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Twinkie Fitzgerald

Twinkie Fitzgerald

Denver, CO
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I ride my bike too much and take too many pictures.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 170
  • 340
  • 510
  • 680
  • 850
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 153.8mi
  • 9h 33m
  • 8,031ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Virginia eastbound: Marion to Franklin
  • PR on Jackson Rd to King Soopers
  • 2nd fastest time on South Golden Climb
  • 2nd fastest time on Morse Park Grind


Distance 6,436.8mi
Time 422h 15m
Elevation Gain 335,499ft
Rides 173


Total Distance 37,556.8mi
Total Time 2234h 17m
Total Elev Gain 1,892,064ft
Total Rides 1232

Recent Photos

  • Super Moon™ definitely looks pretty super. Coming at you @_superdomestik , this one is made for you!
  • Not my usual jam.
  • I think I got my first man crush watching @swiftjesse1 dominate the A race last night... On a single speed. I'm not really sure how you even get that fast, but it it was inspiring to watch. ????
  • More people should follow @rmdub. This is his photo. So don't "like" it here, go on over to his gram, like it there, and follow him if you don't already. I just really admire his photos and his style of riding.
  • I almost skipped Pro Challenge entirely this year but on a lark I went out to Lookout Mountain this morning to pay homage to the pros. I'm so glad I did because 1. I ran into @manualforspeed, said hi, and listened as they pondered deep existential questions while evading the police. And 2. I also ran into @tsvetkov13 and caught up on his incredible first year in the Big Big Leagues. He went from 3rd at Pro Challenge last year to his first Grio Di Italia this year and Moldovan National Champion. So cool to see good people doing well! ✌????️
  • And we're off! #cyclomountaineering @clifbarracing @liamdunn1
  • NBD. Just a JDM series 60 RHD turbo diesel Land Cruiser with 30k miles on the clock and absolutely mint everything. Move along. This is not the droid you are looking for.
  • Heavy surf today
  • SON OF A BITCH! Give me a drink.
  • #breckepic2015 day 2. Just like day 1 only longer, more difficult, and more beautiful. ✌????️ #makethemhurt @trailnuggets @bikeonscott
  • Never not ????
  • I hate getting up at 5:30, but I love getting miles in with Denver's finest.
  • #lunchrad be like...
  • What goes up must come down. Thankfully the down happened at Buff Creek. #rampartrally #flaanimal ???? @chrismagnotta
  • Hail Mary request: does anyone know of a machine shop that can bust out a handful of adapters for the new Shimano flat mount disc standard? The part exists but it is so new that I haven't been able to find it and I need some by Friday. Open to creative solves including remote companies + fedex.
  • Screwed up back and shoulder this week = zero miles. Silver lining: #traildonkey 2.0 hardcore coffee shop testing is going swimmingly!
  • Normally there is zero water here.
  • "Do not come up here" she warned, "it might not go well for you".
I thanked her for the advice and continued up the mountain.
  • Took 2.0 prototype out with all the road racer boys and girls tonight. Just go ahead and tell her that she can't run with the thoroughbreds... She'll get mad and giddy right up. Sea biscuit. ???? #traildonkey @rodeo_labs @ridemagnetic
  • This bike and I are going to get along great. Maiden voyage was so fun!  #350woots #traildonkey @ridemagnetic @zodiacwatches @hbstache #hbstachecrew
  • Today we went on a Belgian Waffle Ride, and by that I mean we went on a ride in Belgium and got waffles... and éclairs... and some sort of powdery donut thing. Also fruit tarts, cream filled doohickeys, and a three foot long baguette. And four lollipops. We would have gained weight but we also rode the Muur, Kwaremont, Potterberg, Koppenberg, and some other climbs that were equally great but less famous. Belgium continues to amaze! I'm grateful for some incredible tour guides. @ashleygruber @jeredgruber
  • Evening miles through farm field after farm field.
  • Waiting for Godot.
  • #colordoping. #kitmas #kitgrid #kasualklub @rodeo_labs
  • Props to @tjculbreath and the whole Tusla cycling community for putting on a rad race on an epic course and showing us Rodeoers the meaning of hospitality. @nativelandsclassic is 120 (or 140) miles of adventure/racing goodness and well worth the road trip.
  • Shame to let a perfectly good red wall go to waste. @ridemagnetic
  • #lunchrad
  • #sockderping. Scale is a bit off, but we'll fix that on the next revision. @rodeo_labs
  • Embrace the rut. Give in to the rut. You are the rut. If you fight it, the rut will fling you into the bushes. ???? #traildonkey @rodeo_labs
  • "Crazy" is relative. If the guy next to you is more so, then he makes you feel downright normal.
  • I'm happy to have that ride over with. Time for a hot cup of coffee! #makethemhurt #coloradocyling
  • Two things kept me going on today's ride: 1. @pchuckogram is great company and he double bluffed me. 2. 12+ inches of snow are due any day now. So glad to have this ride in the bag.
  • @geoffreyk, keeping the #lunchrad rad since... whenever it was that he started it.
  • Even a simple sunset is impossible to capture.
  • Beach Donkey. Great spin this morning with @scottyjeagleton. It's great to meet people in real life that you've gotten to know just a but through social media. Los Angeles has been great to ride these last few days, now it's time to do a bit of work. #traildonkey @rodeo_labs
  • Early birds got the worm on Mullholland Dr. I've never started a ride at 4:30am before, but I've also never crossed LA with zero traffic before. Surreal. Good times!
  • #lasucksforcycling
  • Sometimes when attempting to PR a drive it's necessary to kit up. @zodiacwatches
  • Urban hill repeats. @rodeo_labs @denvercx #thederpsearch
  • 70 degrees today, but we still found snow because we are blood hounds for adversity. I love big rides with great company! ????@rodeo_labs
  • Evening miles
  • Great ride today with the @rodeo_labs crew and friends. Especially enjoyed showing some new guys our favorite roads. (I70 not included).
  • Today's ride / hike: kinda insane. Lair Of The #traildonkey. @rodeo_labs @trailnuggets #topobunny @ridemagnetic @castellicycling @iamspecialized
  • @rodeo_labs  #yolosnow ride /w @drmurrow @geoffreyk @pchuckogram and @chrismagnotta. #traildonkney
  • Figures. My favorite shot of the ride happens when the lens cover jams with ice and I mis-fire. Happy accidents are the story of my life.
  • Almost! 3rd row start, patiently raced up to the race lead through half of the bell lap but got straight up beat by a stronger dude at the end. Kinda stings but also feels good. Gave it my best shot and came pretty damn close. Thanks to @fitzfarm and the kids for supporting the goal, to @castellicycling @iamspecialized @zodiacwatches @rodeo_labs @ridemagnetic @elevation_cycles_denver @wildernesstrailbikes @asssavers @trailnuggets and the people who were heckling from the sidelines like @galen1973 and Larsen and @samerkhodor and everyone else. 2014 racing is a wrap and I'm ready for some pumpkin pie! #makethemhurt #topobunny#smashyourbarriers
  • The last few days were crazy fun. Hard to capture, but I tried to write it all up while it was all still fresh at Thanks for the invite, rad times, and photos @jeredgruber
  • Mount Evans was so beautiful on Friday that we had to go back today to see how high we could go. We made it to Summit Lake, and could have gone higher if we hadn't run out of daylight. It was truly a fantastic day. Thanks @jeredgruber for the crazy idea and excellent miles.
  • @kaizergilroy got shot by @jeredgruber today. Thankfully nobody got hurt. The funny thing is that we just christened Nick as "team hansel" on Rodeo a couple weeks back, and now he really is. @castellicycling
  • #thederpsearch
  • @jweeeks @chrisriekert how'm i doin'? #colordipped
  • #blackandwhitecookiechallenge. I totally just earned this thing.
  • #nightbro. 50 dark, cold miles tonight. Normally I wouldn't get nocturnal, but I still have one more goal this year... @iamspecialized #fluxelite
  • Urban Cross was awesome today. So terrifying, so slick, so fun. Thanks for the cheering @fitzfarm ????
  • Beautiful afternoon at the Res. The color palettes are ace out there right now.
  • That moment when you discover that you really aren't all that crazy because, for instance, there are crazier people. Exhibit A here: @pchuckogram. ???? #lunchrad
  • ...And crazier people Exhibit B: @mattdeviney ???? #lunchrad
  • Architectural Pilgrimage. #franklloyrdwright
  • Final ride of the Arizona trip. I take back everything I ever said about this state. It's a rad place. ????
  • The grass isn't necessarily greener in Arizona, but it is AstroTurf-er.
  • Today's gear grid. Time to go adventure hunting. ????????????#moregarminsmoreproblems
  • ???? It's gettin' hot out h'rrrr. ????
  • Arizona isn't ALL sand and cactus. There are some crazy cool mountains and lakes around here.
  • ???????????? x 2 today.
  • Things that make you go "hnnnnng" #spyker
  • The last time I woke up at 4am to ride was never, but when in Rome do as the Romans, or in this case Arizonans. Great riding with these two today. Thanks for the local hospitality @robwillshoot #arizona #cycling
  • Arizona is ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. ????
  • Bro do you even flare? #9146
  • #fall
  • Derp Drops! My stem cracked on the 5th attempt, but Donkey and hand laced wheels by @ridemagnetic are none the worse for the wear. Loving the extra volume of the WTB Nano tires on the landings????@rodeo_labs @castellicycling
  • #Sicklocross: racing with the flu or Ebola, starting with a nice front of the pack call up and finishing #dfl. Much pain, very cough, wow.
  • Sunset on North Table. I have so many plates spinning right now, but an end of the day escape helps to clear the mind. For that I'm thankful. ???? @stravacycling
  • #sawgordononmyride
  • #thederpsearch #traildonkey
  • Mixed day at the races today. Was running 3rd mid race in the SM3 until I pulled an @qzoomair and lost an entire crank arm. Surreal sensation. "You're done!" Yelled another racer as he went by. No I wasn't.  Ran half a lap to the pits where my trusty old Bianchi was waiting, saddled back up, and kept racing. Made it back up 10th by the end of the race, which in some ways is more satisfying than an uneventful podium. Never quit, eh?
  • Bonus: @fitzfarm gave me a pass to hang at the races extra long today so I got to take some photos with the real camera, which is a rare treat. I had almost forgotten how to take photos that aren't selfies! /sarcasm #cxofthenorth #bouldercyclesport #cyclocross
  • Escaped to Buffalo Creek this morning and rode the new Little Scraggy trail. What a killer new ribbon of dirt! ...and rock. #traildonkey #buffcreek #colorado. Photo by @chrismagnotta
  • #seenonmyrun: A gorgeous Alfa. Swoon!
  • General tips for #traildonkey ownership: Donkeys have feelings too, so after you've asked your steed to run hard against a pack of thoroughbreds it's good to take it out to a nice pasture and reward it with a leisurely romp. Apples and oats also increase the bond between beast and rider.
  • First ever win today on #traildonkey. I am full of woot! My race strategy was: don't fall. Before I knew it, everyone in front of me had fallen and there I was crossing the line! Donkeys and bunnies are very sure footed I guess. ????????@ridemagnetic @rodeo_labs @castellicycling @zodiacwatches @wildernesstrailbikes @iamspecialized ????
  • Friday dirt with @frandsenv. First time I've been to Encanted Forest. I can't believe what I've been missing.
  • It's Thursday, finally getting a ride in... #topobunny #rodeolabs @rodeo_labs
  • Escape from Desk-catraz complete. Angst levels down by 46%. Endorphins up by 326%. Derping quota satisfied. Thanks God, I needed that. ????
  • #colorado is on fire right now, and that isn't a bad thing. @rodeo_labs #traildonkey #cyclocross #mtb
  • Way up high w @fitzfarm
  • The aptly named Aspen trail. ????
  • Wagon train. @clazyuranch
  • Tonight's race was...a blur. First A's race that I've done. Had a nasty crash, broke my shoe buckle, washed out a few times, but hung in there to salvage a few tatters of dignity. Fun stuff! #crossishere @rodeo_labs @ridemagnetic #traildonkey
  • To the plains! Started the weekend with the FDR crew today. Sometimes the best way to trick yourself into riding hard is to do it in a group. I'm whooped! ????
  • Malec demonstrates the 30 mph 6am snot rocket. #parkhillpeloton
  • @gordonseriously is the consummate creative director: Rapha everything, handmade Firefly ti frame, dialed beard, and he only rides through minimalist landscapes made up of simple, natural colors. I can't really say anything bad about his approach though because it all comes together pretty great! Always a good wheel to share a ride with. ????
  • Denver yonder! Great lunch ride with @gordonseriously discussing cx racing, donkeys, freelancing, the cloud, tubeless tires, and how busted I'd be if I were late picking the kids up from school. (I made it on time!)
  • These kids earned their team jerseys tonight. Been working on it for a month and this was the final ride. I'm a happy dad. #trailburrito
  • Off to Boulder w @pchuckogram
  • Maiden #cyclocross voyage for #traildonkey AND #topobunny. Great day on the race course despite questionable preparation on my part. 12th in the SM3 race. Giddyup @rodeo_labs @ridemagnetic
  • A truly excellent outing today with @pchuckogram. I was going to drive to the race then home, then this guy said he'd come along and we rode to the race, raced it, then Rodeoed home on dirt and tarmac. 95 miles and 36 years in the bag for me today. Feels good. I'm grateful.
  • Kiddie burrito practice!
  • Some w00t arrived in the mail today. Rather excellent shade of blue! It's raining out but I may just have to go break it in anyway. #stoppingtotakepicsdoesntmakeyoslow
  • Fog is pretty rare in colorado...
  • I could sit here all day and watch the fog roll through, but it's getting cold.
  • #hypersam!
  • @robboydston's first ride on his new road rig today and he wasn't afraid to take it on the local trails. Tré Rodeo! @rodeo_labs
  • "He didn't fall? INCONCEIVABLE!" #cx #slickrock #colorado
  • Started from the bottom... @rodeo_labs @ridemagnetic @castellicycling #colorado #cyclocross #mtb #traildonkey
  • She really doesn't even love bikes all that much, but when she comes out to play it's the best thing. ???? @fitzfarm
  • Closed out August in style today with @geoffreyk @pchuckogram @mattrshannon and @kaizergilroy. Great route, great weather, great company. ????
  • It's fluo season again. Sad to see the summer waning, but stoked because fall and winter make for the most epic rides.
  • Following these guys up and down the canyons was a strong reminder that I've grown pleasantly out of shape this August. Mission accomplished!
  • Scene common to all cyclists: Lé Wait for Buddÿ
  • @gordonseriously found the first goathead of the season! Is there a prize for that?
  • First day of school caravan.
  • Switchbacks pWn3d! @manualforspeed @rodeo_labs
  • @denvercx joined the #roadeotrip today!
  • Hard day of driving! These cars are more related than many would think. #boxer4 #roadeotrip
  • Hey Glenn what say we hit #401 trail real quick-like? #roadeotrip
  • Somewhere above Gothic near 11,000 feet. #401trail #roadeotrip @rodeo_labs
  • #traildonkey brings out the hottest fans in spades. ?????????? #roadeotrip
  • Repost from @cactus_mike. the black pearl photo bombed the race!
  • Gotta give props to this ride. Hot hot hot. #vw
  • First order of the day: Independence Pass with Captain America. #roadeotrip
  • Hot diggity that ain't even fake! #itsfake #noitsnot #traildonkey
  • Top of the Primal morning to ya! #parkhillpeloton #denver #coloradocycling
  • Oh hai @asssavers. Here is #AnotherAssSaved for your wall of saved asses. ????
  • #outsideisfree if you ride up the hill and skip the lift. #steamboatsprings #colorado #mtb #cycling #rodeolabs
  • @denverbcycle shakedown complete. All systems go for #evanschillclimb! Still some spots available if peeps wanna come. @rodeo_labs
  • Good morning Steamboat!
  • This was a pretty rad way to end the week of riding. @rodeo_labs
  • Blind Date with @fitzfarm. ??
  • A rare two ride day. This time trying to keep up with @denvercx and @chrismagnotta. Truly excellent dirt/road/adventure route on cx bikes. #traildonkey
  • I never get tired of aspen trees. Perfect color palette.
  • Love this group ride. It was so fast today that the blood drained from my ears and I couldn't hear for ten seconds at the top of the first hill. They still hurt an hour later. Not to mention my legs. Ouch. #ilovephp #denver #colorado
  • Stole a pic from @bermcolo. #traildonkey on tarmac patrol.
  • Confirmed: this bike will take me anywhere I'm dumb enough to ride it. #traildonkey
  • We survived! Not sure how the results shook out with the staggered start but we lead the first 80 miles then suffered a horrible series of flats that cost is many places. Still crossed the line in the top 5. What a great day! 105 miles 14k feet of climbing. More soon! #rgr @iamspecialized @ridemagnetic
  • Blue. More blue! #traildonkey is wearing #rgr livery thanks to the fine folks at @iamspecialized
  • The first one was for me, this one is for my team @rodeo_labs. Colorado State Camp road race. A short but very difficult day in the saddle. I wasn't the most gifted rider, @ryant7 was along with the other three gentlemen in our group of five at the line. But I wanted this win for our upstart squad, to show that Rodeo loves a good bike race and we mean business, skittles and all. Also happy to defend the title from last year, which I wasn't expecting but secretly hoped for. Special thanks to my wife @fitzfarm and my kids for being gracious and supportive of my goals and endeavors. ????????????last shouts to @adrenalincycles for the bike, @castellicycling for ongoing radness (Sanremo, baby!) and @iamspecialized for the dipped smurf shoes and lid. Chapeau!
  • This kid does not like to be passed. He also doesn't like brakes. My job as a parent just got harder. :)
  • The great thing about the SanRemo is that it's so versatile. You can wear it to the office, then, without even changing, bust out on a mid week hundred milers, then to the club later on that night!
  • @chrismagnotta and Lucas, shaking things down on the shakedown ride. @rodeo_labs #traildonkey
  • Route choices galore! Super fast group ride on the roads? Check. Local singletrack explored? Check. That's the whole idea behind the #traildonkey. It isn't the fastest at anything, but it makes new adventures possible. ???? @rodeo_labs
  • Gettin after it this morning. #traildonkey #rodeolabs @ridemagnetic @iamspecialized
  • Great to catch up a bit with @kmullervy and @conormullervy @and @the_pooh_is_real and Kai and Tad. Everybody is dialed for #BoiseTwilight Crit
  • Finishing the weekend @rodeo_labs style, with vice presidente @denvercx. #350woots.
  • Heading up to the 403 trail, quick glance to the left *pop*, brain blows a fuse.
  • Approaching 12,000ft. 403 trail.
  • PROOF OF LIFE. #traildonkey survives the #fattire40! Easily the least advisable thing I've ever done on a bike. The two sensations inexperienced for four hours+ were pain and fear. But now I get to bask in the ridiculousness and fun of it. Props to @ridemagnetic on the @rodeo_labs wheel build. I truly have no idea how they survived that course, sans flat even. #makethemhurt! #skinnytire40
  • Takes forever to get here, but once you arrive none of that matters anymore.
  • After pre riding certain sections of the course today I decided that by far the best bike for the job is a #mtb. I'm riding Donkey anyway. #fattire40, meet #skinnytire40. @rodeo_labs @ridemagnetic
  • Nature is not happy that I'm out here stealing her views today.
  • Road trials are progressing nicely. First #donkeykom today!
  • The @cycleton guys (and Garrick!) made me hurt today. Donkey rode well though, and never complained when I asked her for more. #seabiscuit
  • Mornings atop The Cone. ????
  • Sub 29:00 up Falcon on the #traildonkey! Over a minute faster than my PR on my MTB. Not bad for lugging almost 180lbs of m I am full of w00t! @rodeo_labs @ridemagnetic and my butt was very very happy thanks to @iamspecialized ????
  • Last minute #mtb ride. Hopefully I beat the storms.
  • I ran out of water on today's ride and was saved by the @iamspecialized demo crew at Green Mountain. Thanks so much! ???? if you can get away there were a ton if sweet bikes and the overcast weather is perfect for riding. ????
  • State championship crit. Much wet, very PDX.
  • Sandy Wash. Buff Creek. Heaven. #traildonkey
  • I was sitting sweltering in my office answering emails then @con_r81 pinged me and we escaped for a quick lap of the Res. Thanks Conrad!
  • Colorado Trail segments 1-2-3 from Waterton to Buff Creek. Here we come! @rodeo_labs #traildonkey
  • 3 days of trail brutality. 10,000 woots later. #traildonkey did amazing and Buff Creek is basically trail heaven.
  • It took a friend to get me over the hump this morning. Left alone I would have slept in. Instead, @pchuckogram and I earned some amazing views up Golden Gate and White Ranch.
  • I thought I was so cool for doing falcon on a cx bike then @chrismagnotta decided to come and did it on a road bike. He basically one-upped all of Colorado. @rodeo_labs #traildonkey
  • Top of the world! ???? excellent first dirt ride on the new rig.
  • Burritos and Coke. Part of your complete breakfast.
  • Today's ride, besides the thunder, lightning, hail, tornado warnings, and generally excellent company, had special significance. It wasy first outing on the @rodeo_labs #traildonkey. I feel like nature upped her game and instead of it being a chill outing, it became a proper (literal) baptism for the new steed. The whole @rodeo_labs thing has been a blast, and this donkey project is icing on the cake. Special thanks to @denvercx @ridemagnetic @pchuckogram @castellicycling @iamspecialized and most of all my wife @fitzfarm who all one way or another have given meaningful encouragement and/or practical support along the way. Last thought: if you have an idea in your head, go for it and make it happen! You can do it. ????
  • Pretty legit lunch ride. More at 11! #denver #lunchride @rodeo_labs
  • Good to be back the saddle with friends. #php #denver #coloroado
  • Finally, at the last race of the season before taking a break, I got the elusive W. I cannot even put into words how relieved I am. So many miles, so much prep, and a few difficult near misses. But today went off in style at the Colorado Koppenberg, one of our spring classics. 6 lap breakaway with five rad gentlemen put five minutes into the peloton. Came down to the sprint. I let fly a bit early because that's my only party trick and took the sprint. Thanks again to @adrenalincycles for the Super Six Evo. It rode SO well. chapeau! ????????????
  • They know what is what, but I don't know what is what. I just strut... #wtf ???????? @iamspecialized
  • Stressful insane week, but today I'm thankful that my Mrs gave me some extra time so that I could get to the mountains and clear the head for a few hours.
  • Holy moly. This just showed up. Remember those old iPhone unboxing videos? Well here's one for bike stuff! Corked Edition #iamspecialized saddle and bartape. Crazy impressive presentation. I know which bike this is going on! Thank you @chrisriekert and Specialized!
  • 5th today. Not quite what I was hoping for. Gnarly crash on 2nd to last corner blew up the lineup and made it a mad dash for scraps. That's bike racing! @rodeo_labs
  • Maiden voyage. @adrenalincycles ????
  • First lap around the res with @fitzfarm. ???? She did great!
  • Lunch Rodeo with @geoffreyk and @dfitzger
  • So many miles, not enough sunsets admired. And no Alvin, I'm not peeing.
  • I just had THE BEST ride with this guy today. We had no plan and we covered almost the entire spectrum if cycling in a day. Road, trails, paths, singletrack, aqueducts, cliffs, bike parks, pump tracks... It never stopped! So many woots. #thederpserch @denvercx @rodeo_labs
  • Probably the single most epic part of the ride. This mid to high 20% gradient at N Table Mtn. Couldn't stand up, couldn't turn cranks, but we made it anyway. #thederpserch @rodeo_labs
  • 45 miles in the break today. Made them hurt badly. 2nd in the sprint. 2nd is the most bitter place, but sometimes you just have to suck up the disappointment and be a sport. It was a fair and fun shootout. #breaksomeeggs #makethemhurt @rodeo_labs
  • Lunch rodeo!
  • Racing home w @pchuckogram before nightfall after another great/painful Meridian ride.
  • @pchuckogram rocking today's @rodeo_labs rally. #cycling #colorado
  • @mattdeviney and Steven Sandoval grinding up some 15% gravel on today's @rodeo_labs rally. New roads and new friends. ????
  • Skinner and Tom charging into daylight. #php
  • Post group ride: Teaching the little man the importance of hitting the 20 minute nutrition window.
  • Post group ride: School drop with little miss sunshine.
  • Stereo scorpions.
  • I passed a mountain biker on the trails today. He said "you must be lost!" He couldn't be more wrong. #cycling #colorado #traildonkey #mtb #greenmountain @rodeo_labs
  • Favorite detail on our team kits. Be a good sport, but #makethemhurt
  • Two races one day. Plenty of pain. Couldn't find the right breakaway in the second race but still had a lot of fun and broke some eggs.
  • Difficult to snap a shot of @denvercx standing still, so I took ten of him moving. @rodeo_labs maiden kit ride. Woot. ??
  • 1 hour of pain with these peeps. Good times. #meridian
  • One for the ages. I got shelled but whoa what a day. Giddyup! @rodeo_labs #gorgeroubaix
  • Rolling on my old roads in Washington today. I used to own this climb on Strava, then I moved and lost it. Today I got it back. Feels kinda good, to be honest.
  • Apparently Boulder group rides all have fancy follow cars. #heaven
  • Days like this... They'z good for the soul.
  • @denvercx and @angrybovine somewhere around mile 60/85
  • Pain. Terror. Lactic acid. Vicious attacks. Must be crit season.
  • First race of the year and first race as @rodeo_labs team mates. (Even though our kits haven't arrived yet). Great day of bike racing. Good to get that first one out of the way. I thing we grabbed a 5th or 6th on a hellacious course. ????