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Kyle Taylor

Kyle Taylor

Nashville, Tennessee
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Pro Colorado mtb dOOd gone roadie. Has been or never was, I love doughnuts.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 230
  • 460
  • 690
  • 920
  • 1150
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 103.6mi
  • 7h 30m
  • 7,215ft



Distance 6,147.6mi
Time 364h 6m
Elevation Gain 402,106ft
Rides 206


Total Distance 27,069.8mi
Total Time 1959h 36m
Total Elev Gain 2,346,936ft
Total Rides 928

Recent Photos

  • No Sun for 6 days, the best Belgian weather.
  • Walle Walle Walle, get your adverbs here! @windpowrd
  • Shelby may win best park for cx practice.
  • CX singletrack after werk.
  • The Deep South. Pinestraw & red clay
  • Hometown trails on this rad CX bike, most fun they've ever been.
  • #crossiscoming
  • Ride everything. @stephenhyde
  • All I can say is, daaaaang! Ready for some cyclocross! #moabbikeshop
  • The Smokies living up to their name. @kevinconerly
  • Dangerous? Nah.
  • @kevinconerly killin' it.
  • New FTP! 339 watts! #hardwork #gonnapukenow
  • Gallatin is nice at 450am.
  • Why I'm fat & slow.... Rad customers! @betweentrees #moabbikeshop
  • Dammit Shimano.
  • Guess ill ride this 1/4 flat road til @carmenisradical comes to my rescue!
  • True life: I hate bike lanes.
  • Workin' on skinny arms and failed attempts at dodging storms.
  • I just found the flattest road in Nashville.
  • New roads in the middle of nowhere. #kentucky?
  • Hills, curvy country roads and dez cows.
  • Really missing that #coloRADo place today.
  • Sunday Church stop for h2o @kevinconerly
  • 3.5 hours in, not even yet half way. It's haaaaaawt!
  • "Uh-oh" @windpowrd
  • White like ice? @uphillstill
  • A gloomy day off work spent waiting for these storms to pass. ????
  • There is always beauty on the darkest of days. #nofilter
  • Roads that don't suck.
  • Blessed to have such awesome roads out the door from #moabbikeshop for after work shreddin'.
  • I always get lost, it never sucks.
  • About to get rad on Daus Mtn.
  • "There's so much more to see than a life through t.v."
  • The only reason I rode tonight. ????
  • #epic failure. Forgot socks, don't judge me, I'm not running or swimming today!
  • I chase them during sprints, they chase me on hills.
  • 4 bottles in 2.5 hours, time to shave the beard?
  • Rain/Coke break with the boyzzz.
  • Devil's elbow.
  • Everyday #moabbikeshop busts chops to help our customers get out and enjoy life on bikes, relieve the stress from everyday life and stay fit. In our down time, we too enjoy the products we sell! Get out there and ride! @betweentrees @lloyd_the_belgian @jordibann @davidsnotoninstagram
  • #Everesting stats from today's hill repeats on S. Hillview. 59 mins. 10.8 miles. 3918 feet of elevation gain. Def going for the world record June 7th!
  • Just kicking it like a wild donkey.
  • Reason #879 I ride my bike to work.
  • Today, I perfected one-handed 60mph descending, I love cookies.
  • In prep for my #Everesting next month, I'm having daydreams of beating the World Record. Maybe not this 1st go around, but I believe it's attainable. Fredericksburg Rd. Nashville, Tn.
  • The bad bitch, Oman Dr. Avg grade- 12.2% bring the suffering!
  • @davidmansel gearing up for a Hundo.
  • Riding out in BFE has its perks.
  • Another day, another creek crossing.
  • Sitting here at mile 133 on Dyer wondering if I'm crazy, the other part of me is just blessed I can experience days like this.
  • I always said I'd never climb this sketchy road on my road bike bc the descent is crazy, but @carmenisradical is in town, so if I eat shit, she'll nurse me, right?
  • Call me crazy but I swear the road riding is better here than Colorado.
  • I can here @utinni4 say it now... Suchesbitchesmuthafucka!
  • Failed attempt of hitting 70mph tonight due to wet roads, still hit 64 and dang, its's purdy out hurr.
  • This exact spot was one of the last times I last saw Bryan, he was with Leslie, Teagan and their dog Buckley. Ironically I was at mile 100 on my ride that day, and I'm here again, at mile 100. I miss ya buddy.
  • All the rain today made for great views and flooded roads.
  • Hit up a bunch of Bryans favorite roads today with @davidmansel & @ericbateman
  • Shredding proper roads in the MOAB hood.
  • Pretending like there wasnt just a huge muddy mess I rode thru.
  • Found a new downhill that I hit 60+ mph on, it was not only awesome but easily attained. Next go around, Im going for 70!! Grabbing brakes for a stop sign at 58 is kinda sketch fyi.
  • Faster and further tuesday night worlds with @davidcarpenter tonight. And more climbing! Too bad I still have to ride home.
  • @uphillstill
  • @uphillstill found a buddy with bigger legs than him.
  • @uphillstill aka wattage cottage.
  • I descend faster with a backpack on. #Gangsta
  • Commuting does not suck.
  • I wont eat you.
  • Full gas effort on Oakleigh Hill made me lose my lunch, I wont show you that tho. #ouch
  • Goofing off waiting fer meh lady @carmenisradical
  • Edens so stoked for a water stop in BFE on a looong day in the saddle.
  • Are we in Kentucky? -Edens
  • Michael hates peanuts.
  • @whitywhit we need to shred!
  • Tennessee backroads, you have my ????
  • Okay @lloyd_the_belgian ill go for a lunch ride...
  • This road doesnt suck.
  • Holy shit, cow.
  • This fool.
  • Too fast. Main man squeeze lunch date. #makeitnasty @betweentrees
  • The time of the year bike rides in daylight happen after work.
  • Tweak my gears brah.
  • Photoshoot? @ericbateman @davidmansel
  • I rode here today while my lady @carmenisradical made that paper at work. #Hotsugamama
  • Hogpen and Neals gap on tap.
  • Dicks on top of the mountain.
  • 25% hill repeats in the cold rain. Where ya at Bryan Kortness?!!
  • Time to ride home from a killer day at work! #moabbikeshop
  • Riding home doesn't suck.
  • One 'mo fer gurd measure.
  • Catching empty roads to the trails before sunrise.
  • Singletrack and rocks on road bikes for lunch. @betweentrees
  • ...To a long and beautiful day in the saddle.
  • Downtown to hollows. Love it. #Nashville #makeitnasty
  • Uh... Whoops.
  • I'm sure the Baptist center loves this sign ;)
  • Better views with every exploration in the dark.
  • My commute from work does NOT suck.
  • Not sucking, pt.2
  • Dropped my car off for new brakes this morning, then rode to work... With no brakes on my bike ;)
  • Sun's out twigs out. #I????mom
  • These fools...
  • Night ride enduro bro!! @davidmansel
  • Waterfall brah.
  • Z1 like a boss, gettin' it done.
  • Yup.
  • @kevinconerly looking like Kenny Powers. Killer 5 hour ride at Stoke mountain today.
  • Morning hills before #MOAB slings them bikes up on a sunny Saturday.
  • I somehow find the best views on my bike.
  • Because all Z5 intervals should be done chasing cars. #Adrenalinerush
  • Night times... The fuzzy tingle times.
  • Riding with the Grandpooba of Gravel today.
  • Get excited @kevinconerly @andrewbsorey
  • Get it!
  • A perfect picture to capture a Tennessee  Winter.
  • Gotta climb Dyer to start the new year of skraight dogg.
  • Epic climbing day in sub freezing temps to cap off a great year. #10,000ft. #Frozenbottles
  • Stopped for a popsicle.
  • Over 10k of gain, what's one more 30% climb? Earn those beers tonight!
  • All is right in the world.
  • Just slayed this popcorn, time for hill repeats!!
  • A new favorite climb for me. Tops out at 1000ft. 2 switchbacks and a steep grade that overlooks Nashville! Can't wait to see the view in daylight.
  • Merry Christmas from the saddle of a fierce headwind and empty roads. Love you guys!
  • Sweet roads.
  • The sun is peaking thru!
  • Riding ridges.
  • Fuel up, you're too far out to swim your way in.
  • Natchez Trace. Mind numbingly boring but great for upping tempo with 40 miles to go!
  • @whitywhit this century's for you brah! Where's the pizza?!
  • Murry Crummus eve from my bicycle.
  • It's not much but I used all the cash I had on me to buy some food for a homeless man I saw on my bike ride today. Tis the season.
  • Wish you were here @wadeataylor ,love you bruh!
  • They hate me...
  • Dinner w/ @utinni4
  • Commuting to work via some singletrack thx to my killer @ergonbike goodzz.
  • Gonna be a great day!
  • It's time to break out the penguins.
  • #Honkytonk recovery ride
  • Pit stop.
  • The champ. Joe muthaeffin Grubbs!
  • PWP is a different beast 5 hours into a ride.
  • I earned Chipotle, right?
  • It's that time of the year. #doitinthedark
  • My kind of nightlife.
  • Exploration for broken roads and 30% grades.
  • Cut-thru to find more hillzz
  • It's been a while. @utinni4
  • Waiting for @ericbateman @davidmansel on a windy bleak day.
  • Ouch.
  • @davidmansel @ericbateman , Hard times.
  • Drilling it.
  • Windy and beautiful day.
  • Fattie keepin it fat.
  • Endless killer climbs in Nashville.
  • Perfection.
  • Lynnwood overlook showcasing the brutal hills surrounding Nashville.
  • It's so windy snot got on my sunglasses!! Happy thxgiving!
  • @Ericnelson @zx9gal ,guess I'm too slow!! Missed the group. I'm on Cochran bridge :(
  • It's a lonesome road...
  • Midtown by bike.
  • My Dad is awesome. Lots of fun riding his bike today, hope to get my road bike soon! Thx pops.
  • #Southalabama
  • It's easy to find adventure, go outside.
  • Toone time.
  • Conditions are moderate to bad. Leaf cover is making things slower than normal. That's mountain biking! Dig it.
  • Hot damn, I love this place.
  • #Nashville
  • Happy hour.
  • No shortage of 20% climbs in Nashville.
  • Downtown Nashville in the backdrop.
  • Bottles are already frozen.
  • Yes please.
  • Hungry for turkey?
  • Not much but still some snow on Dyer. Currently sleeting.
  • Um, cold?
  • These fools... Gearing up for Coldwater.
  • Coldwater mtn, more like LEAFwater mtn. Embracing Fall with good friends.
  • Thick leaf cover making the tech section even harder. Good stuff but it's def taking extra concentration.
  • Rockin.
  • Gnar.
  • Colorado frenzz, we have rocks in Bama too... And they are sharp!
  • The infamous Blood Rock. Rode up this bad boy today!
  • Jersey, baselayer and arm warmers and I'm sweating... #Fatpeopleproblems
  • Beware the deep freeze alert!
  • Surfing is rad but nothing beats a bike ride. Shake it like a jet lag Polaroid.
  • Popped out on the road, the trails were crowded! What a bummer of an ugly day ????
  • Drop that post and let it fly.
  • One if the best times of the year to be in the woods.
  • Why is it so dang hot!?
  • Oh herro H2O.
  • This is where your t-shirts come from.