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Cycleboredom (Chris Huller)

Cycleboredom (Chris Huller)

Arlington, VA
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Cycleboredom (Chris Huller) is a cyclist from Arlington, VA. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 110
  • 220
  • 330
  • 440
  • 550
Sep 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 69.3mi
  • 7h 19m
  • 1,329ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Columbia Pike hill 27 to Courthouse
  • 2nd fastest time on Quinn St. Hill Sprint
  • 2nd fastest time on Sprint for the Flag (Flagpole to Flagpole southbound)
  • 2nd fastest time on Boundary Channel Dr > Connector Rd


Distance 2,606.3mi
Time 246h 9m
Elevation Gain 64,902ft
Rides 419


Total Distance 16,389.7mi
Total Time 1389h 58m
Total Elev Gain 473,310ft
Total Rides 1629

Recent Photos

  • It's been awhile. Beignets at Bayou w/ #TheBug
  • #commutevibes #colorcombo
  • #CollectedBoredom: this past week I took a look at the flagship jacket from @7meshinc, and fell in amour avec @houseindustries' VĒLO font. Also, a handful of sweet releases from @Rapha, @vulpinecc, @santacruzbikes, and @showerspass. Use the profile link and head over to #BoredomCentraal for more.
  • Apparently, riding one-handed on shifting snow w/ car tracks while taking shots is difficult. Also, #ALLTHEFUN. #braappractice #maxbraapage
  • Challenge accepted. Technically tho, there's a path down there. Who's in charge of this thing?!
  • Wanna know what's winning? Actual WINNING. Hauling 80s/90s era Winning, Bicycling, Cycle Sport, and more back to Boredom Centraal for scanning retro-awesomeness!
  • I know I say it every year, but the blossoms have never looked better! ???????????? #sadtrombone
  • Erryday is arm day!! ????????
  • Yeahhh, today's ride did not suck. Perfect #ridevibes the entire day. #BikeDC
  • Was going to square crop this but the shoe/boot brush at the bottom left is crucial. Arlington rushes to rid itself of this #retrosteez and I want it to stay. Also, a @swobobikes Accomplice appears in this image as well. #WhatImRiding
  • #StreetFiets: Undercover Surly. #BikeDC
  • Ride metadata: #ridevibes #CX365 #cxalljaar #tagsvoorbikes #summervibes #hashtagdoping
  • The Arlington CX park is really coming along!! ???? I wish. #seenwhileriding #BikeDC #notreally
  • Looks like someone committed too haard. #committotherut #cxalljaar #CX365 #cxruleseverythingaroundme
  • Tried walking past @dolcezzagelato today after getting my hair did. I was not successful.
  • You guys!! Encyclopedias!! They're still a thing!!
  • Friday: yes, it *did* leave a mark. ???????? Pretty sure a car did this. #thingsinbikeracks
  • #StreetFiets: this crew rolled by me on the #MVT and I had to check out their fiets fleet. This was a who's who of monster bikes! @iamspecialized and @polerstuff AWOLs, @jonesbikes Jones Plus, and @salsacycles Fargo. Also, check out 'dat @porcelainrocket framepack. Obviously, they're doing the GAP, because GAP is so hot right now. #BikeDC
  • Mid 50s and drizzling. Obviously, the @7meshinc Revelation Jacket was overkill, but it was also perfect. Continuously impressed by this piece. Also, @swrve_la Summer Jeans. #CommuteSteez #WhatImRiding
  • #CommuteVibes: some downhill cruising action on the @swobobikes Accomplice. With @somafab Clarence Bars and @bikethomson Stem installed I'm pretty sure I've created one of my favorite bikes yet—cockpit is dialed. #ProjectSwobo
  • Both laterally steezy and vertically UCI compliant, @theathletic La Cubiste Crazy Legs provide mucho aesthetic watts. #CommuteSteez #WhatImRiding
  • Why I'm not sponsored by Bob & Edith's, I'll never know. Yesterday's recovery meal. #pattymelt
  • 2nd today for @CorynRivera! #ClarendonCup #critsquad
  • Bug was stoked to meet @corynrivera and the rest of the UHC #critsquad. Thanks for taking the time! #ClarendonCup
  • Hanging out in the pace car with The Bug, @francescabikes, and @_heymann_ at the wheel. Too much fun and she LOVED it. #AFACC #ClarendonCup
  • Fig. 1) The Sagan Tarmac demonstrating its dazzle camo prowess in its natural habitat. #InTheShop
  • Was wondering what was creeping up behind me. Awesomeness. For a car, that is.
  • Curves are soooo sexy. Will hopefully shoot this beast on Sunday—more shots to come! @thevanillaworkshop #InTheShop
  • YAAASSS. So much deliciousness here! 
Repost from @jkneve: Oh man, another @teamdreamteam contest is here and the prizes for this one are wild, y'all. I suppose you should go look for some sweet sunsets in the raddest locales you can find, tag your submissions under #TeamDreamSunsetChasingTeam and do it before Tuesday at midnight. ????✌????️(???? by @jessecarmody)
  • A few days ago. The Poo-tomac. #BikeDC
  • Starting the race fleet. Second team vehicle acquired. #campvibes #adventuremobile #riDONKulous #seenwhileriding
  • There were fleeting moments where my imagination put me in the team car of a race somewhere in Europe following the lead break as we passed through cities and by monuments rich with history. However, I was in Clarendon, passing by such monuments as Mister Day's, Whitlow's, Cheesecake Factory, and that place on the corner that can't hold a business for more than a few months. #ClarendonCup #AFACC #americancriterium
  • #FreshMeat: @northstbags Clinton Backpack. Looking forward to using and abusing this sweet sack. #WhatImRiding
  • #Sorrynotsorry voor de shaky video—IT WAS HOT. @hiltonclarke of @UHCProCycling takes the win at the #AFACC #ClarendonCup!
  • 3 to go!! #ClarendonCup
  • #Released: I've got a raging case of retro-grouchiness and this @silca_velo Impero Ultimate Frame Pump might be the answer. New post on Boredom Centraal.
  • This bike and this scene make me smile. Love east coast #summervibes. Need to make it down to RVA to check out these sweet fiets! 
Repost from @rideendpoint: Frank doing frank things on his #coffeegrinderbike #outsideisfree #roadslikethese #rideoffthegrid
  • Sorry voor trolling. #TBT to Rock Racing doper Kayle Leogrande at the '07 CSC Invitational. #asicycling
  • #TBT to the '06 CSC Invitational (@asicycling) and a solo @huffyusa.
  • Apparently, spring is when people get new couches 'cuz these nasty things are everywhere. #chillestrideever #ProjectSwobo
  • Current mood… #nopanjustagua
  • In honor of Il #Giro, I'm gonna eat all the snacky cakes. #pastryweight
  • It was a little known fact that Michael Jackson loved pupusas. His label, however, nixed his first song subject and title idea. #themoreyouknow
  • Yoooo, de nieuw #WTFKOTW is up! @vagabond_cycling gets picked first voor playground dodgeball. @wtfkits sez: "All the Misty Mountain Hop vibes one can, or can not handle." Pre-order ends tomorrow (5/18)!! Check out the post on Boredom Centraal voor all de linx. #KOTW #cyclingkits @castellicycling
  • This week's #WTFKOTW is from @crusty_p_o_v and @alyssasevern. @wtfkits sez: "I like colors, I'm down w/ scorpions, and I dig dogs." Check out the post on Boredom Centraal or go through Crusty's bio link here on IG. #KOTW #cyclingkits #kitwatch @castellicycling
  • #WhatImRiding: @searchandstate was majority rules yesterday—bibs and jersey. Love the S-1A fit, it makes me feel slim which is a lot to ask from a jersey. The @louisgarneau Course 2LS shoes were fantastic and, as always, @theathletic's socks pull the #steezmix together. Love the Velo Check style. Also, @spyoptic and @rapha.
  • #FreshMeat: One Sock, Two Sock, Red Sock, Cube Sock. @theathletic La Cubiste Socks voor your pleasure. #WhatImRiding // @defeet_international
  • Earlier mood: crossy w/ 100% chance voor radness. #cxalljaar Also, #notalone.
  • #TBT to @interbike 2014 when @bikehugger blazed through the @swobobikes booth and hijacked my meeting. ???? #smallbloggerproblems // Would've said hi, Byron, but you were on a mission!
  • Sports team day @ Bug's school. Sending her in normal clothes & teaching her the phrase, "Professional sports are the opiate of the masses." Alright, so we're going with the Fassa Bortolo cap this jaar. ???????????? #Dadlife
  • She kills me. Wearing that cap like a baws. ???? #Dadlife
  • Sick to my stomach. This sucks. Right down the street from me.
  • Annnnnnd then there was that one time where I lost my damn mind. [Note: just finished drinking this in less than an hour.] ????????????
  • Went full @showerspass in the rain last night, because namesake. Refuge Jacket and Rogue pant did the job. #CommuteSteez #WhatImRiding
  • #FreshMeat: @cadencecollection Pinehurst Wind Jacket. #WhatImRiding
  • Okay, so it's kinda beautiful and stuff out there in the Tundra. #BikeDC
  • In case you weren't aware, weather happened today. #commutevibes
  • Finally cold enough to break out the shoe covers. #toastytoes
  • #CommuteSteez: went full @vulpinecc today—Merino Socks, Selvedge Jeans, and Thermal Jacket. #WhatImRiding
  • #CommuteSteez: digging the @girocycling Mobility Track Pant. Style reminds me of those skinny sweatpants people are wearing lately, except that they aren't exceptionally stupid. Easy to move around on the bici—I LIKE 'EM. Also, Aspect Helmet and some @vulpinecc goodness.
  • One word micro review: OMGOMGOMG!! Eerste ride en @girocycling's Empire VR90s was pretty damn goed. Their shoes feel like they were made voor mijn feet. It will be hard to beat these. #WhatImRiding
  • Hey @ridecannondale, please do at least one plain alt colorway like this for some models and you will rule the world. I can haz one in a CAAD10 and a CAADX w/ cantis pleeze. #intheshop
  • #CommuteSteez: SAME. #commutevibes // @vulpinecc, @bernunlimited, @spyoptic, @swrve_la
  • Nothing quite like the sexy, curved lines of the carbon @ridecannondale Synapse SAVE stays. @maxhoffman in the BG giving the wheels #gentletouch. #intheshop
  • Still my transitional season go-to embro. Still smells like that one night… @madalchemy #whatimriding
  • Hashtag: #HUPHUPHUP!! #DCCX
  • Sorry everyone, I drove her to school today. We even did the car loop! ???? #bikedc #xtracycle @ergonbike
  • Bro, this is Arlington, GTFO!! At first I was pissed, then I couldn't stop laughing (and pointing), and finally I pitied him. Then pissed again 'cuz he stopped in the middle of the x-walk *and* the road. Would've loved to have thrown something through his window if he lit those stacks up.
  • Big fan of these shirts, but the site doesn't promote them enough. Hopefully they'll get their act together soon! ???? #laatsteronde // Link in profile. Skreened versions on super sale right now!
  • FreshMeat: @pedrosbikecare Hex Bit Set. #whatimriding #fuckyeahbiketools
  • Columbia Pike, 2:50AM.
  • Hashtag #PRO. DJ's rear derailleur showing crit season battle scars. [Note: freshie RD to be installed soon.] #intheshop
  • Fillmore Garden, 2:23AM.
  • Ugh, why are centuries so far away? Haven't ridden 100 miles since 2006—decided to that today. #centriesoncxbikes
  • Today's #foodgrid. The 4 in the middle are peanut butter/maple syrup/fluff sandwiches. Maple syrup/sea salt in the flask. And of course AICAR in the med bottle.????
  • Today's #tshirtsteez: 'dat @wtfkits. Also, #joeysokay.
  • Yesterday's grocery run to @wholefoodsmarket_arlingtonva. Also picked up a Love sack! #lovesackbaby #bikedc
  • Look kids, Big Ben, Parliment.
  • Xtracycle Edgerunner: the Nissan Armada of bikes. Or is it an Escalade? AMC Eagle? Eh, who cares—SUVs suck.
  • When did I become this guy?! Years of riding without stopping for this shit and now I can't think of anything else I want more on a hot day like this?! Also, I'm totes cool with this development, because Yoo-hoo. #shakeit
  • She thick *and* she fast. #thedetails @iamspecialized @envecomposites
  • Coffee hater's care package. #downeyoshun
  • Throwback #steezmix 2: @rapha Lightweight Bibs, @kindhuman_cc Gloves, @nicelaundry Socks. #whatimriding
  • Once a theme works, you roll with it. We both couldn't fit in Gene's Johns, so…
  • Currently: indulging in some Vitamin G.
  • My ride did not suck yesterday. Could not stop taking shots. #lightbro
  • It's been since high school since the laatste time I had the "Cookie in a Cup" from Halsey's!!
  • Sickkk whattt?!? @nicelaundry #sockdoping
  • Hilariously difficult to stay on his wheel despite him using a bmx gear ratio! Didn't get his name 'cuz I was too winded.???? I know #bikedc knows who this is, so let me know!
  • Sunday. PBRs were calling my name. Chimay was chanting it. These are not things not to be ignored. Putting the @paulcomponent rack and @swobobikes Novak to their proper use. #wwtfisnovak
  • Yesterday. Riding bikes and drawing in the floor at the Mall. // Yes, this was moments after her supreme meltdown and me coming back to find my bike drug 10' w/ a scratched fork and twisted handlebars (and my subsequent meltdown????). There needs to be WAY more bike parking here.
  • Sooo, Rule #7 is in jeopardy. The @cafeducycliste_style Antoinette Bibs are #trésfrançais in length! #voecklersteez #whatimriding
  • Das Buff.
  • Slight slowing as Kelly Benefit bro is off the front. #clarendoncup
  • Yeahhhh, this was a *bit* close. ???? #clarendoncup
  • Yeahhh, I'm a bit of a dandy. Rocked the pink and the blue like a baws today. #summersteez #commutevibes // @freebirdvelo Paolini Tee, @dickies tight-assed short pants. ????
  • Finally stopped by @districtcycleworks. The space is looking good! #bikedc
  • Openly trolling the natives. They can't handle the pink. ???? #pinkindixie
  • Awesome people from the internet are awesome! Stoked to finally meet and talk with @alyssasevern beyond teh net. Apologies for being so shattered at the end of my ride. Also, to the woman who recognized me from here on IG: it's me, not you. ???? Still not used to people recognizing me, and being a horrible introvert doesn't help. Thanks for saying ????.
  • Some #goldenhour @xtracycle love while I #parkanywhere. #bikedc
  • SECRET SPY SHOT: proof that I'm capable of wearing white socks as well as socks below the base of the calves. #whatimriding #sockgame
  • Good to see @bilsko this AM. #bikedc #nogarminnorules #makeportraits
  • This gluten-free, Nutella-filled, pastry thing from @killer_esp was amazeballs!! Also, pleasure meeting you @sarahricenc! Remembered your profile shot before your name. ????????
  • All in.  The @iamspecialized Romin Evo Expert for all my road and CX bikes. #whatimriding
  • One of my favorite shirts. Finally got one. @embrocycling x G&D mashup.
  • Playing with the @ridecannondale Synapse Disc 5 105. Throw on some larger tires and this thing would be a monster! #intheshop
  • SAD TROMBONE KLAXXXON!! @colnagoworld #intheshop
  • Consolation prize... Between hybrid questions. #parisroubaix
  • Hey @punkaboo, stopped in to buy you coffee and join your bike gang. Apparently, initiation will have to wait.
  • Liking this #steezmix today: gray @rapha City Socks and @Mavic Zxellium Ultimates. #lookprorideslow
  • Shapes.
  • Why yellow lenses? This. 12 y/o @rudyprojectna Ekynox still going. #whatimriding
  • Yesterday's #steezmix: @swrve_la Summer Skinny Jeans, @theathletic LAX socks, and @vans. #whatimriding #sockdoping
  • FreshMeat: @swrve_la _BLK LABEL Summer Skinny Jeans. [Note: loved Swrve's jeans so much I had to buy some myself.] #whatimriding
  • Got some of that good light yesterday. #lightbro
  • People often ask me, "Boredom, why do you ride on the trails? How can you stand it?" Hmmmm… #bikedc
  • Niiiiice! #bikedc has its first bike counter! Perfect for Intersection Von Doom. #smugometer
  • Of course the wind does down just as I started filming… #bikedc #suchwindy
  • The Potomac, sponsored by @ups. A spring tradition. #bikedc
  • First trip into DC con Bug on the @xtracycle! #buglife #bikedc
  • Got dropped from the #Cat6Crit so I tried #Meersmanning back. Picked the wrong vehicle... #parisnice
  • This just happened. A yet-to-be-named @acmepieco lemon curd/blueberry pie. So freaking good!
  • "I ride around town on my longtail bicycle." The @xtracycle Edgerunner gets #allthelooks. #bikedc
  • Today's #sockgame: mas fuerte! @stancesocks / @swrve_la #whatimriding
  • Almost *too* warm for the @vulpinecc Softshell today! Perfect weather voor #bikedc though! #whatimriding
  • Oh yeah, that'll totally buff right out. #intheshop
  • The Vortexxx, it BURNNNNS! #diewinterdie #bikedc
  • Yeahhhhh… not sure why I rode this in today. #neverlockcarbon
  • So, it's snowing… #bikedc #diewinterdie
  • Cookie break w/ Ma Boredom's homemade energy bars. At @cyclelifeusa w/ @louisgarneau and @ceremonycoffee.
  • Apparently, we're parked on a hill.
  • If it's Saturday, this must be beignets with Bug! #addicted
  • ZOMG THIS #BIKEDC WEATHER!! (can someone check if she's still there?)
  • The Gauntlet. Only way to ride this stupidity is by blasting it. Of course, the penalty voor failure is high… #bikedc
  • Yes, that's condensation on my mask. And yes, it's freezing. #vortexxx
  • Alright @bikearlington, who in @ArlingtonVA gets credit for this Custis Trail awesomeness? #bikedc #plowed #salted
  • Laatste ronde voor de Frankenfiets? One more thing I possibly could do to make it usable...
  • Hub on these CrossRides is finally giving up. Pawls slip at the most dangerous moments. The cold makes it worse.
  • First commute on de nieuw fiets. Loooooooove it. @xtracycle
  • Using bikes to get bikes. #carfree lifestyle FTW. @bikeshare #bikedc
  • Picking up a rental to get de nieuw fiets! First @bikeshare ride since I was part of the launch. #bikedc
  • Today's sock game: EN FUEGO! @theathletic #LAX #whatimriding
  • Ooooo child, let's do this!! Angels in the dark. @thesufferfest #iwbmattkyt
  • Hey guys, remember snow? #springindecember
  • The FREITAG Rex isn't huge but it still can carry some T-Joe's essentials. And by essentials I mean hummus, pita, crackers, egg nog, and choco-stars Also, 'dat 5lb bag of @ceremonycoffee.
  • Yesterday: testing the @abus_locks Granit X-Plus 54 Mini and the FREITAG Rex. #whatimriding
  • Ohh, @thesufferfest, it's been too long. First trainer session & #downwardspiral in over 2 years.
  • Sunday night—Panettone & cat food. #livingthedream
  • Someone *really* likes their  @santacruzbicycles 5010. #bikeb0ner
  • Learning to drive voor de first time again. cc: @adammyerson
  • So, this is happening. #whatimriding
  • FreshMeat: @madalchemy Pro+ Chamois Crème. #whatimriding
  • Correct. cc: @rotheracycling
  • "Rush hour." LULZ. #nofilter #bikedc
  • OMFG, dronk from #dccx. @peregrinedc to the rescue. Arlington is far. So very far...
  • Oh yeah! Got that fresh @wtfkits shirt!! #dccx
  • Rosslyn looking all Beijing-y yesterday. #bikedc
  • End of ride #gnatdc collection from yesterday.
  • Totally expecting to dismount and hop the barrier in road shoes. Totes disappointed. On the other hand, #mvt bridge was fixed. #bikedc
  • Sidewalk surfing because Columbia Pike. #muypeligroso #bikedc
  • Tres montañas on my forehead because @manualforspeed. Also, @mavic HC gilet weather. #whatimriding
  • Get this. Seriously, just get it. @cxhairs did this book right and @jeremypowers is simply dreamy. #spoilsofinterbike
  • Best thing about #clarendonday? Getting cupcakes when we left.
  • Stoked on this @hbstache Young Cannibal shirt, but moar stoked to finally meet the crew behind it all. #spoilsofinterbike
  • You guys, my ride the other day was epic! I *bled*.
  • 3 brands making great products I met with at #interbike: @swrve_la, @bernunlimited and @showerspass. #yesterdayscommute #whatimriding
  • Here we go...
  • #secretgrotto
  • Wednesday.
  • New hair steez. Closer to a Kittel. #coifsnothats
  • Family #slowbiking today.
  • Ice cream sandwich steez from @bakeshopva! So good.
  • THIS. All of this.
  • Milkshake goes in the cup holder.
  • Oh hai, douche. I will admit it's a nice shady spot, though. #bikedc
  • Yesterday's post-ride recovery meal.
  • At the intersection of Gravel & Grind.
  • Le Gravel.
  • Original Gangster #intheshop
  • I'm sure this had *nothing* to do with speed. #bikedc
  • Boom. Tour's done, CX is on!
  • Hey @bikearlington, what was that site again? ;) #bikedc
  • Worst thing to do if you have a fetish for the CAAD10...
  • Earlier: Song Que #8 and coffee boba. #edendelight
  • Heads up #bikedc, the MVT has several bridge projects going. Also, as of 1:20PM, they're making you walk Northdown Road due to paving.
  • 35mi (so far) in mid-90s heat necessitates an affogato. At @killer_esp.
  • Saturday avec le Bug.
  • Period between decision to ride and departure is measured in ride time. 100x faster than dog years.
  • "Once we're finished, there's nothing left."
  • Chillin' with The Bug averaging less than 4mph. Also, wrong Grand Tour shirt. #girodifrance
  • Project: Bug Balance begins in earnest. Hope to make these irrelevant this summer.
  • Oh hai, what's your name? #thesexy
  • Whoops—bad daddy. #purocaffbath
  • This happened. Torte, Nutella, strawberries, Reddi-Wip, and sea salt. #CALORIEDOPING
  • The moment I rolled out the door the raindrops started. Felt fantastic.
  • It didn't take long for something to fail.