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Jason Martel Dye

Jason Martel Dye

rotterdam, Netherlands
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 170
  • 340
  • 510
  • 680
  • 850
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 53.0mi
  • 4h 24m
  • 2,464ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Singletrack langs het water
  • PR on Free fall 2
  • PR on Middenberg Bergschenhoek (not harzardous)
  • 2nd fastest time on Grote berg @Bergschenhoek


Distance 3,204.0mi
Time 214h 21m
Elevation Gain 186,614ft
Rides 127


Total Distance 30,311.6mi
Total Time 1767h 8m
Total Elev Gain 1,019,121ft
Total Rides 1001

Recent Photos

  • Not a bad day for me and ol blu on the paradise loop.
  • Captain duke and his bounty @alexwnewcomb
  • Gravel day
  • Donut jams with @wmyersx
  • Tryin to not notice how uncomfortably moist my feet are
  • Definitely crashed immediately after.
  • I guess Facebook says I'm a juggalo now?
  • Jelly of everyone getting muddier in Colorado today
  • Bikel ridings @wmyersx @krhuizar ..... And bob
  • Excellent ride into the snow
  • Damn mountain bikes.
  • The appropriate phrase for today's short but excellent cyclocross ride is "gnar schralping"
#toropark #cxploration #stealingnolanshashtags
  • Rainy play time with judas
  • Oh bob
  • Nice lil sunset trail ride... Not even All the angry old ladies on the horse trails can ruin this.
  • First ride on Frankie 2.0 #steelisreal
  • Why is there so many chips?!?
  • Cx fun with @wmyersx and @tstone133
  • Good day for a #cyclocross ride
  • So pumped off this draft haha
  • So they can only book old I now....?
  • #isthistherightangle? @namonster
  • Choco
  • I honestly might melt..
  • Classic @benvogt86 move
  • We will both be taken seriously. #kittenmittens
  • Pumped. #seaotterclassic
  • Not sure how I feel about glove tanlines yet... #cyclistproblems
  • Burrito bike smashin'
  • Wish you were here @tstone133 !!
  • Midnight roller session
  • @barrycrider hurry up, I've got oatmeal to eat
  • Totally didn't realize I was out of soy or flax milk and had already pooted a fat bowl of cereal, so bam. Chocolate almond milk. Actually kinda good and satisfies my sweet tooth for the day ???? #vegan
  • Toenail's face kills me
  • Yyeeaahhhh chuck!
  • Ted mosby, heart throb.
  • Won a bottle of some fancy olive oil, gas money, myself and two teammates made 5th, 8th, and 9th place putting us in good standings for tomorrows race. And I got my last paycheck just now! Gunna go have one green beer and then fall asleep early like an old man
  • This is what I gotta race in today. Amazing.
  • Got a good tanning session in today. Haha, ugh.
  • Delicious #vegan tempeh sandwich.
  • School
  • Say whaatt?!?! #peru
  • Mini road trippin with my fav gal. #ifuckinglovemydog
  • My favorite weekly spot to ride to. This picture doesn't do it justice at all. Top of Sierra college at secret ravine
  • So stoked off my new blender. Perfect blueberry banana orange-apple-soy plus soy protein smoothie. #vegan
  • Crummy weather, at least I got to clean the hell outta my bike.
  • Totally forgot this was coming in the mail.
  • Miserable from the rain and cold. I love cycling
  • This made me chuckle
  • Jackfruit. Never knew it was this big
  • Gimme somma dat jeeuucceee
  • New route with @barrycrider and zach
  • I love #cycling
  • Some would say this is unnecessary. I tell those people to shut the fuck up.
  • I think it's a sign I'm supposed to own a pit because I keep finding them...
  • Uhhhh... That's some serious hail.
  • That's one expensive bike race.
  • This looks rideable still, right?
  • Custom sling #cycling
  • Jaundice (not really)
  • Soooo many zombie movies... ????????????
  • Dietary project for nutrition on how good/bad of a vegan I am. I actually eat pretty damn well. Hopefully the report gets me a good grade tho ????
  • First time on a bike in the streets in three weeks. Cheezin
  • Ethical hamburger #vegan
  • Great morning for a bike ride
  • Weird
  • Orange soda stop
  • First #vegan recovery mix I've been able to find. Stoked to try it out. #cycling
  • Cellular devices..
  • Bridge rides.
  • These white ass shoes make me look tan as fuck
  • I like my summer coffee iced, and with raw sugar granules at the bottom.
  • My sky back to home
  • Compression socks are amazing. #yah,imjusttakingaphotosothattomorrowicancomeupwithanawesome666photo
  • Since covering myself in goat's blood and burning down some religious building would be a bit unethical and excessive, I figured for my 666th photo, I'll just burn a picture. #666 #fuckyou
  • Awesome.
  • Not even near my phone, and I hear it turn on and start playing this song. #ryanadams
  • You know you've a cycling problem when you pack for 5 days and your suitcase is already full an you haven't even put "normal" clothes in yet. #fuckit
  • Maybe I should get someone else to cut my pants for me
  • Top of san benancio climb
  • Fun
  • Good way to end my 5 hour bike ride
  • Awesome ride into San Juan Bautista. Pretty damn windy tho
  • Just a car off the side of the cliff. No big deal
  • Climbing is always worth it once you get to the top. San Juan grade road
  • Climbing is always worth it once you get to the top. San Juan grade road
  • Climb climb cliiimmmbbbbb
  • Biggest cup of #coffee in the world. It's like half the size of my head.
  • So awesome come home after a hard ride and totally dreading having to make dinner, only to find out your roommate made enough #vegan red curry veggies and brown rice. Score.
  • About to go ride with chuck. Hopefully he knows it's hot.
  • Chuck and I decided to cross the river on some random ferry. So sick.
  • Crucial purchase just now. Thanks chuck.
  • This is going to be amazing come tomorrow. Thanks for the idea ????
  • And yet another amazing idea. Cream cheese, spinach, and cucumber. #vegan
  • Taking a day trip. #cycling
  • I'll go this direction for now.
  • You can thank your boyfriends for this purchase today @shebrew @steinerxx #igotaweirdmirror #remindsmeofwackywavinginflatablearmguy
  • Time to go ride my bike
  • A better picture. Race ready for this weekend. #cycling
  • So good
  • You're a deer, chillin right in front of me. No big
  • After the past few days, I decided to say fuck it and fill it to the top.
  • This is what I do to my bananas when it's hot.
  • Perfectly clear sky, 67 degrees, and those hills make for an awesome bike ride today. Stoked to be in salinas right now
  • Perfect. #cycling
  • Was definitely worth going down. This should be interesting going back up
  • Happy bday @xonial hopefully your ride was as awesome as this one
  • I'm riding around you today. Halfway done
  • We chill hard
  • Idiot #bigassbicycle
  • A lot of feet above sea level. @snickerdoodlemattypants
  • Emeralds cove. While I wait for Barry to get up the switchbacks
  • This is the hair I have to deal with every morning.
  • I don't know why I carry so much stuff in my pants' pockets
  • Everything involved in this picture is so mad at me right now. #leesvillerr
  • Fully endorsing this, for all my cycling friends. #hotelblanketsinthebackground
  • Sweet berry wine! #foryourhealth #drstevebrule
  • Watchu know bout dat purple drankkk #chicha #peru #fuckyah
  • Sorry @snickerdoodlemattypants but I went and got a haircut today. No more euro cutting practice for you
  • Lunch #cycling #vegan
  • Stopped at 7-11 to fill up my bottles and totally forgot it was happy 7-11 day! Friggin score. #onlytimeilleverdrinkthiscrap #kindalying,iloveslurpees
  • For you, @toddng
  • Hey blue eyes
  • Captain jack
  • Ha.
  • America's biscoff @snickerdoodlemattypants @420gary69
  • All my pictures today are animals, food, and a giant painting of a man with two big lettuce heads as balls. Also, never realized it but my cat is a kitler. #catsthatlooklikehitler #666
  • Ohhh mother :) #sillyasspancakes #vegan
  • Won strawberries and a shirt. Eff fields sprints man haha
  • God damn do these strawberries taste good tho.
  • Sheer genious. #vegan peanut butter chocolate energy bars. Place your order, @snickerdoodlemattypants
  • Being a lil bitch after 4 1/2 hours in the saddle and elevating my legs outside. Atleast my energy bars are good. #crocs #ftw
  • So sick #starwars
  • 1 mm left of spacing. #slamthatshit #imstillslow
  • I call this the "I'm pretty much outta everything but random leftover food items, do I put it all in a pan and over rice" meal. That red stuff is banana hot sauce. #vegan
  • Actually, it's pretty damn hot. The ride however, is pretty damn cool.
  • A solid workout with MC within a solid amount of miles #funemployment
  • Bummer, was on my wrist everyday for nearly a year.
  • Dunnigan. Time to go ride or a long while
  • The only thing that'll make me feel like a normal human being again.
  • Went for a bike ride, bought #starwars tokens. Awesome.
  • Barry an I are on tv right now. Really. Go watch good day sacramento
  • @barrycrider
  • Only @420gary69 would ice my cats' litter box....
  • Classic @mathuemc pic ?????????????
  • #vegan deep dish Chicago style pizza from patxi's in San francisco.
  • My new favorite thing until the cross bike comes. Single speed Klein pulse.
  • Chuck and rand smashin it
  • Brussel saber
  • It's her first time. #newb #jra #thatshitsaintcominoff
  • Riding like a Fred 101: first, run out of everything clean and wear this.
  • Not a tote bag kinda guy, but I almost bought this. #zombies
  • Put a ______  on it!
  • Vegan froyo, it's been to long.
  • Big climbs chasing down guys for their cliff bars @ballentx
  • I like me large, carb loaded, and #vegan. Pretty sure this is around 1000 calories haha
  • A 40 hour train back to penn.
  • A 40 hour train back to penn.
  • Frame pump. Dialed.
  • I beat you on the hair @mathuemc
  • Climb, attack, climb, sprint, immediately jump off bike and drink soda. #cycling
  • Must.find.this. @drumsnstrums
  • Noodles to ease a stressful day.
  • I know it's not much, but this is my favorite hill to ride too in sacramento.
  • Perfect riding music. Don't hate
  • Shithoused again. #acd
  • I dot understand his ability to sleep like this
  • Trailing riding on the crux
  • A mountain ride a day keeps the doctor away #cycling
  • So stoked off my new coffee mug it's not even funny
  • He insisted on learning to cut his own flapjacks
  • Line of death
  • Cheat meal @niteflash haha
  • Sooo stoked that this came in the mail! @00roobs @honeybearmagic @aaronluna7
  • Meatbox
  • Eating Chinese outta the back of my car
  • Top of connector trail
  • Pro in the making (once he figured out which shoe goes on which foot)
  • First Mohawk on someone other than myself. Came out pretty good! @abuddeee
  • It was a successful night. @teresa_k
  • So stoked for when this finally happens! #acd
  • Never been happier to be back in salinas an riding. Up that. One road near that dirt thingy up past chamisal. #cycling
  • Some of the mains and some dragonflies. Seattle trip is due up @cocodacious @dustroyer
  • Much needed trails in fort ord. Thanks for the suggestion @nicoc3r
  • Pretty awesome having the first 30 mins of your ride be along this.
  • So many rad10's and leopards at land park today
  • Ride 101 miles and all I want is chocolate nuts #thatswhathesaid
  • New race shades #oakley
  • Judas is pooped
  • Ill be back in four hours to eat again. Stoked
  • la bicicletta in una giornata meravigliosa.
  • Much needed goods #specializedgaveme100bones #gunnaneedyoreplacethischainbreakerintwouses
  • Two races in, one to go.... #cycling
  • Happy valentines day to the most beautiful women that I've ever known. @abuddeee @shebrew @steinerxx @teresa_k @genny_v @the_panoply and my willow and olive oil ?? @drumsnstrums @katebmorgan, and of course my mother.
  • Here's to my real valentine tho. Sorry Amanda @420gary69
  • Two burns and my playa shades are forever coated with playa dust on the inside. #burningman #goddamnyouhelmetcreaseonmyforehead #canyoufindellie? #toomanyhashtags