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Keith Marshall

Keith Marshall

Lyneham, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
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Keith Marshall is a cyclist from Lyneham, Australian Capital Territory, Australia. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 230
  • 460
  • 690
  • 920
  • 1150
Sep 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 5.2km
  • 0h 14m
  • 58m


Distance 464.7km
Time 22h 50m
Elevation Gain 4,681m
Rides 16


Total Distance 12,644.2km
Total Time 592h 40m
Total Elev Gain 121,456m
Total Rides 387

Recent Photos

  • Beervet
  • Shine @busymanbicycles
  • A great evening on the bike with all the cool kids!
  • Only the essentials: bike, whisky and lurid socks
  • Not bad #fobblin @fobbler
  • 75% Kumos on the ride today, steel is real ride to go and look at some sweet hand forged steel knives at the Tharwa Custom Knife Show
  • An iron leviathan floating silently through my workshop, makes me uneasy...
Lifting heavy shit is always a challenge. Today I shuffled the old and new surface tables (800kg each) to get the old one on a pallet and to its new home in qld, and the new one in prime position
  • Many more Grand Bois tyres in stock. Get them before they are gone!
26mm, 28mm and 30mm x 700c all $75 ea
  • Beautiful climb up to lake Towadako! Past Kumoi falls which seemed appropriate, getting chilly up here!
  • Punching the Parisian Pavé
  • Steel is real
  • !!!
  • The Alex Singer shop was closed today, but Victor led me into the inner sanctum to chat while he built a rack.
To be in this space was an almost religious experience
  • I'm never more at home than when I am around metal and fire
  • Shrine de Velo
  • What a day for a day on the bike in London
  • All packed... Time to leave Japan :( not cool
  • @wjwat1 this is the S&S hard case that I use. Would definitely recommend it. I can supply it for you too.
All my worldly possessions needed for 5 weeks of travel in the case and a @bogear Spare Camel
  • Some assembly required...
  • Digging this paint...
  • Blue Lug Kamiuma store visit, rad store and awesome guys! Thanks for having me @akimasa_tani !!
  • Kumo Cycles <3 Tokyo
  • The full set for @wjwat1
  • @wjwat1
  • Hope y'all are ready for a big instagram photo dump
  • While the lathe is the king of the beginning of a frame build, the mill owns the end game
  • My new riding buddy
  • Yeah, I'm just gonna lie here for a bit #sofuckingexhauated #workweeknotoveryet
  • Fluff
  • Some Google searches that ended up on my website... Yeah wtf
  • Catfish gives zero fucks
  • Back from whence it came. #kumocycles #fbuilderlife
  • Oh what could this be? Something for the upcoming #ACBS perhaps?
  • Gonna eat my delicious pork Katsu then smash this ACBS show bike build. Bring it. #ACBS #NosleeptillACBS
  • Chazuke, ultimate lazy dinner
  • Starting the day fat
  • All looks good, really wish I didn't have to go to work right now
  • Fatbike time! Shit I hope it's ok, the box is fucked up
  • I love this bike #nightride #dynamolights4ever
  • Fatbike? More like FLATbike... Way to ruin my fun
  • Cross section of a fillet brazed joint. Notice how most of the fillet is inside the tube. External fillet is a bit more built up on a frame, this one is just to illustrate a point re the internal fillet
  • Max tubing mitered for fillet brazing @sedd021
  • Max seat tube all jigged up ready for bottle boss drilling @sedd021
  • I am proud to announce that Kumo Cycles is now the Australian distributor for Cycle Design brazing supplies. I have just taken delivery of a few big boxes of flux (this stuff is awesome!) I have system 48, SSL and LFB flux in stock and it will be on my website ASAP. If you are an established or aspiring builder then drop me a line. Rod including the amazing Fillet Pro arriving in the new year
  • That'll do it
  • Beating the heat ride pt 1
  • Beating the heat ride pt 2. Retreat into the forest when the sun comes out
  • @alanacaramel is stylin' today, the look completed by the Travesty!
  • Ride
  • Ride to water
  • I call this bell the circumciser... Let's hope I don't crash :D
  • This crazy fuck was sitting on my bike. He ticks like a clock when he walks...
  • Stromlo with @ezylee  and @callahanbicycles . Well rad
  • Ride up a mountain
  • Before and after
  • Fatbike territory for this mornings ride. Hard to see in this photo but it was mostly climbing up a 'road' which comprised of rocks the size of small dogs
  • Today was definitely an El Brado custom daschund hat day. 3 bikes, 3 rides. Totally fucked now
  • Morning ride
  • Hitchhiker on my handlebars
  • Getting there! Putting the fatbike wheels on a diet
  • @callahanbicycles
  • Practicing what @ezylee  taught me the other day
  • Look up
  • ENVE 65 carbon clincher wheelset for sale. VGC. 20-24 spoke DT Swiss 240 hubs, shimano freehub. They will make you faster. $1800 ONO. Email kumocycles at gmail dot com
  • I'm getting a sense that no-one wants me to ride here!
  • The kumo rando, the duck of bikes
  • Smashed iPhone screen, trippy photo
  • 145 k in, packmuling for all you fuckers, ~7kg of crap
  • Order up! Glad to have that job done
  • Up a mountain, on a bike
  • Who needs a car!? Brazing rod and flux in the panniers going out to fbuilder customers
  • Never ending
  • 120 k in, puncture no 2
  • @sedd021 came over to talk about his new frame, so I brazed the HT badge, one of the last processes so he could witness the (almost) birth of his new frame!
  • More exploring this morning, same bike, different track
  • The beach is mine
  • Not bad
  • Sunrise from the saddle @alanacaramel
  • @sedd021 has good taste in groupsets
  • Time for the daily commute SScX version
  • @saintcloudnick @loueydiver can I play? :P DA 10 pitch laced to Araya Aero 1s on the wheel building stand tonight
  • Turns out gas mask bags make awesome little panniers. Shoot me an email if you want one, $40 a piece
Kumocycles@gmail dot com
  • 30 k in, 130 to go. First flat
  • Pre-filtered foggy decent madness
  • 90 k down
  • My view for the last six hours
  • El blurry
  • Can't wait to see what you do with it @adubrat
  • Not a bad afternoon, would
be perfect if the bearings in my BB weren't completely fucked by just two beach rides
  • That's what I like to hear! @lorday
  • Gum wallin'
  • Sigh... A man can dream. Now taking donations!
  • Columbus shipment is in!
  • Sunday ride #2
  • Only the best for my girl #chrisking
  • And that's a wrap. The numbers don't tell how awesome the ride was, you'll have to take my word
  • You probably know this already, but @busymanbicycles is a leather-clad genius. This bar tape is magnificent!
  • #camjhayesprintgiveaway @camjhayes 
Cam does amazing work! Follow, support and maybe win?
  • New bike day!
  • Extra bad arse drive train for a crazy single speed project I have been wanting to do for a while. Thanks to Gear Brisbane! Great Dudes @thedomesticdomestique
  • New Kumo ride, so damn close to being ready!
  • 61cm square Ti Litespeed frame + fork + king headset for sale $750 posted in Aust. Ultegra 6700 Black sans brakes for sale $500 posted in Aust
  • Getting a hold of these SON SL integrated dynamo contact dropouts has been a challenge! But worth it, @shauncruickshank
  • Brushed finish badge
  • Pretty nice view from my workshop this afternoon
  • Later gram of the valley where we ended up
  • Life saving general store stop. Give us all the foods
  • 120k in, 80 to go
  • Riding time, heading south
  • Popped out of the forest and found where bogans drink beer and shoot things
  • Riding in the forest, fueled exclusively by chocolate
  • Note to self: don't forget to bring eating utensils to workshop, else you will have to use brass rod lathe stock as chopsticks...
  • Bottle bosses are fun to braze
  • Late night fatbiking
  • Preliminary polish, final polish happens after paint
  • ENVE 120mm stem and 440mm classic bar for sale. Used not abused. $200 and $250 respectively. Free post if you get both
  • While you are all out riding and enjoying this wonderful Sunday, I am getting to work at #8. Lots to do!
  • The only downside (upside?) to riding this much is how much food you gotta eat. All the Chicken Katsu Cheezu Curry. Itadakimasu fuckers
  • Trippy
  • What an afternoon for a ride
  • I wish I could get along to this! Get involved Melbournites. More info at
  • @shauncruickshank the main triangle and chainstay brazing is done! just seat stays, brake bosses, pump peg and a few other things left for the frame
  • Not to mention the saddle, exquisite work depicting all the mountains I intend to climb on this bike @busymanbicycles
  • Happy Easter from the Kumo Bunny
  • Teeny tiny ferule that I machined for @shauncruickshank s bike. This is a reinforcement ferule for the entry of the internally routed rear brake light. The edges are all smoothed and rounded to prevent snagging the wire or wearing the housing. On an unrelated note, those brown spots on my hand are needle sharp slivers of steel that have been in my hand for 4 weeks now... That's how I get my recommended dietary iron intake
  • Riding in Canberra autumn is the best (taken on the way to work)
  • And here is is all brazed up. I drilled it through the lug for extra reinforcement. I don't like drilling cable runs through the down tube itself. @shauncruickshank
  • Not the most glorious shot, but your frame is now frame-shaped @shauncruickshank !!
  • Bzzzzzzzzzzz.  @shauncruickshank
  • Stretching some tubulars for a little project that will be hitting the Pavé at this years #melburnroobaix @fyxo
  • So this morning I ride to work battling 35kph headwinds. Then on the way home I get greeted with this serene fucking bullshit. Where is my tailwind what a ripoff
  • Beginning annoying photo dump from today's ride. First 0 degree day for Canberra and an early start
  • We rode up to Corin dam, I stopped to survey all the lands
  • @sean__chua at Corin dam
  • Descent
  • Perfect day for it
  • @shauncruickshank s fork crown. Machined daruma plug with m5 thread for fender mounting. Brake holes plugged and filed flush. Crown race machined. Phew, some may call it excessive, I don't.
  • Mmmm, sharp new taps #toolboner
  • Hill climbing day
  • What a day! Lots of riding, good mates
  • A good morning to ride in to the workshop early
  • Earlier in the week I had complete dude and patron saint of FOA, the eponymous Spirito down from Syd to help him out with a project and hang out a bit. He just shot through some photos and they came out awesome!
  • Durning down an adapter puck to take up the space of the contact plate + insulator to ensure that @shauncruickshank s Schmidt SL dropouts end up at exactly 100mm
  • Supplies
  • @shauncruickshank this is what the little adapter does. Takes up the area that is countersunk for the workings of the dropout. Installed on the right
  • Dry test fit of the internal cable run (without the insulator plate) @shauncruickshank
  • Another machines reinforcement doohickey. This one is for the internal cable run exiting the fork crown @shauncruickshank
  • How's that for integration!
  • The fork parts are now a fork. Definitely the most complex and coolest fork I have built. Next step is brake bosses @shauncruickshank
  • I'm on a roll this morning. Centrepull brake posts ready to braze @shauncruickshank
  • And posts out back are done too! @shauncruickshank
  • End of the road (I kept going)
  • And something for @caztheturtle turned up today! Really hard to capture the pearl
  • @caztheturtle check your email
  • Rolled out to some beautiful Suburban hills then a short punchy climb up to the Piazza Le Michalangelo
  • Cold and wet ascent up to a little hilltop town called Fiesole this morning. Worth it
  • My new game: go to a place, look for the highest spot, ride up it. Nice climb on Santorini this morning
  • Camera timer fail, bike ride not fail
  • Amazing riding on the sleepy little island of Kythira
  • Beach ride
  • Fork is done!!!
  • Love this island
  • It's 4 degrees outside and I can't find my arm warmers. I do have this awesome (backwards) merino jersey from @callahanbicycles though!
  • Awesome and icy ride around Beechworth this morning with @callahanbicycles and Adam
  • Two Canberra dudes rode from Canberra to Melbourne for the #melburneroobaix only to have their bikes stolen from the MCG somewhere between 4-7 last night. Titanium Look single speed and BMC single speed. Please keep an eye out and contact me if you see anything
  • Beechworth rules!! This guy stopped for a chat, super cycle friendly town
  • Tram-tastic
  • The dropouts on Dennis' fork got the same polishing treatment as the crown
  • Low fuming bronze filler rod for fillet brazing is now back in stock. Framebuilders send me an email for details and pricing
  • I knew I shouldn't have left the house without my snow tyres
  • OK, I must be a reptile magnet. This guy just wandered through my front door at work
  • Pantographed bottle openers are up on my web shop, grab one now!
  • Not a bad morning for it. Ignore the spaghetti on the front of the bike, I'm testing USB dynamo charging systems, starting with the Busch and Muller USB Werk
  • I guess it's summer now...
  • Fillet brazed stem with an internal cable run for the front centrepull brakes. Just need to braze on the binders
  • Such a sweet piece of engineering!
  • Yes, the ACBS has been postponed. But I will still be in Adelaide on the original dates, and will be displaying some of my work at a location yet to be chosen.
Don't cancel your plans!
  • Gotta make something ugly to make something beautiful @spacetoaster
  • New Kumo 650B SS. A new take on the 650b x 42mm genre exemplifying simplicity and radness. 
Come and see it in person in Adelaide next week. 27th of January at Treadlie Bike Shop and other rides and events to be advised
  • My local MTB trail is on fire...
  • 2007 called...... Thanks for the beers and ride @stevenccallahan @mashandspin @toddgregory !
  • I'm like some sort of bike Santa, delivering bready treats to all the good kids
  • I'm finishing off 2013 with a full loop of the centenary trail on the 31st. Anyone is welcome to join! 
Bring water, some food and tool kit/tubes.
MTB is best, no narly skills required. 7am meeting behind the war memorial. Approx 10 hours inc lunch, 140km.
RSVP here
  • Awesome King Cage shipment just in! Specced on all Kumo frames. Get in touch if you need anything
  • Photoset and write up of this bike up on @fyxo s website. Cheers Andy, and to everyone else who was in adelaide last week with whom I rode, hung out and drank beer with.
  • Come and join me and Adam of @cycleexif for a chilled out ride to the beach in Adeliade. Leaving at 6:30 from Treadly bike shop @treadlybikeshop
  • A 'shortcut' on Canberra's Centenary trail led to some wading and bush bashing...
  • Just finished a sparkly new Kumo! Stay tuned for a full photo set tomorrow night
  • The Paragon 44mm head tube makes a sweet canvas for The Kumo Cloud @spacetoaster
  • Canine carriage system dry run success!
  • Keen eyed observers will notice that there has been a slight increase in the price of my frames. This is due to the fact that now ALL Kumo frames are specced with a beautiful one colour paint job from the award winning Joe Cosgrove! These changes do not affect anyone who is already on the wait list. Also @velospeede your fork is ready!
  • Forks forks forks all week! A bunch heading off to Joe today
  • How's that for a beautiful clip/pedal combination?! @robflyte
  • On One Fatty for sale. $1000

Brand new frame which was a warranty replacement. Drilled front rim, can drill rear for $100. Pickup in Canberra is best.
Awesome condition
  • Liquid steel