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Andrew Valko

Andrew Valko

San Francisco, California
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Perpetually injured triathlete. Product manager at Strava.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 120
  • 240
  • 360
  • 480
  • 600
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 19.3mi
  • 4h 5m
  • 112ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on 18th Street Bridge Climb
  • PR on Ritch Street
  • PR on Camino Alto Overhill Rd to Menke Park
  • 2nd fastest time on AT&T Park Loop


Distance 2,484.2mi
Time 145h 26m
Elevation Gain 133,881ft
Rides 69


Total Distance 41,355.5mi
Total Time 2476h 43m
Total Elev Gain 2,309,219ft
Total Rides 969

Recent Photos

  • Donuts!
  • Hey, there's Coit Tower.
  • San Francisco skyline.
  • I ran up a big hill (for me) to get this view.
  • Great day for a swim!
  • Some fog obscures the tops of the buildings in downtown San Francisco.
  • Cruising back to San Francisco.
  • Can't beat this really.
  • Seven Sisters.
  • Alpine Dam. #alpinedam
  • Bret's suggested caption: "Hey, how'd you get up there?"
  • Bearded, too.
  • BTubbs' hair is still long.
  • Hazy morning, hazy brain.
  • Action shot.
  • First out of the water, baby!
  • Selfie at the starting line.
  • Couldn't have done this without Kristine's unwavering support!
  • Blurry shot of me on the bike. It was a long day out there and I was happy to be rounding into transition.
  • 35th AG, 160 Overall
  • I found this pup at the finish line.
  • Home sweet home.
  • Usual morning run view.
  • It's wet!
  • Cruising through the park behind a few commuters. I love the sun coming through the trees in the morning.
  • Sutro and a well-groomed golf course
  • Land's End, San Francisco
  • Wearing a white helmet for a change.
  • Gosh, this sunrise-under-the-bridge view never gets old.
  • This shot was taken by the ORNOT photographers on Seven Sisters. They were posted up to watch and capture the Tam Hill Climb. I guess I blended right in!
  • This is a test!
  • Probably should have ridden outside.
  • This is a caption.
  • 50 meters.
  • Requisite selfie.
  • Descending back through the clouds
  • About to ride over the edge of the continent
  • Grinding along Seven Sisters
  • Down by the dam
  • Breezy afternoon on the roof.
  • I've run by this boot camp so many times...
  • Main set: 250 Pull + 2x100 Fast, three times through.
  • Epic!
  • Good morning.
  • Bay bridge
  • #tbt to the time I was randomly asked to hold the G in the Google San Francisco office photo, circa 2008. Can't believe this is still hanging in the hall!
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  • Serious expression.
  • Ugh.
  • Hey, that's not too bad.
  • Smile.
  • The bike path is empty!
  • Serious pre-race expression.
  • I won my age group!
  • Keep Donner blue.
  • Just watched this guy take his first steps in... a long time. Apparently thought he'd never walk again. Pretty cool.
  • #missioncycling
  • Friday morning with @stravacycling & co. #stravaproveit
  • New nuts and bolts (and bar tape)!
  • It's still February and the weather is still awesome.
  • Oh yeahhh. #palmsprings #vacation
  • Quite pleasant.
  • Swimming on the roof... Not as cold!
  • Swimming in the bay... Cold!
  • Yup.
  • Good morning!
  • Thousands of gulls seeking protection from the wind.
  • Zombie apocalypse bridge.
  • Silent sunrise at the top of #HawkHill.  Zero cars on the bridge has eliminated the ever-present din of traffic. #religiousexperience
  • Ideal conditions. #sarcasm
  • Sunrise from the top of a mountain overlooking Marin, San Francisco and the East Bay. #nofilter
  • #dogportrait
  • Windmills in Laoag. (Don't play this with sound!)
  • It's early.
  • #isthisabaitbike
  • May have convinced @cheekipix to do an Ironman with me some day!  #IMCDA
  • Well, this is not going to be pleasant. #IMCDA
  • Not a bad evening for a swim.
  • Swimming in the presence of greatness: multiple-time Ironman Champion Meredith Kessler. #mbk #ironmantri
  • This place is awful. #sunset #californiasucksdontcome
  • Bright n' early! #ALC2014
  • All smiles at the #ALC2014 opening ceremony. T-10 minutes!
  • And they're off! #ALC2014
  • 27 miles down, 508 to go! #ALC2014
  • #morningraid #californiasucksdontcome
  • Slightly more colorful view on the climbs this morning.
  • The usual. #morningraid #nofilter
  • Sunshine and a 50-meter swimming pool = #happiness.
  • The @chhh selfie with @cheekipix on her final #ALC2014 #ALCTraining ride!
  • #californiasucksdontcome
  • 90 miles on the bike with @cheekipix. :-)
  • Another early morning!
  • Mornin'.
  • Another boring #nofilter #morningraid #sunrise.
  • #sunrise #morningraid
  • One of those mornings... #nofilter #sunrise #sanfrancisco #morningraid
  • Peaceful place for a mid-run breather. #iamstrava
  • Decent day to bust out the original #missioncycling kit. #oldiebutagoodie
  • Cruisin'. #fromwhereiride
  • #morningraid #sunrise #nofilter
  • San Francisco weather. Even when it's bad,  it's pretty darn good.
  • Bored Peter is bored. #changd
  • Another kind of #spaceclaw.
  • Gatekeeper + Keymaster = ?? #nofilter #morningraid
  • These are the most beautiful mailboxes... #oldlahonda
  • Good morning! #morningrun #morningraid
  • #running #philippines #weddingw00t
  • Ce ne suck pas! #nofilter #goldengatebridge #baybridge #sanfrancisco in December!
  • #nofilter #morningraid
  • #morningraid
  • #yoda #morningrun
  • Had to bust out the Real Winter™ gear for this morning's ride.
  • Turkey Trot. #turkeytrot #thanksgiving
  • Tiny.
  • #obligatory #bridgegram #morningrun
  • #sf2g #bayway #sunrise
  • Mornings like these turn into the best days.
  • #sf2g #skyline #sunrise #morningraid #nofilter
  • #otis
  • When you get to the top of BoFax and the pavement's dry, you know you're in for a treat along Seven Sisters.
  • This dog has ridden 5,000 miles in this trailer, pulled by his owner on his bike from Virginia Beach, VA. #dogportrait
  • Boom! #nofilter #mttam #sunrise #sfbayarea
  • #ahhhhffseason #whatoffseason? #neveradullday #thieves
  • Welcome to #Baytober. #mttam #sfbay
  • Decision time. #comeonguys
  • Surf's up at #IMTahoe. And 25 mph winds too.
  • Fun times at the Lake Merced Half-Marathon!
  • Not even five miles into the ride and I'm already Chang'd. #changd
  • The world as seen through my jersey pocket while riding the trainer on my back deck. #pocketpic
  • Tons of leftover pesto from Friday night = pesto with every meal = delicious green egg scramble!
  • Summit century nearly complete. 100 miles on the bike rendered calorie neutral by Payday. #raceweight
  • Shasta.
  • Climbing in the fog.
  • #rise and shine
  • Good morning! #sfmarathon #gokristine
  • #nofilter needed all weekend!
  • Perfect ride today. #cycling #nofilter #goldengatebridge
  • Perfect ride today. #cycling #nofilter #marin
  • Afternoon ride to one of my favorite places on earth. @cheekipix
  • Climbing mountains in the middle of winter. #globalwarming #fromwhereiride
  • Do the SF Giants share my obsession with European-style boardgames? @cheekipix @ravn429
  • Early morning TT2W with Brent.
  • Not bad.
  • Top of Saddle Peak with Alex and Bo.
  • Santa Monica riding.
  • #madmarchness @missioncycling
  • Lunch break.
  • The good life.
  • Tan-line practice.
  • Dinner time!
  • Hike!
  • Sequoia 200K
  • Morning raid.
  • Familiar view.
  • Familiar view.
  • Ride.
  • Familiar view.
  • Every day I'm hawkhillin'.
  • Football!
  • SF2G'd.
  • Well, that was awesome.#tamsunrise #nofilter
  • Newport Beach from the top of Vista Ridge.
  • Home-made pop-tart with Alex and Bo #picturesoffood
  • I barely even had to step outside for this one. #sunset #december #nofilter
  • Climbing up from Muir Beach.
  • Pretty good.