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Matt Haughey

Matt Haughey

Mc Minnville, OR
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I'm a web nerd that likes to ride.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 130
  • 260
  • 390
  • 520
  • 650
Sep 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 322.0mi
  • 22h 4m
  • 10,735ft

Recent Achievements

  • 10th overall on Fircrest Wall
  • 10th overall on Nw Willis Rd Climb
  • PR on Zena Rd.
  • 2nd fastest time on Ford St. Dip - North


Distance 1,574.8mi
Time 115h 7m
Elevation Gain 60,535ft
Rides 85


Total Distance 11,401.9mi
Total Time 794h 26m
Total Elev Gain 446,732ft
Total Rides 625

Recent Photos

  • Cyclocross clinics #cxschool
  • 40 mile morning
  • 35mi then breakfast
  • Great skies this morning
  • Flat iron steak
  • Early morning rollout
  • Balloons taking off
  • Hay!
  • ????????????????????????????
  • 6am headed to the start of the Portland Century
  • Mile zero #portlandcentury
  • Mile 16 first rest stop. #portlandcentury
  • Mile 8⃣0⃣ and I haven't died of dysentery (yet) #portlandcentury
  • Head high corn ???? at mile 4⃣4⃣ #portlandcentury
  • Mile 32. ???????? #portlandcentury
  • Missed the first boat. #portlandcentury
  • 200+ riders waiting for a ferry crossing. #portlandcentury
  • 5⃣2⃣ miles in, feeling no guilt eating a toasted sub inside with air conditioning #portlandcentury
  • True century: 100 miles, 100°
  • 102 miles in 7 hours in summer heat. Ick.
  • Mile 6⃣8⃣ rest stop. #portlandcentury
  • Five of us out riding today
  • 52 miles then lunch.
  • Wheat for miles
  • Nice tree.
  • Air Force One
  • Going up at mile 9 #gcpdx
  • Lardo lunch #gcpdx
  • Taking off for the gourmet century #gcpdx
  • 6hrs, 72mi, 4500' of climbing. Avg temp: 97° #gcpdx
  • Brief respite #gcpdx
  • 100°F in the shade #gcpdx
  • #gcpdx
  • Riding through corn #gcpdx
  • Lunch band #gcpdx
  • Steve Jobs' old winery land  ????
  • Suddenly close to raining ????????
  • Holy shit this jersey is my everything
  • While driving the Santiam highway, watched a helicopter fill its bucket next to me then fly into a fire to drop it.
  • My last Sunriver sunset, no filters or edits
  • Another blah sunset
  • 20mi with these knuckleheads in 90°F heat
  • Setting sun
  • Mt. Bachelor and the Three Sisters at sunset.
  • Sunset on the Deschutes
  • Jesus rays above a winery
  • ????
  • Cloudy sunset
  • Last summer I was gonna ask @jeremyddunn to make custom MetaFilter socks at @theathletic but these are perfect.
  • 30 miles then breakfast
  • More barns
  • Barn burner of a ride
  • Shadows
  • Skies
  • 20miles of riding 96°F weather
  • Fields forever
  • 46 miles then lunch.
  • Morning ride
  • If you're staying in Manhattan you must rent a Citibike and do a late-night lap on the Central Park loop.
  • Top of Mary's Peak.
  • Frisbee on a warm evening
  • Half Penny cx ride
  • Half Penny cx team ride
  • Spring, sprung
  • Riding
  • 80s Mercedes out in a field collecting moss
  • 28 evening miles then Dinner
  • 30 miles then breakfast.
  • Sunset through the cat tails
  • Tallboy coke break
  • Windows XP desktop weather out there
  • Steve Jobs' old winery land
  • 28mi of climbing above the fog, then lunch.
  • Road's End, Lincoln City
  • Sunset, riding home
  • #VSCOcam
  • First glove-and-fender-free ride of 2015!
  • Wasn't too muddy for a gravel ride.
  • Rare sunny winter day ????
  • Post Santa cross race
  • Santa Cross
  • Winter Cross: 30°F and windy as hell
  • Get in mah belly post-ride chicken tacos
  • Corn maze racing
  • Hey! This is hillfolk making fun of flatlanders
  • Enjoying the brief sun today to stretch out my back.
  • Hillsboro #crosscrusade
  • Racing some rain clouds
  • Raced against the rain for an hour and won. Now, the spoils of victory.
  • #hyperlapse fast race start #crosscrusade
  • Small barriers but tricky up a steep hill
  • Pre-riding PIR
  • Fried chicken sandwich
  • Fall riding ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • "Fun"
  • The last starting group (drawn randomly) gets a free 6-pack at #crosscrusade races #cx
  • Imma ride down this here dune.
  • Oregon roads are beautiful right now
  • Holy shit it's a nice day in Pacific City
  • Quick pre-dinner loop
  • Weird 80°F-at-6pm Fall day
  • Wine (to be)
  • #heiserfams
  • 34 miles then breakfast
  • Morning ride
  • In the PNW, we name our cross races after a beer, and make the logo part of the course #ninkrossi
  • Morning roll-out
  • Almost to Brookings
  • Coast
  • Art? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Welcome!
  • This place smelled AMAZING. Owner must have just finished cutting boards
  • Tree in the middle of a neighborhood
  • Bandon's shoreline is amazeballs
  • Almost done for the day
  • Bridge into Gold Beach
  • Current Status
  • #hyperlapse of what riding south of Port Orford looks like
  • The inland roads are nice too
  • Sixes river
  • This is what my whole day has looked like
  • Goodbye Newport!
  • Brian Booth state beach
  • Love the handmade sign
  • I'm live blogging the ocean.
  • I love goth bridges and I cannot lie
  • Beautiful but scary bit of road to ride
  • Winchester Bay in the rain
  • Sand dunes! Also: stupid rain
  • Bridge into Coos Bay
  • You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door. There is a small mailbox here.
  • Today's I want to go there
  • Morning rollout
  • It's really nice out here guys
  • I'm finally getting the miles of beautiful empty coastal roads I wanted
  • I want to go there
  • If anyone needs to mail me something just address it to "halfway up the earth c/o Matt Haughey"
  • Salmon River
  • There were two things I was looking forward to on this trip, and this is one of them: Baja fish tacos from Ben & Jeff's. I normally hate pineapple in savory dishes and think sweet flavors with fish usually doesn't work but these tacos taste fantastic
  • Oregon place names that sound like they should exist in the Tolkien universe dot tumblr dot com
  • Selfie
  • I want to go there pt. 2
  • River
  • So it begins. Goodbye Washington, hello Oregon
  • #hyperlapse Reach the beach
  • Ecola Viewpoint
  • South of Rockaway
  • Just after the first tunnel of death
  • #hyperlapse of fog rolling by
  • Lewis & Clark #hyperlapse
  • #hyperlapse Ecola State Park
  • Hey everyone, it's the famous Garibaldi what-have-you!
  • That'll do pig, that'll do. 
76 miles and 5.5 hours later, I made it to the end of day 1.
  • A beautiful exposed rock wall canyon with a huge self-storage under it #Amerrrrricaaaa!
  • Mondays!
  • Corn season is apparently done
  • Current status
  • 8 days until the coast ride
  • Sunrise ride
  • Mornin'
  • Racing
  • Clear skies
  • First real season cross race, video needs Yakkity Sax
  • I guess today was a good day to die
  • More touring setup testing
  • Early morning climbing
  • Barns
  • Perfect day for riding
  • "Traffic"
  • Yamhill, Oregon
  • Apples I think?
  • Last bales of the season
  • More testing of the touring setup
  • B race start
  • About start time