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Timothy Burgher

Timothy Burgher

Winooski, VT
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Timothy Burgher is a cyclist from Winooski, VT. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 110
  • 220
  • 330
  • 440
  • 550
Sep 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 46.2mi
  • 5h 37m
  • 3,515ft

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd overall on TVR First Climb to the Pebble
  • 3rd overall on Pine to Field
  • 3rd overall on 2013 TVR Full Lap
  • 7th overall on TVR Pebble to Pond DH


Distance 2,505.0mi
Time 259h 47m
Elevation Gain 186,224ft
Rides 293


Total Distance 14,273.5mi
Total Time 1355h 15m
Total Elev Gain 1,045,171ft
Total Rides 1893

Recent Photos

  • Big rock
  • Tour de valley group!
  • Howdy!
  • For the kids.
  • Also for the kids.  Show them veggies first.
  • The Catskills where my pops grew up.  Looking out over Kingston here.
  • Ny trails!
  • Face of pain!
  • King kahuna likes ct!
  • Climbing only in waitsfield
  • Good for the trails
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  • NYC water no touchy touch
  • Next gen directions tech.
  • In the woods and then this!
  • Catskills awesomeness!
  • Hello chickens
  • Sexy uvmers
  • Shelburne point
  • My new friend
  • Magical day must post picture of it
  • Compost ready for composting action
  • Wild animals!
  • She is happy to be out 2 days in a row
  • Look ridiculous and rides great!
  • What a city!  My town...until I move.
  • Pretend world!
  • Misty land
  • In the mountains
  • Mamalletoe for Brent
  • Quite the trail!  Part of it an old railroad.  Scary.
  • Freeway and nature.  So much sand.  Seems like if it rained a lot there would be a mess!
  • White rocks
  • Chunky!
  • Accident but going with it so artsy. trails and Phoenix
  • Scary!
  • Cactus tree got me
  • More cacti they are so cool.
  • Cactus!
  • Cacti route
  • Cactus!
  • Citibike!
  • Colchester cliff
  • So dead!
  • Tabasko extreme!
  • Definitely like 20 to 30 foot drop.  Perhaps even 50.
  • Hole in woods.
  • Stowe woods
  • Expert photographer.
  • Josh bender style!
  • Stormy and scary
  • Nature why you gotta be so pretty????
  • Ooooh so tough lookin
  • Ct woods!
  • Flat fixing.  Dads ride early!  Awesome must ride with dads more.
  • Oooh some more to pick my preciousessss
  • Siiicccckkkknnneeesssss
  • Snack time.
  • Beech trees?
  • Cool rock
  • Beautiful trails and beautiful signs!
  • MTB rafting obstacle running it's got it all!
  • Let me by!!!!
  • Lake Norman state park hardtail world!
  • Konah king kahuna gets ready for lake Norman state park.
  • Awesome dirt!
  • in the middle of my XC ride I see this.
  • Smooth like pine tree forest and then....!
  • Trails!
  • Cait's nice campsite find!
  • This is the trail
  • Skillz!
  • Sweet!
  • Terrible day.
  • Cait's supercar!
  • Bark did this!!!!
  • Music in the park streets closed!  Awesome!
  • Snack time
  • He loves nature.
  • Siiiiiiccccckkkkkkkkk!!!!!
  • The valley eats seats.
  • Deep in thought.
  • Clean as I'm going to get it.
  • So stylish!
  • Noah having a terrible time.
  • Noah looking cool and ready to rock.
  • Waiting to go best time ever!
  • Scary clouds
  • Snail in tree
  • Wood monsters better go!!!
  • Tomatoes from Kim!
  • I used to hit that.
  • Dubin watches the racers.
  • Lift done Xc time.
  • Wowzers
  • Brofest
  • Most fun ride ever.
  • Church!
  • The woods!
  • Compost and water.
  • My friend Kyle with my helmet.
  • Bike lover!
  • Popcorn bike
  • Tim almost has the bowl back.
  • Snake mountain
  • Best buds.
  • Blueberry bagpipe world
  • Haunted Yaddo castle!
  • Glens falls factory
  • Old canal bike path
  • Not quite before the rain but close enough.
  • Dirty basil.
  • Happy bikers.
  • Windowsill project!
  • Hiding out in my dead plant.
  • Me and some babes!
  • Smugglers notch!  Bringing my illegal trades through.
  • Bike shoe and flower
  • My buddy
  • Winooski
  • Dog park.
  • Sweet tree.
  • Ride with Tomko Brent and Kyle!
  • Howdy train!
  • Flowers and bike wheel.
  • Red car way cooler.
  • Ooooh scary tunnel.
  • Feet and bike just for Kyle.
  • Lake in woods.
  • Been 500 feet from this many times and never saw it.  Awesome!
  • Rope swing tree.  All gone.
  • Bike on wall
  • Dark and scary but not as scary as yesterday.
  • Just in time!
  • Ride to the open mic at the library!  Go Cait!
  • Plant hanger.
  • Go wind go!
  • Our star
  • Got a flat but at least I got to take this.  Without a tire lever and only one arm I called my support team.
  • Cool!  Verizon competitor please?!
  • I love you trek remedy
  • Captain dube dube eats and prepares for more adventure.
  • Installing software and watching movies life is good!