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Dean Abt

Dean Abt

Oakland, CA
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"If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and unto your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them." - Bruce Lee

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 190
  • 380
  • 570
  • 760
  • 950
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 170.6mi
  • 11h 18m
  • 10,538ft

Recent Achievements

  • 4th overall on Grand from Lake Merritt to Maritime
  • 6th overall on west ridge climb
  • PR on Public Market Sprint
  • PR on Skyline (from top of Pinehurst to Joaquin Miller)


Distance 6,915.4mi
Time 428h 8m
Elevation Gain 350,253ft
Rides 314


Total Distance 36,060.6mi
Total Time 2281h 56m
Total Elev Gain 2,291,332ft
Total Rides 1244

Recent Photos

  • Marin!!!
  • Alpine dam, so gorgeous
  • DFL @port!
  • Glassy morning @ Lake Merritt
  • Spin ups on the prarie
  • From SF Giro, thx Ant!  Nat's, Ogden here I come!  Love, Dean
  • 6th, NorCal Crit Champs - in main break that looked good for many laps, caught, hung on for decent sprint, guess who won!
  • #cyclesfanatic, Phil in the house for Port!!
  • Way harder than i thought it would be!
  • #sockgame, #madsockgame, #specilaized
  • Technically not a lonely cup, Tall Eric @lake for partial.
  • Post Port @ Portal!! Happy B-Day Chris!
  • Ah well, 1st tt since '89, yellow jersey intact
  • Dunnigan Hills Road Race!!
  • Jack for the WIN!!!!!
  • Here they come!
  • This one's for Julie ???? for encouraging my obsession
  • In Oaktown, we just take the tire off!
  • OMD in the house in 9th!!!
  • Yellow jersey intact...
  • Port bbq!!!!
  • Monday? Really?  #here
  • And he gave me a tour, ultimate pimped-out race rig...playing  the Ramones really loud as well...
  • But for coffee just me, homies.
  • Race day!! Peeps!
  • yellow jersey intact!!!
  • Nice win Steve!
  • And just for fun, the 35 1-2-3, which was fast and awesome
  • Giant wake and bake cloud early at Warriors celebration pavilion, yeesh!
  • Venti - lasted a few single file laps of 45 1-2-3/ 2nd race and HR pegged in 90  degree heat...Starbucks!!!
  • My trusty steed for the day - 70's Raleigh International - sewups!!!
  • Ya, it is sooo the shoes.
  • 1st flat at 63,8 miles
  • Junction!
  • 110 miles boyz!  About 10k climbing...awesome - TOC Stage 3!!!
  • Top of Hamilton - ouch
  • Tomorrow Homies!
  • I think i get wine for this!
  • Woo hoo :-)
  • Did it!  Had to carry this with me -
  • Um, well, new socks anyway.
  • Uh huh.
  • The lush and spectacular home turf up Pinehurst Canyon-
  • I'll be back for the final K's!!
  • Didn't crash!
  • Pub crawl kick-iff at the lake salsa party
  • Brozeit! #1
  • Scene!  Beer Revolution! #2
  • Trappist - for a St. Bernardus Abt 12! ...stop #3
  • Abt 12, on tap!! At some O-Town sausage place - wow...#4, I think
  • Reid - more sausage
  • We always get to Telegraph.
  • Colonial donuts, the final resting place
  • Dr. Snakes b-Day!
  • Birthday bar
  • It's summer at the Port Ride, in March
  • Old buzzard crew is fast!!!
  • Sunny today in O-town
  • Uh huh
  • Called out by The Lonely Cup!
  • Ya.
  • Like summer at the lake, but February.
  • Chunky D rocks lake laps
  • The Lonely Cup
  • Good evening big awesome racing-long rides weekend in #oaktown!!
  • Early Bird Road Race, bunch Skinny Old Climbing people!!
  • My simple theory is this - Manifesto Bicycles is the absolute center of the Hipster Universe (!)
  • Last Lake Laps of the year - Cheers!!!
  • Horsies
  • It's an Olympic Market kinda ride, you know what I'm talkin about!
  • Ya, fully pimped rain bike!!!
  • Engine, engine enabler @ port of Oakland
  • TO, Freddie!!
  • Big engine!
  • Cows are awesome
  • Dang cool road.
  • Decisions, decisions
  • Boom, heard this morning: "what does it mean, raised glazed?"
  • Wowsers!
  • Telegraph!  We roll Oaktown late again - C510❤️
  • Mac N Cheese burger!!!!!
  • The poster talks about beer and donuts...
  • @ 72.4...only about 60 miles to go!
  • Last stop, thx for the pull Levi - whew
  • Sign out - 132 miles, thanks ClifBar George for final pull, fuckin A!
  • Epiphany is on!
  • Port, and. DFL!!
  • Just Dirk and me, chillin b4 the start -
  • Ok, that was awesome
  • Ready to roll!
  • Giro with Ant!! Gorgeous day in SF -
  • Maiden Tunnel
  • Donuts gone wild!
  • Ya. This is what happens you miss when you sleep in Monday.
  • I'm good with that, it was hot!
  • I'll take top 20 with the 35s/whippersnappers any hot day :-)
  • Arpad violating literally every Kit rule on one ride.
  • Baha-i temple, Willmette, Il
  • Kennilworth
  • Yo Miko.
  • Col Du Pantol!!!!
  • Well attended donut morning!
  • Fixie kids by the lake on a summer evening, they were doing skids, some things never change, thankfully.
  • Sadly a crash knocked out half my field, happy to finish this 70+ mile brute!
  • Any, Davis, frakkin hot!!!! Finished with skin intact!!!
  • P 1/2 hits turn 4
  • Ended up 60 person field, mid PAC!
  • Tire sliced, gotta Bart home!!
  • Friday!!
  • Mighty Arpad's jersey = hmmm
  • Finally, a proper Dawn Patrol post-roll coffee & donuts
  • Dawn Patrol
  • Baby geese @the port
  • Crossroad!!
  • Phil @ Cycles Fanatic Tent has a keg,  he set me up, mile 100 and I have come apart!!!
  • Hangin at the med tent, diamond Dave has a bit if heat stroke!
  • Ant, Doran & me post 35+ 1-2-3 Golden State Circuit race...that was fast!!
  • Catwalk!
  • PORT!! Beer, tacos!!!!
  • C510 new kit maiden voyage!!!
  • Thx, bob
  • Bit of a soggy Sunday Port
  • Never. A. trainer.
  • Night crew!!!
  • El Luc, Jake & me...Diablo!!!
  • One last 2013 sunrise
  • On the ridge, Grizzly Peak
  • Heyo
  • Bicycle coffee, O-Town
  • #rbft, really big frakkin tree, @lake chalet, Oakland
  • Just south of Dumbarton
  • Full moon over lake, albeit blurry
  • On a clear day, you can see all around you
  • #4 Telegraph!!!
  • #5 heart & dagger! Last stop, walk home?
  • #3, Trappist
  • Jack London, stop #2
  • Stop #1, dinner, prizefighter...
  • Paloma, bitch
  • Skeleton crew
  • I figured out the map/pic thing!
  • Off season port!
  • Singles on the lake, early am
  • toward South Bay
  • Lake morning
  • Bofax
  • The Bay all shiny
  • Cyclebration heater
  • Hot.  No crashing. Yay.
  • Toward SF
  • Port!
  • Port Pow!!
  • Dunnigan!
  • Bart, to HOP
  • PORT!!
  • Team Oakland- headed for group pic!
  • Port!!
  • Post-ride,  hmm, hamburger is in order...
  • Foggy, warm, inspiration pt.
  • Pesky-ready?!@^#{€?!