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Kevin Metcalfe

Kevin Metcalfe

Pleasant Hill, CA
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15 time Master's National Champion.  National 40km record holder.  49:29

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 550
  • 1100
  • 1650
  • 2200
  • 2750
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 122.8km
  • 5h 2m
  • 1,216m

Recent Achievements

  • 4th overall on Morgan Territory: Finley Rd to Park Rest Stop
  • 8th overall on Morgan Territory Full to Park (DMD Rest Stop)
  • PR on Middle Morgan Territory Climb [Southbound]
  • PR on Ygnacio Valley from side trail


Distance 19,763.0km
Time 778h 22m
Elevation Gain 249,578m
Rides 382


Total Distance 111,005.7km
Total Time 4087h 44m
Total Elev Gain 1,206,991m
Total Rides 2100

Recent Photos

  • I love the peace and quiet of an early morning ride...
  • Want
  • To good thing I've got a headlight... #fly12
  • Morning ride.
  • A reminder from a friend.  #roadnats  @chronosracingteam
  • University RR secret bathrooms (on the right)  No waiting.  Shhhhh
  • We rode up through that?! Smokey
  • Looks like a new fire near Altamont Pass.
  • First Tarantula of the season!
  • I went by SO fast on the way out that this happened.  Really!  Turbulence.
  • Diablo Friday.  A good way to end the week!
  • Recessed fluorescent to LED can lights.  One last coat of paint after tonight's ride. (Priorities!) Confession.  Contractor did the hard work, I'm only painting.
  • UFO clouds over Diablo. Better investigate.
  • #sanbrunoworldchampionship panic diet commencing in 3, 2, 1...
  • Content dogs
  • Clouds above, clouds below.  Diablo weather report.
  • Peanut butter kong!!!
  • I'm at "Go Harlan Corner!"
  • Better today then Wednesday I guess...
  • Morning walk. Come on Dad, keep up!
  • Pine cone crew
  • Antioch bridge
  • District TT warm up @hincapiesports
  • March 5, 1988 Kitty and I got married here.
  • This was our view at the reception. #kt22 The skiing looked good that day.
  • No, not spoiled at all.
  • I'm higher than you @dapdog  for once
  • Davis crit secret parking spot.  I get it every year.  #shady
  • Sights of my bike commute
  • There used to be about 50 old WWII reserve ships jere.
  • Reminds me of @prmooney
  • Every bike racers friend on a hit day.  #icestockings. #roadnats
  • Soda Springs.  The first place I skied.  #roadnats
  • Houses in Serene Lakes often have entrance doors on the 2nd level.  That's how deep the snow gers here.
  • My old stomping ground
  • 68.5 kg.  I thiink I'm as ready as I'll ever be.
  • Trying out the new @hincapiesports ambassador kit on Diablo.
  • Not as early as Josh!
  • Not looking foward to descending into that..
  • That's gonna work
  • Clouds receding.  Hopefully I won't freeze this time down.
  • Really??
  • Better view
  • Trying a new route home from work.
  • Is that @dapdog i see over there?
  • I'm coming for you LaBerge!! @chronosracingteam. :-)
  • Bottega fondo
  • Chilly on Diablo today.
  • Found this in my garage.  Figured I'd  take it out for a spin.
  • I love where i live.
  • See you next fall.
  • How i spent my winter mornings.
  • Too much electronics?  Nah.  Not possible.
  • Guess where I am.
  • Trainer playlist.  80's hair bands
  • #sanbrunoworldchampionship view
  • Happy New Year
  • Central Valley.  Fog
  • San Francisco Bay area.  Sunny.  Any questions on why I like where I live? :-)
  • Hiding from the breeze while layering up for the descent of Mt. Diablo.
  • Here we go.  Gotta catch Buckley...
  • San Francisco from Volmer Peak
  • And Diblo on the other side
  • Last evening Diablo until DST comes back.  Sad,  nice night though.
  • Briones
  • Lucky shot!
  • I have to enjoy these beautiful evening Diablo rides while I can.
  • Bonneville Salt Flats
  • Back in the East Bay!
  • Post shower sun time for Howard who misses his girl friend Nan.
  • Bison!
  • Snowbasin
  • It's that time again...
  • Juniper lookout.
  • Tarantula season on Diablo
  • Santa Cruz doesn't suck.
  • Pine cone ride
  • Bike races are expensive to promote!  #velopromo #dunniganhillsrr #calcup
  • I'm on the Josh Dapice express to Walnut Creek.
  • The former Concord Naval Wespons Station.  I used to work there
  • Freed from the shackles of his TT bike and tapering, he fled to his beloved Mt. Diablo
  • 45+ national record today for Dan.  48:24. Almost 1:30 faster than Bosticks old mark!!
  • Top of Diablo watching the fog over SF.  Deciding if I need my wind jacket for the descent or not.
  • I found where they live between races.
  • Nice view but it comes at a price.  20%+
  • Flatted at #BHRR, so this.
  • Calaveras TT - 45+ podium
  • Calaveras TT haul.  Chipoltle
  • Trying out some new @hincapiesports kit.
  • I think that's about the right direction.
  • Green coming back after the fire on Diablo.
  • Coyote on Diablo
  • View from Volmer Peak
  • Better hurry!!
  • Cow paceline
  • 20' FTP test cut short by a flat tire!
  • Race ready
  • This one goes to 11
  • Volmer Peak
  • Howard agrees.  Best January ever.
  • Look about how we feel.
  • #SanBrunoWorldChampionships
  • #SanBrunoWorldChampionships
  • #SanBrunoWorldChampionships
  • No view today
  • Brrrr!
  • My last afternoon Diablo ride until DST comes back.  Sad...
  • Orinda and Mt. Diablo from Volmer peak
  • I will miss my afternoon rides on Diablo when winter comes.
  • Howard REALLY likes big dirt clods...
  • Fall is on its way
  • First tarantula of the season
  • #furloughfriday Guess where I am.  #furlough
  • Look what I found in my garage.  Thought I might as well take it for a spin.
  • One...