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Cory Kuhns

Cory Kuhns

Victor, New York
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Completely obsessed with riding bikes! Started riding in 2011 and then started racing in 2012 after finding out about the Genesee Valley Cycling Club. Former fat lazy smoker for 17 years. Cat 2 road and cyclocross. MTB, hike, and cross country ski for fun. 

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 220
  • 440
  • 660
  • 880
  • 1100
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 120.5mi
  • 6h 41m
  • 8,179ft

Recent Achievements

  • KOM on West Hollow Road
  • KOM on W Hollow Rd Climb
  • 5th overall on Les's Posse
  • 8th overall on Highlander TT 2014


Distance 7,006.6mi
Time 367h 13m
Elevation Gain 334,462ft
Rides 208


Total Distance 31,801.5mi
Total Time 1842h 41m
Total Elev Gain 1,164,449ft
Total Rides 1271

Recent Photos

  • Breakfast date with my favorite little girl
  • Here you go @pianoducky! Rte 364 south of Canandaigua.
  • Beers, bikes, boats, and birds. Celebrating 3 years of marriage with my favorite!
  • #gmsr Stage 1 Individual Time Trial - Super hard course. 15th place (38" behind the leader) is better than I expected!
  • Breakfast by the canal with my favorite.
  • 80 miles on the bike. Time for lunch by the lake.
  • Two Dorks go kayaking
  • Nice view of Bristol Mountain from the top of Stid Hill
  • Two Dorks adventuring
  • Two Dorks go camping
  • Warning up for #therockcrit
  • Testing out the new sidewalk
  • Climbing rocks
  • Bike rides and ice cream, like peanut butter and jelly!
  • Happy Memorial Day!
  • Amazing!
  • Visiting Susan on #Cyclofemme day
  • #Fruitboots
  • Nice day for a bike race. Beautiful park!
  • Don't forget to clean and oil your chain.
  • Ride for books #kedge #felt
  • Rode from Buffalo to Holiday Valley. Time for spring skiing!
  • It's still winter! #Fischer #skate
  • Nice day for a bike race...
  • SKIING!!!!!
  • What a view!
  • Holy crap! #sidewinder #steephill #xcski
  • Hello moon!
  • Gorgeous day for skiing. Rough trail conditions from this bitter cold weather.
  • Don't let this map fool you! Nothing but easy trails here!
  • Skied across the pond. Water skiing!?
  • Pretty serious ice beard after 2.5 hour ski! #frosty #rxcsf
  • She's starting to get the hang of it.
  • #Frozen
  • This weather is just awful. No fun at all! :-D
  • Skiing with my girls
  • "I'm scared" *five minutes later* "That was awesome" -Haley
  • Great day for skiing!
  • Smiles for miles!
  • Haley is getting warmed up for her 1st xc ski race!
  • Gliding along without a care in the world
  • Two dorks. Four skis.
  • #Gray
  • Two dorks new year's eve hike
  • Ice bike
  • Thankful for bike rides!
  • RIP Mike Coyle
  • Pokeymoonshine
  • Lawrence Gull
  • Pokeymoonshine
  • Big ass RADAR!
  • Next generation of @KEdgeBike/@FeltBicycles racing? Thanks for the jersey @dannysummerhill!
  • My favorite view of Canandaigua Lake
  • October 4th Latte Ride :-/
  • Solo (lonely) Latte Ride. Where's everybody at???
  • Autumn cruise
  • Woohoo!!! @TeamTowpath podium party at Webster CX.
  • Perfect date!
  • Hundred Acres Pond
  • Deep Pond
  • Two dorks go for a hike
  • Honeoye Lake
  • Ride yer bike!
  • I got a boo boo :-( #CX
  • Another boo boo :-( #CX
  • Whiteface climb
  • Visibility: 0.00 miles
  • Good view of Whiteface today
  • Whiteface Mt seen from the Summit of Cascade Mt
  • Nice view #trailrun
  • Mount Marcy
  • Cascade from Porter
  • Home of Arto Monaco
  • The top of Whiteface Mt is hiding
  • More mountains
  • Yay bikes!
  • Can't see the top of McKenzie
  • What up, Placid Planet!?
  • Mirror Lake
  • Canoeing on the Moose River
  • Yay bikes #roc
  • Mandatory apple cider donut stop along the Seneca Trail
  • Another fast ride so far but now it's time to chill out for a nice ride around the lake with my Marnie. #yaybikes
  • Lap around the lake complete. Lake side table, beer, and live raggae!
  • Marblehead to Sandusky in 2:09!
  • Sasha wanted to see the rolly coasters #cedarpoint #bikes
  • Metric century in 2:49
  • Got corn?
  • North Cost Inland Trail. Like a highway for bikes! Sweet!
  • Full century in 4:34
  • 5th Annual Two Dorks ride to the beach
  • South Beach
  • So I'm pretty far from home!
  • Wyoming Post Office
  • Gaslight Cafe
  • Tree tunnel
  • Outside is pretty awesome! #rideyourbike
  • How good is the view at YOUR gym?  #rideyourbike
  • Got dirt?
  • Dirt roads are best!
  • Moonrise #victor
  • Two dorks and a happy barn #bikes
  • Wild flowers
  • Honorary @teamtowpath member
  • @marniesoom riding the carousel with Landon
  • Cedar Point fireworks
  • Cat 4/5 field at #TheGlen
  • Nice view from way up here!
  • Good morning #Elyria. Let's do some intervals!
  • Hello, Moon!
  • #Ohio #sunrise
  • I'm usually trying really hard to prove this thing wrong, but not this time! #1 #racepredictor #hamburg
  • Adirondack chairs in the woods
  • Family hike
  • Stars and stripes, blue skies, clear water, and green hill sides
  • Check out my new training partners!
  • 4th place in the road race and Team Towpath WIN!!!
  • "What was that noise?"
"Why are my breaks rubbing?"
"Why isn't my wheel straight anymore?"
  • Bike ride fuel
  • High Tor
  • Holy crap! This is scary!!!
  • #FLT
  • #FLT
  • Still rocking the long skinny skis from like 2002! Yeah baby!
  • His and hers beers
  • My new office
  • Nice view at my new office!
  • Go, Dog. Go!
  • So long Peter Pan. We have a new winner!
  • The news said to plan for a really slow commute this morning... So I walked downstairs already!
  • Google Now hasn't figured out my new routine yet!
  • I ???? winter!
  • #sunrise
  • Miss these little guys! #throwbackthursday
  • #googledoodle #love #equality #diversity #sochiproblems
  • Damn, I miss this!  #throwbackthursday #2010 #flr #scca #autox
  • Thanks for the heads up, Google!
  • Took the Fit to Ikea yesterday and bought a bed frame, two dressers, and two night stands. Why do people drive SUV's?
  • Another beautiful morning in Victor!
  • I made it through the first 50 days of the year without any ice cream, but day #51 is my birthday! Homemade ice cream cake, made by Marnie with "Vermont's Finest"!
  • #throwbackthursday #2010
  • There seems to be a fire! #victor
  • Brand new over the range microwave installed by two dorks! It's beautiful! And it even works!
  • Starting to put the Ridley back together!
  • Beautiful end to a really great ski!
  • Really hilly 150 mile roundtrip to Hornby on Saturday. #Honda #Fit
  • #CX Wednesday
  • @TeamTowpath - We're like pros, only slower. #Ramble #dirtrules #bikes
  • Dan Staffo took 3rd for @parkavebikeshop and I got 4th #Ramble #dirtrules #bikes
  • Scooter ride
  • #bikes
  • First ride with the new #Reynolds wheels
  • Bike rides make me happy!
  • Sasha likes water falls
  • East branch of the Black River in Elyria, OH
  • Sasha loves to visit the lake!
  • 77 mile ride from Elyria and now it's waterslide time!!!
  • Busted helmet, not busted head. Thanks, @TrekBikes!!! I owe you one!
  • Not too shabby for the last bike ride of winter.
  • I have the best wife!
  • What an amazing place! Best day of skiing this year!
  • #trainerhell
  • Sasha's back!  #2014
  • Yup! It's still winter!
  • Ski buddies!
  • View of South Hill from the Naples valley. Yeah, I just rode over that!
  • Playing in the mud
  • Walking in a winter wonderland #Victor
  • #Victor
  • #Victor
  • Could you pass the salt? Thanks!
  • Is it almost spring yet???
  • Having a blast!
  • Marnie and Haley riding the chair lift
  • My Marnie!
  • I could tell it was warming up out there....
  • Brrrr! Looks a good morning to stay close to home on the bike!
  • Genesee River
  • Train bridge
  • Train bridge
  • Genesee River