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Twinkie Fitzgerald

Twinkie Fitzgerald

Denver, CO
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I ride my bike too much and take too many pictures.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 180
  • 360
  • 540
  • 720
  • 900
Feb 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 758.0mi
  • 49h 23m
  • 43,888ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Bridge sprint
  • PR on Table Rock
  • PR on East Rim Rock Ascent
  • PR on Rim Rock Loop


Distance 756.0mi
Time 48h 38m
Elevation Gain 43,468ft
Rides 16


Total Distance 31,875.9mi
Total Time 1860h 40m
Total Elev Gain 1,600,033ft
Total Rides 1075

Recent Photos

  • Sometimes when attempting to PR a drive it's necessary to kit up. @zodiacwatches
  • Urban hill repeats. @rodeo_labs @denvercx #thederpsearch
  • 70 degrees today, but we still found snow because we are blood hounds for adversity. I love big rides with great company! ????@rodeo_labs
  • Evening miles
  • Great ride today with the @rodeo_labs crew and friends. Especially enjoyed showing some new guys our favorite roads. (I70 not included).
  • Today's ride / hike: kinda insane. Lair Of The #traildonkey. @rodeo_labs @trailnuggets #topobunny @ridemagnetic @castellicycling @iamspecialized
  • Figures. My favorite shot of the ride happens when the lens cover jams with ice and I mis-fire. Happy accidents are the story of my life.
  • @rodeo_labs  #yolosnow ride /w @drmurrow @geoffreyk @pchuckogram and @chrismagnotta. #traildonkney
  • Almost! 3rd row start, patiently raced up to the race lead through half of the bell lap but got straight up beat by a stronger dude at the end. Kinda stings but also feels good. Gave it my best shot and came pretty damn close. Thanks to @fitzfarm and the kids for supporting the goal, to @castellicycling @iamspecialized @zodiacwatches @rodeo_labs @ridemagnetic @elevation_cycles_denver @wildernesstrailbikes @asssavers @trailnuggets and the people who were heckling from the sidelines like @galen1973 and Larsen and @samerkhodor and everyone else. 2014 racing is a wrap and I'm ready for some pumpkin pie! #makethemhurt #topobunny#smashyourbarriers
  • The last few days were crazy fun. Hard to capture, but I tried to write it all up while it was all still fresh at Thanks for the invite, rad times, and photos @jeredgruber
  • Mount Evans was so beautiful on Friday that we had to go back today to see how high we could go. We made it to Summit Lake, and could have gone higher if we hadn't run out of daylight. It was truly a fantastic day. Thanks @jeredgruber for the crazy idea and excellent miles.
  • @kaizergilroy got shot by @jeredgruber today. Thankfully nobody got hurt. The funny thing is that we just christened Nick as "team hansel" on Rodeo a couple weeks back, and now he really is. @castellicycling
  • #thederpsearch
  • @jweeeks @chrisriekert how'm i doin'? #colordipped