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Ed  Mason

Ed Mason

Bath, England, United Kingdom
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I ride all the types. Mechanical engineer, lifetime BathUniCC member. roadcc contributor.

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Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 km
  • 280
  • 560
  • 840
  • 1120
  • 1400
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 130.6km
  • 5h 10m
  • 846m

Recent Achievements

  • PR on Park Road blast - to Page Park! BOOM!
  • PR on Cleeve Hill Sprint
  • PR on UWE Hill
  • 2nd fastest time on BH Sprint


Distance 7,421.5km
Time 318h 33m
Elevation Gain 93,881m
Rides 289


Total Distance 28,956.5km
Total Time 1296h 40m
Total Elev Gain 409,120m
Total Rides 909

Recent Photos

  • My commute was a little bit special this morning. Starting in the dark and finishing in the light is awesome.
  • #alpsadventure 6.1: Gloomy, rainy rest day ride up to Valfrejus. Not many other rest days I've had involve climbing for 9km.
  • #alpsadventure 5.1: Plan du Lac. Brutally hard 14km climb up to 2360m, but probably the most picturesque road I've ever ridden.
  • #alpsadventure 5.2: Some more Plan du Lac action. Another 4.5 hour day in the saddle and the lads are still riding strong. Big storms forecast tomorrow.
  • #alpsadventure 4.1: Hanging around in St. Jean de Maurienne waiting for the cars to show up. Forgot the hotel key and had to chase the lads along the valley road for 40km. Off to the Lacets de Montvernier next
  • #alpsadventure 4.2: Lacets de Montvernier. Beautiful climb, hilarious descent.
  • Alp killer. Couldn't be happier with this bike.
  • #alpsadventure 4.3: Le Crevaison du Chris
  • #alpsadventure 3.1: Galibier day. Already obscenely hot
  • #alpsadventure 3.2: Col du Telegraphe. Busy roads, Tour de l'Avenir and restaurants that don't want to sell you their food.
  • #alpsadventure 3.3: Pre Galibier and then during Galiber. 17km of suffering
  • #alpsadventure 3.4: Top of the world
  • #alpsadventure 3.5: The Classic.
  • #alpsadventure 3.6: Stick a fork in me, I'm done.
  • #alpsadventure 2.2: en route
  • #alpsadventure 2.3: Lac du Mont Cenis (2083m). Albie hit the deck.
  • Before it all for dark and scary on the long long way home with Pete G
  • Short vanity moment. Carry on.
  • Good morning. I've been expecting you.
  • P stands for pants quality. These shorts are 150 quid. Safe to say the review wasn't the best
  • It's been a while since I rode Cheddar. What a day to revisit.
  • There are many like it, but this one is mine
  • Bike + proud maker post Saturday ride
  • How have I never been up here before. 28 degrees before 9am this morning - oh dayum
  • A pre-graduation gravel ride
  • Day 4. Downtube attempt 2 complete and my iphone no longer recognises my fingerprint #filing #sanding
  • If you squint, it sort of looks like a bike
  • Today I am riding home to Epsom from Bath. On this bicycle.
  • Yesterday I was doing this (props to @alapedriza for the rad picture of me getting dropped)
  • And then today I rode home to Surrey. 180km of pannier laden bliss. (Props to @alex.dowle for the selfie skills)
  • Still a pain in the arse - but not enough to ruin 100 glorious kilometres around the Surrey hills
  • A (rubbish) first attempt at slow mo with @tribri93
  • Intervals (sort of) at the cyclocross temple of dreams. Gutted there won't be any cross here this summer.
  • Crouching Heron Hidden Trout
  • Thought the shadow looked pretty rad. Getting ready for the grass crit that is Hengrove Western League #cx tomorrow. #vsco #lightbro
  • MTB rides that end up in the weir are always going to be a winner really aren't they.
  • Me and this Radial Revere tester ain't friends yet.
  • We've ridden to the seaside today. Mikes bike doesn't like the seaside.
  • Dusty cross goodness with @_addyk this afternoon. Summer cross is going to be amazing
  • Many perilous things have befallen us this morning. Wet cobbles are terrifying. I crashed on Tarmac too.
  • James is tired. Brian got hit by a moron riding the wrong way down the cobbles on a mountain bike. 50ish km to go.
  • Camphin-en-Pevele (4 stars)
  • Carrefour de l'Arbre. Easy run in now
  • Done, done and done. 168km in just under seven hours. Harder than Flanders we reckon.
  • Recon complete. Started with Carrefour de l'Arbre. James sums up the experience.
  • Warm up ride. 40km, 6 sectors.
  • Hello West Sussex
  • Mountain bikes today. Lots of wind and pedalling. Tired now
  • Throwback nearly thursday: @rosetintedgoggles and I went for a ride round Surrey and she decided that all future rides would occur there #gopro
  • Wales day 3: Coed Llandegla. Big tables and steep climbs
  • Went and did some #cx skillz with @doughall this afternoon. Gonna be all I can do on Sunday too, my lungs still aren't really cooperating with the rest of my body. #outsideisfree #cycling #bath #cyclocross
  • Right. I need a new place to take pictures on my rides. Up over the 400km mark now (I think) #festive500 #vsco #vscocam #cycling #Surrey
  • A Christmas morning box hill ride with my dad. Lovely. Plus more points in the bank for the #Rapha500... #Christmas #box hill #cycling
  • What a way to escape revision. This place never gets stale for riding mountain bikes, there are new trails springing up absolutely everywhere. And they're all amazing.
  • This what it's gonna look like when me and @jameswhateley 1-2 over the line solo. /get completely shat out the back.
  • Happy 20th birthday to my lovely sis @emilymmason
  • Went for an odd down cx ride. Snapped a hanger. Hopefully won't happen on Sunday now.
  • Found an old set of jockey wheels from the MTB that'll hopefully stave off the dreaded hanger snap for an extra lap or two...
  • Videographic doping. It's the latest craze #hyperlapse
  • We like bikes in surrey
  • Ah Bristol. Like London in places, only cleaner, quieter and just better.
  • My last day at BW, starting in the proper manner.
  • Back at the @bathunicc temple of cyclocross for the first time in a while #crossiscoming
  • This place is not so fun. #3peaksisalsocoming
  • W and B. Peak 1.
  • My Monday is better than your Monday.
  • They are not wrong. 2.6km took me 12 minutes at full tilt. #tenerife
  • Today, I rode up the squiggliest road on the map I could find. Turned out to be a ~7km climb at 11-odd percent. More hairpins than Alpe d'Huez too = amazing descent.
  • Some views from today. I went up the same wiggly road (quite fast!) and then just kind of carried on till the road ran out. And then a bit further. I could see Mt Teide in the distance and the road felt as if it would eventually get there but I was out of food/drink/money, so instead I rode until the elevation read 1000m. I've not even ridden 150km this week but I've done over 5100m climbing. Madness
  • Today we tackled the squiggly road together. It was hot to the power of hot, but @rosetintedgoggles made it. Following that I held the first session of The Ed Mason Descending School. It mostly involved shouting about brakes, lines and where to look as we shot down the hill but I think it sort of worked. All in all a decent day out. 35km, 1100m ascent.
  • Spanish civil engineering at its best....
  • Today we rode around Yorkshire, watched the Tour de France and then rode some more around Yorkshire...
  • Commute lead out. Needed it!
  • An example of the shitty build on this Hersh. Here is a current list of issues I've found, having ridden it all of 50km on a bike path: 1. Cassette needed tightening. 2. Hoods are in the wrong place on the bars and impossibly uncomfortable. 3. Steerer top cap is rounded out. 4. Mech hanger is bent. 5. Indexing is out on both front and rear mechs. 6. Internal cables rattle as if the whole bike about to fall apart. 7. Bottom bracket creaks. 8. Saddle creaks. I don't even know what the ride is like yet because all I can think about is the fact someone was probably actually paid to build this bike. Or more accurately, throw bike parts at a frame.
  • 9.30pm, got the Epsom Downs to myself on the way home. Lovely
  • Rolling with Vino up Box Hill this afternoon #nofilter #flouro
  • ISOspeed testing. Whatever it means.
  • "Everest lap" aka Widcome number 59
  • 63. Sixty-three god damn times up Widcome. Absolutely top drawer.
  • Il Dottore in salita. Widcome no. 22 and counting
  • Widcome commute conclusions: stem needed slamming and saddle needed raising. The triple is hilarious for wheelies. "Decoupler" = jury currently out on it.
  • Sounds like someone didn't clear the climb first go round. Friggin sweet way to end project hand in day. Think I might go for a night browns lap now.
  • I'm doing this now. Late night browns mission. 5 weeks to mayhem. Love hand in day.
  • My day started 17 hours ago. My work was finished yesterday. The lack of time management some people have is unacceptable.
  • Little Switzerland with Affy
  • Disjointed (but still good) cafe ride that ended up with a cruise home with dad
  • Yep
  • First ride back in Surrey. It's too much
  • Aqueduct banter
  • Before it all went completely to shit.
  • It's past 7 and I'm in shorts and a short sleeve jersey :D
  • Bathunicc service course has arrived.
  • Just waiting for Liam at the top of the Taaienberg
  • We made it. 235km of Flanders finest roads.
  • Totally falling in love with this Mio GPS. It's like having a roadbook for every route you ride. Big call but I think it might be better than the 810.
  • Bike path to Wellow, or Strade Bianche? 
My Garmin froze again. And this time it did ruin my ride.
  • Not even a puncture and a frozen Garmin can ruin my mood today. It's warm and sunny.
  • The final stop for a phone check in the tunnels. 163km all in.
  • Stop ???: 136km in and Doug's punctured at the bottom of the cobbled climb in Frome
  • Stop 5. Having a sausage roll in Shaftesbury after tackling this beast
  • Stop 2. Longleat Manor
  • Stop 4. Doug needed a lion bar.
  • Stop 3. I needed a sandwich.
  • Stop 1. @doughall hasn't had his stem done up for the last 2 hours
  • Get your cheddar on
  • Sunny inter ride
  • Cruisin
  • Sunny Surrey bikes
  • The first day I've been properly warm and dry in 2014. So good
  • Sun! Actual sun on the way home! Obviously started raining not long after.
  • We are riding bikes today @rosetintedgoggles
  • Big(ish) Saturday single speed ride: Bath to Bristol, Ashton Court, Leigh Woods and then back. Just got the "back" bit to do now.
  • Comparing and contrasting my way up Bathford hill. I must look like the worlds biggest stats nerd...
  • @j_o_long summing up my experience up Old Bristol road very well
  • Classic. Liam what's on your head?
  • This is my "I've been riding bikes since my exams finished and I don't give a fuck" face. On any other day that ride would have been shit, but today it was so great.
  • Go Gareth. You're our only hope.
  • Freestyle Cyclocross. It's a thing. I just said it. #FCX
  • Never stopped in the tunnels before. It was eerie
  • Morning spin with Keano et al. All hints of any fitness from last year are gone.... Another reason to hate exam season
  • Morning spin with som
  • Early morning skids. #behindthebarriers #skids #whatrevision
  • Back on campus. Ridiculously nice day (for a change!)
  • New phone #instagramhype
  • So this actually happened.
  • First proper ride since mayhem. #boxhil #notrapidl
  • Water way to finish the day. Terrible pun intended.
  • Spotted at work, this guy knows what's going on
  • Euro training
  • Never a dull moment in the dirt van. Sick day in the Surrey hills.
  • Day 2: View from my bedroom window #nofilter #alps #tdf
  • Broken now. #sarenne #deuxalpes #alpedhuez
  • Clearly happy about the 25km descent about to occur #croixdefer #hot #alps #bigoldclimbs
  • Staring at the Robins out the window. I pretended to find it as exciting as she does. #cat #killer #goon #bored #prowling
  • Relaxed ride with dad
  • We've got 4 floors at the moment. Mostly scaffolding. Bit of a long way down from the top.
  • Love it. All the Freds have put their bikes away. Only the lunatics remain.
  • Very chilled ride through Dorking/Betchworth before heading over to watch a bit of the Tour of Britain #bikes #autumn
  • The big dog #sirbrad #tob2013
  • Friggin sweet Cheddar group this morning.
  • Morning @bathunicc club ride
  • The real motive for the ride.
  • Late night disc rotor drawing part deux. Getting there.
  • Les cols dans le matin. Great ride #bath #hills #cycling
  • Love this bike
  • Bath, I like you.
  • Chilly start this morning
  • Morning Vicky Park. #bath
  • Fast riders being fast
  • New wheels on the Scott. Bombproof.
  • Lord only knows what madness is going to be captured on this baby tonight.
  • Chance Chew Valley ride with @j_o_long
  • Lads
  • Double puncture. Not winning at life tonight.
  • It was going so well. ANOTHER double puncture. I can't believe my luck at the moment.
  • Adventures with the Kinesis continue. No punctures today, a miracle in itself. London League cross tomorrow!
  • Mudguards are something I really should have done a long time ago. #dryarse
  • Last ride of 2013