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Misa Garcia

Misa Garcia

Pomona, CA
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Started riding occasionally on a MTB because of my wife, and just recently became obsessed with Road Cycling.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 8
  • 16
  • 24
  • 32
  • 40
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 38.7mi
  • 3h 15m
  • 692ft


Distance 88.3mi
Time 7h 22m
Elevation Gain 2,093ft
Rides 9


Total Distance 5,143.6mi
Total Time 378h 30m
Total Elev Gain 181,450ft
Total Rides 264

Recent Photos

  • Great view this morning on my morning #bikeride, gotta get back in shape.
  • Crazy looking clouds over puddingstone lake. #stacysride glad to be back on the bike.
  • Great view. Finally I get to ride my bike with @gwinnstacy #stacysride
  • Hitting the dirt roads on the #mtbikes with @gwinnstacy #stacysride
  • VW bus with Safari Windows at the VW Classic weekend.
  • Always a blast @barnyardFX I swear @gregaronowitz has THE BEST toys EVER!
  • Oh man, so much fun.
  • Trying out new mountain bike trail thanks to @lanbui
  • Exploring MTB trails at Frank G Bonelli park in San Dimas. Here's a clear view of Ranging Waters from above.
  • A bit dry, but perfect weather today, not terribly hot, hope it stays this way the rest of the week.
  • Amazing views from up here.
  • Exploring new trails w/ @lanbui
  • Riding into the sunset, literally. #stacysride
  • #mg_vehicle_series
  • Today's sunset. #stacysride
  • #mg_vehicle_series
  • #mg_vehicle_series
  • Quick MTB climb to the top of the lawn section of the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, nice view from up here.
  • Out exploring in the Mountain Bike this morning.
  • Getting to know some new MTB dirt trails.
  • Survived our first night. Now to find some breakfast.
  • Another awesome sunset while riding.
  • Hitting the dirt trails #stacysride
  • There's an actual San Gabriel River
  • It's a bright sunny day.
  • Sunny clear day
  • Bikes Only and some graffiti
  • It's starting to get a little hot out
  • Doesn't look like much, but after I climb this, it's gonna hurt a little.
  • Curvy road ahead.
  • Not a cloud in the sky! #stacysride
  • Mountain trail #stacysride
  • Nice and shady #stacysride
  • Alright, last one.
  • Today's sunset!
  • At the top of Frank G Bonelli Park Guard-shack.
  • View from the top.
  • Overlooking the 57 freeway from San Dimas Ave.
  • Only bad part about riding around sunset time is I wanna stop every 5 min to snap pictures of the sunset.
  • Sunset on the bike trail
  • It looks much better in person, but I took a picture anyway.
  • Awesome clouds out today
  • Climbing Path
  • This mornings path
  • Rode my bike up the hill this evening. Great view from up here.
  • Upland trail
  • Where did the mountains go today?
  • Awesome Chevy truck from the 2013 GNRS show.
  • Quick stop before I head to the hill.
  • Old abandoned train station!
  • Lifeguard house during sunrise!
  • #mg_lifestyle_series
  • Old #NY City #architecture
  • Streets of New York City!
  • Living on the edge!
  • a long time ago I started a hasgtag for #trainsandtracks maybe it's time to bring it back.
  • Danger! #trainsandtracks
  • Boat Launch at Bonelli Park.
  • Bike ride in the middle of nowhere
  • Rock
  • The Back Abbey
  • A really green lawn
  • Great lighting
  • Walker
  • Bike ride today.
  • Today's sunset while on  bike ride.
  • Great sunny day out today in SoCal, go outside today.
  • A boat on The Lake in the middle of the city.
  • It's a great day for a bike ride today.
  • Snow up in the mountains.
  • The view this morning.
  • Headed east on today's bike ride.