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Luke Caldwell

Luke Caldwell

Homewood, Alabama
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Luke Caldwell is a cyclist from Homewood, Alabama. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 150
  • 300
  • 450
  • 600
  • 750
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 128.1mi
  • 11h 33m
  • 24,616ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Backside Cheaha Descent to Cheaha Rd
  • PR on Cheaha West Descent
  • 2nd fastest time on Cheaha West Descent
  • 2nd fastest time on Backside Cheaha Descent to Cheaha Rd


Distance 4,053.6mi
Time 258h 46m
Elevation Gain 264,902ft
Rides 148


Total Distance 14,443.2mi
Total Time 917h 43m
Total Elev Gain 869,262ft
Total Rides 563

Recent Photos

  • had quite a thriller at my first Auburn game. looking forward to many more slightly less stressful games
  • what a birthday party! #21
  • It wouldn't be a cross ride if you didn't have to ride though something absolutely crazy. #crossiscoming
  • Grand Canyon from 38000'
  • Shout out to @gfcycles for the dope Smith Pivlock glasses! Amazing! @catlikehelmets @extract_coffee
  • @mark_gomez2 came to ride with me today @auburnflyerscycling
  • @connerpeterson337 is back on a bike people
  • Athens Twilight with the @auburnflyerscycling today. Getting ready for the amateur final. Legs up!
  • Baby geese on my ride today
  • last day of spring break. climbed up lookout mtn. #StravaPhoto @wilierusa @extract_coffee
  • Watching a cycling race from inside a TNT storage facility #StravaPhoto
  • Easy day to SB15 Day 4 checking out Bryson City #stravaphoto @wilierusa @extract_coffee
  • DANGER water may rise rapidly without warning #stravaphoto @wilierusa @extract_coffee
  • Up Clingman's Dome for SB15 Day 3. #stravaphoto @extract_coffee @wilierusa
  • Top of Clingman's Dome. #stravaphoto @wilierusa @extract_coffee
  • SB15 Day 2. Asheville is amazing. @wilierusa @extract_coffee #stravaphoto
  • Blue Ridge Parkway Tunnel #1 #stravaphoto
  • As @frankwhittle would say "thanks FDR" #stravaphoto
  • Top of Mt. Mitchell SB15 #stravaphoto
  • @frankwhittle attempting the first climb of #SB15
  • #SB15 North Carolina is beautiful @wilierusa @extract_coffee
  • #squaready top of brasstown bald #toonepics #stravaphoto
  • Getting pumped for @rougeroubaix by doing some intervals on Cahaba Beach #gravel #toonepics @wilierusa @extract_coffee
  • @frankwhittle and I on @gozwift island
  • Playing in the snow @konabikes @edgewoodcycles #couldntresist
  • I love it here @gfcycles @extract_coffee @wiliertriestina
  • #squaready Guntersville is beautiful
  • Shoutout to @gfcycles and @wiliertriestina for the awesome bike! Stoked to be riding such an amazing machine!
  • Beer car some jerks just threw at my while I was riding down the Lakeshore Extension.
  • blacked out...happy new year every one ????????
  • Same place as yesterday, no fog + night. I ❤️ U B'ham!!
  • Bham looking a bit foggy today #festive500 #sworks @instagrambham
  • #festive500 #castelli #alpha
  • Best view in Alabama #thecliffs #toonepics
  • Cahaba Beach Road #toonepics
  • Is there anything better than a bicycle ride? #thanksglobalwarming
  • There he goes again. The man, the myth, the legend, Brian Toone @kartoone76 @stravacycling #everesting
  • Sunshining over Homewood #toonepics
  • Spin Class...most I've ever sweated.
  • Sure is beautiful here @cumberlandu
  • Me and my bæ #sworks
  • View from Woody's Gap! Almost done!
  • Prettiest day of the year from Vestavia Dr. #toonepics #sworks
  • First Trek Émonda I've seen in real life. #ultralight #awesome
  • reminiscing bout the days of old
  • 2nd flat of my commute home, watching the summer all-stars practice now
  • Entrance to climb #1
  • Fire tower at the top...that is one brutal climb
  • @kartoone76 if you are ever in Talladega, there's a climb waiting for ya
  • We were on top of that @kartoone76
  • It's a beautiful day for a bike ride
  • Spotted this beauty at BCC #tesla #cervelo
  • New threads. Awesome new Infinity kits #sotight
  • I feel like this may hurt. Cobbled climb for collegiate nationals. @cucyclingteam
  • Sonic slush with nerds #what
  • Awesome ride to the lake
  • Bluff overlook
  • Adventure time w/ @shooby808 @cucyclingteam
  • The gangs all here for Wednesday Night Worlds
  • Working on bikes #teamride @cucyclingteam
  • Training with power! #stages #cervélo
  • Nuclear power!!!!
  • The relentless headwind is keeping us from getting home
  • Turnovers with Tommy #cucycling @shooby808 @cucyclingteam
  • Cedars of Lebanon @cucyclingteam #cucyclingteam
  • Just breaking in my new Jake the Snake #kona #jakethesnake  @edgewoodcycles
  • Cool tree tunnel road today on the team ride! @shooby808 @cucyclingteam
  • Mountain biking w/ the crew today. @cucyclingteam
  • Karl Daly at its finest #strava
  • Rest stop at the top
  • View from the top
  • Scenic overlook
  • Bike in my spot! Hahahahaha #cervélo #imneverleaving
  • Vestavia Dr. view
  • Dad attacking on Smyer
  • Saxophone Swag! Thanks for the pink one guys!!
  • The Hot One Hundred is complete! (we only did 50 miles but still)
  • HH directions.
  • Le Finish!
  • Caught a chipmunk at @majonesiv house #indabathtub #socute
  • It was a great ride till the last  mile. Broke my fork and got some scrapes but life will go on. #:( #poorbike #dontputyourheaddown #crash #chiefladigatrail @connerpeterson50 @twilliams3217
  • Tour de High Schools today...hit Homewood first, went up to Vestavia Dr., then on to Vestavia with a 30% climb, and on to Mountain Brook. 2300 ft of climbing! Fun ride!
  • Mtn. Biking with Karl. 14 miles and 1100' of climbing. Only took us 3 hours haha. Great times with @connerpeterson50
  • @lydia_michele first Waffle House
  • Finally got my Christmas present from @madisontucker fitted!!
  • Tour de High Schools v2
  • Third Tour de High Schools...included Hoover this time. Rode almost 48 miles over all and climbed almost 4000'
  • Wahoo! Me and pops just did our first century!! The Hot Hundred! 103 miles in 5:22. Daddy did it in 6:53.
  • Oh, and apparently you get a medal! Roll Tide.
  • 58 mile ride today with Karl and Daddyo
  • Crazy climbing day- @kartoone76 lead us out to Emerald Lakes...~20% grade for over 1/2 a mile! Ripped me to shreds. Almost quit but the group talked me into finishing the ride, "12 miles" they said...that was the most ridiculous 12 miles of my life! Fun though! Glad I did it!