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Justin Rossi

Justin Rossi

Reno, NV
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Justin Rossi is a cyclist from Reno, NV. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 250
  • 500
  • 750
  • 1000
  • 1250
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 72.4mi
  • 4h 16m
  • 6,302ft

Recent Achievements

  • Best estimated 1k effort
  • 2nd best estimated 1/2 mile effort
  • 2nd overall on 80 to Truckee River
  • 8th overall on Saddlehorn Dr.


Distance 8,070.8mi
Time 414h 44m
Elevation Gain 634,337ft
Rides 282


Total Distance 45,989.8mi
Total Time 2503h 6m
Total Elev Gain 3,601,739ft
Total Rides 1808

Recent Photos

  • It was 8 years ago today that I successfully stalked this young lady down at #24hourfitness !! After all this time we still love each other more and more as time passes. Happy Monday babe!!
  • You best not mess with me because your on camera!! Thanks to @cycliq for making my ride much safer with this #fly6 camera/light combo!!
  • Heading over for some Reno Wheelmen Crit action...feeling in the giving mood!! #figbargiveaway #figbar @naturesbakery
  • Dinner hash from last night!! #bacon #farmfresheggs #potatoes and whatever else was left in the fridge...cabbage, squash, carrots, bell pepper!! #organic #glutenfree #kitchensink #foodporn
  • #frenchie meets #figbar - @naturesbakery
  • Because I can???? blueberry/banana waffle, toasted and stuffed with peanut butter sauce and jelly!  #waffle #peanutbutterjellytime #postriderecovery
  • Riding mountain passes and eating #figbars is just good for the soul! #reno #mtrose
  • Back to the lab!! #trainerroad #timetrial
  • At it again this last weekend in Pescadero and Lodi!  Although I didn't get the result I wanted, a couple of top 10's...1 in a field sprint? And a whole lot of calories burned will have to suffice.  Thanks for the shot @acaurora !  @herbalife24 @themarcpro @stravacycling @jakroousa @zealiosskincare @giantbicycles @kaliprotectives @spyoptic
  • Not sure what I'm most happy about...getting to eat the @naturesbakery mango #figbar, finishing my intervals or getting to race my first reno wheelmen twilight!!
  • Powered by @herbalife24 #prolong and @naturesbakery #figbar!  Time for some @themarcpro recovery time!  #goodday #happinesswatts #stravaproveit #ridelife
  • Coach Louie is in my corner today!  #trainerroad #recoveryweek #herbalife
  • Saying hello
  • Gus and Louie approve of the Pomegranate Gluten Free Fig Bar!! #figbar #glutenfree @naturesbakery
  • Tip of the day: Eat Seasonal Whole Foods!  Pre cook a bunch of sweet potatoes for an awesome snack throughout the week!  #sweetpotatoes #seasonalfoods #wholefoods #numnums
  • That felt good!! Now land park Crit for dessert!
  • Gettin rad with @nahtayfrito today! @h24cycling
  • @naturesbakery time!  #figbar watts
  • It's gonna be one of those days!  #trainerroad #wahookickr #threshold #sufferfest #herbalife
  • Louie's wake up time has been pushed back to 9:30 am due to daylight savings!  #frenchies #lazy
  • Happy Saturday!  #frenchies #weekend #chillin
  • #Repost @stravacycling shoutout! @h24cycling ・・・
Ever wonder what it takes to conquer a 13,732 ft KOM? 
For Marc Pro Strava rider @jrossi2000, his offseason trip to Hawaii provided the launch pad for an adventure that required a shoe change and resulted in one of the most exotic, spectacular and challenging KOMs in the United States. Get the full story of climbing Mauna Kea at #stravaproveit #marcprostrava
  • Using it all today!! Thank you @h24cycling  @herbalife24! ???????? #V02
  • Finishing up kohalas loop with Mauna Kea in the background!
  • Kaloko drive cracked me like a little egg today, but I plan to be back before the trip is over! @h24cycling
  • Somersett above the inversion was toasty today!
  • @h24cycling training day in the foothills!  #herbalife @herbalife24
  • Amateur version of wind tunnel time!  #aeroiseverything #herbalife24 #trainerroad @stravacycling @themarcpro @jakroousa
  • Merry Christmas!!
  • It's all about the neckie!  Thanks @tabosco !  #wintersabitch #toasty
  • Marc Pro - Strava had a solid year in the most competitive road race region!! Time to get after it for 2015!! #marcprostrava #ridelife #stravaproveit @themarcpro @stravacycling @giantbicycles @zicococonut @clifbarcompany @zealiosskincare @jakroousa @proanox
  • Classic video of Louie scratchin his legs and Gus straight up chillin!  #frenchbulldog  #frenchies #frenchbulldogsofinstagra #kids
  • No, I will not get out of bed!! Come back after 9 am!  #frenchbulldog #lazy
  • Louie is not sure about the homeopathic approach!!
  • Leg day is every day in the cycling world!!
  • Satley ncnca tt championships Elite men results
  • Legs felt great this weekend!!
#marcprostrava #ridelife #stravaproveit @themarcpro @stravacycling @giantbicycles @zicococonut @clifbarcompany @zealiosskincare @jakroousa @proanox #teamproanox #biogenesis
  • Big hills!!
  • #jealous??
  • #northernnevada
  • @frenchbulldogpics Louie is not thrilled about new bathing requirements per vet
  • My new home for the next 3 days.  #indoortrainingcamp
  • Ouch #cracked@10,023ft
  • Green machine
  • Trainer time @5:30!!