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Aylwin Villanueva

Aylwin Villanueva

San Rafael, California
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2015, first full season as a runner: Way Too Cool 50K - March 7 Lake Sonoma 50M - April 11 Mountains2Beach Marathon - May 24 Tahoe Rim Trail 50M - July 18 Portland Marathon - Oct 4 North Face Endurance Challenge 50M - Dec 5

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 250
  • 500
  • 750
  • 1000
  • 1250
Mar 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 8.2mi
  • 1h 10m
  • 1,768ft

Recent Achievements

  • CR on Redwood Canyon Fire Rd Climb
  • PR on Lucas Valley Rd Climb
  • PR on Marin Ave to Oakwood Valley
  • 2nd fastest time on Redwood Canyon Fire Rd Climb

All-Time PRs

  • 5:04
    1 MILE
  • 11:13
    2 MILES
  • 17:19


Distance 436.8mi
Time 71h 5m
Elevation Gain 66,926ft
Runs 45


Total Distance 2,572.1mi
Total Time 400h 40m
Total Elev Gain 227,500ft
Total Runs 298

Recent Photos

  • "Work" right now, next to, #work back then.
  • Back to the first trail I hit in the Bay Area...
  • Small and fast Ninja group today so it was a solo run for me. 
Chased my own times, listened to birds chirping as my feet landed and kicked up dirt, watched rabbits sprint along, and pushed to get a glimpse of Emily  and @arakni's headlamps, all while hearing the sound of the world wake up.
  • Back to back runs again: Tuesday track last night and climbed this morning. 5th and fastest time (I think) from Mill Valley....but still not fast enough, esp. when it includes an extra failed scramble. This is Tam Summit #10, so far that's at least one summit for every full week in 2015!
  • Avoiding Tam, can't seem to do any significant climbing today, getting some rolling terrain around the lakes though! Some very fast bros ripping it up somewhere here too!
  • Below the #fog, but right at the edge. Thanks for pushing mine.

Ran my fastest Ninja loop on my first official Ninja run.
  • Tired legs on the track last night means no legs on Tam this #morning. But @_anilyst put the pressure on me to find the scramble to the top after 2 failed attempts before....and we freaking did it!!
  • Topped off a great morning....and our stomachs, before work. We both acknowledged we didn't really ride that much to earn this + a breakfast sandwich. But oh wells. #raceweight
  • Recovery spin with Kristin after a solid weekend of running.
  • Unexpected great company at the top today! I started from Ross and @joppedal started from Mill Valley....and we hit the peak *exactly* at the same time!!
  • Go to where your heart and mind are at #peace.
  • Clear and great morning. Sickness, be gone!!
Now chasing some #SanFrancisco toast.
  • Such a #beautiful morning!!! Great to see you guys, even if it was just for a bit, @geferr @bdbfc @kmok23 @yannkerherve . My plan was to ride to the start....but couldn't wake up earlier. Had a 5 hr energy drink and half a cup ☕️ just to get going. 
  • Tam #Summit #6: 2nd time from Mill Valley. Good back to back runs...but super pissed at myself for not knowing where the scramble (the last *rock* climb was)..Glad to run into @fernandodss group though on the descent (they went a bit longer). @sfrunco , can you mark the 'course' on the your way up? ;)