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Steve Weixel

Steve Weixel

Santa Barbara, CA
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I like to ride my bike. Again.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 270
  • 540
  • 810
  • 1080
  • 1350
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 158.1mi
  • 11h 12m
  • 10,732ft

Recent Achievements

  • KOM on Via Tranquilla Bottom to Top
  • 4th overall on Hope Horse Trail
  • 4th overall on 154 to Red Rocks
  • PR on Cliff Drive (Arroyo Burro to Sea Ledge)


Distance 10,151.9mi
Time 688h 49m
Elevation Gain 815,522ft
Rides 416


Total Distance 138,175.5mi
Total Time 8399h 29m
Total Elev Gain 9,782,451ft
Total Rides 4924

Recent Photos

  • #goodmorning #nofilter
  • Photo by @cjcovy
  • Photo by @cjcovy
  • Enjoying a nice coffee beer to celebrate my 700th official strava time up OSM
  • Beer me. Photo by timer activated by @cjcovy
  • Softcore #cloudporn
  • Always love the view of the OSM switchy-backs
  • Dusk layers
  • Silvergreens/handlebar breakfast
  • I was trying to get a pic of the house being constructed
  • Power lines
  • Is this new? I don't remember it.
  • Rancho Oso
  • Layers revisited
  • Flashback Friday... 11 years ago
  • I enjoy seeing my pictures put to good use ????
  • #mntt
  • #mntt
  • #mntt
  • #mntt
  • #mntt
  • #mntt
  • #mntt
  • #mntt
  • #mntt
  • ???? @cjcovy
  • OSM sunrise
  • Driveway to nowhere
  • Layers #nofilter
  • #piertopeak start
  • #piertopeak
  • #piertopeak
  • #piertopeak #funsigns Go random stranger go!
  • #piertopeak
  • #piertopeak #funsigns Insert inspiring phrase here
  • #piertopeak
  • #piertopeak
  • The winners #piertopeak
  • #Repost @kweixel with @repostapp
  • Going for a walk
  • Where the fuck did instagram move the rotation option to?
  • Morning handlebar
  • Busy morning
  • #lego #pewpewpew
  • I should probably stop now.... #rapha
  • So much for trying to beat the heat...
  • Sunrise on OSM just starting to wash some color into the clouds
  • Looks like a watercolor
  • This guy had the right idea
  • The peak color before it started to fade
  • From Painted Cave, looking back was a pretty sweet view too
  • A ribbon of Painted Cave with OSM below
  • Pre-ride at @handlebarcoffee
  • Always love this view of the fields below
  • Well, that's one way to fix a hole...
  • Suns out guns out #bibsonly
  • Epic view of fog covering the valley from the 154
  • Cold springs tavern
  • Different view from ECC
  • Kinevan road #Repost @cjcovy with @repostapp.
  • More #legomodular inspiration?
  • Getting ready to call out time splits at #nitemoves
  • #nitemoves
  • #nitemoves about to start
  • This kid had an early lead but faded before the first mile. #nitemoves
  • #seenonmyride
  • #seenonmyride
  • New shoe day
  • Painted Cave Sunrise
  • Fun fun
  • Breakfast ride #omnomnom #willrideforfood
  • Ballard Canyon Road. #Repost from @cjcovy
  • Hard to capture the full gnarl of this switchback on Camino Cielo
  • The flowing sweepers on the lower part of Camino Cielo are moar fun...
  • Toy truck
  • Vineyards along the rolling hills of Ballard Canyon
  • @cjcovy
  • Cafe corner #legomodular is done. Now I need the next stupidly expensive retired set that I don't have...
  • Flashback Friday for the rest of the #legomodular collection
  • I was taking a picture of the truck and a flashy red car got in the way...
  • I'm seeing the world as #legomodular right now. This looks like perfect inspiration for a custom building.
  • #legomodular hotel sign
  • Gravel grinding in Hope Ranch #Repost @cjcovy with @repostapp.
  • #nitemoves
  • #nitemoves
  • Don't push me, push a push pop
  • Above the #cloudporn
  • Looks like the "official" name is Santa Ynez River Road, not Paradise or Gibraltar past the river crossing...
  • @cjcovy getting his #vitaminD
  • On Angostura #Repost from @cjcovy
  • Descending the backside of Refugio #Repost from @cjcovy
  • Sky moves
  • Ebay + beer = $$$
  • Just a couple of bicycle riding, picture taking dorks
  • OSM sunrise
  • Dawn
  • Wispy fog over west camino cielo
  • The mission
  • Broke my boa cable with my massive sprint
  • #rapharising
  • 7k to go for the stupid #rapharising thing
  • Hard to see the zip line
  • @kweixel came and resupplied my bottles for the last ascent of #dagib
  • Lap 1 handlebar intermission
  • Lap 2 salt rings
  • Sock doping
  • Convict Lake
  • Reflections
  • This is my angry tree face
  • Panorama trail
  • Panorama trail
  • Panorama trail
  • Mammoth
  • Panorama trailhead
  • Figured it was only a matter of time before I ran into someone I knew...
  • Sotcher Lake
  • Sotcher Lake
  • Seemed appropriate for Red's Meadow
  • We ran into these hikers twice. They were camping at one of the lakes
  • Lake Skelton
  • Lake Barney
  • Lower section of Lake Barney
  • Lake Barney
  • Lake Arrow Head
  • Lake 1: Emerald Lake (again)
  • Lake 1: Emerald Lake
  • Mammoth Mountain in the background
  • Chillaxin'
  • Gravel bike for gravel road
  • No elevation on the sign, but it's five figures
  • Drafting a tractor