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Richard Masoner

Richard Masoner

Santa Cruz, CA
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Richard Masoner is a cyclist from Santa Cruz, CA. Join Strava to track your activities, analyze your performance, and follow friends. Strava members can plan routes, participate in motivating challenges, and join clubs. Get started by signing up for free.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 130
  • 260
  • 390
  • 520
  • 650
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 25.3mi
  • 2h 53m
  • 34ft

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Stoplight Alley (Reverse)
  • PR on El Rancho - Climb #2
  • PR on HWY 9 descent to SC
  • 2nd fastest time on Stoplight Alley (Reverse)


Distance 3,346.2mi
Time 300h 18m
Elevation Gain 66,129ft
Rides 280


Total Distance 11,400.0mi
Total Time 909h 59m
Total Elev Gain 289,108ft
Total Rides 1120

Recent Photos

  • League of American Bicyclists annual "Where We Ride" report with cover photo shot by Yours Truly. Read it at

#cycling #Bicycle #bike
  • An off-cycle bike train
  • Socks du Jour courtesy of Karen during our off-cycle bike train this morning.

#Cycling #commutebybike #commute #bicycle
  • Temporary traffic control on the Guadalupe River Trail San Jose California 
#cycling #ttc
  • Coffee table book should be posed with coffee, don't you think?

Shoulder To Shoulder picture book covers European road cycling during the 1960s, when Jacques Anquetil brought panache to a sport traditionally defined as sufferfests defined by old guard hard men such as Fausto Coppi and Raymond Poulidor. 
Available from VeloPress this November.

#cycling #cyclist #tourdefrance #roadcycling #bicycle #velo
  • Hwy 9 now open between Felton and Santa Cruz.  That explains all the traffic through here today.
  • Santa Cruz sunset from the wharf.

#Sunset #santacruz #california
  • Still watching the sunset in Santa Cruz California.
  • I ran into Candace Stein's Friday women's ride this morning on the Guadalupe River Trail.  Candace has led her "Biker Babes" causual Friday ride for 17 years now.

#cycling #sanjose
  • Guess where Silicon Valley? "Trong truong hop khan cap."
  • San Jose Trail Count
  • Goodies at the River Oaks trail count station
  • Mid September and 102 degrees at the beach!
  • Alta Planning working on #ParkingDaySJ2015
  • @bogrosemary of California Walks is handing out these walk audit checklists for #ParkingDaySJ2015
  • San Jose Parks & Rec going all out for #ParkingDaySJ2015 w/ sod, bbq pit, decking, trees, playground equipment.
  • Urban Planning
  • Say hello to Dana and Cain at the @cowgirlbikecourier parklet for #ParkingDaySJ2015
  • Exhibition District @the_rd is a new non-profit to support art in public spaces for San Jose. Visit them on San Fernando + 2nd for #ParkingDaySJ2015
  • Photobombed by Robert Moses and Jane Jacobs at the SJSU Urban Planning parklet for #ParkingDaySJ2015
  • . @ca_native_gardens parklet for #ParkingDaySJ2015 on San Fernando St
  • Amanda of @sjmqt says go to her yarn tagging event on 9/25 & 9/26 #ParkingDaySJ2015
  • San Jose Library mobile maker space for #ParkingDaySJ2015
  • Erin says go to the #sjplpopup events in San Jose.
  • Playing in traffic for #SJParkingDay with SJDOT
  • Office wall hooks
  • Launch in T minus 5 ... 4 ... 3
  • Greetings from the media booth
  • @jay_weebs asked about this the other day.  GRT still closed approacing 237
  • Colorful shoes on the Monday morning commute
  • Alviso 4.1 miles

Sign on the Guadalupe River Trail San Jose California 
#cycling #commute #friday
  • Bike patrol in the street,  downtown Santa Cruz California
  • Thank you to Santa Clara Valley Water District for construction warning signs on Guadalupe River Trail.

#sanjose #cycling #bikepath @guadaluperiverparkconservancy
  • Do not park behind this car RESERVED
  • Santa Clara County Public Health published Bicycle Transportation & Safety report #svbikesummit
  • Time to introduce the Vision Zero Toolkit at #svbikesummit w/ @bogrosemary & @bikesiliconvalley
  • From the Vision Zero Toolkit #svbikesummit
  • #svbikesummit
  • Jerusalem.
  • Meta man.

#orange #Cycling
  • Swifties on pedicabs.

#santaclara #cycling
  • Friday evening commuter on a folder
  • VTA BPAC Zzzzzzzz....
  • Golden Hour  on tbe Guadalupe River Trail #sanjose 
  • Happy Hump Day bike commuters in San Jose California on the Guadalupe River Trail


#sanjose #grt #bikesj #Cycling #Bicycle
  • People in kit on bikes
  • Tracks
  • Day at the beach.
  • Jazz at San Jose South First.
  • Fluroluminescent dragon on the edge of Japantown #sanjose
  • I will pump you up!
  • Monday evening commuters San Jose California
  • Somebody is *really* enthusiastic about the Mystery Spot.
  • Debris Zone.  B40 Road.
  • Speed Limit 8 mph, Mystery Spot Road, Santa Cruz County California
  • Explorations w/ @cowgirlbikecourier 
  • Shenanigans w/ @cowgirlbikecourier
  • 600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Seen during my Friday morning #bikecommute. =cycling #losgatos
  • Guy on a shaft drive Biomega w/ 8 speed hub commuting to Gigaom in Santa Clara California.

#cycling #bikecommute #santaclara #teamfender #commute #friday
  • Morning commute scenic route.

#losgatos #Cycling
  • Bret Lobree asked about cycling on this street
  • TSMC North America 
  • Kim Walesh (San Jose Deputy City Manager) says "It's not too far" to walk or bike.

#Cycling #bikesj
  • Guess where Silicon Valley?

#cycling #commutebybike #commute
  • Watch out cyclists! A giant mammoth sneaks up behind you!

#bikecommute #sanjose
  • Monday evening commute 
#cycling #sanjose
  • Photography at @PhilzCoffee in Los Gatos
  • Bicyclists / Steep Grades! Control Your Speed 
At Villa Montalvo
  • American cultural hegemony FTW
  • I catch the Morning Train #cycling
  • Pleistocene Park. #lupethemammoth #sanjose
  • SJPD
  • Somebody yanked the path lighting conduit again on the Guadalupe River Trail under Hwy 101.
  • Bike on board the bus to Santa Cruz 
#fixie #bicycle #hwy17 #santacruz
  • This morning's commute took me up and over the clouds. #cycling #santacruz
  • San Jose Bike Train w/ Stephen Cindy David Dan Don Pom Janet Ian Richard Brett
  • Commute by bike on the Guadalupe River Trail San Jose California #cycling
  • Hey DeLuxe Foods, I found your delivery invoice on Old Santa Cruz Highway. It looks like it could be important.
  • School of Visual Philosophy and Custom  T-shirts.

#dtsj #sanjose
  • Traffic diversion South Almaden Ave at Balbach, Downtown San Jose .
  • Racing stripes socks du jour. 
#cycling #commute #tgif
  • Somebody dropped a lock on the Guadalupe River Trail at Montague Expressway in San Jose California
  • Kids and a commuter on the trail.

#Cycling #commute
  • San Jose Japantown Obon Festival July 11 - 12
  • Santo Market Japanese Groceries & Delicatessen in San Jose #japantown
  • BOLT for a buck. San Jose CA
  • Guadalupe the mastodon!
  • #lupethemammoth on tge Guadalupe River Trail at Trimble Road 
#bikeSJ #sanjose
  • @greenmemestudio created #lupethemammoth for the Guadalupe River Trail at Trimble Road San Jose CA
  • DTSJ
  • Someone painted "The Cats" of Los Gatos on their garage door.
  • Vasona Lake dam Los Gatos
  • @bainbridgecyclist do you know this place on Campbell Ave?
  • LAND SHARK with Giro shorts in Willow Glen, San Jose CA.

#bikesj #Cycling #giro #commutebybike
  • This guy does 500 mile brevets on fixed.

#cycling #fixed #sanjose
  • Bright green.

  • Hwy 17 at Glenwood. I'm a little bit tempted to jump into this.
  • Happy Independence Day! Santa Cruz beach and Boardwalk traffic on July 4. Park on Ocean Street and catch a shuttle to the beach.
  • Many brake lights on southbound Hwy 17 into Santa Cruz. Waze says traffic is moving 10 mph here, slowing to walking speed once you get onto Ocean Street.
  • Santa Cruz Metro bus for the Scotts Valley parade later today.
  • Ride almost finished. Should I get coffee or frozen custard after?
  • "If you witnessed an argument between 3 men please call."
  • Evening commute.

#cycling #redwoods
  • Singletrack next to Hwy 17 at the summit? Must explore this some time.
  • Keep Right.  San Lorenzo River Path, Santa Cruz California.
  • Surprise! Exploring a part of San Jose I'm completely unfamiliar with and I run into this. 
#Cycling #sanjose #bikecommute
  • DTSJ bike commuter 
  • Billabilong Box Bike in Capitola CA
  • Train vs traffic circle.  #santacruz
  • This group of teens are biking 50 miles from Santa Cruz to spend the  weekend in Monterey, CA. #cycling #Bicycle #santacruz
  • Seems early for wild roadside berries, but I won't complain.
  • Morning commute  traffic. 
#cycling #bikeSJ #bikecommute
  • CHP splitting the lane.

5 vehicle pileup on NB Hwy 17 at The Cats has everybody else at a dead stop. Another CHP officer ran down the highway on foot in front of this car.
  • Dutch style Russian bicycle in Little Italy San Jose
  • I've seen a number of children shoes on the trail over the past week. Are troll-eating children afoot and causing mayhem again?
  • Bus bike rack
  • Look Ma! No shoes! 
San Tomas Aquino Trail, Santa Clara California during the evening commute. #Cycling
  • I'm not very respectful of my culture.
  • Who knew there's a Philz Coffee in Lis Gatos?
  • When did Los Gatos get these shiny new green bike lanes on Blossom Hill Road? 
#losgatos #Cycling
  • Another enjoyable ride with San Jose Bike Train this morning. 
#cycling #bikecommute
  • #Cycling downtown #sanjose Santa Clara Street
  • Stop for the train.
  • Clash of the Titans: Gray haired little old lady in the Corolla put all 80 foot pounds of torque to bear as she aggressively and illegally tried to pass the underpowered scooter. She couldn't quite get in front of the couple on the scooter before getting across the intersection.
  • Twilight in San Jose

  • I catch the morning train
  • Blue shirt, blue sky, red hot Monday. 
#cycling #bikelife #commute #sanjose
  • SubZero Festival #sanjose
  • Socks du jour @bikehugger #socks by @HincapieSports a couple of years ago.

#bike #cycling #bikecommute
  • I would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling kids.

Mystery Machine captured by my on-bike automatic camera at the Santa Cruz Harbor.
  • Fish table users.

Santa Cruz Harbor.
  • Yarn bombed trees.  Boys and Girls Club of Santa Cruz California
  • Bike this way, but don't. 
#cycling #santacruz
  • Finally found this place.

#sanjose #cycling #cafe
  • Socks du jour by @happysocksofficial

#bikecommute #bikemonth
  • Teal bike teal bag teal helmet #bikecommute
  • Betcha never skitched a train before. #santacruz #skater
  • Too many cars impeding legitimate road traffic in #santacruz
  • Sharrows mean share the railroad tracks. #santacruz #cycling
  • Bike  To  Shop Day w/ @saralmft
  • Hello San Diego!
  • San Diego bike share
  • outreach director Carlos of SVBC
  • @scvta GM Nuria Fernandez for #btwd2015
  • #btwd2015 San Jose
  • #btwd2015 breakfast spread at Oracle 
#cycling #santaclara #bikemonth #bikecommute
  • Hundreds of school children at the Amgen Tour of California Stage 3 start on Berryessa Rd San Jose
  • US National Anthem before race start. #sanjose #atoc #atoc2015 #america
  • My Strava FlyBys should look interesting today.  At the Stage 3 start Amgen Tour of California  #atoc #atoc2015 #cycling #bicycle
  • Anti Doping. #atoc #atoc2015
  • Rule 5 on Metclaf Rd
  • Jens Voight, Tima Skuuins and Daniel Oss
  • I spy @biketoshopday posters all around San Jose!
  • Happy American National  Bike  Week. Socks du jour  courtesy of  Bicycle Times magazine
  • Team Sohoku
  • Downtown Santa Cruz
  • More Downtown Santa Cruz
  • The Great Moragani returns
  • San Jose D3 Council Member Raul Peralez bikes to work. 
#cycling #bikemonth #bikecommute #btwd #btwd2015
  • Rain in Santa Cruz for Bike To Work Day
  • Running the dog,  Santa Clara Street, downtown San Jose California
  • Vision Zero San Jose logo
  • Peter of @calmarbicycles tunes my bike on the Guadalupe River Trail in San Jose in front of Bel Bacio Caffè
  • Free grub from Taco Bell for Cinco de Mayo
  • It's always easy to spot Mike in the crowd at these bike events in San Jose.
  • Sock du jour is this #onelesscar oldie from @sockguyluv on the Guadalupe River Trail San Jose California 
#cycling #commute #bikecommute
  • At San Jose Vision Zero presser. Mayor Sam Liccardo speaking.

#vzsj #visionzero #sanjose
  • San Jose DOT Director Hans Larsen talks about Vision Zero for San Jose California
  • San Jose Vision Zero introduction. 
#sanjose #safety #visionzero #vzsj
  • I spy @bogrosemary and @bikesiliconvalley deputy Colin at the San Jose Vision Zero press conference.  These two will lead the Vision Zero task force.
  • Trike guy on the trail heading to his camp. #sanjose
  • Happy Bike Month!  San José Bike Train rolls next Wednesday.
  • Morning commute socks du jour 
#30daysofsocks #socks #cycling #commutebybike #bikecommute
  • 90 degrees F! Also check the paint job on pink jacket bike,  and the wine glass on his back. 
#cycling #cat6 #commutebybike
  • Socks du jour: I ♥bikes.

No such thing as too many socks @keeptriing !

#cycling #socks #socksdujour
  • Bike Month Minus 2 Days on the Guadalupe River Trail San Jose California 
#commutebybike #sanjose #cycling
  • Did I tell you about the time I took a #fixie to the 1800 foot summit of the Santa Cruz Mountains on Mountain Charlie Road?
  • Tuesday morning #bikecommute socks du jour in San Jose California.
  • #bikecommute #sanjose #night
  • First Street, downtown San Jose California 
#cycling #bikelife
  • Red jersey on the Guadalupe River Trail 
#bikecommute #cycling
  • Coming and going on the Guadalupe River Trail #sanjose 
#bikecommute #cycling #california
  • San Jose BikePool worth Alisar Kyle Tina abd Ashley @bikesiliconvalley
  • Event notice on the Guadalupe River Trail San Jose California
  • 36 inch man on the trail again
  • Cahill Street at The Alameda San Jose CA
  • North First Street sidewalk cyclist San Jose CA
  • Donnie the Vietnam Vet rolls around with this trailer collecting rubbish in Monterey CA
  • I love the smell of embro in the morning.  It smells like ... victory. 
Men's Cat 3 road circuit race

Watch this space for more from the #seaotterclassic today.
  • Drifts on the path.  Monterey CA
  • Bosch ebike performance line #seaotterclassic
  • Happy Hump Day from Santa Clara California USA. #30daysofbiking #commute #commutebybike
  • Orange is the fastest folder
  • Trackstand contest at Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival
  • JRA when I passed the driver of this old RV backing slowwwwly (slower than walking speed) from where Hwy 9 is closed 3 miles north of Santa Cruz.  It's not like he had three miles of huge, bright orange "ROAD CLOSED AHEAD USE DETOUR" to warn him of this.  He had to drive in reverse for something like a half mile to find a turnaround, and he didn't seem skilled at driving large vehicles in reverse.
  • Bike Ride up a closed Hwy 9
  • Hanson Quarry Closed
  • Santa Cruz Bike Party!