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Daniel Sharp

Daniel Sharp

Portland, OR
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Daniel Sharp is a cyclist from Portland, OR. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 300
  • 600
  • 900
  • 1200
  • 1500
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 30.2mi
  • 2h 20m
  • 2,277ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Trick Hill
  • PR on Holman 53rd Firelane 1
  • PR on Holman from Aspen
  • PR on Sprint for Everett


Distance 5,309.8mi
Time 309h 23m
Elevation Gain 300,449ft
Rides 98


Total Distance 29,207.9mi
Total Time 1911h 50m
Total Elev Gain 1,655,000ft
Total Rides 925

Recent Photos

  • Great Forest Park session with @leahplack !
  • Cloud Cap climb (and descent) was rough on 28s but the lodge was open and they gave us beer. Hard & rad day with a great crew @jbucky1 @bicyklista @unnskyldmeg
  • Golden start to #oregonstampede Only 13 riders this year. 7 counter, 6 clockwise. Counter group is currently chillin in Dufur
  • #dirtysellwood just got real. Emergency measures at Huckleberry Inn. Those that left jackets at home are begging trash bags. It's only a 10 mile descent to Zig Zag, right?
  • Stampede warm up was rock solid for the first 60. Winds kicked up to 20 mph, so we wobbled back in to town. Regardless, always a fantastic route. Thx for the ride @jbucky1
  • #Repost @kateplusfate ・・・
#tbt to throwing attitude for @d_sharp and @bicyclingmag with my favorite good luck charm! Only a few hours until I'll be reunited with Smalls in Colorado for the next #proxct✌️????????✈️ #ontheroadagain #gotime
  • @joelmadrone and @jbucky1 dragging me around this morning. Nice one, guys!
  • So fun to work with @kateplusfate (or should I say Notorious Force) on this portrait for @bicyclingmag... Also @jimmycavalieri is killing it on the new design. New issue is best ever!
  • Bald Peaking. Oof! Peace @jbucky1
  • Be the change
  • Day one Outback words and images are up on (link in bio)
  • A flat at mile 11 is a buzzkill and a chance to witness the spectacle of 150 bikepackers rolling out in the rain. Day 1 is live on (link in profile) #oregonoutback #bikepacking
  • Day 2 started pretty grim....
#oregonoutback #bikepacking
  • ...and ended glorious. Day 2 is live on (link in bio) #oregonoutback #bikepacking
  • End of day 3 on the #oregonoutback. Goodnight from Shaniko. Love this dusty little town.
  • Moody day on McKenzie
  • May first Rapha lunch ride. It's pretty prime out there right now. Thanks for the company dudes (and dudette)
  • My first time doing the stampede route. First 40 miles to Dufur was a bit brutal loaded, but I found a groove. Views of Hood all damn day.
  • And of course the obligatory abandoned house shot...and a shout to @velodirt & @oregon_bikepacking for sharing rad routes.
  • Fine day for a road climb. Cottonwood to Mingus Mtn. with a stop in Jerome for lunch. I think we'll miss this place.
  • Fun, sunny day checking out Jerome, AZ for @feltone & @hanskellner
  • Last day in Shredona. Caught a vortex on "film" for ya.
  • Nice evening spin w/ @gracieswrench near Cottonwood. I feel the sun starting to assert itself again. C'mon buddy
  • These desert skies brought @gracieswrench. Recovery ride up to Gates Pass. Thankful for kind hosts and family.
  • Quick lap in and out of the clouds. Thanks for the ride @lavidalacava
  • Today was easier. Only 80 mi. And less than 8000 ft. Climbing. Mission Peak was the highlight. I'd show ya more on the 'gram, but I was busy shooting film. @40sqft & @kwolfgang got some bangers - check out their feeds from today. #bayridgehotlap
  • Amoeba
  • More hiking than biking today
  • @40sqft learning to fly
  • Last headlands ramble for this trip. Saw my first bobcat off of Bobcat trail.
  • Ciao for now San Fran. You were good to me on this trip.
  • Today was a great day for basking in the sun and getting to Mill Valley via fire road. Made me think of @watermandy & @whileoutriding
  • Preemptive pie strategy. Crown Point turned into Bull Run. Figured it might go like that. Hard to complain with no rain & 60 degrees
  • Not a long one today, but it felt good to be out. Something about the drama that cold weather brings & makes it special
  • Love this unsmiling portrait of my grandpa C. Rush McAdam.
  • Lots of discussion going on about access to dirt trails in urban areas today. The first segment of Bay Area Ridge Trail was dedicated in 1989. Check out our 250 mile circumnavigation of The Bay Area Ridge Trail http:/
  • Got a dedicated gram account for benedicto now. I'll post unique things there as keep things interesting.  #sevencycles
  • Saw this Jay Nelson creation on last San Fran trip. Cool to see it will be Patagonia Worn Wear Wagon. Check out @jay on the gram. Nice vid. Here
  • Great riding at Sandy Ridge today with @gracieswrench @joceygaudi  @dannyquarrell & Memphis. Feel blessed on these dry December days. Anyone know which record at the top of Two turntables?
  • Dry days are ride days in these parts.Thanks for the motivation @lavidalacava
  • 67 mile per hour winds. Strongest since Mar. 26, 1971 for PDX. Definitely the fastest I've ever ridden over the Broadway bridge
  • Gorgeous day to spread my wings and dry out in the sun. Lil' spin down the historic highway via Marine.
  • Definitely felt like the calm after the storm today. Love it
  • Bull Run was at her best today. Late start means sweet afternoon light!
  • Felt like a real ad for Oregon tourism today. Sunny MTB at a Sandy followed by U-cut Xmas trees with a view of snow-capped Hood
  • a lil gift guide with some of my favorite things on link in profile
  • The only thing Memphis loves more than a wet Forest Park run is getting towel dried and cozy in the car.
  • Had a blast prototyping a new custom flavor with Jeff from @trailbutter We came up with sweet potato pie. So good! Should fuel adventure #4 for
  • Portland is full and shiny today
  • As my neighbor Grandpa Al is fond of saying: S.S.D.D. Same Sho(i)t  Different Day. Today looked like winter.
  • Felt like a headwind both ways today, but still glad I got out. More calories in! #festive500
  • Riding mt. Bikes in the snow might not be the fastest way to rack up miles, but probably the most fun. @lavidalacava we met your boy, Caveman
  • Anyone ever tried Tad's to confirm or deny its status as a "chic dump" I like the sound of it. Since I spent the day goofing around in the snow, I decided to do a night ride. New sensations! #festive500
  • Some days you just get er done #festive500
  • I had to venture beyond the rain curtain today. So glad I did. @velodirt Dalles Mt. 60 is one of the best routes! Thank you #festive500
  • My other favorite part of today's ride...running out of daylight and you still have 15 headwindy miles to go
  • That's a wrap on my #festive500 One last frigid 20 mi. today. Hats off to folks doing it in worse weather. Feeling lucky for sun and (mostly) dry pavement the last 3 days.
  • For everyone that encouraged us, challenged us, hosted us, rode with us, shared stories...thank you! Here's to even more adventure in 2015
  • White River snowshoe w/ @gracieswrench
  • Another nice day for it. Skyline was moody #festive500 almost done wit this
  • And Sauvie solo isn't the best idea on a windy day, but it was pretty. Snowy St. Helens framed up nicely #festive500
  • Steady on. Just a little Troutdale spin and a ride downtown to see Wild. Nice day for it. Merry Christmas everyone! #festive500
  • Quick taqueria stop in Novato. So far 60 miles & 7800 ft. Climbing. @40sqft & @kwolfgang are smashing it both on the riding & the grammin'
  • Today exceeded expectations. We started from way over there about 12 hours ago. Big thanks to Austin @nationalmtb for great route info and riding us in to Berkeley @Hanskellner for hot showers & hosting us. Lots of love in the East Bay
  • It's getting ugly at this point. Day 3. Made it to Half Moon Bay, but we still have 20 miles and some 1500 ft. of climbing left. #bayridgehotlap
  • Half Moon bay snack attack. Shunter gettin vicious on some Salmon jerky #bayridgehotlap
  • Made it in at sunset. Day 3 of #bayridgehotlap is a wrap! Today was 80 mi. And 8000 ft. Making the total 250 mi. w/27,000 feet of climbing. We had amazing hosts. I'll post a write-up and photos on soon. Thank you to @nationalmtb  @meag831 @hanskellner & @hppotatoes for taking good care of us! Couldn't have done it without you
  • A Delicate Balance...or Troutdale readymade #1
  • Impromptu Forest Park riding festival. Thanks to @pereiracycles @jeremyddunn & @tim_in_america  for keeping me up late and @ultratradition & @jakeszy for getting me up early
  • Vista
  • Miss Memphis holdin it down at Paradise campground. Stoked about today's Kings Castle shred, wishing she could come along for Mckenzie Pass road ride tomorrow
  • Ronde is on
  • Fog rolled in.
  • A fine evening ride on Marine Drive. 1 hawk and 1 bald eagle sighting. Lucky
  • Really wanted to ride this road. Still not sure if it's "unsafe for bikes" or "closed at 15:00" Need to learn Chinese
  • Lots of smiles today in Yanqing
  • A little sad to crop this square. N.U.R.T. is amazing! Can't believe this was my first ride on Dread and Terror
  • Sign didn't say no swimming. Still in Downieville
  • Nice day on Surveyors.
  • Just hangin out w/Charlie Kelly in Fairfax...
  • Jacquie Phelan too. Big deal!
  • Colossal. Car-free, beat-up Tucson roads are the best
  • Headlands