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Alex Varner

Alex Varner

San Francisco, California
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Runner. Sneakerhead. Not necessarily in that order. Nike Trail Elite. Picky Bars.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 80
  • 160
  • 240
  • 320
  • 400
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 71.0mi
  • 8h 10m
  • 3,522ft


All-Time PRs

  • 4:06
    1500 METERS
  • 4:20
    1 MILE
  • 8:33
    3000 METERS
  • 14:17
  • 29:53
  • 50:28
    10 MILES
  • 2:16:59
  • 2:21:40
  • 3:17:04
  • 6:09:39
    50 MILES
  • 15:53:42
    100 MILES


Distance 2,365.0mi
Time 295h 59m
Elevation Gain 272,195ft
Runs 257


Total Distance 10,500.3mi
Total Time 1252h 23m
Total Elev Gain 1,044,534ft
Total Runs 1093

Recent Photos

  • This time the matching was definitely on purpose. #lactic #niketrailrunning #zoomelite8
  • I guess this makes up for the half mile of pavement on the xc course today. #mtsanbruno #niketrailrunning #xc #lifepoints
  • The Dalles. #niketrailrunning 
#Repost @nikerunning with @repostapp.
The wild ones.

Few are willing to go through mountains, deserts, and streams to find the finish line. Meet those who do. 
These are the Nike Trail Elite. Find the gear they train in on, now in our bio. #niketrail
  • Cross training. Am I doing it right? #niketrailrunning #lifepoints
  • View from the top is always worth it. #tambros #niketrailrunning #lifepoints
  • Sur le pont et ils dansent #ggb #niketrailrunning #lifepoints
  • Mammoth-sized views. #MVDRUGSdoesMammoth
  • The view from what would have been maybe the most epic house in Marin. #lavahouse #niketrailrunning #lifepoints
  • Recovery could be worse... #niketrailrunning #lifepoints
  • A grey day for Bay to Breakers but no better way to beat the engagement party hangover than by running in. #WVTC #baytobreakers #lifepoints
  • Time to roll!!
  • Columbia River Gorge #niketrailrunning #pickyteam #lifepoints #GUforit #bago
  • Champs. Hawaii. #lifepoints #GUforit
  • And they're off! #waytoocool #wtc @nikerunning #niketrailrunning
  • Is it possible to simultaneously love and loathe the same place? If it is, this is that place. #Dipsea #stairs #only7milestogo
  • Birds are terrifying. #feedingfrenzy
  • California January, you're all right by me. #niketrailrunning
  • Sleeping Maiden says good morning. #niketrailrunning #tambros
  • Boys barebacking the Willow Camp saddle.
  • Interacting with the local fauna #cowpie #tambrosdoptreyes @dylanbo @thebigstapler @magicsquid @thedenuch @tgaylord
  • I don't always run with my phone, but when I do, it always looks like this. Also that shot of fireball I turned down was a great decision. #niketrailrunning #iliveinwonderland
  • Post PAs lounging. Cross country is always a good way to make the legs burn a bit. Got to preview the 2015 club xc nationals course as well. Excited.
  • Getting close to the finish at Sunday's #nycmarathon Photo credit @austinavarner #niketrailrunning
  • Leaders at the Dash to the Finish 5k this morning. Cold and wet but they were moving. Don took the W. #nycmarathon
  • Cyclocross. Am I doing it right? #noob
  • Never gets old. Pelican sausage fest with @rickeygates @tylerthatguy #allsausageallthetime
  • Hi Cal St. @mjlaye @fernandodss #ws100
  • En route to this morning's run in the Columbia River Gorge. @rpalkovsky
  • Ready for tomorrow? We'll find out soon enough. T-12 hours. #LS50
  • Dinner and a view.
  • Bacon Bacon food truck. #noguilt #wtc50k #recovery
  • Lovely morning for a desert race #bootlegger
  • Minor league baseball giveaway night at its finest: plungers #pacificsbaseball
  • Here we go...
  • No matter how many times I run here, this view never gets old. #bransonxchomecourse #thedirtsearch @stravarun
  • Back again. More fog today. Better company @gusgibbs #thedirtsearch @stravarun #4in4onthe4th
  • More fog #whatocean @gusgibbs
  • Where's San Francisco?
  • @gusgibbs rollin on northside
  • Reed en route up Fern Creek #thedirtsearch @stravarun
  • #thedirtsearch @stravarun Am I doing it right?
  • From whence we came...
  • Nice morning for a race @mjlaye @gusgibbs
  • Clearly struggling with Instagram. I swear I can use a cameraphone
  • The bridge says hello.
  • Trampoline bridge
  • Howl's that for a view?
  • Madonnarama
  • Where the other photo came from...
  • Where on earth am I?
  • Lovely spot for lunch
  • High rollers and June gloom
  • Top!
  • #cactusbomb
  • Lovely day for a pre-race run up at Phoenix Lake. Quite warm. Hope you're hydrating if you're doing the #doubledipsea tomorrow!