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Jason Milliron

Jason Milliron

San Mateo, California
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Mom’s spaghetti.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 130
  • 260
  • 390
  • 520
  • 650
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 128.6mi
  • 8h 1m
  • 5,807ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Reverse Wind Tunnel
  • PR on Bair Island Dirt
  • PR on 92 sprint
  • 2nd fastest time on Garbage Dump Northbound


Distance 3,546.5mi
Time 243h 15m
Elevation Gain 189,882ft
Rides 129


Total Distance 47,048.1mi
Total Time 3324h 15m
Total Elev Gain 3,054,380ft
Total Rides 1904

Recent Photos

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  • Third and final day of #TheCoastRide. 378 miles done. Beer me.
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  • Nice morning to roll up the bay.
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  • Taking the long way to work this morning.
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  • @daschmoop #strava #bendOR
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  • Went a bit too far on today's ride. Had to bail out and race the sun.
  • Fall in Bend Oregon. #10barrel.
  • A bench and a log ride.
  • @drewrobb #strava
  • Much Flow. #bendOR
  • Didn't need another hole in my face.
  • Waterdog. #trekboone
  • Trying to hold @_rupertcox_ wheel.
  • Lazy Saturday.
  • The Morning Ride.
  • Close that gap.
  • What are you running from?
  • Fat tires. Kenda Happy Medium in 40 with Challenge latex tubes. Clearance is a little tight on the chain stays but couldn't detect any rub. #drought #noMud #trekboone
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  • Dusty and the brakes are now broken in. Todo: dork disc and the fit. #trekboone
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  • Ghosts.
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  • Mid DH photo stop to give my poor little leg a rest.
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  • Nutella, peanut butter, banana. God's gift to mankind?
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  • San Francisco Summer. #ritcheylogic
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  • The lake.
  • Hiking with the mother and the sister and the dog.
  • Yogging.
  • In the clouds. In the clouds.
  • Sup Rando Bro.
  • Confused Cow.
  • Long, seated, 40 rpm service road climb.
  • Rando Bro and Mountain Man.
  • Legs Day. #ritcheylogic
  • Come on lazy dog, pull.
  • Fancy Specialized/Mike's bike fit. Big changes.
  • Bay status!  #raphaRising
  • A little unnerving to have Stan's spray your legs as you descend at top speed. Sealed the puncture though!
  • Testing, testing.
  • Fancy new mtb shoes!  #giroshoes
  • From the office to the train station, by way of Hawk Hill.
  • another day on the bay.
  • Messing around at Water Dog.
  • Found a mountain bicycle in my garage.
  • Fashion statement!
  • Riding bikes. @byron_hood @drewrobb #strava
  • Summer Solstice Century. #strava
  • Dusk till Dawn. #strava
  • Looks like I need to straighten my left shifter. Knew it felt off.
  • Seven.
  • Spotted on my ride into work this morning.
  • On your left!
  • Tourist photo.
  • Hwy 1
  • Good old Tunitas.
  • Pre Tour of California Diablo repeats.
  • Berkeley Hills this morning.
  • Bay Way Commute.
  • Oh, Cat's Hill.  Ouch.
  • Taking the long way to the office this morning.
  • The mailboxes.
  • "Every day is legs day."
  • My new @ritcheylogic road bicycle.
  • Required Canada Rd photo. @ritcheylogic
  • A lazy commute this morning.
  • Setting up the finish.
  • Cruising around.
  • Snack time!
  • Don't worry sir, I'm from the Internet.
  • New kit day.
  • #wilier #cento1sr
  • Rolling out.
  • Bay Way.
  • Riding bikes. Riding bikes.
  • New bag day!  @missionworkshop
  • Nice day to skip work.
  • Rollin.
  • Santa Cruz Mountains. Love it.
  • The CX bike in Rain Mode.
  • Snow jog!
  • DY, laying it down. #outsideisfree
  • New wheels!
  • CX adventure ride!
  • Dawn patrol.
  • #wilier
  • Dawn while riding over Dumbarton Bridge.
  • The end of the road. Nature retaking Dirt Alpine Rd.
  • Free ride. Thanks triathlete bro. #festive500
  • Tourist photo. #festive500
  • Neat setup.
  • Snack time at Rapha Cycling Club, San Francisco.
  • On top of the world. #festive500
  • Merry Christmas from California!  #festive500
  • Coffee break. #festive500
  • 6 am start. #festive500
  • #selfie #yolo #etc
  • Dawn Patrol
  • Water bottle icing over.
  • Dude. My Garmin is 17 degrees and my water bottle is freezing over.
  • Pit stop at the Stirling City fire department for a coffee and pastry. They were doing a bake sale and Christmas trees.
  • Pedal faster. I hear banjo music!
  • Honey Run.
  • Back of the bus.
  • Feel the flow duuude. #mtb
  • Racing my shadow. #mtb
  • Rollin
  • Cool light on Old La Honda this morning.
  • Breakfast of champions?
  • Fall morning ride.
  • The Morning Ride. New lights. I can see!
  • Snack time.
  • Dollar dollar bill y'all.
  • DNF
  • On the bay. Pre riding tomorrow's race course.
  • Loose and sketchy!
  • First person remote control airplane. Video camera on the plane and video goggles. Guess that makes it a drone. So very Menlo Park.
  • Offthebackistan.
  • Happy happy climbing climbing.
  • Just another day in the desert!
  • Post ride.
  • Sand and slick rock!
  • Whole Enchilada! #moab
  • Sup!!!
  • Fruita. Horsethief.
  • Oh no, this is the money shot. #fruita #yeti #mtb
  • #moab Amasa Back
  • #moab @trhoppe
  • Brace yourselves. The first of many #Moab photos.
  • TMR.
  • Fancy new #ritte pacman kit
  • Dog days.
  • Hey Coyote!
  • Testing out the tubulars and new cranks. First #cyclocross race of the season tomorrow morning.
  • Over the top.