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Richard La China | TEAM NINJA

Richard La China | TEAM NINJA

San Diego, CA
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USAC Certified Cycling Coach | IMBA Certified Skills Instructor

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 130
  • 260
  • 390
  • 520
  • 650
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 145.2mi
  • 12h 3m
  • 5,984ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on 52 EB complete, Santo - Mast
  • PR on Tierrasanta Up to Santo Rd
  • PR on Balboa--Kearny Villa to Ruffin
  • 2nd fastest time on Ahoy Matey!


Distance 4,411.3mi
Time 375h 32m
Elevation Gain 327,585ft
Rides 246


Total Distance 16,707.2mi
Total Time 1339h 54m
Total Elev Gain 1,058,074ft
Total Rides 880

Recent Photos

  • Mandatory pit-stop.. shhh, don't tell - second day in a row. ????☕ #coffeeplease #delicious #ridelikeaninja
  • Time for a dip in #turquoiselake! #lt100 #bluethedog #leadville
  • Good morning!  This place is #beautiful!
  • Amazing morning! #lt100 #leadville100bound #cedarcity #loadedprecision #ridelikeaninja
  • Quick spin in #cedarcity enroute to #leadville. #lt100 #ridelikeaninja
  • Yikes!
  • #ridelikeaninja #bigbear #lucky #leadville100bound
  • Great ride with @heidiamundson and Alex. #lucky #ridelikeaninja
  • You should really join me on one these rides. #javadepot  #afternoonride  #ridelikeaninja
  • Time for a little spin! #ridelikeaninja
  • #rain yesterday, #wind today. #bigbear #ridelikeaninja
  • Big Bear, getting 'er done! #ridelikeaninja #rain #MTB
  • Trail-dog training.  He's up to 2 miles now! #bluethedog #traildog #bigbear #teamninja #ridelikeaninja
  • 31 degrees f. #bigbear #ridelikeaninja #teamninja
  • #Repost @rudyprojectna
The Rudy Project Rydon is featured in the @outsidemagazine Summer Buyer's Guide 2015! Pick up your own copy today, and check out why these shades are perfect for any outdoor adventure! #LiveBravely #RudyRocks #Rydon
  • Another amazing day to ride!
  • Good luck to everyone racing this weekend! #hellfirefattire #ridelikeaninja
  • It took me 4 hours to get to work today. #ilovemyjob #notcomplaining #ridelikeaninja
  • Does it get any better than this? #ridelikeaninja
  • Stopped for coffee to get this ride back on the plan. #dragging
  • No big deal, I live here. #lucky #outsideisfree #ridelikeaninja
  • Not a bad way to start the day. #ridelikeaninja
  • I got the office with the window. #lucky #ridelikeaninja
  • Good morning!
  • Bam!! 1st place Super-d @rimnordic. Thanks @crankcycling @jesseeisner XC finals tomorrow! #greatweekend
  • @rimnordic perfect weather for some XC racing.. Let's do this.
  • Rim Nordic XC Series Overall Cat2 35-39 @rimnordic @Jeff_inc #fb
  • 'If you desire to be groovy and flowing instead of battling and conquering, mile-per-hour is the last equation you want to pay attention to.' -Bob Roll
  • Not sure which went flat first, my legs or my tire.  #challengingday
  • I'd like to thank my coach @jesseeisner for furthering my bicycle addiction.  I guess I *needed* another bike... #trackbike
  • What a beautiful morning at @rimnordic, ready for some bike racing! #cycling #mtb
  • Can't complain about 2nd place @rimnordic!  Good race, great people. #cycling #mtb
  • So fast @sdvelodrome, Tuesday night racing... #cycling #track
  • Nice day for a ride...
  • Nice day for a little urban riding.. #sandiego #cycling
  • 15.4 lbs of fun.  First ride today.. #newbikescent #lifeisgood
  • 78 miles today, 2938' of climbing w/ 48lbs of gear. Solvang for the nt! #goodday #cycling
  • Water bottle, phewy... Much better! 80 miles to go Mexico. #basemiles? #cycling
  • Well, at least I'll look good in 2012... Thanks Santa! #cycling #mtb
  • Replacing my glycogen stores... The right way..
  • It's go time!  Racers & Chasers XC MTB Race... #MTB #cycling
  • Guess what I'm about to do...
  • Bam! I'll take it -- tough course! 6th place!
  • I think the bikes are as tired as I am.. Long ride today..
  • Del Mar sunset -- great way to end a super weekend..
  • Yumm!  Dinner options are lookin' good for tonight!
  • Big day!  Today is my first 'real' road race!
  • Lucky 77! Woohoo!
  • Heidi is looking awfully serious.. Women Cat4 just started!
  • For a rainy day, today's not too bad!  Look what just arrived! #PowerBarTeamElite
  • How to train at night... #cycling
  • What are all these cars doin' in da bike lane... #delmar
  • This has to be the nicest piece of clothing I own.. Thank you Rapha!
  • Thank you Rapha! I will wear it proudly!
  • Yeah!!!! 2nd place today - 3rd overall! @racersnchasers
  • Way to go Heidi! First race series! @racersnchasers @crankcycling
  • There's nothing better than riding with your son to the museum!
  • Gettin' er done... Trying to catch me a @fastmq!
  • Bam!! Dinner is served!
  • Not bad for a vegetarian!  I guessed how many hotdogs were served @RacersNChasers and won! Thanks @ESIGRIPS!
  • I love free stuff! Thank you @ESIGRIPS!  You guys rock!
  • Best mail day ever!  Thank you @rapharacing - I appreciate all the love!
  • I give 'em an A for effort.. #bikelane
  • My mailbox had this for me today! Thank you @StudioVelo!
  • Ride your bike, ride your bike, ride your bike.
  • DNF @TheUSCup XC Sycamore - major pisser from hell. #MTB
  • GranFondo! Almost start time.. I was told to follow the Ferrari. #cycling
  • Just got back from an XC pre-ride @SeaOtterClassic
  • View from my tent @seaotterclassic! Time to get the Sea Otter Classic party started! #seaotter
  • Sweat ride @seaotterclassic!
  • Umm, can I ride? Very cool Ibis! @seaotterclassic
  • If you ride bikes, and you're parent.. you'll understand why this pic makes me so happy.
  • Memorial Day bike ride in Big Bear - perfect day!
  • An excerpt from my 7 year old daughters "What I Want to Be When I Grow Up" book.. #cycling
  • Almost go time at #rimnordic. #mtb
  • Welp, it's getting real at #MTBnats.  Just pre-rode the course, awesome.
  • Good luck to everyone racing today at MTB XC Nationals! #MTBNats
  • It's raining! Hmm, this is going to make things a bit more interesting. #MTBNats
  • Awesome race / crushed the climb.. Got eaten up on the descent.  Results soon..
  • 6th place at top of climb, finished 12th MTB Nats.  Awesome race.
  • This pic sums things up quite well.. #MTBNats
  • Best place ever for a bike rack. #mtb
  • Great day for a ride!!
  • 3rd place at Rim Nordic XC racing!
  • Sunset bike ride... So nice.
  • The bike ride continues...
  • I have new respect for triathletes.  Today was day one of swimming lessons. Intense!
  • Rim Nordic XC MTB Series Final race today.. beautiful up here!
  • I've got to win this race today to win overall for the series.. Bring it!
  • This helmet changed my life...
  • Rise and shine!  70+ miles on the agenda this morning.. #cycling
  • Good morning San Diego!  Wow, just getting started -- awesome morning already!
  • Awesome ride today : 75 miles of pain, suffering and good times.  The Great Western Loop (plus extra credit) was particularly 'great' today..
  • Awesome MTB workout this evening fueled by @PowerBar. See ya next week! #cycling
  • Let's see if I can put this to good use @USACycling Coaching Summit.
  • Awesome ride this eve in route to the SRM Reception.
  • Yup! I'm at SRM HQ.. Very cool stuff.  Mo' power please!
  • Gloves, helmet an coffee.. Requirements for cycling before sunrise is Colorado Springs.. #goodday
  • Day 3 of the @usacycling Coaching Summit.  Allen Lim, PhD up first!
  • Heading to the airport...
  • Didn't realize these still existed... Test ride #4
  • Test ride #1 for Heidi on the Dawes touring rig.  Looking good #Monarch800
  • The touring rigs are feelin' fine -- getting treated to a little SD Tourin'.. #Monarch800
  • Full gear systems test #1. 54lbs total weight.  Let's find some hills! #Monarch800
  • We're on our way! 1st stop, Denny's.. 8 days, 800 miles for homeless kids..
  • At the Monarch school!
  • Soo cool!
  • Monarch kids rock!
  • Bathroom / coffee break!
  • Day 1 - pizza lunch break, 48 miles complete!
  • Quick pit stop at the Fallbrook Golf Course... 63 miles into the day.
  • We're at Hometown Buffet in Hemet! 114 miles, 5,300' of climbing, 70 lbs of bike.  Long day.
  • Just destroyed some Grad Slams.. about to get going.  4,800' and 108 miles planned..
  • Crazy tailwind / 25 miles per hour without pedaling a stroke!
  • Wind.
  • Are we there yet?
  • 1st crash.. Don't worry, I wasn't on the bike when it happened.
  • We just finished a monster climb.. 4,500' and 49 miles so far.. Pizza.
  • Temp dropped 10f at the top of this climb. Quick stop to put of layers.
  • How Heidi walks when she gets off the bike...
  • I really don't notice the extra weight..
  • 220 miles to Vegas!
  • Quite a bit of this going on...
  • Slow going... This climb is almost over!
  • Whew! 1st climb out of the way.. 15 mile descent and tons more climbing on tap..
  • It's salty here..
  • Route 66! Please let there be a restaurant here..
  • Unfortunately, the restaurant here is closed... So, this is/was lunch... Onward!
  • 2nd climb of the day... @heidiamundson is hanging in there, very hard day. #monarch800
  • Caption contest...
  • Suns is about to go down / 34 more miles left to ride this evening..
  • We've been climbing non-stop for 20 miles.. Now this.. 15 miles of dirt climbing..
  • Really hard day today.. 49 miles so far in almost 9 hours of riding.. Dirt roads are kicking some butt.
  • Another big day of riding on tap.. Up early, Hoover Dam here we come! with @heidiamundson
  • Brrrrrr...
  • Survived I15 (DOT approved bike route), let's hope this one doesn't end in another dirt road.. @heidiamundson
  • Vegas!!
  • Finally found a way to climb hills faster.. New sponsor @starbucks?
  • Hoover Dam!
  • Safety Third!
  • This man donated..
  • Another chilly start! 102 miles to Needles, CA - here we come!
  • 48 degrees f right now.. 30 miles to go to Searchlight.
  • KEEN Socks Rule! @keen So comfy and warm.. Thanks Angela and KEEN!
  • Quick pit stop to mine gold for Monarch School. No luck, gonna need your friends to donate too.  @heidiamundson
  • We arrived at 10:58, so lucky.  We were down to fumes in our water bottles. Onward to Blythe with @heidiamundson!
  • 720 miles into the ride I've realized that if I move my front panniers to the back rack, I go faster.
  • I got @heidiamundson a new sticker for her bike.. She earned it fo' reals..
  • From yesterday.. Lake Mead / Hoover Dam. @glimmergear
  • Flashback from day 2 of the Monarch 800.  @heidiamundson and I were joined by Cast a Shadow for a portion of our ride.. Awesome group, riding for a purpose!
  • Update from our hotel room in Blythe: The Monarch 800, is now the Monarch 900.  Looks like we'll be back This weekend around mile 920.
  • Yes, we're still riding... About 10 miles north east of El Centro w/ @heidiamundson #longday
  • Our good friend Justin Taylor (from MTB workouts) and Aaron Boatman joined us for a monster climb on Day 7 somewhere between Needles to Lake Havasue. So good to see them..
  • Between Glamis and Palo Verde.. Hammering our way to El Centro.  Long day, thankful for the cross / tail wind.
  • @heidiamundson and sand just west of Glamis.
  • 7% - gettin' 'er done! with @heidiamundson
  • The top!
  • The other top?
  • We made it!!!!!!! We're at the Monarch School!  122 miles today and 7,051 of climbing... Food please!
  • Flashback from a week or so ago.. more pics and video here
  • Top of the Super D @USCup! Bring it 2013!
  • Good morning @rimnordic! 2 hours from race time. Where is everybody?
  • Great view @rimnordic!  Dirt crit starting in 1 hour. #PBTE
  • Almost go time @rimnordic -- getting ready for some XC racing with @PowerBar! #PBTE
  • Just got done with the funnest preride @rimnordic ever.  Can't wait for the XC series finale tomorrow. #PBTE
  • Stoked to be 1st overall at the start of today's series final XC race @rimnordic.  # lucky #PBTE Good luck everyone!
  • Not very Ninja like.
  • Merry day after Christmas!
  • Good morning Hillcrest!
  • Two of my favorite things in the morning.
  • Where in the world am I?
  • Sand intervals.  Goooood mornin'!!! #ridelikeaninja
  • Ninja auditions.
  • Just reflecting w/ @RudyProjectNA. Thanks Swami's - that was one rippin' B ride!
  • Me. ^_^
  • Running errands... I mean riding errands?
  • Wooohooooo @paigecat123 and @al3x1342,  celebrating 5 miles of riding!  You two are awesome!! #ridelikeaninja
  • @henryheisler likes his coffee how he likes his calves. #large #calfoff
  • Just had my final nervous pee.  Time to get to work.  #Fireroad100 #reynoldscycling #norco #zumwalts #rudyproject #powerbar #PBTE
  • Quick little spin up to the summit. #bigbear #greatday #PBTE
  • Just got to #work.  Another amazing day.  #ridelikeaninja
  • California State XC/Endurnace Championships - Race ready!  #redaceorganics #ridelikeaninja #leadville100prep
  • First #selfie of 2015.  Second #workout for the day.  #ridelikeaninja