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Kenneth Trueman

Kenneth Trueman

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Started road cycling in 2010. Love big rides and climbing. Can often be found at the front of the peloton pulling for long periods of time. Started running road races in June 2009. Have completed 18 marathons since September 2009, including the 2011 Boston Marathon. Working on completing the World Marathon Majors series, with only London left to go.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 340
  • 680
  • 1020
  • 1360
  • 1700
Dec 2013
Jan 2014

Current Month

  • 156.5km
  • 13h 39m
  • 478m

Recent Achievements

  • 4th overall on Park Drive Reservation Trail Climb
  • PR on bloorviaductEB
  • PR on Bloor Viaduct
  • PR on Rosedale Ravine Climb to Bloor


Distance 6,621.2km
Time 234h 45m
Elevation Gain 41,124m
Rides 97


Total Distance 29,743.3km
Total Time 1089h 43m
Total Elev Gain 210,375m
Total Rides 448

Recent Photos

  • Last ride of the year. 161km down, 5 to go. #fondoday #stravaproveit #poc
  • Trusty steed, Penelope. Last ride of the year. 161km down, 5 to go. #fondoday #stravaproveit #c59 #colnago #c59italia
  • The church where I married my sweetie. 130km down. #fondoday #stravaproveit
  • 120km down. 40-odd km to go. #fondoday #stravaproveit
  • 1/3 of the way through the @stravacycling October Gran Fondo challenge. #stravaproveit  #fondoday
  • 1:35 half-marathon one day. 75km+ solo ride on a cool and windy evening at 32+km/h average the next. #stravaproveit #cantstopwontstop #beastmode #colnago #c59
  • The tale of the tape for day 2 of the 48-Hour Make-A-Wish charity ride. Sitting at 408km for 36 hours. 92km left to go. #48hvelo #stravaproveit #fondoday
  • Thursday night half-marathon training run at "tempo" pace in my Boston Marathon shirt. #stravaproveit #coldoutside
  • Thursday night half-marathon at "tempo" pace. #stravaproveit
  • Boys with baller bikes banging out  big miles. 153km for Sylvain and 163km for me. #colnago #pinarello #stravaproveit #fondoday
  • The tale of the tape. 181km, with the last 100km solo. #stravaproveit
  • 165.5km in. Another 15 to go. #stravaproveit #colnago #c59
  • Sunday long run. 26km solo at 4:41/km (7:30/mile). You know you are on the Hansons Marathon Method training plan when your "long" pace is right between your current marathon PR pace and your previous marathon PR pace. (3 seconds either side) #stravaproveit #beastmode
  • After 164km yesterday, only 65km to go for the Shimano 600km challenge on @stravacycling #stravaproveit