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Alex Gonzalez

Alex Gonzalez

Ortonville, MI
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Alex Gonzalez is a cyclist from Ortonville, MI. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 90
  • 180
  • 270
  • 360
  • 450
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 39.1mi
  • 3h 15m
  • 1,285ft

Recent Achievements

  • 8th overall on Baldwin to Joslyn


Distance 1,617.8mi
Time 92h 39m
Elevation Gain 58,780ft
Rides 55


Total Distance 19,838.8mi
Total Time 1262h 48m
Total Elev Gain 724,757ft
Total Rides 988

Recent Photos

  • I guess its a good thing i shaved the other day.  The gravel roads were freshly graded and and i lost the frint end.
  • 60 miles and an FTP test.  Numbers not too bad ans plenty of time to improve.
  • Gorgeous fall day in #Michigan #nofilter. Loving my new wheels too.
  • Going in the right direction at least.
  • Best thing I've read today.  Finally no magnets!  #quarq #riken
  • Not a horrible place to run.
  • Time for some setious training.  Barry Roubaix is only 3 weeks out!
  • Backside of vegas
  • Lunch was a huge dose of awesome today.
  • Nice day for an #xcski
  • And so begins the #xcski season
  • Its starting to snow!
  • Race day and immaculate weather.  Too bad I'm gonna get my ass chewed off.
  • Not a bad lake to ride a bike around.  #torchlake #puremichigan
  • Getting some chocolate milk from the farm.  But first let me take a #selfie #cycling #ilovemilk #ilovecows
  • #rule9 during a 2x20 bitches!!! #cycling #velominatrules
  • Happy mothers day to my mom and the mother of my dogs.
  • Another ride another turtle saved.
  • Guess they didn't fix it in Tucson after all.  Oh well.  #nocryingincycling
  • Yea that's how I feel about the other bike right now too.  #trustysteed
  • First #turtle save of the year.
  • Totally not creepy all alone in a field in the middle of the woods.
  • Gee Stella, is that pasta sauce on your face?  How did you get that?  #siberianhusky
  • Cyclocross training already?
  • Lovely roads for my ride today.
  • These were new.  Glad they got dirty.  I don't like the color.
  • Gee thanks. #asshole
  • My new torture device has arrived. #rumbleroller
  • Well that was fun
  • Going up #mtlemmon
  • Skiing anyone? #mtlemmon
  • Great day on Mt Lemmon.  Now I need a beer!
  • Recovery day
  • My that's a big cacti.
  • Somewhere in the desert.
  • Waiting for the pro race to start. #ttc
  • Here they come #ttc
  • Let's ride!
  • 0h gravel roads, how have I missed you.
  • Time for new cleats or a self attempt at an increase in float
  • Snow ride selfie
  • Recovery ride to catch up on today's #sochi2014
  • Happy #skier #selfie
  • #firsttracks #crosscountryskiing
  • #brainlessoncherries #epicbrewing Time to relax
  • Post ride #selfie
  • Sort of a rough personal day.  Finding some piece and quiet right now.  #gopro #crosscountryskiing
  • In case anyone wondered who I wanted to win at #cxworlds today.
  • Took one little tumble on my ride and dropped my tail light. I realized it when I got home and so I went back to see if I could find my tail light. Well I found it.
  • More #polarvortex fun!  #gopro  #puremichigan
  • Can we have a polar vortex every year? #gopro #crosscountryskiing
  • Well this was a fun ride to the blizzard head time to run.
  • New snow has made the roads perfect. Get out and ride!
  • Trainer brick workout, Cappuccino, and Hoffa.  Its a good morning.
  • Its been one of those weeks for @joebobjen #foundersbrewing #sweetrepute #strongbeer
  • Unless its a recovery ride.
  • Awesome running conditions tonight.  #not
  • My wife is making some super cool earnings.  Perfect for ladies and dudes stuck in the 80's.  #cycling #earings
  • January #cycling in #michigan. Weather sucks outside so I'm stuck on trainer. #gopro
  • Cinematic amazingness coming soon.  #gopro #totesmagots
  • Running in shorts in December!
  • Icefall avoidance on the ride today.  That stuff hurts!
  • Merry Christmas from the ice tundra!  #14degrees
  • Caught up to the snow bunny on my ski today.
  • Wanna piss me off?  Walk on my #xcski trails.
  • Running in the snow today, tomorrow we ski!
  • Family trail run day. #siberianhusky
  • Great day for a winter trail run.
  • #coldcyclist #selfie
  • Tonights nutrition of choice for my easy trainer ride.
  • Boo!
  • Happy Thanksgiving!  Nice little post turkey trot ride.
  • Hello from somewhere
  • Hello cows.
  • Whatever that means
  • More cows.  Time to go home.
  • Another great Breck morning
  • Chilly on race morning.
  • Going for a ride!
  • Hello old friend.  Time to get to work.  #2013startsnow #thepartysover
  • #oldmemories #bestyearever
  • #morememories #dontgettheseatbikeraces
  • #lunch #staugustine
  • Live music too.
  • #staugustine
  • #traversecity is a great place to ride a bike.
  • First Instagram video.
  • The real ironman.
  • Dude its a llama!
  • #marquette #michigan #lakesuperior #oretoshore
  • Dreaming about this while on my ride.  Creative with pizza dough.
  • Recovery drink from the source #chocolatemilk #buylocal #cooksfarmdairy #cyclocross #puremichigan
  • YES! #2014vette #stingray
  • #fausto #coppi #legend
  • Great fall morning in #michigan
  • #iceman