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Matt McKinzie

Matt McKinzie

San Francisco, California
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Matt McKinzie is a cyclist from San Francisco, California. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 170
  • 340
  • 510
  • 680
  • 850
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 136.1mi
  • 9h 34m
  • 7,184ft

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd fastest time on Marina ⊶ Kobe ⊶
  • 2nd fastest time on Embarcadero to Columbus
  • 2nd fastest time on Byron's Descent
  • 2nd fastest time on Escape from Valencia


Distance 2,891.9mi
Time 223h 57m
Elevation Gain 201,919ft
Rides 201


Total Distance 22,882.8mi
Total Time 1403h 51m
Total Elev Gain 1,299,534ft
Total Rides 841

Recent Photos

  • The ground is pretty dry here
  • The architecture of a dead cactus
  • New bike day
  • Forget the Strava sprinter van! This looks more like @alex_bell style anyways #ishouldbestrava
  • Riding back home reminds me how I don't miss the smog, but I miss the open roads
  • Desert exploring
  • Fun descent
  • Remnants from the TOC. (Ignore my hand. I'm riding haha)
  • The end of the roughest road I have ever ridden
  • Desert wasteland
  • Joshua tree
  • Roommate ride
  • Hawk hill with this guy
  • Christmas on the beach
  • Sweet training sesh brah
  • Every ride needs a cliché Mt. Tam picture
  • And the day is done.
  • It has been a while so I figured one was due #imbringingsexyback
  • Just me, myself and @karlthefog this morning (+ this coyote)
  • Night rides in the north bay
  • Post ride burrito bowl goodness
  • @karlthefog looking extra sexy for me on Valentines Day
  • Caffeine break
  • Had a lot of fun exploring today
  • So nice outside today
  • Hawk Hill bound
  • Oh how I miss roads like these
  • Ah I miss collegiate racing!
  • I ride all the way to UC Santa Cruz to visit @hollynichole93 and she isn't even there! Go figure.
  • Scoooooones
  • Here we go! #stravaproveit #mpscamp2014 #marcprostrava #ridelife @jakroousa @stravacycling @clifbarcompany @giantbicycles @zicococonut
  • RHINO! #mpscamp2014
  • Sometimes riding your bike is not that fun, but as an athlete you have to be ok with that.
  • Yeeee we won Red Kite #marcprostrava #ridelife @stravacycling @giantbicycles @clifbarcompany @themarcpro @jakroousa
  • @eddorsed is always ready for a ride
  • Uh apparently the gate closes
  • This place is so rad
  • Like OMGz it is so purdyy on top of Tam today #marcprostrava
  • Birthday raid!
  • Tartine smack down
  • What time is it? SCONE TIME BABY!
  • There is no escaping answering Strava support questions...
  • So who is the fairest of them all??? Uh, Drew is.
  • Oh hi @karlthefog
  • Happy birthday @ellebellerina !
  • Say it don't spray it #marcprostrava
  • Bike parking
  • Short and steep. Really steep. #marcprostrava
  • Such a nice day for a birthday bike ride
  • Pines to Palms #marcprostrava
  • What goes up must come down
  • And what comes down must also go back up
  • Its a party, yo
  • Such an intense mid-work foam roll session
  • Now we're cookin' with gas! @sramracing  #marcprostrava #morepowwaaa
  • There is some serious goodness in this little brown bag
  • Ahh, that was a fun group ride #marcprostrava
  • Speaking of headwinds
  • Oh you know, just hanging out, being a bike racer, putting my legs up
  • @mattchatlaong wins the Golden State Crit #marcprostrava #stravaproveit #ridelife @stravacycling @themarcpro @giantbicycles @clifbarcompany @jakroousa @zicococonut
  • #marcprostrava going 1-2 today at the Golden State circuit race #stravaproveit #ridelife @stravacycling @themarcpro @jakroousa @clifbarcompany @giantbicycles @zicococonut
  • Matt Chatlaong gets first both days to take the omnium at the Golden State circuit race #marcprostrava #stravaproveit #ridelife @stravacycling @themarcpro @jakroousa @clifbarcompany @giantbicycles @zicococonut
  • Yippee!
  • Big basin #marcprostrava #stravaproveit
  • The proper way to end a 5.5 hr ride
  • My new favorite street
  • Hey @iamtedking sorry I missed your high five. I was busy being a cycling fanatic and trying to take a picture of you. My bad.
  • The ridera are coming!
  • MarcPro-Salty
  • Finally made it to class #rollcallsf
  • Word
  • The sun is setting, the headlands lie to the north, dream of the dirt trails #dedicatedtodirt
  • MarcPro-Kitty #meow
  • Time to wander by foot. Cycling shoes are not ideal for hiking. #marcprostrava
  • So this is the end of the road #marcprostrava #ridelife #stravaproveit
  • Another father runner
  • Space ships
  • I love summer here
  • Banned in...SF
  • While MANY amazing beers were shared last night, this is by far the best I have ever tasted. 2011 Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek... Worth every penny
  • Stacks on stacks on stacks
  • Today, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel
  • The new spot
  • The Anthem is waaaay fast @stravacycling @giantbicycles #stravaproveit #ridelife
  • Giant demo at Miwak @giantbicycles #ridelife @themarcpro @stravacycling  #stravaproveit @clifbarcompany @srammtb @zealiosskincare #marcprostrava
  • Sea critters
  • Round 2
  • The things you see in the hills...
  • Uh let's go this way
  • When you get a notification to rate the app for the company you work for, you should probably write a meaningful review
  • @soookeefe coming into the aid station holding a steady lead #internchallenge
  • Strava Intern Challenge 2.0: The Red Bull & peanut butter pretzel mile
  • The podium #internchallenge
  • Hey @micahlerner @gar_bonzo @johnwilde baguette crew á Paris!
  • Three gears does not work for taking Strava KOMs
  • Cool beans
  • The last stop
  • A beer vending machine?!
  • Starting the first night in Belgium off right. A grand cru and speculoos chocolate.
  • Clearly GoPro bike mounts are not capable of handling Belgian cobbles
  • Brugge
  • Kilometer after kilometer of perfect, care free, canal paths. What an amazing day in Flanders!
  • Just hanging out with Tommeke at Der Ronde museum
  • Soooo I'm the only one at the museum today. That's ok, this way I can geek out and not feel embarrassed. Though being the only one at the museum may already be embarrassing ha.
  • Oh look, I'm the only one drinking beer and watching the race too (they turned on the TV just for me)
  • Rode up the Paterberg twice today. Once on the cobbles and once mostly in the gutter. Cobbles @ 20% is no joke, stick to the gutter.
  • It's beer time!
  • The start of the Oude Kwaremont
  • Such a long stretch of cobbles
  • At least you can ride the gutter the whole way up
  • The infamous Koppenberg. Not as steep as the Paterberg, but it is longer and the cobbles are worse. You really have to pick your line as your front wheel could probably fit in the gap between some of the cobbles
  • The Flemish Ardennes. Beautiful rolling green hills filled with farm land, forests, and steep cobbled climbs. Truly the best place I have ever rode my bike.
  • So excited to have been able to watch a pro race in Belgium. Van Avermaet taking the sprint!
  • Celebrating Thor Hushovd's final race @ Impanis-Vanpetegem Classic
  • Brussels Bike Circus. Complete with DJ
  • In Ghent this would be a €60 fine
  • Well this is nice
  • Welcome to San Francisco
  • Hear ye hear ye
  • Not much of the lake left these days
  • It is now odd to think that I grew up only 45 minutes away from trails in the foothills and less than two hours away from the tallest tree in the world. What the hell was I thinking being more concerned with loitering in a Taco Bell parking lot instead of out exploring? #differentmindset #kidsthesedays
  • New pavement and a car free road Hwy 245 a dream climb
  • Keith what on earth did you do?!
  • It's the champagne breakfast, we do it every two years. #letsgogiants
  • Hey there little fella
  • Bike party in GGP #forshizzlemynizzle
  • Dirt excursion #dirtroadie #marcprostrava
  • Henry Coe State Park. What a splendid ride.
  • The mustache out in it's natural habitat #marcprostrava #dirtroadie
  • The McKinzie Mustache-off is going down tomorrow. Bring it @austinmac ! #movember
  • Ya so eating Paleo just went out the window. Damn I hate this place #paleofaileo
  • Standard group ride selfie
  • Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Jason Martel-Dye
  • It's beginning to look a lot like...
  • Hmmm what to drink #marcprostrava
  • MarcPro-Strava camp, day 2. Damn it is cold up here #marcprostrava
  • ???? Merry Christmas ????
  • Hot damn it is cold out here
  • #balvindaronbreak
  • Oh Shasta
  • Finding our own way up
  • Beach run with these two dummies
  • Morning raid
  • Is it the meniscus or the tendon? Let's find out
  • Time to harvest
  • This is Teeter. Part of being a fast bike racer is recovering. Part of recovering is sleeping. This is Teeter being a fast bike racer #h24mpscamp
  • It was a nice sunny day at the beach, thirty minutes ago
  • I'm about to TEAR UP the bike trails on this electric bike. The STRAVA segments are mine! #vroomvroom
  • "Hey man, it's a jungle out there. Hippopotami and grenades everywhere!!!" #gtl #cabshere #djpaulied
  • Up and at 'em
  • Got a new bug
  • Have all of my dreams in life come true?!
  • Either people don't want our free bike or they don't want to donate beer
  • Back on dirt with the homies. #yay #dirtroadie
  • Things are better in pairs #alpinebrewery
  • I ???? you too
  • But first, lemme take a selfie #mri #imtoosexyformygown
  • A foggy Sutro is a perfect Sutro
  • Mountain biking is fuuuuuuuuuun!
  • A moment of silence to reflect on the dirt that was just schralped #dirtroadie
  • Celebrating another great day on the trails with 'Merica's finest
  • It was wet and wild up on Sutro tonight. Visibility: low. Fun factor: high. #dirtroadie
  • Sorry @alex_bell more climbing watts than your bike can handle ????
  • The views on today's hike were great
  • Omgz... this scone
  • When in Rome #workhappyhour
  • #thisguy
  • Adrian and I are having a blast, and Joe is in the pain cave. Haha sucker.
  • The house of light
  • Tamarancho halftime sando
  • ✌????✌????
  • I think every ride should end posted up in the Mission people watching with a Papalote burrito and a vegan double chocolate mint cookie
  • This is what pulling the plug looks like...
  • Got sunscreen?
  • I want some of that sour stuff...
  • The showers at work got upgraded #partyshower
  • B-a-n-a-n-a-s
  • Attacking the lead group
  • Falafel Thursday: The best meal of the week. Every week.
  • Just kidding guys
  • After the first few hours you forget that it is raining, and windy, and that you are cold. It doesn't really matter anymore, you just keep riding... #stravaproveit #marcprostrava
  • Never eat before riding up to the tram
  • Seemed like a good day to go visit Sam
  • Riding around the polo fields is...
  • Winter training in the desert