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Park City, Utah
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Recent college grad, putting my degree to good use by racing my bike. Results: Road: 1st 2011 and 2012 Hyde Park Blast criterium 2009 D1 Collegiate National Road Champion Cross: 3rd 2013 Elite National Championships 1st 2012 Cincy3 C1 1st 2010 Jingle Cross C1 1st 2009 Cross Vegas

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 200
  • 400
  • 600
  • 800
  • 1000
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 524.1mi
  • 39h 15m
  • 50,312ft

Recent Achievements

  • 6th overall on Tommy Two Steps to Yurt
  • 7th overall on Black Forest
  • 9th overall on Lucky Boy
  • PR on Three Candles


Distance 5,627.8mi
Time 383h 25m
Elevation Gain 501,962ft
Rides 218


Total Distance 44,797.3mi
Total Time 2755h 26m
Total Elev Gain 3,522,106ft
Total Rides 1350

Recent Photos

  • En fuego! Am I in Vermont? Nope, waaaay too dry for that, but Utah has its moments. @raleighbicycles  @clementcycling @castellicycling @trpbrakes @maviccycling @smithoptics @wholedration #howiraleigh #skarnage #parkcity #fall
  • The sun set on another cyclocross preseason. Tomorrow I fly to the ROC for the first of many race weekends this fall. @raleighbicycles @clementcycling @castellicycling @trpbrakes @maviccycling @smithoptics @wholedration #howiraleigh
  • #pchsmtb kids doin' some hot laps at practice today before their dreaded first day of school tomorrow. It's pretty awesome to coach and be a part of the community in this way. #nica #parkcitymtb #growmtb
  • Why do I live in #parkcity again?  Oh yea, that's right......
@raleighbicycles @clementcycling @castellicycling @maviccycling @smithoptics @trpbrakes @wholedration #howiraleigh
  • The perfect summertime trifecta: #skarnage, #supercrest, and home-made banana bread. @raleighbicycles @clementcycling @castellicycling @maviccycling @smithoptics @wholedration #howiraleigh
  • It was...(gasp)....a good day of altitude training today. And beating the heat was a nice side effect. @raleighbicycles @clementcycling @castellicycling @maviccycling @smithoptics #howiraleigh
  • Mother Nature gave me a little present on my arrival home this evening. #panorama #rainbows
  • The roar of the stream caught my attention and had to stop for a sec to admire it. I feel like there are less mountain streams out west so it seems more special when you come across one. @raleighbicycles @clementcycling @castellicycling @maviccycling @smithoptics @wholedration #howiraleigh #skarnage #skarbon
  • Giving back a bit on my ride this morning to help out @mtntrailspc a little. And yes, these are all different spots on the trail. #blownoutarms. @raleighbicycles @clementcycling @maviccycling @castellicycling @smithoptics @wholedration #howiraleigh #skarnage
  • Pretty flipping awesome. A little entertainment before shredding more perfect dirt this am.
  • Amazing views, amazing dirt on amazing trails, with an amazing @carlyinutah at #PCMR.
  • Pointy end of the #gravelmetric @raleighbicycles @clementcycling @maviccycling @castellicycling @smithoptics @wholedration #howiraleigh
  • I'm starting something new today, it's called turn of the month. And this is what May's edition looks like.  Words can't even come close to describing how awesome it was, then again, that's how ALL of the trails are riding right now.  #turnofthemonth
  • I don't think the heavy stuff's gonna come down for quite a while. #howiraleigh
  • Back in the neighborhood and getting Zesty with some agility training. @wholedration
  • Evening rides never disappoint, no one on the roads and the wind calms down. Livin' the dream @raleighbicycles @clementcycling @maviccycling @castellicycling @wholedration #howiraleigh
  • That's about as far as you can go on 23c tires up Gaurdsman. @raleighbicycles @clementcycling @maviccycling @wholedration #howiraleigh
  • I love the mountains, and bikes, and riding bikes in the mountains. But this descent is going to be c-c-cold. #howiraleigh @raleighbicycles @clementcycling
  • Just in case anyone was wondering how Flying Dog is.......
#howiraleigh is being responsible and turning around here. Can't get any mud on my @raleighbicycles #skarnage machine or the @clementcycling treads!
  • Caution: bridges freeze before roads. But the #awardwinning @clementcycling Strada LGGs kept me safe #freshies #howiraleigh
  • More ski training today, but this time with the company of @carlyinutah  Our legs are going to be shot tomorrow, but it's good to get out of your comfort zone every now and then.
  • Even with the current lack of snow, my back yard is pretty flipping awesome. Out adventuring with #getalifeparker
  • Ski lights, bike lights.......Park City Livin'
  • When the snow flies, I ski, and when the dust flies I mountain bike. #howiraleigh @raleighbicycles @clementcycling
  • First time of the winter with the big wheels. So much fun, and made even better by the @maviccycling Drift winter MTB shoe. So toasty, comfy, and light. #howiraleigh
  • Just the perfect amount of snow to make the neighborhood trails a bit more exciting.
  • Ahhhhhh, back home. @clementcycling @raleighbicycles #howiraleigh recovery rides
  • It was a tough day at the office but somebody's got to do it. At least I had the company of @altawaterskier, poppa bear, and momma bear
  • Why is fall the best time to go mountain biking?  At a loss for words......
  • A little bonus dirt before the cross race this afternoon #howiraleigh @raleighbicycles @clementcycling
  • Late evening ride always has the best light.  #howiraleigh @raleighbicycles @clementcycling
  • Not racing this year meant I could help all my friends today at #tou14 Turns out that spectating was much more enjoyable #donuthandups
  • Heeeeeee-ro dirt is what's going on in the neighborhood this evening. Wow, so awesome and such a nice change @raleighbicycles @clementcycling #howiraleigh
  • Solid ride with the PCHS fast kids, we made it all the way to the top of Pinecone.......and then everyone flatted (me, twice)
  • Special guest @geoffkabush and the Scott 3Rox team at the PCHS mountain bike team. Still flying the Blue flag, but getting outnumbered. @raleighbicycles @clementcycling #howiraleigh
  • A little Firecracker recon this afternoon made for some heavy breathing but some amazing views @raleighbicycles @clementcycling #thiiiiiiinair
  • This is what 50 miles of #skarnage looks like. So excited to be able to come back and take the win at the Firecracker 50, in a sprint finish no less. #foramerica Couldn't have done it without the help of @raleighbicycles and @clementcycling thank you.
  • Awesome day today at the #gravelmetric with @benberden1 and @raleighbicycles @clementcycling @maviccycling  just getting hot out here and a perfect time for some chocolate milk, and then beer.
  • Hashtag no filter. The view from the office is pretty good today.
  • So so so happy to be back on Park City singletrack. Morning commute with @altawaterskier can't get much better. #soothesthesoul
  • That's about as far as today's adventure can go.
  • @raleighbicycles and @clementcycling do Yellowstone.
  • Undecided weather looming above the neighborhood only way home. And I somehow managed to stay dry all day.
  • Over dirt roads and snow covered paths, it's #gravel training time with @raleighbikes and @clementcycling
  • Best neighborhood spin ever!
  • Pretty horrible backdrop for my ride this morning on the way up to @altaskiarea
  • Solid day of riding on perfect conditions with T Bird today. #inversion #itsasnowbikenotafatbike
  • Oops, forgot about the lack of daylight. Good thing I had all that snow to ride on so I could still see.
  • Better late than never  #assoonasigotofftheplane
  • Stair master to heaven. #ouchmyhipflexors
  • This is how we do in Utah #nofilter
  • Third and final view of the trip. #louisville2013 #17floorsup
  • New toys #Jamis #teamcamp
  • East Canyon Reservoir waiting for the spring runoff.
  • First time seeing the Pacific Ocean this year, Cali always has such crappy weather.  #santabarbra #drivebyphotos
  • Poolside recovery during the first race of the year #redlands
  • Just another day in Utah #notinthevalley
  • Race mornings #gila
  • Already miss mornings like this with @crawlyclifton #tbt
  • This tree caught my eye, especially in New Mexico. I think the cows had something to do with the reverse crew cut
  • The less often you see things, the better the memories get.
  • Feels so good to be on my old stomping grounds. #nocellservice #nopeoblems
  • @chris_mackay explains the benefits of the helmet hairstyle he's currently sporting after the #ParkCity #wednesdaynightworlds
  • The first snow of the season #tbt
  • A little morning ridge walk. #tbt
  • Hello #Sawtooths, don't think this will be the first time we'll see each other.
  • View from our post Crusher accommodations. It doesn't get much more peaceful and quiet than this #stillcrushedtho
  • Lake effect, summer style. It was not pretty being up in those mountains this afternoon.
  • @skisolitude living up to its name in the summer.  Now I have to find out if the same is true when the snow flies.
  • The light was certainly not as flat as my tire ended up being.
  • Hotel window sill flower boxes, with a nice back drop.  #placesthatbikeracestakeme
  • Skills day #baggies
  • Workin' it, or getting worked by the Park City single track on the CX bike......not sure, it might be a draw. What do you think @crawlyclifton ? #raleighbikes
  • Packing up after the first race of the season with #raleighbikes and #clementtires, and @krughoff
  • Hello Madison, thanks for he eye candy. Good to be back #midwestsunsets
  • I missed this place #alta
  • Awesome Utah fall mtb day with @crawlyclifton and @jonnyinutah. Get as much as we can until that snow line creeps down a bit further.
  • It's a beautiful time of year #timpanogos #alpineloop