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jayne duvall

jayne duvall

Carpinteria, California
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...just riding for the hell of it.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 120
  • 240
  • 360
  • 480
  • 600
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 3.6mi
  • 1h 8m
  • 75ft


Distance 2,416.3mi
Time 157h 12m
Elevation Gain 108,691ft
Rides 82


Total Distance 16,968.3mi
Total Time 1173h 48m
Total Elev Gain 1,001,558ft
Total Rides 515

Recent Photos

  • Restorative beach walk with mr. June gloom.
  • Fabulousness in Marin headlands
  • Mr. BooBoo
  • San Antonio, Fl....still a great place to ride.
  • More San Ann
  • My daughter Isabelle's sunscape paintings
  • Belles painting
  • More belle
  • Etc amazing color
  • Better than photo
  • Ilike this one
  • Long Boat Key
  • Oh darn, had to stop here.
  • There's money in the banana stand.
  • Old pueblo trail
  • Meditation mount
  • Wild flowers on the carpinteria bluffs trail.
  • Ma le'l dunes
  • Samoa Beach #nofilter
  • Redwood national park
  • Henri!
  • It's green in Los Olivos. Glorious riding weather.
  • Can you see the dolphin...the tiny spec to the right of center...too bad I didn't get a pic..a whole school there was.
  • Rincon classic surfers....look like dolphins.
  • Sunset ride...this is home.
  • More mammoth
  • Twin lakes at Mammoth!
  • Sycamore before the downhill.
  • Wheel Totem pole by Annette Fourbears. Can't believe I've never noticed it.
  • Bad ass Mauna Kea hike.
  • On the volcano.
  • Pololu beach, I love this beach.
  • Akaka falls...that was quick. Muggy.
  • Kiholo bay from queen k
  • Humbled to ride her bike
  • Mammoth ride
  • Near mono lake
  • Above lake George. Crystal crag trail.
  • Enuf with the lakes...
  • Blue river trail, Breckinridge
  • More blue river...WATER!
  • 80's Colnago rebuilt
  • Notice the quill..
  • On the way to eagle rock
  • Luxury....
  • Guns kill
  • First time at rock store for me.
  • Luv this rock at mulholland encinal split
  • Billy
  • Anza borrego state park
  • Summerland Ca
  • My favorite.
  • ...marry me....maybe...arrested development
  • at the rock....waiting for billy. It's super windy riding.
  • We three
  • Back country
  • Josh and belle at the top of Romero
  • Who's driving?
  • Lori!
  • George lea ann
  • Cole grade
  • Rob and matt
  • Palomar south grade
  • Springtime...
  • So much fun
  • Sandia mtns on the trail
  • Sunset in ABQ
  • The end of Gus
  • Nude Walt
  • Super lab
  • The crown jewel.
  • Crappy pic of car wash. It's 40F and raining.
  • Gus Fring's place
  • Walt's bachelor pad.
  • Jane's duplex
  • Crystal palace
  • Albuquerque rail yards. Site of many films including breaking bad and the avengers
  • Tuco's lair
  • Needless to say
  • Ted benekes house
  • Pinkmans crappy parents house
  • Spooges house
  • Jesse pinkmans aunts house
  • Carpinteria beach...I love it here. I really do.
  • Shep Mesa
  • He's just a little guy...
  • Greetings from BB beach.
  • Pretty sure that's Malibu far in the distance
  • Anacapa island from sulfur mtn....I think. Can't stop taking the same photo. Nicer in reality
  • Niner air carbon
  • My new obsession
  • Mountain biking on the bluffs of carpinteria...
  • Haven't been on Gibby in a long time
  • Channel Islands from sulfur mtn. Heaven up here
  • Ojai from sulfur mtn
  • Enroute to Whitney
  • My favorite photo
  • More gorgeousness..
  • Towards horseshoe meadows...
  • Lone pine
  • Little bitty billy
  • Shepard  Mesa Rd.
  • San Ysidro ranch....prettier than Instagram
  • My photo from happy canyon that didn't upload on Sunday
  • Las pulgas rd.
  • The dam , photo doesn't do it justice
  • Waiting at top of Gibraltar
  • Solvang
  • Happy Canyon!
  • Happy Canyon before the climb.
  • Tora canyon road
  • Jalama Beach...prettier in real life.
  • Foxen canyon road
  • What's the story on this place? 1550 mountain drive.
  • La Bella Vista...overlooking Montecito to the pacific.
  • Rincon beach
  • Hazy day over Lake Casitas
  • More beach friends
  • My guy....
  • Beach friend.
  • Sunset on summer land beach
  • View from Gibraltar at the concrete barriers
  • Clouds over the beach tonite were amazing...