c6ww #raceinny
  • This ride cost about $250 in new cleats. #c6ww #raceinny
  • And the winner of the inaugural Category 6 Racing Squad Weekly Worlds - @rollingmike first to the ranger station! #c6ww #WW6
  • Winner of most amazing monocle dropping kit @alexostroy #c6ww #ww6
  • Crucial part of Category 6 Racing Squad Weekly Worlds. #c6ww #ww6
  • New bike day for @acernichiari
  • Chamois time is tanning time
  • Sun from filter
  • @juanpelota
  • #tothesun @mellowjohnnys
  • #tothesun @mellowjohnnys
  • More #tothesun with @mellowjohnnys and @teamyachtclub
  • E3 Harelbeke and @trainerroad #inside
  • #festive500 day 8. Nail in the coffin.
  • #festive500 day 7. Going to hit 500 in spite of my computer dying on a couple of rides.
  • .@dantecampanile and the crew @raphacycleclub in SF are a classy bunch. Thanks for the gift!
  • Today's #festive500
  • I like my bikes like my tostitos. Hint of Lime. #bmc #festive500
  • Out ordered. Sorry about your sad bagel @jwbaty
  • #Festive500 day 1. #raceinny
  • What's this burning sensation?
  • This puts a damper on my ride today, the 9-15 year old me can not argue with this sign.
  • The Charlie Brown version of big beautiful shots of Cherry Blossoms.
  • Delaware
  • 29 cents
  • Steep hill NVGP
  • Sorry Runcible Spoon. We've got the Schwinn Egg sandwich beat.  @jamesnord
  • Foggy bridge.
  • This was @jamesnord on the road this morning. @jaysface
  • Hi-viz ride lands at Gypsy!
  • @ 30 degrees, my head was somewhere else this morning.
  • Mug shot. @jandrosaurus
  • Ride fuel.
  • Thanksgiving complete
  • Lunch ride in the park.
  • Warm it up, Kris
  • Even the oatmeal is custom @ridestudiocafe
  • Warm start to a chilly day #festive500
  • #festive500
  • #festive500
  • #festive500
  • #festive500 @ridestudiocafe
  • #festive500 @ridestudiocafe
  • #festive500 @ridestudiocafe
  • #festive500 @ridestudiocafe
  • #festive500 @ridestudiocafe
  • #festive500 @ridestudiocafe #pitstop
  • #festive500 @ridestudiocafe
  • #festive500 @ridestudiocafe
  • #festive500 @ridestudiocafe
  • #festive500 @ridestudiocafe
  • #festive500 arrivé
  • "Nothing up my sleeve, nothing under my saddle, nothing in my pockets.." #fingerscrossed @jamesnord
  • Great spin this morning with @bikespassoni
  • #OFS and Gold on the saddle. Like a hero @mattseaton
  • "Like, how do ride in NYC?" Very well.
  • You run into all types up here. @dylannord
  • Fog.
  • Take a number people. (Really, it's worth the wait)
  • Good morning, SF
  • Historical first. Introducing the #Stammtischride landing at @biergartensf
  • The better part of the #stammtischride
  • That's the way to end a race. Thanks Zoltan!
  • Amazing
  • @roll_bikes
  • Arrive @rockmillbrewery
  • Wait, now we are finished.