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Ted King

Ted King

Girona, Catalonia, Spain
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I segued a degree in economics from Middlebury College into a professional cycling career. Turned out to be a pretty good idea -- the stock market tanked as soon as I graduated and we all know that bikes are always cool! 2015 is my 10th year of professional racing and I'm thrilled to be part of the Cannondale-Garmin pro cycling team. You can find out everything else at

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 590
  • 1180
  • 1770
  • 2360
  • 2950
Sep 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 264.2km
  • 6h 45m
  • 1,254m



Distance 18,952.9km
Time 585h 45m
Elevation Gain 226,845m
Rides 179


Total Distance 116,192.2km
Total Time 3688h 1m
Total Elev Gain 1,414,314m
Total Rides 1045

Recent Photos

  • Alberta, eh.
  • Welcome to Beautiful Maine... at 25mph #HappyBirthdayTomCenturyRide
  • Hurry hurry, it's the #PowerOfCurry II! TONIGHT at Denver's @littlecurryshop, 5pm. Fundraiser for @KingChallenge and @worldbicyclerelief. We're giving away @untappedmaple, swag from @cannondalepro, @usaprochallenge, @rideargyle, @camelbak, a POWERMETER, and tons of other stuff. Website is in my profile.
  • Not the Rockies. "That John Denver..."
  • Old meets new. @cannondalepro / @ridecannondale New #EVO. Love this bike.
  • Post Tour of Utah mountain bike decompression. Thanks @ihastings and @tinshedsports for making my @ridecannondale #Scalpel radical.
  • The view of Nederland never gets old.
  • Not Vermont. #nubble
  • Pshhh, chocolate milk is so 2009. #MapleMilk is optimal recovery beverage in Vermont. As seen at the Ritpon General Store, atop the #IEC machine.
  • What a day. It does get much more #Vermont than a good #GeneralStore. #UnTappedMaple
  • Nothing says #community like this place. You can't visit @scratchbakingco without leaving with a smile. #SoPo
  • Vermont is beautiful. #200on100 approaches Waitsfield.
  • "That's a lovely accent you have. New Jersey?!" #iamnottedking #200on100
  • They love their wood piles here in Austria. Final day of @ridecannondale SuperSix #EVO debut in #Kitzbuhel.
  • The other side of the biz: photoshooting with @ridecannondale @cannondalepro & @joedombro91 at the SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD dealie-o.
  • The black, green, and white of the @ridecannondale EVO is almost in camo mode up here at 2400m.
  • Good gravy, Austria is stunning! Ride 7 hours, earn pizza. #Science.
  • G'morning #CannesLions! @cannondalepro out for a morning spin.
  • Stone fruit and medieval architecture. Just a few things I'll miss next year. Full story in website on bio.
  • 1,100m. Fine ride, @cannondalepro #EVO, eh? Let's go down now.
  • Nice wood. Is that #maple? (Cap by @untappedmaple available at Coffee available at @LilsKittery)
  • LoVERMONT (love bikes too)
  • The ride Middlebury to Richmond with the Midd Cycling Alumni peloton (10 people turned to 2) was all worth it with the @slopesidesyrup guys flipping pancakes.
  • Vermont.
  • What's in New Hampshire and green and chilly and damp and excited to host spin classes at @pelotoncycle this Thursday and Friday in NYC? Oh yeah, THIS guy!
  • Life through my eyes: a mid-ride warm up stop. After a steamy and warm @bestbuddieschallenge Saturday, today is 48F and drenching rain. That's brrrrisk baby!
  • It's the #whitepants that pull the #iamnottedking look together. This #bluesteel is fueled by @untappedmaple.
  • Thanks @skratchlabs for the post race reco snacks. Makes the next two hours in the @rideargyle party wagon RV much more enjoyable. Day 2, @amgentoc in the books.
  • Prototype #maplesyrup waffle. Oh my...
  • A train... SO EURO! #JoeandTedsMostExcellentAdventure
  • Whole lotta this today, swapping off with @joedombro91 in a two-man, 160km TTT as we roll Truckee to Green Valley. #JoeandTedsMostExcellentAdventure
  • 99% of this video occurs between 8,900' to 7,800' and at nearly 50mph. One handed. #Tahoe #donttrythisathome
  • Offered up some homemade #realfood Rice Krispy treat to @kskjerping. His response was pure gold. "Wow. This is definitely top 10 cookie ever. Top 5 bar. No... Top 3 cookie!"
  • Hanging with @AndrewTalansky & @joedombro91 today. Breathing thin mountain air before @amgentoc at #Tahoe. Bluebird day!
  • Training in #Truckeefor the @amgentoc, we always ride prepared. Cap, "custom" bag with moolah, rice cake frittata, @untappedmaple of course, and @justins #maple almond butter. And a cappuccino to fuel the final push home. #REALfood
  • Giro Trentino starts tomorrow with a hitter @rideargyle squad. @cannondalepro #Slice about to do some work! But first, a stunning vista.
  • Quite stoked with my new orange/white @RoadID. Toy around at to create yours.
  • El Tour de Girona.
  • "Down by da beach, bo-IEEE!" Nice way to decompress from 3x20's. Ouch.
  • High. Hi.
  • Motorpacing some sheep with @greghendersonnzl in my draft.
  • Whoa, @untappedmaple on the Rupit loop?! Stunning.
  • Throwing in a big one today. Oix->Baget, now headed to Camprodon.
  • As much as I'd like to fly, I'm opting not to ride off the launch pad stop #Rocacorba. Thanks @RideCannondale for the buttery smooth ride and @Justins for fueling the pedal up. #maple almond, yo.
  • The buildings do, but this view doesn't get old.
  • "In Bruges". Err, in Gent rather. @Rideargyle kicks off the classics tomorrow.
  • Lots of liquids today. Some are more welcome than others (...thank you @lafabricagirona)
  • Triple jersey mashup.
  • 40kph sustained winds today made it a doozy. The bent flagpole is a good testament. As is the fact that this flag is enormous.
  • Game time: Name That Descent! Hint: #Girona
  • Last day of camp means one thing... actually it means a lot of things but for the here and now it means coffee.
  • "Bones Festes" Merry mid-February everyone!
  • Spotted in Mallorca, @untappedmaple
  • Yup, we rode high today. Into the snow at 1000 meters. (I'm told.) #REALfood
  • The Herculean @joedombro91 exudes vibe amid the scrum of the subterranean team mechanical area. #TourofSanLuis @cannondalepro @ridecannondale
  • Pro phot tip (from an amateur photog): Always frame your shot. @ridecannondale @cannondalepro. Peace out Santa Monica. Next stop, Argentina.
  • So many roads. So much dirt. So many adventures... fueled my @untappedmaple. What's yours?
  • HO HO HOw'd you know I love coffee @cleez? Thanks for the @StellaJava freshies!
  • Sun's out, guns out
  • H'YAAAAA! My @ridecannondale EVO goes everywhere.
  • @kjcakes Jake shows us what 20% dirt looks like. Come to turkey!
  • Raining in NH. Clearly time for a few hours on @gozwift to kickstart the morning.
  • Doesn't really matter what filter you use. It's foggy in the bay. #TOOOooooooot toooooot!
  • 45 minutes into the Tour can only mean one thing: coffee shop stop! Instagram takeover: follow @ingambatours by THIS guy. And go.
  • Don't worry guys, it's still there.
  • Green Mountain state. Brown dirt roads.
  • Rad.
  • Couple of chumps in Exeter... #KKotRC
  • First ride with @timmydugganusa in way too long! Looking forward to riding with this guy, friends, family, and so many more -->
  • Ooh la la our first roadside fans! #200NotOn100 In Fryeburg, ME.
  • 3 hours in. Maple syrup shots atop Hurricane Mountain Road. #200NotOn100 Now a approaching Jackson.
  • So pumped to see this. #200NotOn100 is done. (And muddied and windy and wet and awesome.)
  • It's getting real. This was half way point. Gotta fuel the fire. #200NotOn100 @ridecannondale and Fluff.
  • #200NotOn100
  • The survivors! #200NotOn100
  • Fueling the ride home. Portland to Exeter. #200NotOn100 practice. Hi @ridecannondale Synapse!
  • Scurvy scallawags
  • The Clam Box -- a culinary icon! Although, I don't think I can eat seafood with two and a half more hours of riding to go. Seafood to see food?
  • I'd say my unibrow is really coming in nicely.
  • Very most awesomely radical gnar. @ridecannondale #Scalpel 29er (...fueled by @justins Honey Peanut squeeze pack)
  • Tut tut, looks like... I gotta ride faster!
  • Glass bottle Coke.
  • Goin'up. (Cc: @ridecannondale)
  • "You can't get there from here." Rode to 3420 meters. Then the road ended. @ridecannondale
  • Okay okay, let's guess where my @ridecannondale and I am?!
  • The sign of a good time! Thanks @justins for some Wednesday Morning Velo goodies. #yeaabikes
  • "A sailor went to sea sea sea to see what he could see see see and all that he could see see see was the bottom of the deep blue sea sea sea!" -My mom's favorite song when I was a wee tyke
  • #YouKnowYoureInVermontWhen... you see the A&W lunch diner
  • #YouKnowYoureInVermontWhen... Oh so good. #maple as fuel
  • #YouKnowYoureInVermontWhen... you see Keith Kelly, @thingsagsees, and #UnTapped on their kit. On dirt roads.
  • #YouKnowYoureInVermontWhen... you go to the store to pick up some #IEC
  • Neat.
  • Curious? Simply visit
  • "Excuse me ma'am, are you American?" Few things could make me happier than to see @dbvs and fam' this 4th of July!
  • A picture if an old man taking a picture.
  • #iamnotTedKing TAGGED!
  • Game time: I spy @RideCannondale? #iamnottedking? #Pyrenees? Okay, what'd you score?
  • Maps on maps on maps!
  • Bonjour monsieur @ridecannondale. Bienvenue à la Ville d'Ax les Thermes
  • Some sun at 2408m
  • ...some fog at 2408m
  • "No... NO! It's six minute abs!"
  • Successsss...ful part one of #NH2ME2NH
  • Watch out for mooooooooose! #NH2ME2NH #iloveMAINE
  • A very excited lead peloton of the @BBChallenge_HP! 25 miles to go aboard my handsome @ridecannondale
  • @jpows can you guess where I am? (Hint: I'm about to have FUNdo!)
  • #GrandFundo just got radical. #DIRT
  • Hmm. My sense of "radical" just got skewed thanks to 6 inches of mud, 20% grade hills, and lots of bushwracking. #GrandFundo rolls on!
  • Power tools.
  • Yup, that's happening. 'merican #maplesyrupshots on @ridecannondale @cannondalepro bus
  • @amgentourofcali warm up beats
  • "That John Denver..."
  • A #REALFood mid-ride fuel stop. Coffee and pumpkin bread. I love pumpkin bread. And how do you know that? Cause I said so,
  • I guess relative to a tornado it's really not THAT windy today. #wearebutter
  • It's part art and part FREAKIN' delicious. Thanks @LePetitBaton made the #weareBUTTER ride all the more... butter.
  • Real food, real fuel? With 100 miles to go, I vote yes. #weareBUTTER
  • Foggy-Damp-Pocket Filter. Here's mid-#Raputitsa Maple Syrup shots in 100% ice shot "glasses". No litter, yo. @timjohnsoncx @anseldickie aboard my beautiful @ridecannondale Syanpse straight from Roubaix.
  • The "sign" of a good bike shop. (Warning: enormous Ted-Head cut out may or may not scare away small children)
  • No filter needed in Vacationland
  • #ParisRoubaix recon. Cobbles and wind and flat and fans and flags and RVs and dudes in tights.
  • It's the #GREENMACHINE! dramatic black and white @ridecannondale @cannondalepro
  • SUCCESS! It took 4:30 of a 5 hour ride but I found some super rad dirt.
  • Post ride grocery shop. One pear and some garlic please.
  • The road less traveled is frequently the road more awesome. #ADVENTURES!
  • This dedicated chocolatier is going to give himself carpal tunnel
  • Complete farce. "Canada House" sells neither #maplesyrup nor Canadian tuxedos. Nor plaid! Pshh...
  • Next time you're banging out a seven hour ride, here's a good line up of food. Pink Panther, croissant, capp', @justins, individually wrapped chocolate chip pancakes(!), the combo of those two, and a stick of tasty licorice.
  • Big line at the grocery store
  • Another crisp, clear, non-filtered #Girona morning
  • This beauty doesn't need an 8am filter
  • The view from my patio is what most people would call "spectacular".
  • Birthday ride, yo. Go big!
  • Fact: it takes less than 60 seconds for snot to freeze at 8 degrees and a 20mph windchill. Brrr. @sugoiapparel's NeoShell w/ Polartec does the trick!
  • Not Southern California.
  • Win of Win's Wheels making my @RideCannondale impeccable before going to Europe
  • kJs, yo. Time to drink some recovery syrup.
  • Urban-Hipster-Camo assaults the #PCH. Or as I call it, plaid.
  • The money 1+1=3 combo for hours in the Malibu hills: @justins plus banana. #REALfood
  • Starched my jersey today... in 4.5 hours of 82F Californian heat. #WHOAisme
  • A couple of @RideCannondale pros. I ran into @JeremiahBishop out here in sunny CA.
  • That's not snow
  • ...aaaand I'm happy. Moooochas gracias @10SpeedCoffee
  • Yup, that's spot on New England in December.
  • #camplife is a wrap
  • Very nice! It's the ol' Nova by Ligier. They didn't get the memo from Chevy that "Nova" isn't such a hot seller.
  • #camplife
  • Under the Tuscan sun. #camplife rolls on.
  • Guess who. #camplife
  • Neato
  • This #Festivus season is greeted with Ritual Coffee and Ian Boswell on the phone
  • Napa sure is purty
  • "You got a dart in your neck man!"
  • (w)OW! May not appear so but that's a consistent 25% grade road.
  • Sans filter
  • HellooOOoooooOOOOooo Napa Valley! @ingambatours like whoa
  • Fall riding in NorCal is fairly perfect. The @ingambatours Weekender meanders up Pine Flat Rd.
  • Looking straight up. "Yo el Rey"... coffee. How very true.  The @ingambatours TK Weekender rolls on!
  • Watching this kid yo-yo, pre-ride of the Tam fondo, yup at a surf shop... is pure gold
  • Very awesome highway one
  • The final push on a beautiful day! #kkotrc
  • Dueling #iamnnotedking jerseys.
  • flufferNUTTERS @KingChallenge is rocking and rolling. @johnswah approves
  • Fall is rad
  • Nature is cool
  • Atlantic Ocean 8am
  • I spy @scratchbakingco & @iamnottedKING of the Road jersey.
  • Take A Kid Mtn Biking Day. Group Ride!
  • Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day. #yeaabikes!
  • PM MTB Ride HQ. Ayuh
  • Ahoy Bar Harbor from atop Cadillac Mountain
  • The @iamnottedking jersey in her natural on-the-bike & near-the-water environment.
  • Token fall foliage and bend in the road #RidingVermontDirt
  • Token silo #RidingVermontDirt
  • Token field with wooden fence #RidingVermontDirt
  • Token over-the-shoulder shot of happy group ride #RidingVermontDirt
  • Rocks, roots, leaves, and I'm body checking trees. Must be mountain bike season
  • And done! #300noton100
  • As soon as we figure out how to put poutine in a mussette bag, life will be perfect. The #300noton100 rolls on. Perhaps slightly slower than before
  • Prosecco and... Red Bull presented by @johnswah. Duck Fat Poutine up next and only 75 miles to go!
  • The merry band of #300noton100 pranksters rolls out.
  • Boothbay Haaa'bah! 8 hours door to door, 7 hours pedaling. Great success. #300NotOn100
  • @timjohnsoncx's Das Bumsweat #300NotOn100
  • Bath, ME is 200km from the start. #300noton100
  • Like a kid in a... uhh, bakery store. Made it to @scratchbakingco. 100km to go #300noton100
  • Just exited the Eastern Trail dirt. Approaching @scratchbakingco ! #300noton100
  • York #300noton100
  • Entering the wilds of Kennebunk. #300noton100
  • Entering MAINE! #300NotOn100
  • Early morning crew @dsquaredjava #300NotOn100
  • Sun's out here at D Squared. Won't yet be bright and sunny tomorrow at 6am when we roll out of D Squared for #300noton100
  • Practice for tom'w's #300NotOn100! Just rode the Memorial Bridge into Maine. Now onto the Eastern Trail.
  • Lindy's Country Store: where mate lustrous cycling career started. 4th grade bike rides a mile away for penny candy and Orange Crush.