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Todd Gunther

Todd Gunther

San Marcos, CA
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An avid "weekend warrior" currently posing as a roadie! When Off the bike I'm a mild mannered 52 year old 3D artist/animator in the exciting world of iPhone/Android games!

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 70
  • 140
  • 210
  • 280
  • 350
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 34.7mi
  • 2h 47m
  • 3,793ft

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd fastest time on Sunrise descent to pull-off
  • 2nd fastest time on 8 down to the kitchen
  • 2nd fastest time on Adolphia Drive Climb
  • 2nd fastest time on Batiquitos Surge


Distance 1,150.8mi
Time 87h 5m
Elevation Gain 92,264ft
Rides 42


Total Distance 23,171.7mi
Total Time 1598h 37m
Total Elev Gain 1,823,392ft
Total Rides 687

Recent Photos

  • I guess it really is Fall! Burrr! ❄️⛄️
  • Mt. Laguna. The mind was willing, but the legs are weak. ????
  • Biking on the moon.
  • Kitchen creek.
  • Bike path bliss
  • @ihatetoast well it's not a creek, and thankfully no one went "plop"! But we did ride along this inlet. :)
  • Showing up for the ride So. Cal. Style! @erikesjogren ????????
  • Lots-o-bikes! #bikethebay #bikethebridge #igerssandiego #igerscycling
  • Here birdie birdie.
  • "You go right, I'll go left"! A little better angle now that the cars have moved. :)
  • Storm chasing
  • Almost got taken out by a 5 gallon drum of chlorine tablets! Bounced out of a truck and right past my front wheel. ????
  • Good morning!
  • Was gonna stand on those rocks to get a great shot of the valley, but all those bushes in and around the rocks are poison oak. :P
  • No swell yet. But sure is a beautiful view! Swamis #stravaphoto #stravaproveit #focusbikes
  • Do these two make me look fat? Chasing @lovetoride1415 and George Vargas up double peak. At least I was able to keep them in sight! :) #revcycling #revcyclingstudio #stravaphoto #stravaproveit
  • @dusty_shins cruising the Lemontwistenberg section of #bwr2015 route.
  • Obligatory Hero shot at the top of double peak. @dusty_shins made it look easy! Great to finally meet and ride with you! You're gonna kill it on #bwr ????????
  • Can't get lost as long as you keep the lake on your right....or was it on your left?
  • Getting ready for Monday
  • Just a little loose. :)
  • Getting ready to roll. #ryanbros #ryanbrothers #coffeedoping
  • Afternoon cruising. Pushing the CX bike a little past what it was designed for with @aviattorr today. ????
  • Getting dirty! :) #stravaphoto #lynskeybikes #lynskey
  • A little peace and quiet. #stravaphoto
  • Cleared it going up and down this time! ???? #stravaphoto
  • Yes this is Southern California. #stravaphoto
  • Thug life. #stravaphoto ????
  • Lunch time blues. ????#stravaphoto
  • Textured skies
  • Filling the soul. And getting a little dirty. #stravaphoto
  • Feeling like a kid again! #stravaphoto
  • #stravaphoto
  • WTH!? This sucks. New sign on North Twin Oaks road. Even got yelled at by (I'm guessing) one of the residents. #signsigneverywhereasign
  • Share the road. ????❤️????
  • Freak'n awesome day!
  • Ebb and Flow. Flow's the one on top! :)
  • Glad I don't have to commute! I don't miss it!
  • Wouldn't it though! :)
  • Jeff O. Out along the Pacific
  • I'm just gonna lay here and die! Can't feel my legs...which is probably a good thing right now! ???? #doublepeak
  • :)
  • It's really glairy(?) so I can't tell if this pic does this area justice, but it's just beautiful back here! Black Canyon Gravel Riding! ❤️
  • San Diego OutBack
  • Fun ahead!
  • Feeling a bit green at the moment! :)
  • East grade. ☀️
  • Lake Henshaw
  • Choices choices. ????
  • Hurts so good! ???? #ccsd
  • @brightbryce looking fresh after 97 miles and 10k' climbing! #ccsd St. Paddy's Palomar Punishment ride.
  • Happy 11th birthday to our little Kona. ???????? You always make us smile! And yes, you can sleep in today. ;)
  • Some #BWR recon with @escapade_custom
  • Spring time riding at its best! Belgian Waffle ride recon with @escapade_custom #bwr #igerscycling #lynskeybikes #lynskeycrew
  • Lake Sutherland Dam. Belgian Waffle Recon. #bwr
  • Well this sucks! :P
  • The new rig is feeling dialed in!
  • Into the clouds.
  • Sun finally came out! ☀️
  • One of my favorites! Glendora mountain/Mt. Baldy! ❤️
  • Almost looks like Hawaii. Glendora Mt. road. ????
  • Yes. This IS in Southern California. :) Glendora Mt Road.
  • Last one, I promise! Glendora Mt. One of the best loops around! ????
  • Mesa Grande/Black Canyon with Tony (TK).
  • Strade Bianche with Tony (TK). Black Canyon.
  • Tony floating through the sand before hitting Bandy Canyon!
  • Oh yeah!!! Almost time to Belgian the F&@k up! ????
  • #focusbikes #ambassadorstrava #iamstrava #stravaproveit
  • Coffee doping before the ride. :) #ryanbroscoffee #lynskeybikes #lynskeycrew #lynskeyperformance
  • Yes. Yes they do! This one courtesy of @escapade_custom :)
  • I'm not sure I'd be happier going down this or up it! 20% loose, sandy, and rocky! Canyon del Oro section 2014 BWR route.
  • Right or left?
  • Not a Rattle Snake, but definitely scared the crap out of me! And him/her too I'm guessing! :)
  • 130 miles 10,276' climbed in 9:20:58! I'm whooped and Happy! :) #spybwr
  • Rolling down the 101
  • Beautiful sunny skies! ☀️
  • Playing Mt Biker. And yes, I cleared that section! :)
  • Sure felt good soaking my feet in there! I don't think the fish appreciated it though! ????
  • All the way to the sea
  • Get'n a little dirty with my sweetie! @stumblepug Lake Hodges trail.
  • One more from Wednesdays Disney trip. Love this statue of The Man and his Muse! #disneyland #thehappiestplaceonearth #waltdisney
  • Happy Mother's Day! ❤️
  • This damn thing just won't go out! The Santa Ana winds have died down, but now we have the regular on shore flow from the ocean whipping up the fire and pushing it back East. Plus it's round 100 degrees F. And bone dry! :(
  • Where it all started.
  • Coronado hills. Lots of utility lines down and a few burnt homes. The ogres surrounded so many homes, but I was amazed at how few homes were damaged! The fire crews did an amazing job!
  • One last shot from Double Peak.
  • Crappy day here in Dana Point with @escapade_custom ????
  • Greens
  • Exploring the North side of Palomar.
  • This was the "good" road! ????
  • Things got scary!
  • WayUp trail
  • Fire damage
  • Scorched Earth
  • Rapha lunch ride! #rapha #ambassadorstrava #stravambassador #stravaproveit
  • #suffer #htfu #rapha #ambassadorstrava #stravambassador #stravaproveit #iamstrava #igerscycling
  • Riding with the Rapha Lunch Crew. #rapha #ambassadorstrava #stravambassador #stravaproveit #iamstrava #igerscycling #focusbikes
  • Rapha Lunch Ride. #rapha #focusbikes #raphafocus #stravambassador #ambassadorstrava #stravaproveit #iamstrava #igerscycling
  • After work walk with my sweetie @stumblepug :)
  • Above the clouds
  • Today's Peloton. :)
  • @brightbryce cruising up Nate Harrison on Palomar Mt!
  • @brightbryce topping out Nate Harrison mt Palomar.
  • @brightbryce Nate Harrison celebration! Mt Palomar. :)
  • Thanks for this addiction @eileenblasi #canteatjustone :)
  • Riding with the Carbon Connection! Team Fun! ????
  • Sweet ride! ????
  • Foggy morning commute. #focusbikes #ambassadorstrava #iamstrava #stravaproveit #stravambassador
  • Beautiful fuzzy morning
  • The views never disappoint
  • Big brother is watching
  • Slow grind! :)
  • Summer time blues...and browns...and greens. :)
  • Cold blue steel.
  • Summer after work rides are the best!
  • Kona found the costume she wants to wear to comic-con tomorrow. :)
  • "Keep small children close to adults"? Huh, who knew Mt Lions liked small children! I should have brought one with me as I botched the first rule! ????
  • You'd think in this age of smart phones and smart tech, they'd have better bike tire technology! #thischitisgettingold :P
  • Summer time! When the squirrels get aggressive! :) #feedme
  • I've run out of road. #stravaphoto #ambassadorstrava #stravaproveit #iamstrava #focusbikes #igerscycling
  • Rustic
  • Dam it this is fun! ???? #lynskeycrew #lynskeybikes #iamstrava #ambassadorstrava #stravaphoto
  • The San Diego dirt version of the Stelvio right behind me! :) #ambassadorstrava #lynskeycrew #lynskeybikes #stravaphoto
  • Don't want this day to end! #ambassadorstrava #iamstrava #stravaphoto #stravaproveit #lynskeycrew #lynskeybikes #igerscycling
  • I has way too much fun today!???? #lynskeycrew #lynskeybikes #ambassadorstrava #stravaphoto #stravaproveit #iamstrava
  • Crunchy
  • #stravaphoto #stravaproveit #stravambassador #ambassadorstrava #lynskeycrew #lynskeybikes #igerscycling
  • Morning sky.
  • I think I'm being followed. #dogintheshadows :)
  • Stepped out back to check the weather this morning and found this guy sniffing around our yard! Scared the heck out of both of us! This is why the pups don't go out back with out a chaperone. #coyotes
  • Some damn fool calls this a trail!? ;)
  • Who needs fat tires and suspension!?
  • Definitely stay to your left on this trail. ????
  • Waiting for the start. #girodisandiego
  • Ouch! Fortunately my face took the brunt of it. ????
  • Hey look! A Chimpanzee on a bicycle! :) #feellikeanoldman #stravaphoto #stravaproveit
  • Well that's no fun! :(
  • After work de-stress #lynskeycrew #lynskeybikes #stravaphoto #stravaproveit
  • Off season
  • #stravaphoto #stravaproveit
  • Selfie
  • Just about ready to roll!
  • Exploration
  • Wide open spaces
  • This evenings riding partner.
  • Ring of power!
  • Coffee stop
  • Lunch
  • Oak, Stone, Graphitti
  • Blue light of morning
  • Making new friends. Dr. Jay cruising Raptor Ridge.
  • I think it's time for some new shoes!
  • Dan and @whitericebryce4 climbing Kitchen Creek road. Mt Laguna.
  • Sunrise Hwy. Mt Laguna
  • Dan coming down Pine Valley road. 23%! :) Mt Laguna
  • @aviattorr powering up Hollyhill road.
  • 24%
  • @aviattorr
  • It's not fun unless you draw a little blood! ????
  • Dropping weight before the ride! ????
  • Got the sweetest card today from a wonderful family far away! Thank you so much @baby_burrd This card meant a lot to Me, @stumblepug (Jane), and Kona. We miss our little Boo and are thankful for this kindness! Sending back all our best to you and your family! ❤️
  • Classic fall color ????????
  • Things are getting interesting for tomorrow's #spyclocross #udocross ????
  • Getting ready for tomorrow! #udocross #spyclocross
  • Having an adventure today with @escapade_custom ????
  • I wonder if they mean it? Mini epic with @escapade_custom ????
  • Classic East county road sign.
  • @escapade_custom nearing the top of Black Mountain just outside Ramona. 17% and almost 3k' of climbing. ????
  • A @bikecrave kind of day. #walzcaps
  • Post bike ride therapy. Much more painful than the ride, but keeps me from feeling like the Tinman the next morning! :P
  • Post bike ride therapy therapy! ????
  • Standing on the edge.
  • Amazing Fall ride with @toddh90 ????
  • Sunset gravel ride with @aviattorr ???? #stravaphoto #stravaproveit #lynskeycrew #lynskeybikes #lynskeyperformance
  • @aviattorr after the rains #stravaphoto #stravaproveit
  • Riding with the birthday boy. El Jeffe still rolling at his advanced age! ????
  • Butch! ❤️
  • Met this handsome fellow today. Meet Butch! :)
  • All green after the rains. #stravaphoto
  • A grand view!
  • They still have these!?
  • Happy last Monday of 2014 all! ????
  • December 29th. 2014 ☀️
  • Moody day out along the coast. #stravaphoto
  • Playing around with Full Manual mode. #nofilters
  • Morning dear friend. :)
  • Feels a bit like Spring today. ????????
  • Morning!
  • Storm's a come'n #stravaphoto
  • Home before the rain. #stravaphoto