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Ian Pimentel

Ian Pimentel

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Ian Pimentel is a cyclist from Virginia. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 120
  • 240
  • 360
  • 480
  • 600
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 110.6mi
  • 8h 21m
  • 7,415ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Race ya to the top?
  • PR on Up Berkeley Dr
  • 2nd fastest time on Mill Creek Rd
  • 2nd fastest time on Down Berkeley


Distance 1,451.5mi
Time 104h 24m
Elevation Gain 77,185ft
Rides 49


Total Distance 8,082.0mi
Total Time 538h 59m
Total Elev Gain 428,750ft
Total Rides 262

Recent Photos

  • You can tell how good the conversations are by the rings inside your cup ☕️
  • #1133
  • A little midnight stroll through the #Capitol
  • Perfect breakfast before the #hurtlocker in the Arlington hills
  • Who knew there would be 6500ft of climbing in Arlington? 
A well earned #weihenstephaner ????
  • Favorite part of the ride: carbo-loading
  • Round two: #mussels 
I.... can't.... stop.... ????????
  • Already in love with this place! #jirehbakery
  • Yep, love confirmed. 
#jirehbakery #bingsoo #greenteamacaroon
  • #latergram #lastweekend that gravel hill from hell... 1 mile of loose rocks and near death experience from heat and humidity (ok, I sound like a wuss... But it kicked to 11% and I'm not a fan of gravel) all this just to get to a winery ????
  • Riding for the #cherry.... blossoms that is ???? #cycling #willrideforfood
  • #Festive500 with #Freshbikes x #Rapha
  • Post-ride goodies at Freshbikes x Rapha. #Festive500
  • I'm totally killing this 1k ???????? J/k... It's a 5K and it's going to kill me ????
  • Primed for a cold night run. 
Logging in the #wintermiles 
  • Air-five! ✋#latergram @lacolombecoffee to start off our day.
  • Air-five! ✋ @lyonhall to end this beautiful weather!
  • Another session of #FridayNightLights at just below 30*..... that's Fahrenheit ????????????
  • Post-race #yumyums @thewinekitchen
  • #bombdotcom now, how to pronounce "nøgne ø"... ????
  • Riding for our heroes and she-roes today. ???????? The sun beat us by a good few hours but that didn't stop the fun @colinwdc @heidigettman 
Sidenote: @stravacycling 'a Gran Fondo - check ✔️ #stravaproveit
  • #twowheeltherapy : ✔️ Weekend 1 of logging in #wintermiles . 
Here's to hoping I steady the course and get ahead for next season.
  • Alternating my #twowheeltherapy for #twofeettherapy and log some winter miles in. 
#gyakusou winter gear is out
  • All. Day. Long.
  • Ass crack of dawn, frozen to hell, but feeling good.
  • Hello Galesville! 
60miles of misery in the cold wind ????... Another 55miles to go, but after some good lunch.
  • Clear streets on the home stretch ???? ????????
  • #latergram 
Shenanigans with @marinita_nina ????????
  • Sunday exploration.
  • Quaint little church in the middle of the woods. #sundayexploration
  • And finally - to my quiet place...
  • Two-wheel therapy done by sunrise! ??
  • Hiiii!!! @dolcezzagelato
  • The other side of Georgetown everyone seems to forget.
  • Vi caught me snapping pics... ????@viespinoza
  • Do you see what we see?
  • So.... how do I get out? ????
  • Storm chasin'
  • It's zero because we're stopped @viespinoza  duh ????
  • Does this count for the ALS #icebucket challenge? It's cold up here... ????
@themancampos @apeachedwhale
  • How about this? #ALSicebucketchallenge

@themancampos @apeachedwhale
  • To cross or not to cross?
  • This little guy was stretching with me this morning post-ride.
  • Rain? Psshh... ????????
  • Caught up in traffic? Look to your left... #traffic #winternights #citytraffic
  • Yes, that IS an Ewok! #strava #ewok #cycling #basemiles
  • A little #westcoastflavor from San Francisco's finest. 
#taylorstitch #custommade #madetomeasure #menswear #fashion
  • Long trails ahead.
  • It's a duathlon kind of Sunday. 
19mph average over 43miles ain't too bad for a solo windy day :)
(Hear rate got a bit high though)
#strava #cycling #procycling #rapha #rapharacing #raphacycleclub #cervelo #cervelos5 #workout #train #training #pain #suffering #hurtlocker #bestoftheday #picoftheday #photooftheday #instagood #instamood #instadaily #rei #roadcycling #igdaily #iger #tflers
  • Somehow I ended up in Maryland...somewhere... I gotta pay more attention ?
#cycling #procycling #hardwork #workout #lifestyle #like #me #rapha #raphacycleclub #cervelo #cerveloS5 #hurtlocker #rapharacing #beautiful #sky #instagood #instamood #instadaily
  • Brought out the track bike to shake off the rust... 202 heart beats per minute... Is that safe?! ?
#jamis #sonik #trackbike #fixie #strava #stravasuffer #stravacycling #htfu #workout #lifestyle #me #iger #igdaily #instaworkout #instadaily
  • Hurtlocker session over!
  • I never really found joy in cleaning up the morning-after ?
  • En route!
#cervelo #cervelocycles #cerveloS5 #cycling #procycling #strava #stravasuffer #lifestyle
  • Two-wheel therapy. Check. 
#cycling #procycling #strava #rapha #rapharacing #cervelo #cervelos5 #protan
  • Rapha + Audemars Piguet collab. Ready for the Cherry Blossom Tour.
  • Clear skies in the mountains.  I am happay! (Yes that's how I spell it!)
  • Whew barely made it home with little sunlight left!
  • King of the Mountain, bishes! ??
  • Breakfast on top of the mountain. Not a bad view ?
  • Whew done!  Time to grub!
  • Whites first.
  • Switch to reds
  • Look Ma! No hands!
  • Ian: 1, Sun: 0
  • Candid shot: getting ready to battle the wind.
  • Race against the sun.
  • National Bike to Work Day = get up ass-early and shower at work day
  • Flat.... Grrr. Can't complain too much though, 1100 miles on these tubulars - Counting my blessings.
  • Riding into a storm ????
  • Clear skies ahead! *whew* Barely missed it.
  • Shout out to my boys at @ptuning for making me a jersey ????

They sponsored my racing cars, maybe a sponsorship for racing bikes isn't too far off ????
  • On FIYAH today! (literally ????)
  • Evening shop ride with the fine gentlemen from Arlington. (More like a hammerfest ????)
  • Chasing storms.  Seems to be a recurring trend this week.
  • Yellow Jersey irony - didn't have enough legs for today's hammerfest ????
  • Yogurt run and burning off some of my dinner ???? gotta love clear night skies.
  • Shores of Maryland with gorgeous skies ???? 
Worth the battle with the wind!
  • It'll do for my last 50 miles ????
  • Tired legs...a solo 100.4 miles gets pretty lonely and harder with the wind.
  • Woot woot! Now I can have some of that BBQ that's been taunting me!
  • Hanging out the tongue
  • Our SAG Wagon for tonight's shop ride ????
  • Mountain attack!
  • Halfway up! ????
  • Leading a climb... Fellas suffering in the back.
  • Post-ride chow down ????
  • Woot woot! Made it with time to spare!
  • Even numbers are good luck right?
  • In the mix ????

Middle is not a bad start.
  • Stretching before my entire body decides to cramp.
  • Who got the gold? 
This guy right here ????
  • C'mon light!
  • Still climbing... ????
  • Worth the view!
  • Mountain Goat status: Achieved. 
66miles, +8k ft of climbing
  • The aftermath: Salt crystal decor.
  • Early birds. Clear skies, awaiting fireworks.
  • Throwback: Le boys at a friend's wedding 
#tbt #throwbackthursday
  • I say HOT, you say HUMID!
  • For those wondering how I take my pics... I've got the magic hands???? ????
  • On FIYAH! ????
  • Got here a little too early...
  • Wet & foggy
  • Epic ride was epic. 126 miles, +11k ft of climbing, 4200 calories incinerated.
  • King of the Mountain.
  • Pre-ride picker upper: strong cuppa and beignets
  • Hammerfest complete. Felt good, must have been the beignets.
  • Caught: Unamused. It's raining, I'm cold and hungry, and 60 miles in, 2000ft up.
  • Put-putting about the city. Waiting for the bars to open ????
  • Good morning, Fall!
  • What I came home to last night ????

Via @gentlemensfootwear
  • Putting in work on a rainy day.
  • Exploring new routes - found a lake!
  • "Please no speed bumps, please no speed bumps!"
  • Bro-Joe taking the STi for a quick spin.
  • This is a bad idea...
  • Ooooo shiny!
  • Mountain climbing in the fall season ????
  • Riding with Joe Dombrowski of @teamsky @rapharacing @rapha_n_america
  • New saddle ???? 
S-Works Romin = Happy Taint
  • Thinking to go for a dive...NOT!

It's deceivingly cold ???? I miss warmer weathers already.
  • Guess who I ran into in the mountains... @teamsky #procycling
  • Drink Naked!
  • Beignets x Cappuccino 
The 'other' afternoon delight ????
  • Tire check!
  • Profiling.
  • Thanks @menswearclothing for the feature ????
  • Quick #afternoondelight 
Wind > Me ????????
  • Cappuccino and a view ????
  • With @viespinoza , catching up with some post-ride liquids
  • Look who I caught around the city! Best chef in town @tukatzo 
  • First stop: bottomless mimosas @malmaisondc
  • Shangri-La in the middle of the city also happens to be in a garage.
  • Old wheel vs new wheel
  • Vi died... ???? @viespinoza
  • Sometimes I bike too far...
  • All to myself ????
  • Not a bad start to a 3-day weekend ????
  • They have bacon up here!
  • Went against the grain: mountain views instead of sandy beaches.
  • BOOM! 
84 miles, 7700ft of climbing. 
I just want to curl up into a ball and pass out ????
  • My view for the night ????
  • Breakfast and a view.
  • Take THAT Coxey!

I rode you like you rode me last week ????
  • Something about these open country roads ????????
  • Entranced.
Watching with the owner of Boccato and his Italian household. #worldcup2014
  • 6teen
  • On the wire.
  • How I take my pics ????
  • Quick 2miles with a new toy ????
  • Pistons barely making 20 miles... That's what I get for being off the saddle ????
  • Definitely what the doctor didn't order: Run last night and a ride this morning... Womp womp ???? 
I need to buy a new ankle!
  • Shut up heart! 
Sidenote: how safe is it riding at 200bpm? ????
  • @stravacycling 's new kit supplier is ???? #granfondo
  • Lovin the new kit! @stravacycling
  • Jersey twins! @viespinoza #granfondo
  • Getting lost in a maze...
  • @viespinoza addicted to @stravacycling much? ???? I'm going to make that a segment and take #KOM
  • Overview
  • Rocky Road x Pistachio