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Tim Vidmar_Pro Eco Tri Team/Fox Racing

Tim Vidmar_Pro Eco Tri Team/Fox Racing

San Clemente, California
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Tim Vidmar_Pro Eco Tri Team/Fox Racing is a cyclist from San Clemente, California. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 150
  • 300
  • 450
  • 600
  • 750
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 66.1mi
  • 4h 23m
  • 7,444ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on County Highway S6 Climb
  • PR on Will Segment 2
  • PR on Palomar Mountain Rd Climb
  • PR on Palomar Mountain Rd/76 Split to Yield Sign


Distance 3,523.6mi
Time 211h 8m
Elevation Gain 189,416ft
Rides 158


Total Distance 16,288.3mi
Total Time 984h 31m
Total Elev Gain 1,009,646ft
Total Rides 710

Recent Photos

  • sleeping in was great, 3 hours of pain in the midday heat, not so great.
  • Escorting @ironcowboyjames for the full 112 miles today, such an amazing day. It was fast today and there were hundreds of riders.  He is almost done with the marathon now, I have been riding my bike in front all day carrying his food and liquid needs, he is killing it! We are starting the final 5k and I am finally off my bike after 9+ hours in the saddle and going to join him on my feet...if my legs work!
  • providing some entertainment to the run crew with @ironcowboyjames out on his marathon today. was refreshing to get wet. #505050 @altraironcowboyfeed
  • getting some hills in today
  • happy saturday
  • one more of the new shades for #nationalsunglassesday 
#jawbreakers #oakley #cavendish
  • passing the baton, nice work @stevevidmar and @petervidmar
  • feel bad leaving @runwebs here to finish the 12 hour solo without support, keep going man! looking solid after about 60 miles already.
  • first time in a long time I was a spectator today...still fun even with a gimp arm
  • what a great day spent with @ironcowboyjames on his 6th ironman. can't believe what he is doing, and can't believe how solid he looks after 6 days. wish I was continuing on with the crew tomorrow! #ironcowboy #505050
  • 84 miles of beautiful misery calls for sweet recovery #hawaiianshaveice
  • lots of pro ecos behind me in the new team kit, ride 1 done, now off to ride mtb in the dirt. #proecotriteam
  • #ocotillowells moto trip was a success, so fun
  • @petervidmar is my domestique today, carrying all my food/water to the top of finishing climb of Queen stage of Tour of Utah. Now I'm up at the finish line waiting...thanks dad.
  • had an awesome day riding chairlift at deer valley with @petervidmar and @dmviddy! so much fun...does my eye look weird? #bikepunchedme #ridelikeamonster #rocknroad
  • @petervidmar descending the American Fork side of Alpine Loop. Amazing road ride.
  • Left the condo at 4:45am to join some friends up and over this ridge. My first time riding Alpine Loop road, new favorite, so cool.
  • loved coming up on this sign...30 min into 4 hours on the mountain today
  • I don't want to pay for these from #finisherpics, so here are Boise race pics. #osmonutrition #rocknroad #rocknroadcyclery @torcanoi #orp #oakley #packphysicaltherapy #highland #havenhealthcare #castelli #lifetimefitness #proecotriteam
  • not only got to ride a rad bike today, got to go home with free goodies from @iamspecialized as well as grab some stuff from my sponsors @torcanoi and @osmonutrition . thanks for the support, loved getting the #osmonutrition in bulk in a plastic bag, and everyone should check out the #orp light/horn. cars are going to know i'm coming! @pedalindustries i'll taunt you with the horn as I close down your tuesday morning breakaways :) #proecotriteam #rocknroad
  • Training camp day 1 is done, and in the words of @motohead372, I'm weeded. Rough day.
  • New blue tape to go with @osmonutrition and @proecotriteam
  • Max speed on the mountain today, 51.4mph, rode skis for a change
  • Awesome time on the Specialized A1 ride today with @trevortbrown @lazy72 @motohead372 @highkix8 @teamblackstar ...wish lunch rides were always 4 hours long
  • Epic ride so far, here's where I let the 15 pro's that were left continue south and where I turn to go home. Can't believe I hung on with these guys all day. Oceanside Pier.
  • long day ahead...first go at the swami's ride, 4 hours here, then ride home. #osmonutrition will keep me going...i hope
  • can you spot bambi in the speed blur? coyotes, deer, and a bobcat sighting on this evenings mtb
  • ran into Santa with a surfboard on the ride. cut my hair for mom and shortened the Christmas Eve ride from 7 hours to 4 for her, Merry Christmas mother
  • @petervidmar trying out my bike in his first cross race
  • #4, traditional Tuesday post when I win. Although it should have been @lazy72 with the impressive 5 + mile breakaway, caught 20 yards from the finish line.
  • #3
  • getting lost on the mtb
  • View from the marathon course today, followed my sister from the bike trail for the last 11 miles, pretty awesome.
  • @kviddy trying to walk after her first marathon, sub 3 hours!
  • First time on a Todd Brown adventure...bonked bad 3 hours in on saddleback, crashed on the downhill putting a decent hole in my wrist, struggled to finish off the 5.5 hour ride, but I'm still alive. I'll be back for more of these if Todd doesn't mind dragging me around again. #ridelikeamonster #rocknroad
  • Fog's rolling in as marine trumpeter plays at Camp Pendleton and I finish up ride number 2 in the dirt tonight
  • View from the top of Santiago Peak, I've missed being up here, time to do it regularly #saddlebackmountain #ridelikeamonster
  • Dang! A second before this it said "slow down"... Eileen is a magician, out for a recovery spin after dialing in my bike fit with her and its noticeably faster. I never go 22 into a headwind at a easy effort. Unbelievable! It's like I got a new bike...
  • It's only my second time winning so I'm still allowed to get overly excited about it and brag to random instagrammers...still have some power leftover from Palomar, super fun. I credit @osmonutrition with helping me recover from the weekend's effort. #tmwc
  • @trevopp warming up the legs for tomorrow's #saintstosinners 500 mile race from SLC to Vegas. It's hot out, but so fun to ride up canyon roads like this...can't wait
  • 4 hour AM team ride in the hills, then 2 hour evening solo ride toward Oceanside with nobody the whole way, then beach with the dogs. Good one. @osmonutrition @rocknroad @proecotriteam  @nikawater
  • Trying something new commute.
  • Much needed food after 5000 yards in the pool #myeyeballshurt
  • Thanks @rnrbikes @rocknroad for the new bike! Love it! #readytorace
  • Some local legends showed up to the Tuesday Morning World Championships this morning. Made for a tough pace and crazy battle at the finish line. I thought I had a chance entering the corkscrew in 2nd but I was dead wrong. I'll get'um next week!
  • Hike to the clouds with my boys
  • Friends on this evenings mtb ride at Whiting
  • Proper snowboarding...fresh snow
  • It's dark in the trees...I like it
  • I feel like a 10 year old, just can't leave yet, still going
  • Legs are smashed from today's ride, but can't pass up another day on the mountain
  • Awesome ride with my cousin...he is strong, and altitude and I are not friends, so it was really tough
  • @chrisvidmar wishes he was on a snowboard so the hike out would have been easier...t-shirt weather after that ordeal
  • A wrong turn at canyons often leads to hiking out thru waist deep snow...oops @chrisvidmar
  • Sunny spring riding
  • 70 miles in, 50ish to go...Tarmac is looking good with the Lift wheels. @rocknroad #proecotriteam
  • Zion
  • As always...pleasure to train with and get tips from the best. James Lawrence, Ironman world record holder.
  • Got up the snow canyon climb over 10 minutes ahead of the group...serious suffering on that one #proecotriteam
  • Earning my stripes on a 3rd ride today. Legs feel trashed, perfect Tuesday.
  • Fast 67 miles today, thanks to LIFT wheels
  • Friends on the trail tonight
  • There's a snake living in our garage somewhere...
  • @maddivingbarons you might be doing this marathon by yourself...front tire blow out and dad went down, on way to hospital for x-rays
  • But before the crash happened we rescued this baby rattlesnake from getting run over
  • 60 miles and 5000 feet of climbing in the desert...almost no cars passed me...epic
  • My wheels make my shadow cooler
  • Everyone in the company got Italian gelato just now...that was a nice surprise
  • This makes 220 miles for the week...tough week, ready for more.
  • This is the last thing I want to do right Saturday nights rock
  • Muddy wet rainy 100 miler from irvine to carlsbad today...only 93 for me cause my rear wheel is having issues.
  • Jamba juice brought in for everyone at work...that was nice
  • 30mph for a flat segment and not even on my TT bike...that's a record for me. My legs hurt. I love my lunch rides.
  • Above the fog
  • LONG swim/bike/run day, but got some good tan lines.  Now for elevation, compression, and sleep...nobody talk to me for 15 hours please. #lovethissport #ironmantri
  • Picture my friend took at mile 50 of Ironman Florida today. I love the signs at these races.
  • Over 7 minutes at a heart rate of 190+ to get this 34th painful, still feel sick
  • But came home to this guy and he wants me to take him on another run anyways...spoiled animal
  • Post work play... #lovemyjob
  • Drive all the way to Dana point harbor, ran for an hour, then drove home...went 75 on the freeway. My wallet sat on the bumper the whole time. #lucky
  • Loooooooong #swimbikerun day, and these lucky guys got to join me for the 7th hour and end off the day with a dip in Dana Point harbor
  • Athlete guide just came in...3rd time toeing the line at a full distance Ironman this year. 10 days...nervous.
  • Here we go...will let you know what happens in about 10-14 hours or so
  • This is all I keep in my filing cabinet at work...just the essentials.
  • Solid lunch ride today with the guys...I guess my legs are recovered from the ironman
  • Love days like this...
  • Koa and I already got our run we are at the pool coaching @grock27 and @chrisg15 thru a 40 minute swim set. Koa will be in the water soon, guarantee it.
  • Almost just blacked out at top of this hill...tried to take strava segment record, don't think I made it...hoping for second place
  • No excuses cold-weather dwellers...get out and ride! Epic winding roads thru the hills up here, just have to dodge all the ice.
  • Staying hydrated with Nika Water...they do good things, check them out. @nikawater #proecotriteam
  • Can't believe we road this morning...crossed a sheet of ice going thru the canyon! Coldest one of the year.
  • Epic night mtb ride in carlsbad with my friends dog running the whole thing in between us. Next time I'm bringing Koa.
  • Fox Lunch Ride... McDougal's bike is in the shop, so he's on his mtb, and he pulled me into the onshore wind at 25.5mph the entire back bay trail. Unbelievably strong.
  • Good lunch ride today... Getting Pro Eco on the leader boards. #proecotriteam
  • 25mph into a strong headwind looks mellow in still photography. 80 degrees out #foxlunchride #proecotriteam
  • Every single job. #foxlunchride #theseguysarefast
  • Getting some hills in at night.
  • Rain or shine...we're out there. #foxlunchride #proecotriteam