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Nate Kanney - Bikeway Bicycles

Nate Kanney - Bikeway Bicycles

New Paltz, New York
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 210
  • 420
  • 630
  • 840
  • 1050
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 133.9mi
  • 12h 49m
  • 13,819ft

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd overall on Smiley Carriageway Climb
  • 4th overall on Sunset climb
  • 6th overall on Briggs Hwy Climb
  • 2nd fastest time on Garden Rd Climb


Distance 5,858.7mi
Time 397h 9m
Elevation Gain 415,860ft
Rides 194


Total Distance 15,514.5mi
Total Time 1217h 52m
Total Elev Gain 1,251,781ft
Total Rides 783

Recent Photos

  • Fall in the gunks, not so bad.  #bikewaylife #iamspecialized #gunks #epic #sworksepic #rs1 #roval #sram #shaft2a #smiley
  • Not sure where I'm going, and I'm pretty ok with it.  Sworks turbos, maybe not the right tires for this.  #bikewaylife #iamspecialized #sworks #sworkstarmac #fabric @iamspecialized_road @iamspecialized
  • It's one of those days! @bikeway_bicycles #bikewaylife #iamspecialized @iamspecialized @wearespecialized
  • Nice day out pedaling with @bb0071 and a quick stop at @aromathymebistro for some espresso! @bikeway_bicycles #bikewaylife #iamspecialized
  • Bikes! #peekamoose #bikewaylife
  • Just a regular day on bikes with @woodsy031
  • #bikepractice so I can #htfu and not get dropped at battenkill
  • Nature by bike.  I couldn't get my phone out fast enough to snap any shots of the Bears but on the bright side, I'm still here.  #BikewayLife
  • Today's sunrise was brilliant, made it easy to take a few minutes out of my ride to sit and watch.  #BikewayLife #iamspecialized
  • It's just like riding a bike, it'll come right back to me...I think I can see the preseason in the distance. @bikeway_bicycles #iamspecialized #theshark #bikewayLife
  • Enduro 29... XL in color is the new black on black
  • #coldspring #crossbikes #BikewayLife @bikeway_bicycles
  • #ridethegunks
  • History and carbon, two of my favorite things
  • #NPZ
  • And it starts all over again... Mtb Xc nationals
  • Time to pedal the hills of marlboro!
  • Only one way to beat the heat!
  • Spotting the moroneys team on strava @moroney167
  • Yeti looks rain right in the face and says, "BRING IT"
  • Mt. Paradise
  • Putting the @scottsports addict in its element!
  • Yeeeewwwwwe
  • Welcome to paradise
  • @lebeers04
  • Left handed photography
  • The original @bikeonscott
  • My nutritionist @lebeers04 isn't here to stop me this time
  • This guy is just waiting for some attention
  • Just entertaining the guests
  • @chrisdouglas26 laying in the wake of karma getting him for cutting corners on the trail
  • Hey @29er_trek I found your car!
  • I'm a hottie
  • #picstitch
  • @bikeonscott
  • Jungle habitat! Doesn't feel right coming here without @mstryker945 @kodyklyde651 @lukerenzland43
  • @sbwagnerny @lebeers04 posing In front of their prized construction van before they shred the mtn bikes
  • Best night ride so far this winter! #bikeonscott #syncros
  • Time for a road ride with @sbwagnerny and @woodsy031 between following the @jdayoffroad motos on twitter!
  • The original
  • Blooming hill farm
  • Breakfast pizza on sourdough
  • Blue mountain 1, carbon 0
  • Little bit of paradise
  • Vintage @alpinestars spotted in Brooklyn
  • @lebeers04 and I leaving our mark in paradise
  • #junglehabitat
  • Mt. Beacon with @woodsy031 @lebeers04 @sbwagnerny @leDogface
  • @lebeers04 doing a yard sale in Stewart
  • Little route sheet for tonight's interval ride.  Felt like I was on a moto bike pushing the front end, been a while since I've gotten that kind of excitement!
  • I don't like eating science projects
  • @j_dogg28 training for a transition from DH to road woodys construction racing with @woodsy031.  Now we have a TT guy, a GC guy and a climber and lead out
  • Was on top of the world today!
  • Beautiful view from sterling forest
  • Tour of Marlboro
  • In the clouds
  • It rained, and then there were 3
@woodsy031 @bb0071
  • #sbcu ride at Wilder in Santa Cruz
  • I'll take some climbing for breakfast
  • Asheville is not so bad for mountain biking.
  • #getonyourbike always a good feeling when your riding on slick rock @woodsy031
  • Nice view, not without a lot of work to get there though! @woodsy031 @j_dogg28
  • Mt. Beacon #RiseAndRide #30isthenew50
  • This is what it looks like after @woodsy031 tries to pass me
  • You can take the motor and knobbies out of the bike but you can't take the wheelie out of the ride
  • Powered by #Loribar @lebeers04
  • #pch @gofastgardner
  • The NY crew @woodsy031 @gofastgardner riding at demo in Santa Cruz awesome company and awesome trails
  • @lebeers04 riding into the sunset
  • #chinarello
  • This guy doesn't suck #CSgotime #slowestguyinGent