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Justin Stanley

Justin Stanley

Austin, Texas
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Justin Stanley is a cyclist from Austin, Texas. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 340
  • 680
  • 1020
  • 1360
  • 1700
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 15.1mi
  • 2h 8m
  • 554ft

Recent Achievements

  • KOM on state road race
  • 8th overall on Descent after Climb 2
  • PR on sprint
  • PR on Solo victory


Distance 9,945.7mi
Time 492h 29m
Elevation Gain 490,072ft
Rides 263


Total Distance 48,108.6mi
Total Time 2531h 22m
Total Elev Gain 2,044,426ft
Total Rides 1064

Recent Photos

  • Out with the old, in with the new #garmin520
  • Back at it after a nice weekend off in Chicago.  Looking forward to the next 6 weeks of racing with my #Elbroz #family
  • A very good morning #cattleguard #sunrise @iamspecialized @wearespecialized
  • Gettin' #baked @mellowjohnnys @rideshimano
  • Where the trail ends #texasflood #turnarounddontdrown #cruxin
  • 40k TT on the trainer. Is there a test more true? @iamspecialized @rideshimano @elbowzracing
  • LT Country Market supporting the cycling community #bikelove @iamspecialized
  • The last few weeks have been pretty busy, but I always make time for this. @elbowzracing @iamspecialized @rideshimano
  • @gozwift has the best April Fool's Day joke so far. Racing around with @laurens_ten_dam on Big Wheels made for a fun workout
  • Earned the polka dot jersey on @gozwift this morning. Come try to take it #polkadots
  • Spinning around Zwift island with @lawsoncraddock this morning
  • Another nice Texas winter day has me smilin' #sunnyand70  @iamspecialized @elbowzracing
  • Loving my new bike @iamspecialized @elbowzracing @alpinestars @rideshimano
  • Texas winter. Sunny and 70s. Yeehaw @iamspecialized @alpinestars @elbowzracing @castellicycling
  • I've been noticing lots of debris being left on the road after car crashes lately.  I had to dodge these pools of blood on 360 this morning.  There was also a good bit of broken glass and plastic on the shoulder. This is getting ridiculous.  Who is responsible for cleaning this stuff up in #austin ?  @coa #coa
  • I bet this is awkward for the mailman
  • 2014 Dallas Turkey Trot #tradition
  • 40,000 people and I find this guy @2wheel_caleb
  • Running races and wranglin' cattle #turkeytrot
  • When your dérailleur cable breaks on a really hilly route....ffffffffff
  • At least it's sunny
  • Susan G Komen 5k with @bratkinson__ who ran for @peggycantu
  • #rackcity
  • It's going to be another nice day in Austin
  • On top of Maui @iamspecialized @rideshimano @elbowzracing
  • Doing the east loop with Brooke. First stop, Grandma's Coffee House for breakfast. Next stop, Hana.
  • 2 hour hike in the middle of a 7 hour ride. Worth it.
  • Best follow vehicle driver ever.
  • My little tree hugger
  • Up a hors catégorie climb for this cup of coffee and this view. Totally worth it.
  • In the hills today @iamspecialized @rideshimano @elbowzracing
  • The best stop on the west side
  • Coffee stop
  • Recovery ride to Kihei. Dodging rain showers @iamspecialized @rideshimano @elbowzracing
  • Successfully riding around all of the rain showers this morning meant plenty of opportunities to take pics of rainbows.
  • Started from the bottom now we here
  • This guy killed it
  • I got high today
  • Work is done, time for some fun
  • Coffee stop
  • This guy is so spoiled with these amazing roads @david_arteaga_maui
  • Land of the Love-Snatching Wind....interesting
  • Waterfalls
  • Lunch
  • As @bspies11 would say, "homeboy ran out of talent coming around that turn."
  • Almost home
  • Riding bikes in paradise
  • This is how they do group rides in Maui
  • That one time I was actually going to win a cyclocross race....
  • That looks like more than 10%
  • Possibly the best seat in Austin
  • Debut cyclocross race #crossisboss
  • Haters gonna hate #notbikefriendly #nolove
  • Nice day for a ride in Austin @iamspecialized @alpinestars @rideshimano @elbowzracing
  • I blistered another tire... #toomuchspeed
  • That's a lot of cotton
  • Old school meets new school @envecomposites
  • Spinning around St. Louis with a few El'Broz @elbowzracing @iamspecialized @alpinestars
  • "Out of leds". No led for my drink? That sucks...
  • UV index 10 of 9. What!? This Texas sun won't be the death of me.  I'd like to use a lifeline to phone a friend.  Lucas to the rescue.
  • Good morning #blowout
  • "Red touch yellow, you're a dead fellow; red touch black, you're okay Jack." Am I seeing this right? I didn't think we had coral snakes in Texas.  #roadkill #deadly
  • Am I feeling lucky?
  • You're never too old to go streaking at Le Tour de France #tdf2014
  • Nothing rides better than a properly cleaned drivetrain @rideshimano @iamspecialized @elbowzracing
  • Just two dudes trying to cool off in the shade.  This Texas heat is killer.  #toohot
  • Lunch at my favorite vegan spot @unityvegankitchen
  • I love this bike @iamspecialized @elbowzracing.  1st place in the open 40k TT and a new course record 53:33.
  • Sittin' sidewayz yo
  • Putting in a few miles on the shiv with the new bar extensions.  Feels much better than before.
  • Shaved head +20 watts ;)
  • @stefanrothe @elbowzracing takes the win at the Driveway and keeps the overall leaders jersey
  • Spotted a hippo in Hutto #huttohippos
  • #birds
  • Picked some jalapeños from Grandma's garden #homegrown
  • Belated Fathers Day ride. Can you see the resemblance? #likefatherlikeson #stache #tourditalia
  • 10 to go #tourditalia #100%humidity
  • @mayito35 ask and you shall receive #stache
  • @tonybaca28 Let's taco 'bout it #mexicanwordoftheday
  • These signs always make me think, "Caution: out of control drivers ahead"
  • #rad #dirttrack
  • #salty
  • Today's motivation to ride a little farther #midridemeal #fruitsandveggies
  • Day 1 of the comeback.  It's amazing what two weeks on the couch can do for your fitness (sarcasm). #comeback #roadtorecovery #countmystaples
  • Enjoying some good food from @unityvegankitchen. I got a 10% discount just for riding my bike #biketoeatweek #vegan #vagan?
  • And the award for craziest scarecrow goes to.....
  • @elbowzracing Joe Martin Stage 3 prerace spin #jmsr2014 @iamspecialized @alpinestars #rideshimano
  • @elbowzracing preriding the TT course #jmsr2014 @iamspecialized #rideshimano @castellicycling
  • New @elbowzracing team van? $11k obo... #vwvan. @bspies11
  • @elbowzracing previewing stage 3 of the Redlands Bicycle Classic. @iamspecialized #rideshimano
  • My favorite time of the year #springclassics #E3Harelbeke
  • Took a wrong turn on my way to the coffee shop and stumbled upon an awesome trail with enough dirt to satisfy @adamkoble and @iamtedking.  #rideshimano @iamspecialized
  • Long day on the bike and El'broz gotta eat @elbowzracing
  • My favorite coffee ride @elbowzracing #rideshimano
  • Gotta love a coffee shop where you don't even get off your bike to get coffee. @iamspecialized
  • My favorite mid-ride stop.  Looking forward to 50 miles of tailwind on the way home.
  • It's like riding on a really fast rainbow
  • @elbowzracing coffee ride
  • Elbroz on the Austin MetroRail @elbowzracing
  • Captains ride @elbowzracing @iamspecialized #rideshimano
  • Elbroz water stop @elbowzracing @iamspecialized #rideshimano
  • Getting dialed in for the 2014 season with @elbowzracing @iamspecialized #rideshimano
  • Nice day for a run.....not
  • Duck nativity scene? Duck Santa? Duck elves? Am I missing something?
  • Saturday ride shenanigans #Elvis
  • Best coffee in Midlothian.  They call this masterpiece The Blushing Penguin #sugarhigh #caffeinebuzz #lighthousecoffee
  • Busting out my fancy insulated socks today.  #sopro
  • Heading out for a "decent one" @bontragerct @boneshakertx @lawsoncraddock #thinkfinance #dallasbikeworks
  • The Nathans came in town for a ride #ThinkFinance #dallasbikeworks
  • Nice day for a ride with @elbowzracing @bontragerct @boneshakertx
  • Dallas Bike Works team getting it done today
  • Coldest little group ride in Texas @elbowzracing
  • I don't remember putting ice in my bottles this morning.....
  • I look like an idiot, but hopefully it keeps me warm today.
  • No bikes? #hatersgonnahate
  • Spotted through the fog today #dallasbikeworks
  • Foggy start to this ride #fog
  • Dallas Bike Works team training
  • Oops I did it again.... 4th time in 4 months. #brokenspoke #thesewheelssuck
  • And we're done #200noton100tx
  • Half way #200noton100tx
  • Made it through the mornings directions without getting lost, luckily #200noton100tx
  • First rest stop to get directions #200noton100tx
  • #200noton100tx rollout!
  • Getting ready to roll #200noton100tx @giantbicycles
  • Midlo Fire Department ride
  • And then there was one #200noton100tx training #iamnottedking
  • Mile 124, 06:25.  Needing a little pick me up. #200noton100tx training
  • Saying goodbye to what's left of the 102 mile group.  On my own now. #200noton100tx training
  • #truth
  • Enoc made a friend. #200noton100tx training
  • If your house has a separate service entrance, you're doing too much. #doless
  • Mom and Dad never told me we had a pizza place.  I better eat for free!
  • #guesswhatdayitis dude, you're late.
  • Sunny one minute, nice cold rain the next. #texasweather
  • Should I? #atx #flood
  • Looks like it's ride time #atx
  • Breaking spokes is getting old.....
  • Nice morning for a ride #atx
  • Classic Cup Cafe #caffeinefix #sugarhigh
  • #dallasbikeworks Sunday Social
  • Deep South Group rolling out.
  • Throwback Thursday.  My very first bike race, HHH 2012 Cat 4/5 Road Race.  That's me on the right.  Ended up 4th. #TBT
  • Had to get my fix
  • Dallas City Council supporting cycling in Dallas
  • This is the best time of year in Texas to GO RIDE YO BIKE #colnago
  • Annual Bike to City Hall Ride #dallasbikeworks
  • Nice day for bike ride at the mothership
  • After 4 crashes last season, my left shifter finally died on me.  Good thing Texas is flat as a pancake and you don't need your small chainring.
  • Classic Cup Cafe pastry stop too #sugarhigh
  • Almost home #dallasbikeworks
  • Yes please @giantbicycles #dallasbikeworks #pinkisfast
  • Classic Cup Cafe coffee stop.  Texas Pecan Roast is wicked strong #caffeine-buzz
  • #dallasbikeworks Social Ride coming through Wilmer
  • Social Sunday train stop #dallasbikeworks
  • Deep South Group Ride
  • Mid-ride stop
  • Good day for ride
  • Got #asthma ?  There's your problem
  • Three amigos
  • Andrew Jones aka the engine
  • @giantbicycles demo at #dallasbikeworks today was awesome.  The Propel Advanced SL is #sweet
  • Just fell over at a stoplight at a busy intersection #humbling #embarrassing
  • What do you buy when you flat and your spare tube is no good and a stranger picks you up on the side of the road in the rain and takes you to Walmart? Everything!  #goodpeople #bikeadventures
  • It's another one of those " @mayito35 grab the hose " kind of days
  • @iamtedking #iamnottedking with the hose that grows #bikeadventures #bikelove
  • The sure sign to the end of a good time #brokenspoke #soggycentury
  • Had some fun in the mud.  Grab the hose @mayito35 so we can get back on the road. #bikeadventures #soggycentury
  • Classic Cup Cafe ride #dallasbikeworks
  • Got some snowman skeletons up in your closet?
  • Haaaaaayyyyyy you guyz
  • Two signs I don't like seeing while on the bike.  I'm okay with the third one. #colnago not happy
  • I think I'm lost #starship #colnago #bikeadventures
  • Dude, don't overlap wheels #crash #learnthehardway
  • @iamtedking #iamnottedking but I can pretend, right?
  • #socialhour
  • The Dallas Bike Works Vegan Special and a cup of Texas Pecan coffee. You should try it.  Seriously, it's on the menu.  #dallasbikeworks
  • For some reason these always make me laugh.
  • Found this guy out front at Pookies Donuts this morning.....what the?
  • Mmmmmm...... Offseason
  • Free donuts at #dallasbikeworks get'em while they're hot! (Figuratively speaking)
  • Old shoes (Sidi Ergo 3). New shoes (Shimano R320). #letmeupgradeyou #100gramslighter #ultracomfy #stiff #dallasbikeworks
  • @beecrosby got a street named after him.... #texasstrongman #youknowyouvemadeitwhen#wrongsideofthetracks
  • If you're not outside in Dallas today, you're missing out. #perfectweather #dallasbikeworks #bikelove
  • #powerpinkkit #dallasbikeworks  representing. #texasstatechampionship #2galsofwater
  • #donuts make everyone's Monday suck a little less #dallasbikeworks
  • Train delay. #southride #dallasbikeworks
  • Police delay.... #brettsaidwecould @beecrosby #southride
  • The sun's up, the cow is fat, it's slaughter time.  Mean green team training. #dallasbikeworks
  • Life's too short to not do what you love everyday you wake up. #dallasbikeworks #bikelove #bikeadventures
  • Special delivery! #dallasbikeworks
  • Let's ride @iamtedking
  • A little climbing today. #hills #bikeadventures #dallasbikeworks
  • I miss living out here in the country. #texassky
  • "You look like a #Crayola factory exploded all over you." #dallasbikeworks
  • Visiting the mothership #dallasbikeworks
  • Kickin' it with my original crew
  • 5 days after the crash and still bleeding through tegaderm + surgical pad + bib......
  • I'm beyond excited for this race.  Last year, this was my first bike race ever as a category 5.  Today I get to race in the Pro/1/2 omnium.  #stoked #dallasbikeworks #arteagacoaching