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Cavement Ben Tobin

Cavement Ben Tobin

Spokane, WA
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I try to keep my tires on dirt.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 50
  • 100
  • 150
  • 200
  • 250
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 7.0mi
  • 1h 12m
  • 1,049ft


Distance 1,340.1mi
Time 171h 26m
Elevation Gain 155,892ft
Rides 121


Total Distance 5,189.1mi
Total Time 576h 29m
Total Elev Gain 509,406ft
Total Rides 382

Recent Photos

  • This bike has me so pumped to pedal. The Stumpy kills trail. #iamspecialized
  • I turned 40 today and wanted to get at least 40 miles in- I'm still at least 10 miles from home and filled with beer thanks to @jatch and @sweetbarrrywine! It's been a solid day so far.
  • Tried to get a ride in this afternoon and a mile in my hope hub got all mad and threw a fit on the trail. Came home to try to calm it down but it decided to spit chunks of bearing fragment at me. Poor buddy, thought you were tougher than that.
  • I've been running this Chris King hub since 2008 I believe. My longest running hub so far that I've owned when it comes to trail use.
  • Today's ride was ride to the ride, drink beer afterwards with @vinnypoff and then ride back to town for more beer. I think all my good decisions are balancing out with the bad ones today. Let's win this Monday.
  • Thanks to @nate_espy my shock is dialed. Time to shred the hawt air.
  • A good day to be pedaling.
  • @skyeride riding beacon hill this morning in spokane.
  • @nate_espy dog Penny got after it in the rain and mud today at Beacon Hill. Pretty darn good trail dog.
  • Winning
  • @kristywomaguchi handing out gummy bears and getting some snow fitness pedaling in.
  • My kona process 111 was looking good with the view from Beacon Hill today.
  • Got an evening ride in around my hood with @themelindaverse. The fog is freezing to the vegetation.
  • @vinnypoff got footage of me building trail today. I'm pretty good with my paws.
  • @kristywomaguchi says we are pedaling to those hills. Urban enduro day
  • Well we can't get any higher today.
  • Great day for pedaling in the sun! Finally Spokane gets some!
  • Road enduro can be tough at times- @kristywomaguchi speed fixing but no luck with mr stans. Thank god for tubes.
  • @kristywomaguchi so far is thinking today's on point.
  • This evenings ride will start and end like this- cheers, it's the weekend to shred.
  • Drinking @domacoffee this morning. It's #chronic
  • Mt. Spokane shuttle sesh from this past weekend. Trails are getting close to being clear. #bikehub
  • Day three of riding dirt. Needed a high life for a lil cool down.
  • Day 5 of shredding trail- the office has been real rough.
  • I was just riding along and this happened.
  • 27 miles in. Coffee break. 50 is the goal today. The trails have been awesome so far.
  • Landscaping with strava on
  • First run of the year with jez.
  • Fall.
  • Boating is going to have to wait for wyatt
  • @domacoffee at the top burro pass this morning.
  • Dropping in. Life really sux, ha!
  • Trail break
  • Rowdy red.
  • After ride awesome.
  • If ya ain't drinking it, you're wearing it.
  • Trav dawg and i on trail
  • Top of deep creek
  • Fun
  • At the top of caribou
  • The down was so down rad!
  • Again, getting birded.
  • Wanna be gangster flip off
  • Its over.
  • Terrorist wagon needs warm up before play
  • Weather Window is showing a 100 percent chance of riding today.
  • Its wet
  • Its been about food and riding today.
  • Pre ride warm up
  • Pit stop
  • Bike ride prep
  • Damn beer
  • Woms getting the safety break started but no lighter.
  • Riverside was perfect today
  • Spokanes best place to be- single track for days.
  • Katie made this for me awhile ago. One of Cavemans quotes when I first met katie. Pretty funny.
  • DC sabbatical is over. Caveman and the Strava terrorist is open.
  • This taste awesome right now. Amazing. Bikes and trails bring out the cold crisp flavor.
  • To hills bitches
  • Peeing on the 24hr course
  • Dress up when ya gonna strava
  • Spokane looking good.
  • Yes, the aero press makes a strong cup of coffee.
  • Strava terrorist country
  • Damn bums