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Tim Vidmar [Fox Racing/Pro Eco Tri]

Tim Vidmar [Fox Racing/Pro Eco Tri]

San Clemente, California
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Tim Vidmar [Fox Racing/Pro Eco Tri] is a cyclist from San Clemente, California. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 140
  • 280
  • 420
  • 560
  • 700
Dec 2013
Jan 2014

Current Month

  • 55.8mi
  • 3h 32m
  • 1,419ft

Recent Achievements

  • 2nd fastest time on 6min BB Interval O&B
  • 3rd fastest time on Culver Speedway
  • 3rd fastest time on Culver NB
  • 3rd fastest time on Ford Rd tenderizer


Distance 4,092.6mi
Time 240h 26m
Elevation Gain 243,563ft
Rides 163


Total Distance 12,619.9mi
Total Time 765h 1m
Total Elev Gain 808,215ft
Total Rides 547

Recent Photos

  • @petervidmar is my domestique today, carrying all my food/water to the top of finishing climb of Queen stage of Tour of Utah. Now I'm up at the finish line waiting...thanks dad.
  • had an awesome day riding chairlift at deer valley with @petervidmar and @dmviddy! so much fun...does my eye look weird? #bikepunchedme #ridelikeamonster #rocknroad
  • Left the condo at 4:45am to join some friends up and over this ridge. My first time riding Alpine Loop road, new favorite, so cool.
  • @petervidmar descending the American Fork side of Alpine Loop. Amazing road ride.
  • loved coming up on this sign...30 min into 4 hours on the mountain today
  • I don't want to pay for these from #finisherpics, so here are Boise race pics. #osmonutrition #rocknroad #rocknroadcyclery @torcanoi #orp #oakley #packphysicaltherapy #highland #havenhealthcare #castelli #lifetimefitness #proecotriteam
  • not only got to ride a rad bike today, got to go home with free goodies from @iamspecialized as well as grab some stuff from my sponsors @torcanoi and @osmonutrition . thanks for the support, loved getting the #osmonutrition in bulk in a plastic bag, and everyone should check out the #orp light/horn. cars are going to know i'm coming! @pedalindustries i'll taunt you with the horn as I close down your tuesday morning breakaways :) #proecotriteam #rocknroad
  • Training camp day 1 is done, and in the words of @motohead372, I'm weeded. Rough day.
  • New blue tape to go with @osmonutrition and @proecotriteam
  • Max speed on the mountain today, 51.4mph, rode skis for a change
  • Awesome time on the Specialized A1 ride today with @trevortbrown @lazy72 @motohead372 @highkix8 @teamblackstar ...wish lunch rides were always 4 hours long
  • Epic ride so far, here's where I let the 15 pro's that were left continue south and where I turn to go home. Can't believe I hung on with these guys all day. Oceanside Pier.
  • long day ahead...first go at the swami's ride, 4 hours here, then ride home. #osmonutrition will keep me going...i hope
  • can you spot bambi in the speed blur? coyotes, deer, and a bobcat sighting on this evenings mtb