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Christopher Borden

Christopher Borden

Muscle Shoals, Alabama
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 330
  • 660
  • 990
  • 1320
  • 1650
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 167.8mi
  • 13h 9m
  • 4,939ft

Recent Achievements

  • 3rd best estimated 15k effort
  • 3rd best estimated 10k effort
  • 2nd overall on TVA Dam End 2 Bridge (E2W)
  • 6th overall on State Line Sprint South


Distance 9,697.0mi
Time 484h 41m
Elevation Gain 313,714ft
Rides 201


Total Distance 36,503.0mi
Total Time 1941h 46m
Total Elev Gain 1,384,032ft
Total Rides 835

Recent Photos

  • Trail of Tears -- Alabama 2015
  • RACE GAS ONLY @dimondbikes  #brilliantunderpressure
  • Stop getting faster long enough to look at your phone.
  • Ride for show... @dimondbikes #brilliantunderpressure
  • Sun is out, the gun is out. #brilliantunderpressure
  • Sprung a leak.
  • Sometimes you find a giant shrub shaped puppy.
  • I hope this wasn't a Strava segment.
  • The view from the old wooden bridge is spectacular too.
  • Don't know where I am, but this is the top and it took 1.75hrs to get here.
  • Dark, dreary December day. Perfect for getting faster.
  • North Carolina -- where it takes twice as long to go half as far.
  • I just almost caught him today
  • Party monkey runs
  • Happy Halloween from SCC!
  • Safety is the leaders responsibility.
  • Lessons
  • Dam closed
  • Daisy day on the bike
  • Didn't even knock the fur off his leg.
  • Crushing 1st Lady's Loop
  • SCClubette Life.
  • Daredevile
  • Not listening to the tour
  • Zipity Doo da
  • Winning coming in forward
  • Recovery night stop one: Alleia. Bacon wrapped dates, grilled romain salad, eggplant fritis, homemade pasta something.
  • Recovery Stop #2 : terminal  His and hers. Recover as hard as you train
  • Free DD service provided by the orange state.
  • Free show too. Not my genre, but it's broadening our cultural horizons.
  • Recovery #3. Walking ghost tour
  • Final stop. Sea salted Carmel pretzel
  • Race ready! @dimondbikes
  • UFastO sightings reported in Leighton just before dawn.
  • Race Fairy dusting @dimondbikes
  • Crotch Rocket. Thanks for the name plate, Perdue.
  • D&D's Mart -- just ran out of Quickness. @dimondbikes
  • SCClub ride
  • Fresh bait.
  • Claytor's CarWash making it "like new"
  • Almost as much fun as my last duathlon.
  • We'll be seeing a lot of each other these next few weeks.
  • Cameling water.
  • Snazziest windows in town. Thanks for loaning me the parking.
  • How's that for #TBT? That's a big boy setting his 13.1 PR at 1:35:xx in 2011. Glad I had plenty to drink.
  • Beam bikes pack tight! The Dimond was safe in the Hen House from HSV2MKE and back. @dimondbikes
  • This gets old.
  • Nationals ready. @dimondbikes
  • This guy trails with me every time I run from home. He earned an Oreo today.
  • Still won't come up for a pet, but he's at least stopped running off like he's been whipped.
  • vroom vroom
  • Aftermath
  • So close to home.
  • Free ride
  • Frank sweats blood.
  • 500 miles.  Look good. Feel Good.
  • Loving the bike.
  • First off the bike at Renaissance Man. Thanks #dimondbikes & #teamzoot
  • Race ready.
  • Thanks Buddy!
  • Good morning from The King of the Rock & Rollin-Hills of Tuscumbia.
  • More go fast goodness from @teamzoot
  • 4th!
  • How can she think her Supra is hotter?
  • Memorial Day with the SCClub
  • How it started.
  • Rain, rain, go way...
  • No golf ball today!
  • Not bailing.
  • Tire changing clinic
  • Vroom!
  • 23.4mph for 4hrs? Thank you, #9.
  • Today was an awesome day on the bike, but not as awesome as trying to learn the backflip.
  • Crazy, awesome late birthday prize from Frank. Here's my best "harden up" face.
  • She's easy on the eyes but hard on the heart — of the other M35-39 guys.
  • A satisfying sunrise from the MSHS track. #teamzoot
  • One heck of an Easter egg.
  • Awesome day on the bike. Awesome bike to be on today. #dimondbikes
  • Happy Birthday go fast goodies from #teamzoot
  • Crushing it at the Heel & Crank
  • Everybody has been asking how I like the mid-compact. 
52/36 > 50/34, for sure.
  • Something wicked this way comes
  • 5 kinds of fun. 5x5'@hell
  • Unacceptable
  • Morning run crew for this perfect day to get faster. My legs didn't even know it was raining.
  • Faster
  • Faster dose early medicine
  • Little company from Venus. Mercury (Hermes) had trouble keeping up. ;)
  • Got my green on.
  • Wee one flatted out in the lead. So she's out earning her recovery!
  • SCClub & the Junkies rocked the Iuka duathlon!
  • Preston. Killing 5x(5@VO2 + 5'EZ) on the Knob!
  • Race ready!
  • First sunrise on #teamzoot. Loving the Tribe.
  • 75' means I'm waiting a lot.
  • My boy JD was a friend of mine, until caught him in my car trying to steal my Alpine.
  • Not Elvis.
  • Wrapping up the SCClub Ride
  • The View from Getting Faster
  • Ponytails are so pro
  • Scotty Killing 124
  • Share the Road
  • Fixie Frank
  • Front skewer
  • Wrapped up our power test to find Greg's SAG wagon with PB & Bananas!
  • Back early enough for cookies!
  • Not bad for a Friday afternoon.
  • Muffins & fruit water for finishers
  • Great day to learn basic maintenance.
  • Break time :(
  • Assault on Lagrange
  • Present from Rickard. He knows me well.
  • Group ride tax
  • Today's Sunrise service was"It's a good day to die hard."
  • Shoal Creek
  • Hoka One One Bondi2 @ 220 miles.
  • Love coming in to this sunrise after a run. Awesome job, Buddy Perdue @ Thompson Draperies.
  • 4x New Cut. 2x Gs, 2 dog nibbles. No blood
  • Frank says the Jet6s were cheating. Box Aluminum wheels it is then!
  • No tube. No pump. No CO2. No chuck.
  • Swim day!
  • This is as hard as we can help
  • He said blow the scum back and get a drink.
  • Rickard filling up
  • Rudolph
  • Pippy
  • Frank. He's late
  • 3:46 in
  • That makes my 4 laps around the waterwheel and one heck of a fun day at Spring Park.
  • This is Frank the Tank, named after Frank Diaz to instill fear in the hearts of all who oppose it.
  • Nice view to wrap up the morning run.
  • 5 degrees is cool.
  • No icicles on Elvis.
  • Great day for a swim?
  • Pretty cool place to run 15 laps...
  • Frank  winning.
  • Helping
  • Soggy TVA. Not an amazing morning.
  • Wayne enjoying the best part of hill repeats
  • Greg loving CR 8 repeats
  • Love me some Blue Road.
  • Christmas morning at Cypress.
  • 24x repeats up Candy Cane Lane
  • Sunrise @ Shoal Creek
  • Angie showing them the fast way.
  • E, Kenny, Doug. Jon & Steven were camera shy.
  • Elvis is taking a bow.
  • Early Christmas at the in-laws. Loved running the snot out of Rudolph.
  • The end is near. Finally, the climb home.
  • I made the call to help, with emotional support.
  • In the end, it's a judgement call. I like that.
  • The last climb before the first climb.
  • It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood for sprint repeats.
  • another morning on the playground
  • Running from Elvis.
  • Watching Greg and Frank watch Cooper change a flat.
  • Enjoying the weather on the West side of Henderson Point. L2R - Rudolph, Rickard, & Greg.
  • Crenshaw "pulling" Glen and me up County Farm.
  • Climbing Lost Creek.  L2R - Buddy, Glen, Greg, and Wayne. Frank was afraid the camera would take his soul.
  • Buddy climbing hands free to raise awareness for hands free cellphone use.
  • County Farm Rd
  • Glen loves speedplays.