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Greg Keller

Greg Keller

Boulder, CO
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The mother load:

Monthly Activity Distance

  • 0 mi
  • 80
  • 160
  • 240
  • 320
  • 400
Oct 2014
Jan 2015

Current Month

  • 43.0mi
  • 3h 45m
  • 2,746ft

Recent Achievements

  • 6th overall on Amy D CX Lap 10/3/15
  • PR on Cowboy UP!
  • PR on Primalpalooza 2013 - 1 lap
  • 2nd fastest time on Cowboy UP!


Distance 1,792.3mi
Time 143h 33m
Elevation Gain 123,684ft
Rides 86


Total Distance 15,414.4mi
Total Time 1137h 7m
Total Elev Gain 1,012,910ft
Total Rides 716

Recent Photos

  • The JM 11-12 jokesters! Go @boulderjuniors!
  • Trainings. #focusedoncyclocross
  • Trainings. Heavens. #focusedoncyclocross
  • Tough ass @boulderjuniors. #bouldernedboulder
  • Earned.
  • Shade! Supper hot while climbing to Ned today. The @boulderjuniors gromms slayed it.
  • Barrier work. #crossishere
  • On to the next one.
  • Get out and ride your bike today. Please.
  • The @focusbikes Mares in her summer garb.
  • Proper road ride with 1.0 on the Switzerland south spur.
  • #crossiscoming 1.0 and me got a good one in.
  • Gromm trainings.
  • A crack of one.
  • Anvil deployed.
  • Home. Made.
  • Like father like son. @bikeonscott family from the house of @bouldercyclesport
  • The @bossofcross should rename his instagrams to the bossofshred. Kid killed it this AM.
  • Some of that and a lot of this.
  • Why I use earbuds and never keep my iPhone in my pocket. #psa
  • Sea Otter 2000. My Sycip socks are still surviving.
  • We were happy. KC 08. She'd won U23 and podium for the elite ladies. I snapped this before she gave me a bear hug. Love and miss you #amyd
  • Shrimpstah' seen on the bike path.
  • @bossofcross showing @jpows how it's done in the mud.
  • The Pro Challenge in home court. Thanks for stopping @jessedanthony to hi five!
  • Good morning.
  • Aiden and Uncle Robbie.  Perfection.
  • Grommtastic flow over the tough stuff.
  • The @bouldercyclesport Saturday Adventure ride was awesome today! #ridewithbcs #bcscx
  • Dad and gromm. First time up Gold Hill. SLAYED it.
  • Well earned mexicoke.
  • Wait for it....
  • Real Dr Pepper in the house! #saturdayadventureday #ridewithbcs
  • Saturdays are adventure days with @bouldercyclesport ! #bcscx
  • Very very fast gromms. First of their real character building rides.
  • Top of the world. 9650ft.  #nofilter #grommets #nosupplementalO2
  • The Crack isn't like it used to be.
  • Dad. Boy. Mythical workday ride in the woods. Complete. #lifeishappening
  • A classic @mrjoestaples pov shot.
  • Yes those are skinny tires. And yes I am testing this fun machine from @feltbicycles
  • Happy birthday my double digit boy.
  • Impressed with islabikes - kid specific bikes from the UK.
  • Ride to Denver! We're off!
  • Made it!
  • I see Denver!
  • Sheep bumps.
  • Heading to Denver.
  • #Butterride pit 1
  • I huff and I puff.
  • Get this today.
  • Cobbles and rollers.
  • Andy Hampsten and his frozen slushy bottle on the hunterberg ride.
  • Great day on the hunterberg ride! One of the food stops.
  • Earned it. The Mexican kind too. Winning.
  • Up and down all day!
  • His day.
  • I am so proud. You have no idea how this kid SLAYED Slickrock!!!!
  • Earned it.
  • Ned-like creepy artifacts.
  • Attack position!
  • Dropping dad.
  • The goods.
  • Nothing better.
  • Greatest joy. Coaching Jrs from CO, OH, WA @bikevalmont for #cxnats. Love these kids.
  • @webber_pete don't let your head get too big man, with those new Stars n Bars and all.
  • Bike season to puck season. Uncle @kurtperham would be proud of @seamuskeller9
  • Alone InThe woods this morning.
  • Anvil.
  • My 8yo Times bearings FINALLY gave in. Thanks to @bldrcyclesport for dialing me on race day!
  • Yes, @largearthur. Yes.
  • @boulderjuniors out in force today!
  • An @boulderjuniors snack break. Making das CX trainings!
  • That was then. This is now. Mt @webber_pete
  • @bakerize knows no boundaries. #baggiesondascrack
  • 2 national champions. One struggling with his anvil. #thecrack
  • This happened. #thecrack
  • Practice makes perfect. And the @ridley_bikes and @clemementcycling make it feel right.
  • The mythical @timjohnsoncx evangelizing @stravacycling at the @strava ride tonight
  • Cruise.
  • Seamus on the big wheels
  • The WB.
  • Moose at 2 miles high.
  • (Cross) train.
  • Not Belgium.
  • Today brought to you by this.
  • Mamma and Aid'er!
  • Aiden is in bliss.
  • Aid'er and dad.
  • Gonna be hard to leave.
  • Hup!
  • My lady.
  • Amy on the hero dirt!!
  • Perfect.
  • No climb too big. No rain too wet.
  • Oh yes.
  • 53 x whatever it takes
  • Road ride.
  • New @bldrcyclesport duds by @castellicycling
  • An homage to @chrisdistefano
  • Doughnut ride. #complete
  • Lone Ranger this AM.
  • I swear I see @bakerize out there somewhere.
  • Seamus and dad spin!
  • Pavement.
  • Pitchfork.
  • Dirt.
  • America.
  • Home court.
  • 4th!
  • Shreddable mommy.
  • Family on Shredwood.
  • Climbing.
  • @largearthur getting after it on the crack this AM.
  • The one and only.
  • Yup.
  • Oh, hi!
  • That was THE way to spend my Friday AM.
  • It's not Labor Day yet.
  • Boulder's Strada Bianca.
  • Shredfest.
  • @boulderjuniors ready to rip.
  • Teaching the art of the post ride.
  • The singletrack was tight today.
  • Proper.
  • Primo.
  • Road ride.
  • Pavement. "Dad, this feels pretty fast." Don't get used to this kid.
  • Off the grid.
  • Man panties. Not a proud moment for Dave.
  • Post ride morphine.
  • The always dapper @zach_edwards. What an epic today.
  • Baggies and visors. It must be #tomactuesdays!
  • Thursday night dad/boy ride. He helps me clear the head.
  • Mr @kutcipal on the @linksmart lunchride.
  • Getting turns in before the snows.
  • A @webber_pete special
  • Railed it.
  • Wasted.
  • Death march.
  • Seamus getting his lax on
  • Focus, grasshoppah.
  • Perfect night.
  • Sad trombone.
  • Ward @bakerize moments before a duck almost took him out.
  • Bos.
  • Heading home.
  • Family day in the woods.
  • Safety first.
  • Shredfest with @largearthur @bakerize and @jtlh75
  • Shred fest. #iamstrava
  • Dirt date with my boy.
  • Oh yes. The @pearlizumi project e-motion shoe. Insane.
  • Fuel.
  • Seamus ready to shred the gnar.
  • @bakerize perplexed.
  • As hero dirt as Heil could provide.
  • Aidens dream day. We have the raddest neighbors.
  • @largearthur and his action figure.
  • Smiley.
  • @boulderjuniors road ride with @largearthur
  • Already hungry for @bouldercx14 cc: @boulderjuniors
  • Thinking a lot about Mark today on the ride.
  • No snow bike needed.
  • Road ride.
  • Rest stop.
  • Sunshine ride.
  • Road ride.
  • He asked if Thibault Nijs would be at @bouldercx14. I said yes to screw with him.
  • Fresh tracks
  • Such joy following this wheel.
  • Aidens first ascent of Flagstaff.
  • For Jordan K. Braaaaap!
  • Birthday trainings. #cxworlds
  • #cxworlds trainings met @largearthur and @webber_pete
  • Yup.
  • He thinks he's Tyler circa 2003 somewhere in the Pyrenees.
  • Seamus says: Hey there's mom! And points to the sign at Pharmaca.
  • I'm gettin this done. #mothersday
  • MTB'ers: what year? Quick! Go!
  • CO-->WY
  • "Are we doing base daddy? Cause we're going pretty slow."
  • Sentimental LinkSmart
  • Perfection.
  • Lofty.
  • Aiden summits Poormans fore the first time.
  • Hour 2.
  • Trumpets.
  • Riveted by @jeremypowers cross instructional DVD.  Really good stuff Pows.
  • Kids on Crack (ride)!
  • Here's to bos rijden @crosssportif
  • Hey @bkappius : project for you when you're back in town. #sad
  • Solid points today on my race to the anvil award.
  • Turkey Ride backwards. Yes this Giant Trance crushes.
  • Tam.
  • Our brood.
  • Fresh tracks at Elks!
  • Wii+YouTube+Bandwidth+bigscreen+Sporza= Buttah.
  • Pond sesh.