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Noah Bloom

Noah Bloom

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 120
  • 240
  • 360
  • 480
  • 600
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 49.2km
  • 3h 56m
  • 992m

Recent Achievements

  • 3rd best estimated 5k effort
  • 8th overall on The hill repeater
  • 10th overall on Stanley Park - Roundabout to Denman
  • PR on Twist and Shout!


Distance 2,202.4km
Time 89h 15m
Elevation Gain 31,420m
Rides 50


Total Distance 39,137.6km
Total Time 1406h 11m
Total Elev Gain 518,447m
Total Rides 666

Recent Photos

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  • To all you Vancouver riders escaped to the south, today was like so. @mightyriders
  • What a morning chasing these two around Paris
  • "This is Canada!" 36 jetlag run in #Gatineau Park
  • First fresh tracks of this season. Just forgot the skis. It is seriously winter in #Gatineau Park, to Burma with The Hammer
  • Moonrise over Blackcomb
  • This guy is probably going #bananas for the riding and this early morning view @Ben_Chaddock
  • Chasing these two around the Whistler valley
  • Mangia beve bici in sunny Vancouver with @joaoisme @ingambatours
  • Last night's #Vancouver #sunset was a real gem. Are we fed up of #instasunsetshots yet?
  • Life is sweet with storytellers as friends, sending rowdy postcards across the world. Thanks @uncleweed
  • Todd's heading into mountains
  • Chasing the Hammer up the Grind
  • Soaking in sunny Saturdays going up hills with @toddsracing
  • "Mastery is in the reaching not the arriving...The near win has a propulsion" @sarahelizalewis #TED2014 on an outdoor sunny Vancouver livestream
  • "Long distance lunatic" Antarctic explorer @polarben on #TED2014 outdoor screen by Coupland's Terry Fox(es)
  • Oh the places you'll go, with Victoria
  • This was the view over Vancouver today
  • Todd's does ski #silverfox @toddsracing
  • Run with a view. And a hangover #mooreweddingsf
  • Surfer break bridge tanker sunset #mooreweddingsf
  • These stairs go up to where? About to find out
  • Always finding new hills to run up in Berkeley and new views of the bay
  • Tour de OGG. Welcome to Maui
  • Todd's in the fogs @toddsracing
  • Poking Siwash
  • Beauty Sunday Seymour exploration
  • 100% North Shore p.o.p. turned into fog and streaming sun run. No complaining!
  • Perfect day perfect run perfect date
  • Running up into winter. Love it.
  • Club Mud
  • Fall has arrived in Vancouver
  • Swooping switchback North Shore trail #clubmud #beautifulbc
  • Best secret viewpoint over Vancouver? #clubmud #beautifulbc
  • Howe Sound #beautifulbc
  • Epic run in the big mountains. Village to Singing Pass to Russet Lake to Roundhouse #WhistlerUnfiltered #BeautifulBC
  • I could run on this for hours. So I did #whistlerunfiltered
  • This one was for our dear friend Kerry, regular on our GE team ride. RIP. Ride on buddy
  • Evening run: west coast sunset #beautifulbc
  • Evening run: The Lions that watch over our city #beautifulbc
  • Evening run. View to Bowen Island #beautifulbc
  • Flying @eatprima ginger pistachio bar above Vancouver #foodforsport
  • Solid turnout for #GrowConf early morning run #beautifulbc @marallo @paulsingh @Jon_Cartwright @rrwhite @dashboard_io
  • Grand opening at @stradacycle. Gorgeous space, gorgeous bicycles #Vancouver
  • One last shot of yesterday's 28km mountain run and summit of The Gargoyles #beautifulbc
  • Vancouver morning
  • On top of Vancouver, the Thursday @@lgevolution @labicicletta ride
  • Storm approaching #Vancouver
  • This explains a lot that is wrong in BC #povertypack
  • Post @@lgevolution Thursday fast ride immediately followed by @@parallel49beer in my beloved @@TourDeBloom mug
  • Chasing vixens around the park
  • Pink #Giro party post @@lgevolution @@labicicletta Thursday hammerfest ride. Go Ryder!
  • Second annual Greg Christian Hardman Ride up into lost mountains with @@lgevolution team
  • First ride with the new race bike. Now she just needs a name
  • And everything is right in the world. Mid ride blueberry buttermilk scone and coffee
  • Team ride sunny day winter lakes big mountains @lgevolution
  • Riding above the clouds; I might just stay up here #Vancouver
  • Start the morning with a run and this
  • Cyclists with hulking arms an impossibility? Incredible ride today to Limantour beach, like the white cliffs of Dover. And not without a Bovine Bakery fancy scone + coffee
  • I met a deer and the deer is watching me. Berkeley hills run
  • When it's warm go run
  • Sunset, on bike, for my @strava ride
  • Hammering down the Pacific coast on a sunny January day #coastride. Destination: Santa Barbara
  • Just me & Victoria for a sunny morning collecting @stravahq KOMs in Marin Headlands
  • Sun on Napa hilly ride after a wet start
  • Cycling in the Chilterns like an English countryside dream #nofilter
  • I'm here. Where you? RT @lancearmstrong Sitting at Bunbury's Coffee Shop  in Piermont, NY. Over the GW, River Road, 9W. Love it
  • To Whistler, done with bike, into lake and beer and Araxi lunch. Win
  • Wedding weekend at Camp Katie & Guy (cabin) #nofilter
  • Welcome to the waterfront. Wedding weekend at Camp Katie & Guy #nofilter
  • Greatest birthday gift, stellar ride up Tam, tough & rewarding. Tnx @willriff #nb33
  • Running with JRE in the Arizona desert
  • Today sunrise
  • Some days in Vancouver, you have to ride your bike
  • Fog Bridge
  • From the summit with the bikes - Mt Tam
  • San Francisco never not gorgeous. From above,
  • Above the clouds, sun poking through on empty Mt Tam ridge road
  • Need "inspiration"?
  • Stunning afternoon haze from the Oakland hills #TwoWheels
  • Saturday @lgevolution ride called for sun. We got fog. Everywhere.
  • Favorite spot for a Tuesday bike ride break with @dstephens99
  • Can you see Mt Baker today
  • Day at the "beach" with @lgevolution
  • Cycling in snowbanks #Vancouver
  • Hand made meatballs with nine ingredients
  • It's a bike party at the Bay with the twins!
  • One last ride up @Hawk_Hill before flying out of SF
  • Bikes keep getting faster. Nice day.
  • No shortage of gorgeous bike riding in Vancouver, with @dstephens99 @lgevolution
  • Runners take over Vancouver
  • Armada of @lgevolution Garneau Gennix R1s heading to race in Bellingham
  • Glory bike ride: sunny, solo, no numbers, clear the congestion
  • This is the cue it's time to party
  • Standing room only watching Ryder on one of the biggest days in Canadian cycling history #giro
  • Cycling is great in Canada #giro #ryder
  • There are mountains out in that water
  • Team @lgevolution at the @Real_Banff Bike Fest, stage two Lake Louise
  • If I ever asked for more live music in Vancouver, I just got it all, @MakeMusicVan, 41 stages on 1 street 1 night #LetsDoThisMoreOften
  • Accidentally spilled half a bottle of Windex on my MacBook so here's the rice, fan & nakeded contraption to dry it out
  • Mt Baker silhouette on @lgevolution Thursday ride
  • And we're off! 260km @lgevolution charity ride to Whistler & back for @bcchf. Thanks to all our supporters!
  • Stunning day, @lgevolution charity ride to Whistler with friends
  • Rolling back through Squamish under the Chief. @lgevolution charity ride for @bcchf 65km to go!
  • Big day on the bike & safely done. We worked hard to raise money & it's not too late to donate, supporting sick kids with @bcchf
  • 263km of Sea to Sky highway road souvenirs on my shins #CleanMe
  • View from Bowen Island
  • Where the island road ends...
  • Riding the road into the mountain, @ Pemberton Meadows
  • Red barn under Mt Currie. Bikes will take you places.
  • Run in Bangkok park
  • Thai easy rider
  • Chiang Mai. Pug on scooter. Nothing left to see in Thailand. Coming home.
  • Morning run on Hong Kong trail
  • Harbour view
  • That kind of day @WhistlerBlckcmb